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Review #1, by Francis the Fish 

5th October 2013:
That last sentence= PURE EVIL.
'Besides, she didnít think life ever get boring with a boy like Fred around.'
Pretty much made me cry.

Otherwise, perfect!

Author's Response: One thing I'm rather fond of doing is including little barbs like that in my stories -- I'm sorry to have nearly made you cry (again)! For some reason I get more satisfaction out of writing little sad things like that, which probably isn't a very good thing.

But I'm glad that you enjoyed this in spite of all that! ♥ I still miss writing these stories. I almost wish there were more Weasley children to write about. ;)

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #2, by FriendofMolly 

24th November 2012:
You tapped into Freds fascination for Gnomes. It was Fred who stunned the Gnome, put a tutu on it and put it on the Christmas tree. A little comic relief is always appreciated.

Author's Response: You're right -- that was Fred! I never made that connection before, but messing about with the gnomes was something that Fred and George really seemed to enjoy in the second book at the Burrow. I figured that fascination must have originated somewhere. ;)

I'm so happy that you've been enjoying all these stories so far! I really can't tell you how much it means to me, that you were willing to leave reviews for every single chapter. That speaks volumes. ♥ Thank you very much!

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Review #3, by academica 

11th August 2012:
Hello :D

he didn't even just skip to the funnies, either, which Fred found both impressive and boring

^Hilarious, and so beautifully little Fred. Perfect.

I love Marmalade-Gate (which is now what I'm calling it). I can imagine that worse things happened to Charlie's pants over his career working with dragons, but it was funny to see Fred and George picking on someone besides Percy. I think uptightness runs in the Weasley family, though, between Percy and Ron! (Some members of it, anyway.)

Oh, the gnomes. Tell me, did you ever play Harry Potter video games? Your characterization reminded me so much of how they are there - bumbling about, grunting, and bumping into things. I love how Fred thought that the gnome would be happy living in his pocket, though thankfully it and its friends got a slightly bigger space in the end.

"Would you care to explain to me why there are gnomes swimming in my dishwater wrapped in one of your old shirts?"

^Only at the Burrow. That is all.

This review has been rubbish, but nicely done :)


Author's Response: That line about the newspaper is one of my favorites in this entire story. :D I always love when people pick out lines that I myself am proud of! This really is one of my favorite stories of the entire collection, period, just because I genuinely had so much fun writing the marmalade fiasco, and the ensuing trouble with the gnomes. :3 Although I think your statement about uptightness was a very, very accurate one! Poor Percy...

I loved the Harry Potter video games! And I'm not ashamed to admit that the gnomes in this story are probably very much inspired by the ones in the games. :D I can imagine them doing little backstrokes in the bubbles, and I don't think that was something I actively planned out, come to think of it. They pretty much wrote themselves, those gnomes.

I'm always so pleased to see you return to my page, Amanda! ♥ Thank you so much for such a lovely review on this story, and as always, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the little one-shots, too! :)

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Review #4, by charlottetrips 

25th April 2012:
Am I just going to keep dying of cuteness here? You realize that I am actually trying to finish your story before I end up keeling over with the amount of adorableness all these boys have!

Fred! Such a brilliant boy! Of course keeping gnomes is better than throwing them away! :) Itís so like a boy like Fred to do that and think it an absolutely intelligent thing. And I think that this little snippet about Fred best describes him: heís a prankster with a lot of heart.

You wrote the bits of brotherly conflict well. I loved how Percy got roped into the penalty along with the boys that were ACTUALLY involved in the conflict. Itís so like a parent to just assume that all the children present were a part of the hullabaloo. :)

As an aside, did you know that you inspired me to write Weasley? (Iím sure you didnít and if you did then Whoa. Youíre psychic.) While I was reading this I was reading another series of books and suddenly inspiration struck and I am going to write a series of Weasley stories based off of these books! So thank you for helping me to be inspired! :)


Author's Response: Death by cuteness overload is entirely possible. ;) It nearly happened to me a few times while writing this, that's for sure!

Fred's chapter is one of my favorite of these, and I think because he is, as you said, such a BOY. He definitely seems like the type to wrestle gnomes into his pockets! Although admittedly, my favorite scene in this one is the gnomes doing the backstroke in the sink. I laughed aloud while writing that. :D

Sibling conflict is something I know pretty well firsthand, so that's more than likely where that bit came from. :P And I'd no idea I'd inspired you -- wow!! Keep me posted on that story of yours, because I'd love to read it! You're quite welcome... although I'm not at all sure what I did.

Thank YOU for taking the time to leave me these to-die-for reviews -- they seriously mean so much to me, and I'm so pleased you're enjoying them! Hope to see you back soon! ♥

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Review #5, by Tonks1247 

9th March 2012:
Hello! I was in the mood to do some reading and reviewing tonight and I was really in the mood to read more of this story. So here I am! :)

It always my day when I get the opportunity to read another chapter of this story. You pick some of the most interesting moments I would have never even thought of to write about. And this moment though Iím not sure is directly mentioned in the book, sounds exactly like something that would have happened in the Weasley household.

First there was Fred putting the marmalade on Charlieís chairÖJust hilarious. It started with just innocently playing with the jar of marmalade, something that Iím sure a lot of younger kids do, and then the evil idea just bloomed. And to a four year old? Thatís a pretty good on-the-spot prank idea, which he pulled off just greatly. I know I would have started laughing before Charlie even sat downÖ

I also love your description of Charlie sitting down and the squelch noise. It was just great! I could totally picture it in my head and hear the noise as Charlie sat down. It was rather grossÖI also love Fred, at four, already knowing he has to duck and hide under the table to hide from his brother. Such a smart little boy. And Molly yelling at them was funny. I love Percy being offended because he got dragged into by just being at the table at the time. Sounds just about right!

One thing I did notice from around that part of the story:

ďHe crawled out fully now and stood up, brushing dirt and dust from the knees of his pajamas. George followed suit, choosing to crawl under the table as well in case Charlie was prepared to make another swing for one of his brothers.Ē ~I think itís just the wording with the second sentence that makes it mildly confusing. I get what you were trying to say, but this sentence makes it sound as if George is crawling under the table instead of crawling out of under the table. Maybe changing choosing to Ďas he had chosení?

The next thing I adored was Fred collecting the gnomes in his pocket. With his character, it just seemed natural for Fred to try to save the gnomes from having to be spun and thrown out of their homes. Heís such a caring little boy. But him also being a little boy, it was no surprise he ended up forgetting about them. Although he had a good idea, hiding them in the wardrobe and all. It would have been my first pick of places to hide gnomes ;)

The last thing I want to comment on, before sharing my favorite line and being done, would be Mollyís little bit at the end of the chapter. I really loved how you gave Molly an opportunity to reflect back on her sonís action. It really is sweet because you really bring across the unconditional love mothers have for their sons. And it really is not something I see too often.

And now, my favorite line:

ďIt was an odd sensation, Fred thought absently, to have a gnome kicking about inside oneís pocket.Ē ~Hehehehe. I love Fred. Just flat out love him!

Absolutely amazing! I loved it! And Iím headed off for the next chapter :)


Author's Response: Oh my gosh, it completely made my day to see you'd dropped by! :3 Your reviews just sort of make me flail around and drop a lot of things (and I do that normally!), and I cannot even begin to tell you my appreciation.

Fred's got such spirit in this chapter -- all the Weasley kids sort of do, and I think that's why I enjoy writing about little children so much. ;) Fred and George really were born to do pranks!

As for what you pointed out -- I think it's just a bit of confusion. :3 George wasn't under the table with Fred, but he left the table by going under it, as Fred had, just to avoid Charlie's wrath.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a long and, quite honestly, thoroughly amazing review. It means SO MUCH to me that you did -- I really do appreciate it! ♥ You're amazing!

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Review #6, by Riverwind 

10th January 2012:
Another great little story, all of which brings back memories of my kids when they were little,

Thanks again


Author's Response: Oh, that's a great thing for me to hear! I don't have kids -- a bit young for that -- and no little siblings, either, so I totally write based on what I /think/ kids are like. And really, that's hit or miss sometimes.

Thank you! All these reviews really made my day, I am very honored to have received them all. And I mean that!

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Review #7, by BKL8008 

8th January 2012:
It was just great! Much like the time I was four and brought home a huge box tortoise. My grandma thought it was a large rock,until it walked across the kitchen. The poor woman, puts me so in mind of Molly.

Author's Response: Ahaha! That is awesome! :D I was the sort of kid who might have looked at a tortoise from afar, but never... touched it. Although admittedly I pushed one out of the middle of the street with a stick once. I didn't want it to get run over. :)

Thanks once again, it's so great that you were willing to come by and leave all of them for me!

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Review #8, by Lucinda Ann 

3rd January 2012:
Wow! Ur an amazing writer!!! Detailed and has a lot of feeling! The Weasley's have always been my family!! Great job potraying the characters while keeping them the same. Again well done and I look forward to your other stories!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! I am so glad you like these stories, too. The Weasleys are pretty awesome, and I love writing them.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave a review, I really do appreciate it! Hope to see you back here soon!

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Review #9, by forsakenphoenix 

23rd December 2011:
I LOVE THAT FRED AND GEORGE ARE PRANKSTERS EVEN WHEN THEY'RE FOUR YEARS OLD. Preshhh. Poor Charlie's got marmalade on his pants. I love how chaotic the Weasley house is at breakfast time. I can only imagine the insanity with that many children and all of them so young! Mrs Weasley is some sort of superwoman, I tell you, and her little comment at the end about never being idle because of all her children - gah, I just love her to bits.

I chuckled when Percy got thrown into the mess with having to de-gnome the garden and his outrage at being associated with them. Poor Percy. :P And Fred! Shoving gnomes in his pocket! Can he be any cuter? I'm telling you I wish I could have spent a few days in the Weasley house when they were growing up, I bet it'd be so much fun. :)

Author's Response: THEY ARE FOREVER PRANKSTERS. ♥ Although you're so right -- not sure if I'd be able to handle them in addition to five other children. She's so a superhero, it's unbelievable. :D

I just want to be a fly on the wall (not literally, as flies are gross, but I think you know what I mean) and just observe the shenanigans. It would be time well spent. :D Thank you so much, Missy, I am so glad you've dropped by!

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Review #10, by lizmusic45 

17th December 2011:
Poor Percy, what did he do? Loved this chapter though, it was so cute :) I mean this is just so Weasely! Fred, he's cute, but I still love Ron, Charlie and Percy, I don't know why I just have so much love for all three.

I'm so glad you wrote this, this shows all your talent and you have great talent!

Off to read more, Lizzie

Author's Response: Ron, Charlie, and Percy are my three favorite Weasley boys -- funny how that works out! I think it's because, as I said, Charlie and Percy are probably the most overlooked. And Ron, well, Ron's just good for a bit of comic relief. :3

Thanks eternally, Lizzie dear!

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Review #11, by classicblack 

5th November 2011:
Ah how far the Weasley twins have come in their pranking. I love that you showed Fred and George pranking so young- it was so adorably hilarious. They are my favourite Weasleys. Fred was just the perfect picture of a four year old- thinking something is a brilliant idea when it's actually ghastly. Great job!
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Pranking's a huge part of who Fred and George are, and I didn't feel it'd be right to not write at least a little bit of that into one of their stories. :D They're such fun to write, too!

Thanks (again) for your continuing and lovely reviews!

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Review #12, by TeddyFreakinLupin 

24th October 2011:
Yet again, AWWW!!! I love this so much. I always loved the Weasley's.

Author's Response: I love the Weasleys, too -- which is why I chose to write them, I suppose. Thank you for leaving so many nice reviews!

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Review #13, by jaisy 

24th October 2011:
hahahahaha oh my gosh i am loving these! i laughed outright several times during them. can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Glad to hear it! These stories have been an exercise in getting to write humor better, and I hope I won't sound too arrogant to say it's been a general success. :) Reviews from people like you are very encouraging in that respect!

I'll be starting on Ginny's chapter here in a bit. Thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #14, by deathlyhallowsmaster24 

18th October 2011:
CUTE! 10/10 for cutness..

Author's Response: Glad to see you enjoyed it! Hope to see you back!

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Review #15, by AC_rules 

5th October 2011:
Fred is just perfect. Honestly, I've never read such a perfect characterisation of both a four year old and Fred Weasley. He was wonderful - with his planning, with his gnome loving and his fabulousness. He's so great.

I love the reference to 'just trying to relieve the tension' and him telling Percy to keep his hair on. This is just wonderful... and I loved Mrs Weasley at the end too.

I just love this. It's fabulous.

Author's Response: WOW. That just -- wow. :3

I'm so glad you caught the references! A bit of canon/movie-canon slipped in there, and it's very much appreciated that you have such a keen eye. You're awesome!

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Review #16, by Mihali1432 

29th September 2011:
Fred: Two letters, XD
Ahhh How I love the humor the twins have, and are able to put in them.

Author's Response: This one was a lot of fun to write! Basically, it's a result of all the pranks I wished I'd pulled as a child, rolled into Fred. :) I always sort of see him as the leader, and maybe that's just because he's widely written in fan fiction. Who knows?

Thank you, once again, for all the reviews! They mean so much to me, they really do.

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Review #17, by Lady Mouldywart 

27th August 2011:
I love Fred and George, and you so do them justice! :) The ending was a little sad though, I guess life did get a bit boring for her after Fred...ya know :( 10/10! This is addicting, and I love every second of it! Thanks for writing them, you're awesome :D

Author's Response: That is an amazing compliment, and thank you for it! I am very glad you've enjoyed all the stories, and I hope you'll keep reading. I've got ideas (finally) for the next three stories and then one more to sort of sum it all up, as it were.

Thank you again!

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Review #18, by MadamePuddifoot 

21st August 2011:
Again, a really good story that had me laughing. In particular, the bot where fred picked up the expression from a radio programme had me laughing out loud! another 10/10 and I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Did you catch that? I like slipping in side things like that, it makes the writing (and hopefully the reading) that much more fun. :)

Thank you very much for your review!

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Review #19, by followthebutterflies16 

20th August 2011:
This chapter is so cute. I love Fred. It kind if made me sad to read this though. RIP :(

Author's Response: Don't think of the bad times, think of the happy ones in which Fred messes about with marmalade. :)

Thank you for stopping by with your review, I appreciate it very much!

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Review #20, by JulyWeasley37 

20th August 2011:
I love tiny Fred!:D Great Story!

Author's Response: I love Fred too -- isn't he adorable? Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, and I hope you'll drop by again soon!

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Review #21, by Lumos_Nox 

17th August 2011:
Glad to read one about Fred Weasley - he and George are the best characters...and this was so true to their character. Nice work.

Author's Response: I love the twins, they are just fun to write -- you can make them do virtually anything. :D Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #22, by Roots in Water 

17th August 2011:
What on earth was Fred thinking? What was he trying to do? Keeping gnomes.

However, the marmalade prank was simple and such a lovely beginning (or middle) for the level they take their pranks too. It's a good thing Molly has a good attitude about the whole thing, or else poor Fred and George would be de-gnoming the gardens forever.

And poor Percy, being caught up in the whole business. Oh well- parents do they best they can.

Author's Response: Fred and George had to start somewhere, and it makes sense to prank brothers -- they had so many, what else would they be good for?

Thank you, as always -- glad you hear you're enjoying the stories!

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Review #23, by magicmuggle01 

17th August 2011:
Hahahahaha and another ha. Fantastic, funny as anything, could not stop laughing throughout.
Marmalade on the seat, classic. Gnomes in the sink swimming bloody brilliant. Ron giving mr Stuffings a telling off for eating to much double hahahahahaha. If I have to die laughing, I hope I'm reading your story collection. Score this session is off the scale. God knows what you have planned for your next chapter you wonderful person you.

Author's Response: I have read this review at least ten times now, and it never, ever fails to put a smile on my face. You are AMAZING! Thanks so much for such an awesome review!

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Review #24, by Toujours Padfoot 

17th August 2011:

But this one, I am absolutely, without a doubt, 100% positive, is my favorite. And it will always remain my favorite. I lost count of how many times I paused during this story so that I could run back to my Frollis document and jot down some idea that reading this inspired.


Little Fred! Little George! Such mischief! I love how adorably devilish Fred was. The instigator of trouble, with George hopping on the bandwagon. I got the impression that Fred was somewhat the leader and George followed in his footsteps. Then again, that might just be my love of Fred. I wanted to pick him up and give him candy and broomsticks and let him play with the gnomes whislt they swam in the dishwater.

This was such a fluffy, light-hearted story that warmed me up so much. It actually brightened my mood, and I found myself laughing quite a lot. I loved Ron reprimanding Mr. Stuffing for eating like a hippogriff - that was beyond adorable. And Fred clinging to the center thingy under the table - BROUGHT BACK SO MANY MEMORIES OF YOUNG SARAH PLAYING TRICKS ON PEOPLE. It was alarming how much he reminded me of myself. I remember finding two salamanders at the creek when I was around seven and bringing them home. I thought they would stay in my little bowl of water up in my room.sadly they did not and I have no idea where they went.

The gnomes. The marmalade. Arthur and Molly. ♥ And poor Percy, guilty by association. And more so - Charlie had to help, too! Even though FRED had gotten the marmalade on Charlie's pants! It was so brilliant and so funny and only you could have written this.

I am so proud to call you my friend. It will be completely your fault if I begin another Frollis chapter tonight, because of all the inspiration from this.

So much eternal love for GUW. I cannot WAIT to see which Weasley you write about next.

Author's Response: -jumps around like a kangaroo who has been left a wonderful and unfathomable review-

NO POEMS. I PROMISE. Because this review has reached too high of a level for poetry and I must attempt to dignify it with a response.

The fact that you -- as far as I am concerned, a virtual authority on Fred -- thinks MINE is spot on, and inspires yours to any degree, just leaves me slack-jawed. -mega squish- There are just no words to describe how much that thrills me.

Erm. I sure do hope your salamanders fared well...

I am much, much prouder to call you my friend, for you boost me in ways you cannot even imagine. ♥ And I miss you so much, because talking to you always brightens my day. TROOF.

♥ ♥

So much love.

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