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Review #1, by hdawg 

15th August 2012:
Well, now we have another thing to look forward to, don't we? Marjie and Hugo, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g... ;)

This is pure fatherly love here: "Neville turned quickly as he saw Hugo turn and grin widely at him. His heart flopped with a surge of pride and he smiled discreetly." I like that they are getting awarded for wandering off into the forest, nicking a fruit from angry creatures, and nearly dying. Only in Hogwarts would this be the way...

Ah3h3h3, Flitwick sounds like one hell of a Headmaster. You can't imagine the students doing this to Dumbledore, now, can you? "one rushing hurriedly to carry Flitwick upon their shoulders (which seemed to be their main display of affection and appreciation)". But ohmygosh, Neville and I thought the same thing: "Neville took a quiet second to pinch the bridge of his nose, shake his head toward the ground, and think: Only at Hogwarts." You know that this means that I have infiltrated the story now, yes? Just as I promised I would, ah3h3h3. Now to bump of Marjie and take Hugo to the Yule Ball myself ;)

These descriptions are my favourite in the story so far: "This was not an era of gods and goddesses. It was an era of the everyday man doing exceptional things...It was not an era of chaos. It was an era of peace." The repetition of these connotations just works so well for the final outcome - that they shouldn't take the plant out of the box.

Awh my baby: "You're smart, Hugo," Scorpius said quietly from the floor, startling Hugo and Neville both. He sat up. "You decide what's best to do."/Hugo seemed for an absurd and cartoon-like moment to swell visibly with pride." I can see it now. And at the same time there is a wind machine, blowing the hair off his face and his cape (he now wears a cape) off behind him, emblazoned with the letter 'H'. It is a glorious image.

"He felt like he was a piece of laundry and his mother was wringing him out. Poor laundry. He'd have to ask his mother to buy a clothes line." And now he is feeling things for clothes. This boy deserves more than house points, he deserves some kind of award for being the biggest, kindest twit to ever have walked through the doors of Hogwarts (see, I told you I'd use the word 'twit' more often)

I'm sure Harry would like this nickname more than he likes 'the Chosen One' or 'The Boy Who Lived': "his uncle was king of the Aurors".

"Hugo Weasley, responsible for the peace treaty between Wizardkind and centaurs, the official discovery of Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest, and one of the three discoverers of the Quidropopot, a magical plant thought here-to-fore to be nothing more than a myth, a flight of fancy./Neville reached over to brush a bit of dirt from Hugo's shoulder". Gosh. Wowzers. He has a lot of responsibility for a boy who has only just stopped drooling, doesn't notice when he has dirt on his clothes and still rolls around in the snow. And this is why I love him.

:( I only have one chapter left to go. Before I go ahead and read it, I just want to say thank you for writing this and letting me come on this amazing literary journey with you. The characters you have developed feel so real that, when I finish the next chapter, I know I will feel sad, like I have lost friends :(

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Review #2, by AC_rules 

10th April 2012:
I remember saying in a review once that I thought this story was hilarious and in your response you said that some people had said that you used 'subtle humour' and, well, I want to reiterate the fact that this was absolutely, dead on, full on, hilarious. I was sat there grinning my head off at the beginning bit - all those women wanting unicorn-saviours, crowd suffering, Flitwick. Everything about the first prat of this chapter was just so wholly wonderful and fabulous and really, I loved this so much.

And then I loved the fact that they went back and ALL THE FEELS. Hugo is a secret keeper! That's so wonderful and perfect and I loved the decisions that you've made and the talk of human nature and stuff and I'm really sad that this is over (nearly), but asdokajdoa. Loved it.

Author's Response: Yes. Subtle-humor was something I got. And I was like...guuurrrlll I dunno what your 'not-subtle' humor looks like but dang. And I'm glad that you see it as more than that because I was sooo entertained by my own characters while I was writing them that I look like less of a dork now ;)

You know, if that's possible.

This was my comic relief section--I remember writing it and being really properly pleased. For a while I thought this would be the last chapter but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Anyway. For me the being a secret keeper is the real thing that defines Hugo's worth to himself--in his own eyes he means something in a physical way. He's a walking embodiment of the importance of his journey. I haven't read this chapter since I went through and mass edited, so I don't know exactly what I said but I imagine it was me trying to be deep and blah blah. But at least you liked it so, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :P

ANYWAY. I have loved your reviews! I'm sorry it's taken me a while to respond but I know that YOU know that life is cray. And yeah.

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Review #3, by FoundriaPenguin 

25th December 2011:



flitwick and his speeches. licorice wands. neville. scorpius. hugo.
my thoughts are all a mess. i can't really form coherent sentences at this point, but i hope you can tell from my rambling that THIS IS PROBABLY MY MOST FAVORITE CHAPTER OF THE STORY. actually i'm not sure. i'd have to go back and check the others but by JGL in a SUIT . life should always be a circle. i like my presents wrapped up nicely.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: HUGO IS A SECRET KEEPER HUGO IS A SECRET KEEPER! -prance- This is the ending I wanted but it's also a lot more alive than I imagined it. I felt very moved writing it because I love my characters and I love how the story turned out!

To me the Slytherin/Gryffindor dynamic that appears here is the absolute impossible, more so than all the other stuff in this story. Only unicorns can make this possible.

Yes. I know that life doesn't always make as much sense. In fact, it hardly ever does unless you make it that way. For this story it just /worked,/ you know? I also have great fondness for this chapter :)

(H) (H) (H)

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th December 2011:
This is the end! I know there's the epilogue but still it feels like the very end. I can't believe the transformation that Hugo has made. In the very beginning I wanted to hug him and have him as a pet but now he's...well...he's a sem-mature young man! He has grown up and I really enjoyed that about the story. It was a true coming of age piece filled with adventure and friendships. This was a wonderful read and I'm so glad I decided to read it. Thanks so much for filling these past two days of my life with adventure!

Author's Response: When I wrote this chapter, it actually /was/ the end. My dad was like WAIT UP NOPE THERE'S MORE RIGHT so there's an epilogue, but for me, the story could have ended here.

Hugo's only fifteen, so an experience like this isn't going to completely change him. In many ways he's the same, lovable, pet-like boy who we met at the opening of this story. He's decided some things about himself, but he's not quite grown up yet :)

thank YOU for reading and reviewing so faithfully! it made my day to see so many reviews and, to read them and see that they were good ones!

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Review #5, by TenthWeasley 

22nd November 2011:
This was brill. ♥ Words cannot express how much I loved this chapter -- such lovely closure, and written so well, too. You tied off all loose ends with such finesse, m'dear. -flails hands about in elaborate hand gestures-

Poor laundry. Hed have to ask his mother to buy a clothes line.

FAVORITE LINE IN THIS CHAPTER. Your humor is brilliant, all the more so because for some reason I never see it coming. :D This is the first story I've ever really found (that I can remember at the moment) that has genuinely refreshing humor. :) It's, as I've pointed out time and again, very Wodehousian, and I think that if Wodehouse should ever have stumbled into Harry Potter fan fiction, should it have existed when he did, he would have been tickled pink by this story.

I don't feel inclined to hug Hugo until he's blue after this chapter, for some reason, because I feel like he's beyond this. He has matured wonderfully since I first read about him and his wink-peppered, suit-flapping, drooling self. I feel a bit of a sisterly inclination to him, which is SO weird for me, since he is a character purely combined of your and JKR's conjecturing. But that should speak volumes about one or the other, probably both -- he just seems to be the perfect brother, and I just want to hold his hand and watch him grow. :D

But not like a plant. That would be creepy.

I cannot even begin to comprehend what I'm going to do when this is over. I'll miss my marauding trio, and all the kicks and giggles they seem to get into (who else can say they've had celebratory licorice wand fireworks in their honor?). You've made me know these boys almost better than I've ever known characters before (JKR's canon excepted), and it's a mournful goodbye to their Quidropropot wanderings. BUT I GET A SEQUEL, SO I AM CONTENT.

Much love and lots of licorice wands for youuu~ ♥

Author's Response: I have to just say that if I could ever get my hands on a licorice wand I'm sure I would love it so thank you for the gifffttt--

I'm sitting in the library right now, trying to revise my short story, staring at my failed-nano novel, trying not to allow myself to allocate my time into homework slots for tomorrow and figure out how I'm going to make cookies with the kids when I already scheduled that hour for physics homework--So it's a great relief to find that after breaking out of my routine to come to see this page there was something here quite worth seeing :)

If I could say that there are two things that I want as a writer, firstly this would be fantastic self-control on my part because I never leave things to small lists--they would have to be that my stories are something I am proud of and that I think are quality (as well as they can be from /me/, anyways), and for other people who have been in my boat to enjoy what I've written. It's so easy to say that you just write for yourself sometimes, like when people aren't too excited about something you've written, but in truth you just have to come back to the bare facts and one of them is that stories are always written (PASSIVE VOICE IS BITING AT ME BUT I'M JUST GOING TO LEAVE IT) for somebody to read. I don't know if I honestly could have even mustered up the energy to finish this story if I knew there were no people on the other side going to read it. I struggled when I was a bit younger with thinking that that kind of approach to things was a slippery slope towards becoming a sell-out, but I realize now that was a rather narrow way of envisioning the future.

I'm so happy that this chapter worked for you, I absolutely adore it now--I did actually write, like, four versions of this chapter and went through strenuous editing with my dad on this one because I was thinking I had answered a lot more questions than he said I had and it was a big WHAT IF IT CAN NEVER END moment but I think it all worked out. It was hard to make myself write it though because I spent so much time getting them there in the first place and then like, O HEY WE'RE BAAACCCK. AND IT ONLY TOOK US HALF A SECOND WHAT.

But still. It just hit me that there had to be a really /grand/ ending like this because Hugo isn't exactly the biggest interpreter of subtleties I've ever seen.

I'm so happy the characters come alive for you; it was very energetically taxing to keep building them up, but I know I wouldn't have been able to write this story any other way :)

Thank you so much for your consistent feedback, MUCHO LOVES PARA TI.

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Review #6, by Toujours Padfoot 

18th October 2011:
The Forbidden Forest is such a magical place. You were quite inventive with it, and I especially enjoyed how it varies from part to part - snowing in one, tropical in another, and a lovely meadow in yet another. I really admire the creativity you employed here.

I am convinced that Flitwick is one of the most awesome people ever. There's something Dumbledore-esque in him that he can understand allowing a bit of slack here and there, sort of giving people who need it a little push on the back. Sort of encouraging, but it's discreet.

And the fact that after all of it, they're going to keep it secret - that's my favorite bit. It says a lot about their personalities and smothering something that sounds wonderful on the surface, for the greater good. It's a bit like discovering the ark of the covenant and not telling anyone, and only you and a select few other people are privy to that knowledge. Neville, Scorpius, and Hugo, out of all people, know of its existence. They are the only humans in present day history who can attest that it is more than a myth, that they have seen it with their own eyes. I like the idea of this being a special bond between the three of them. Their own little secret, and they have a responsibility to the world to keep it to themselves. To be the one to make that choice! Ahh, what a temptation. But it was definitely wise. Neville had already lived through one war, and there's no reason to go starting another. It just wouldn't be worth it.

It is so fitting that Hugo is secret-keeper. I think it's exactly what he needed. Just AGHH LILY HOW DO YOU DO IT. IT'S SO PERFECT.


Author's Response: O HEY DIDN'T SEE YOU THERE--

Although it is not my usual tactic, in the simplest explanation, the Forbidden Forest appeared to me; I wrote it down as I saw it clearly. My mind worked separately from my consciousness but I was really pleased with the result and it did feel, at the time, like I was creating something that had gone vastly uninterpreted in fics I'd read before.

HAHAHAHAH you using the word 'discreet' to describe Flitwick is so amusing to me but also very true--he's discreet and flamboyant and is truly the best of both worlds.


I discovered that they were going to keep this thing a secret the night before I sat down and pounded out either chapter eight or nine--I was still open to possibilities, you understand, but I was sure in that kind of back-of-my-mind way. The journey to me had always been internal--I know I didn't make this expressly clear until these later chapters--hinting is my favorite form of gesturing towards the bigger picture, which gets me into trouble sometimes and which I had to actively battle with this story--but because of this, I thought things might become undone in the way that Scorp-o, Hugo, and Neville had all bonded in this strange way. Besides, I imagine that Neville for reasons I'll clear up later (HINT HINT HEHEH) is already sort of famous and that neither Scorp nor Hugo would be able to handle fame for this kind of discovery in their lives. For other things, possibly. ;)

I have always wondered whether or not someone would bring up the fact that Quidropopots probably grow in other parts of the world, so is protecting the lake really going to make a huge difference in the long run if someone was after the plant? I wasn't ever sure how I'd answer the question, but reading your response here, I see that it is an unnecessary concern as far as this main plot goes; the choice they made, of keeping the world safe in the ways that they could--that kind of secret sacrifice serves the story in a way that eradicates the necessity to make it clear that yes, I guess there could be rubies in other parts of the world, too.

I was so, so, so shiningly happy (no pun intended--JK ALL PUNS INTENDED) when it occurred to me that the way to protect the lake wouldn't only be the spells Longbottom had planned on in the forest in the first place--something would occur to him like it had to me that being secret-keeper would tie Hugo to this thing irrevocably and make him UBER IMPORTANT.

Things bubble around in me, and when they come out I like to think I shape the stream.


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Review #7, by hpgrl 

21st August 2011:
The perfect ending! I'm glad they were able to go back one last time. Hugo playing one last significant part made his evolution as a character that much more concrete.

Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I thought it was only appropriate. I know if it was me and I had an inexhaustible energy reserve as these three all seem to have, I would find the need to finish what I started much too nagging to leave it in the open, with, oh, you know, the death of the entire world available to happen.

I'm also glad it seems to have functioned as it should for Hugo! I sometimes forget, because I so much enjoy writing Scorpius's snark and shameless practicality and Neville's BAery, that Hugo's actually THE main character--but this chapter was meant for him, so I'm glad it served its purpose.

Thanks so, so much for your consistent feedback! It really has helped me out along the way. I still can't really believe I've managed to finish this, and I have all you reviewers to thank! :)

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Review #8, by justonemorefic 

19th August 2011:
:3 IT'S SO CIRCLE-Y AND PERFECT. Like the quidropot. Hehe.

I like how calmly Neville says what basically amounts to "Oh by the way, I need to go back, you know, for the sake of humanity. You're holding something that could potentially destroy the world." Ah, wizards. What it must like to be you after the war.

Eeep, and the secret keeping was so adorably perfect for Hugo. Of course, it was always just about being able to do it - I could see that in Hugo for a very long time. It would make a terribly good resume though.


Also, mind blown. The Quidropopot IS a circle! Didn't even make that connection :P

Neville is such a BAMF he just escapes me sometimes. I feel like in his position he has complete validity in being this superhero type after the war.

I'm just a really big fan of his...also, can I just say right now that after casting for this story Martin Freeman will always be grown-up Neville to me? I'm actually not a huge supporter of Matt Lewis as Neville in the later films, mostly because you can tell he is like AH NO AH'M HOTTT and also whenever they interview him he's totally apathetic to portraying the most dynamic character in the series. RAGE.

-end rant-

Glad that you could see it--most of my repetition was to make it ABSOLUTELY clear, and because my father is a meticulous and merciless beta who told me TELL US /EXACTLY/ WHY HE WANTED IT, LILY, /EXACTLY/. And the part of me that writes forever is like LOL OKAY. -type type type-


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Review #9, by padfoot88 

17th August 2011:
Awww that ending felt so right! I really like the way they decided to cast a fidelius charm, and how Hugo seems to have matured and grown but he's still like himself, can't wait for the epilogue!

Author's Response: I'm so glad! It took me a while to figure out that the Fidelius Charm would be the right ending--I wrote out several different versions of this chapter. All I really knew was that it had to be entirely Hugo. He had to be the one who sealed the deal, so to speak. And somehow my muse delivered this giant shiny package on the doorstep to my creativity and voila! Fidelius Charm.

I'm also pleased that Hugo's maturation has visibly maintained his strangeness. He's a kid, so it's not like this is going to be an entirely, um, life-changing experience. Yeah, he's grown comfortable with himself and his purpose and worth, but the reality of it is he's still going to be a gormless teenager most of the time :P

Thanks so much for the review, I hope the epilogue does not disappoint! :D

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