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Review #1, by rose4ever 

9th July 2012:
I love the development in the relationship between Scorpius and Pippa. He isreally breaking down her walls. I really hated the fact that Damien is so horrible towards Pippa, but I assume that it is really necessary for the plot. I really didn't expect Pippa's plan to succeed hehe, but you proved me wrong! I also loved how you revealed some human qualities in Pippa. I also detected that Albus likes to observe Pippa, because how else would he be able to state that fact about Pippa treating the people that actually cared about her like crap? briliant chapter as always

from your ever loyal reviewer


Author's Response: Hello :) I'm so glad you're liking the development, they really have come along way since they stalked Rose together. Damien doesn't always mean to be horrible, it's just he does certain things based on what he's feeling, which isn't good at times. Yes, Pippa does interest Albus a lot. She's different because she hasn't molded to the way he thought she would. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #2, by AC_rules 

6th April 2012:
AH. Pippa is really sneaky. I actually can't believe that she managed to do that, ahha, but I love it all the same. Much better than the suddenlypickedupamazingquidditchskill sort of thing, because I can totally by the fact that she just hexed someone and talked a couple of girls out of it, hehehe.

Her brother annoyed me too but I loved Albus's assesment of things. Ah. I want to know more about Albus soon.


Author's Response: Pippa is very sneaky. Once she puts her mind to it, she'll try very hard. I wanted it to be a bit different, I feel that this is slightly more believable than her developing quidditch skills after one lesson :) And yes, Albus assessments are always fun to write, they annoy Pippa a lot though. And don't worry, you will :) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

28th March 2012:
Albus is such an interesting character in this. I like to know them, you know, understand them, but... I just don't get Albus. He'll do something, then he'll say something and it'll be completely different (like staying and defending her but say her brother annoyed him. But why did he stay???). Oh, I love it. Is it weird to love being confused by characters? Because I think it just makes them so much more interesting. :D

Oh, so clever. To get on the team by default. She didn't even fly! Haha. That was awesome!

10/10! Onto the next chapter!


Author's Response: I like to think, as people, we sometimes do stuff that doesn't make any sense, which is why Albus is hard to work out as he plays his cards very close to his chest. Pippa doesn't know what going through his brain. Haha, I'm glad you do, as they might confuse you some more in the future.

Thank you :) I tried to think of a different way and I came up with this! Thanks so much for the review! I hope you have a wonderful day! xx

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Review #4, by CambAngst 

28th February 2012:
I love the way that Pippa gets a little more human with every chapter. I mean, she's still a very maladjusted human, but human nonetheless. The entire scene in the hospital wing was very touching. You're building genuine affection for the character, perhaps more than she feels for herself. When she finally told her brother to pound sand, that felt like a huge moment for her.

Albus also came along in a huge way in this chapter. The way he stood up to Damien for Pippa just reinforces my theory that he has a thing for her. No matter how hard he tries to be a non-caring jerk, he can't let go. Their walk back to the dungeons was a very well-written conversation.

I'm really starting to wonder how you're finally going to allow Pippa to break down her walls. Like, to the point where I just want to keep reading and reading. But sadly work does not permit this to happen. So I'll return to this later.

Thanks for a great read!

Author's Response: Heya :) Thanks so much, I'm hoping to do that, actually, I hope that with all the characters. Yes. She has her issues, but that could be argued for anyone. I'm so glad you thought that, I wanted to show that the 'group' per say, is growing closer. Thank you, I'm glad you're feeling that, some readers struggle with her for the first couple of chapters so that makes me really happy. It was a huge moment for her, as she sort of still sort of idolizes Damien. He is one of the most important people to her, even though he hasn't been close to her for years.

Albus hates Damien. Damien hates Albus. It was somewhat of the Potter thing, saving people but mostly, it was to annoy Damien, because of his hatred. Anything for a small win. He see's something in Pippa, that he still sees in himself. That's the thing that he can't let go. And thank you, I'm glad you thought that.

Well. I have that all planned. It's going to be really interesting. Aw! That is awesome to hear! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xx

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Review #5, by accioHPFF 

18th February 2012:

SHE MADE THE QUIDDITCH TEAM! :D The way she did it made me laugh, Albus' reaction made me laugh, and the thought of where this'll lead made me laugh. I cannot wait for you to continue with that! :)

Damien angered me in this chapter :( I understand that Brother-Sister relationship can cause comments, competition and jokes about each other, but what he said was really cruel. I hope he apologises, otherwise I'll still be annoyed with him :P

This chapter only confirmed my Fred/Pippa feeling! I just think they really should be together, so that girl at tryouts can go away! :P

Scorpius made me laugh in this chapter. :P When he was tending to the cut, I was like, "what?" and thought I'd missed something in Hogsmeade... but then you said he'd fallen from the chair, which is just hilarious, and something that I can imagine Scorpius doing.

Albus... He was civil again, before they fell out again. I did laugh at his reaction at tryouts though, when he realised she was the only candidate and became the Seeker by default.

Pippa... She's really nice, however much she tries to conceal her emotions. The way that she reacted to Cassie's reaction at the start reminded me of somebody who was in shock, and you saw her genuine concern. Also, the way she lay in the hospital wing was really endearing, because she seemed fragile without her friend there.

I loved this, as usual, and will read chapter ten tomorrow! :D

Author's Response: Hullo!

Thank you :) I'm glad you liked that part ;D I wanted to do my own little twist on it all. It's a lot of fun right here due to quidditch scenes.

Yeah, their relationship is really complicated with a lot of layers around it. Damien can be really cruel at times when he's filled with anger and Pippa took the brunt of it this time.

Haha! Yeah. A lot of people love Pippa and Fred :P And I do too.

And Scorpius! So glad he made you laugh. Haha, I understand. Scorpius fall downs a lot. He's rather clumsy.

Haha, yeah, he was. They have really a complicated relationship that is a bundle of emotions, it's so fun to write.

Thank you :) I tried to write it that way and I'm glad it came across. Thanks :) Pippa needs Cassie. She doesn't like to admit it, but she does!

I'm so glad you loved it! This means a lot to me! I hope you like chapter ten :) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you update soon.


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Review #6, by Secret Santa *hands you a candy cane* 

30th December 2011:
I was exposing that deep down I had a heart after all. It was painful, it was embarrassing but the person I loved the most in the world was lying in the hospital wing.

That was deep, very emotional, too emotional for Pippa I think. Does that mean it's going to be a backtrack of emotions? Is she going to be meaner? I don't know but I'm itching to find out. I felt like we could finally see Pippa in this chapter. The old one, the one that we don't even know but we see through glimmers when she lets her guard down. We don't see it a lot because her guard is always up.

You really worked on that brother-sister dynamic there. I was moved really by how hateful he is towards her. His cruelty surpassed Pippa's and the way everyone else backed her? I really saw their true nature as well. They aren't playing sides because it's clear the boys care for Damien as well, they are his friends after all but they stick up for what's wrong.

Does Damien?
Does Pippa?
I don't know. I want to say no but then again I just don't know.

- Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Yes. It was really emotional for Pippa and she wasn't used to it. It means a lot :) And you'll see how it slightly changes throughout the story, it it important for her growth. Yes, Her guard is hardly ever lowered as she is too afraid to let it down again and get hurt. Thanks! I love writing them together. Everyone has that side to them and jealously pushes Damiens side out. Yes, they just go with what's right, the gryffindor nature and everything :)

Does anyone? They just try to see, but it's not clear. It's all in shades of gray right now.

Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

11th December 2011:
Pippa! What a grimy Slytherin! Just when I thought she was over her plan and finally going to accept people in her life or you know be civil to Albus she does this! Oy, Pippa, Pippa, Pippa, what are we going to do with you! Jeez, I'm addicted to this story. I can see why you won a Dobby! It's AH-MAZING!

Author's Response: I KNOW. WHAT WILL WE DO WITH HER? WILL SHE EVER LEARN? Probably not. Not until it explodes all in her face anyway. Pippa will never give up her plans. She clings to them too but. It just means she's still got a while to go. And wow! Thank you so much, you're too kind to me! Thanks for the review! I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #8, by LilyFire 

12th September 2011:
Your amazing. You've done something not many (I mean,2 or 3 at most) people have been able to do. You brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes i'll say I cried to mean its sad, but rarely literally. So...wow. I didn't even cry during any of the HP books or movies.

This just keeps getting better and better. The character development is amazing and the plot though it seems slightly simple is awe inspiring and I can never figure out what's going to happen. It's just...I love it.


Author's Response: HEY LOVELY. You're so nice! Seriously! That has just made my day! I tried to make the emotion right so I'm glad it's came across. I'm just amazed that someone would cry at what I wrote! Thank you so much for the huge compliment.

I'm so glad you think it does! And I'm glad you like the character development, it is something I work hard on. And I'm glad. The plot is basically just a coming of age story with a lot of things thrown into it. I'm glad I'm not that predictable and everything! That is so nice. I'm so glad you're liking the story so far!

Thanks so much for your amazing review, it's seriously made my day!


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Review #9, by ariellem 

8th September 2011:
Damien was such a jerk, I thought he was an ok guy before hand, I probably didn't read it right though.

I don't think Pippa exactly treats her friends like crap, I just think she's a little guarded, Albus should get to know her before he starts making judgments.

You are really good with writing emotion, I know I can't write emotion for grits, but you've got the talent for it.

Author's Response: Damien is a twisty characters with a lot of layers and a lot of sides to him. She does treat them sometimes like rubbish. Albus just likes to make accusations though. He's very truthful and calls it as he sees it. And thank you so much! I love writing emotion! It's so fun! And aw! That is a huge compliment. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you like the rest of the chapters! Have a great day!


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Review #10, by Blue Biro 

12th August 2011:
i really want to know what happened to Pippa! im so confused! who is 'him' and what happened with Emilie!?! sorry, i just need to knoW! loved the chapter! yay, she made the team! (by using an un-forgivable, but still.) you rock! :)
100 million/10!

Author's Response: Hello! Haha, you'll find out eventually about Pippa's past. Him is an important life and what happened with Emilie is hinting at chapter 11 & 12. I'm so glad you liked the chapter! I loved writing it. Haha, yes, she made the team using sneaky tactics! Thanks so much for the review, it means a lot to me. xxx

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Review #11, by MyMyMiss 

10th August 2011:
Meh hahahaha! You thought I had forgotten didn't you? You thought I had forgotten all about Pippa, and you not letting a girl by the name of Karni *Cough*Kalarni!*cough* date Freddie?? Well Think again my dear ... Cause... Dun Dun Dun *Plays scary music.*

I'm Baack!!! ^.^

&& Here cause i'm awesome and this story is awesome and I want to Date Freddie! Okay, So i'm over Freddie for this review and onto the juicy things !! ^.^

Previously on the Human Factor, MyMyMiss did not laugh at the beggining. She felt rather sad!! Damien is so mean, who would ever hurt or anger or yell at their own sister like that :'( Very heart breaking moment there Ma'am, Very indeed.

Poor Pippa, :'( She's strong, but she coward from her Borther, :( poor girl!!!

However Sad and sorry for Pippa MyMyMiss, may of felt, that eventually washed away and was replaced with a huge smile with rosy red cheeks from laughing so hard.

Pippa practiulary kicked people off the team herself. She pursuaed them too hitch a ride over the other side of the field and then even went to the extreme length of Confunding another person.. Slytherin Trait or what :P Oh she's good! She is so good.. I am still intrigued as too who this mystery man is that broke her heart, :/ It makes me want to read more and more and more, not that I could stop if I wanted to but anyway ..


Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

Author's Response: Hello lovely! Hehe, you make me giggle! I love your reviews because no one else reviews in third person quite like you!

I'm so glad you have been enjoying the review, it means a lot to me.

Damien is mean, but he's been going through some stuff, which we'll find out in later chapters! Exactly. But some wounds just cut more deep than others.

Haha! I'm so glad it made you laugh!

Pippa is ruthless! Haha. She may be a little bit Slytherin ;) You'll find out in future chapters! You're so kind, I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters! Thank you so much for the review, it means a lot to me and has made me laugh tons!


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Review #12, by MissThomas 

4th August 2011:
So, apperantly I haven't reviewed this? I'm sure I did. Oh well.
Pippa is so vunerable in this.
And Damien? Oh. That was so emotional.
Albus was so cute! He might say it wasn't for Pippa, but I know it really was :D
Cassie is def the person Pippa cares for the most.
And Scorp now.
And the plan is in action! But will it work? Will she get close to Albus? Will she feel bad? Will she start caring? Will she make up with her brother? Will we find out who HE is? Will we find out how and why her and Emilie fell out?
These are questions I want answering, Update soon!
< 3

Author's Response: Yes, Pippa's vulnerability was finally shown to the others but it will be a while before it's shown again. Even though the others already knew because she thinks she's clever with hiding her emotions, she's not really. The thing with Damien isn't over yet! Haha, maybe, maybe not. Yeah, she is. And Scorpius is also becoming one of her most important people too. So many questions! And believe me, they all get answered...eventually. Thank you so much for your nice review, it means a lot to me! Thanks! The next chapter should be out soon!


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Review #13, by Ronsgirl29 

4th August 2011:
Hello dear! Another great chapter from you. Do you think maybe you could share some of your writing talent with the rest of us? its not fair that you hog it all ;)

I could really empathize with Pippa during the fight with her brother. My brother and I don't have the best of relationships, and a lot of times he'll say negative stuff just to work me up like Damien was doing to Pippa. We've gotten better as we've gotten older, but I totally understand what it's like. Not fun!

I'm glad Cassie is okay. You had me scared with that cliff hanger at the end of the last chapter, but she wasn't seriously hurt so that's good.

And now Pippa is on the quidditch team! Oh my... this is going to be very interesting. Can't wait until the next chapter.

-ronsgirl29 (gryffindor)

Author's Response: Heya lovely! Haha, you're so funny because I know you have some serious writing skills that make me all wobble with jealously. Ahh, that doesn't sound fun! But I'm glad it's somewhat relatable. Damien and Pippa are just going through a wonky stage at the moment. Haha, yes, I love Cassie too much to kill her off. Haha, yes, it's going to be a fun journey! And one that is harder than she thought. Thank you so much for the nice review, it had made my day. xxx

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Review #14, by alicia and anne 

4th August 2011:
Why were Uggers and PJ being shown the world? bless her :D
Oh no! An allergic reaction! I'm glad she's going to be ok.
No! Damian why are you being so harsh? I don't like seeing them fight *sniff*
Haha Scorpius falls off chairs! ha and how sweet of all the guys to stay in the hospital wing with them.
Scorpius always knows how to brighten everyones day doesn't he?
Haha! Pippa's getting rid of the competition! can't believe she used such dirty tricks... actually I can :-p I'm so glad that she's on the team!
Love this chapter, can't wait to read about her on the team.

alicia and anne

Author's Response: Heya lovely! I hope you're okay! Because Cassie loves her animals! She's proud of them, they are somewhat like her adopted children. Yep :) She's going to be fine :) Haha, the fight isn't over yet, sadly :( Haha, Scorpius falls off a lot of things and yes, he always knows what the right thing to do is. Haha, yeah, she's not going to play fair is she? I'm so glad you liked the chapter! It means a lot to me. xxx

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Review #15, by hpgrl 

3rd August 2011:
I love the characters you have here. Its interesting how you're slowly piecing pippa together for us. I'm kind of wary of Albus, but he's really an intriguing character. James and Fred are so sweet and scorpius is so huggable. I hope damien comes around.

I miss the old banner though! this one's really pretty too, but I felt like the last one fit the story more.

can't wait for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like the characters, they are a weird bunch at times. Slowly but surely happening. It's good to be wary of him, he's not a nice person at the moment. James and Fred are so sweet and Scorpius is indeed huggable. And eventually, he's just going through some stuff at the moment :')

The last one was pretty but I felt the person on it didn't suit who Pippa was in my head. This person fits the Pippa in my head so much better. Thanks so much for your kind review and I'll try to update soon. xxx

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Review #16, by charlie_padfoot 

3rd August 2011:
I simply love this story, you've written Pippa beautifully. Her character never wavers and she's a delightful read. She's intriguing and so overwhelmingly human, not a perfect Mary-Sue like so many fanfictions host. Keep up the brilliant work! ♥

Author's Response: I'm so glad you love my story, that makes me super happy to hear. It makes my day, seriously. I'm so glad you like Pippa, I had a lot of fun creating her character. I'm so glad you think she's human, because that's the sort of aim of the story, to have actual human characters. You're too nice but thank you. I hope you update soon and thanks for the amazing review. xxx

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Review #17, by Laura-Elle 

3rd August 2011:
Hi!I just got back to the world of Hpff (I was gone. It's a long story involving road trips,the Scorpius-like-cousin freaking out, and the state of Texas. Don't ask.), and I've got to say, I'd love to see this chapter in Al's POV. It would be great to see through his (strange, depressed,sadistic) eyes. And Pippa made the Qudditch team! Sure, she kind of cheated, but she got on. I'm happy for her, but kind confused about the fact she hardly had to do anything. Wouldn't have someone causht her confuding ugly hat girl? But still, very entertaining. Anyways, once again, that was brillance. 10/10. Update soon! (please),

Author's Response: Hello! Welcome back. Well, despite that, I hope you had a good time never less. Ohh! I'll think about it writing it. Haha yes, she got on the team :) She got on because there was no else trying out for spot, so she got it. And no one saw because she was sneaky cause she had her wand in her sleeve and the quidditch tryouts were chaos. I hope it makes a bit more sense. I'm so glad you liked the chapter. I'll try to update soon and thanks so much for the review, it's made my day. xxx

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Review #18, by Mariam Abdisalam 

2nd August 2011:
Ooooh. Pippa's human side. For some reason, I like the evil mastermind side better. And who is the mysterious boyfriend? Does he show up in the next chapter? This chapter was sooo awesome I'll reward you with a cookie *hands over a cookie* I'm so genorous right?

Author's Response: Hi! Yes, it appears. Haha, don't worry, she's back to her mastermind self by the end of the chapter. Nope. He doesn't show up quite yet. He will be in it eventually. I'm so glad you liked this chapter, means a lot to me. *noms on cookie* Thank you very much! Haha, you are! Thanks so much for the review and hopefully the next update will be out soon.


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Review #19, by BrightStar 

1st August 2011:
*kicks damien*

sorry, had to be done.

*kidnaps albus and forces him to marry me*

sorry, that had to be done too.

So glad you updated quickly, i was still in a human-factor-place after the last day! poor, poor pippa - her brother, treating her like that.

al is annoying, but speaks the truth. i really want her to be able to trust more people... and be nice to them! oh and im so happy cassies ok, shes so lovely!

hehehehehe she was so evil and funny for the tryouts, cant wait to see how everything goes! :D

Author's Response: It truly does :) He is having confidence/jealously problems at the moment. You sure you want to marry him now? He's a little mean right now. Haha. Yeah, this chapter was finally ready so I decided to post it up :) Yep, but of course, everything is not as it seems. Al is very annoying. He knows that the truth would bother her, so he points it out. Yes, she has her problems, but this is coming of age story, as it as anything, so a lot of character growth. I'm so glad you like Cassie, I adore writing her. Haha! I'm glad you liked that parts, it was a lot of fun to write! Thanks so much for the review!


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Review #20, by Lillylover22 

1st August 2011:
i like seeing pippa when her defences are down. update soon please. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Thanks! It's interesting to explore that side of her and I'm glad you like it. The next chapter will be out soon. Thanks so much for the review and have a good day! xxx

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Review #21, by AlexFan 

31st July 2011:
I loved the end of this story, it sounds like something that I would do. In the end in the Next Time On the Human Factor who's Pippa talking to? I'm thinking it's Albus.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you like it. Haha, no, it's actually Scorpius as Albus wouldn't wear a puppy jumper :) Albus does feature in the chapter though :D Thanks so much for the review, it means a lot to me & hopefully the next chapter will be up soon :) xxx

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Review #22, by Akussa 

31st July 2011:
Hello dearest!

Another great chapter, I really love this story. Your characters, every single one of them, grow and change with every chapter in a natural way. It just flows and doesn't feel like you want to force anything, very good job!

I can't wait to see the rest and how Pippa will survive being in the quidditch team and spending so much time with Albus. I have a feeling the Plan isn't going to go as planned!!

Author's Response: Hi lovely! I hope you're having a good day. I'm so glad you liked this chapter, I really enjoyed writing it as it was different in terms of emotion as Pippa cares for once and shows it. I'm so glad you think they're developing. I'm always worried about that but I'm glad you think I'm doing good job! It means a lot to me! Thanks! The next chapter will hopefully come out soon. Yess! She hasn't really thought this plan through. Haha, me neither to be honest but who knows? Thanks so much for the review! It's made my day. xxx

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Review #23, by Maddie 

31st July 2011:
I love this story so much, it's quickly becoming one of my favourites! I enjoyed seeing a different, more "human" side to Pippa. It was reassuring to know she was capable of feeling emotions other than anger and pain ;) I especially liked her falling asleep while Scorpius stroked her hair. It was a small gesture but it just made me love him (if possible) so much more :) And as much as Pippa wants to deny it, Scorp's growing on her. I thought the line about hoping the thorns around her heart would push Scorpius away was a great way of describing how she felt. It gave us such an insight into the way Pippa thinks and the way she is, even though it was only a sentence.

The little scene where she wakes up to see Cassie was lovely and it added another layer to their friendship that we hadn't seen before :)

Ugh Damien, you big fat meanie! Even though he was quite nasty to Pippa in this chapter, you did manage to give us a bit more information on how much HE affected Pippa and how she and the people around her dealt with it. You told us through Damien's anger which I thought was a clever way of informing us, rather than just saying it in a simple sentence.

And finally, Al. He's beginning to frustrate me just as much as he frustrates Pippa! But it's a good kind of frustrating if that makes any sense. It not annoying, it's more of a I-need-to-find-out-more-about-you-so-I-can-finally-understand-you frustration, which keeps me intrigued so it's all good :P Plus he's pretty hot in the "twisted/misunderstood" sort of way ;)

I must say though, he really did hit the nail on the head when he told Pippa about the whole crap treatment thing. The boy has exceptional observational skills haha. I think the only reason he stayed throughout the whole Cassie ordeal was purely because he enjoys watching Pippa in order to try and figure her out, and he was probably just as interested and shocked as we were to see her behave like that. (Though he didnt outwardly show it...) I'm really glad you wrote To Be Human as it really helps with moments like these because we sort of know how Al thinks which makes his character more complex.

All in all, another brilliant chapter and I can't wait for the next, especially now that the plan is in action. DUN DUN DUN!

-Maddie x

Oh by the way, i was just wondering, who is Pippa in the banner?

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like this story! It's a bit different and messed up but I'm glad people are still liking it. Yep, there is a human side to Pippa, it just makes her feel vulnerable so she doesn't like to show it. That's one of my favourite parts too. I think that shows how much their relationship is growing, despite Pippa not wanting to. Plus, it shows in that situation, Scorpius knew exactly what to do to calm her, so he knows her better than she thinks. Yes, he is truly growing on her. And I'm glad you liked that sentence, I wanted something to sum it up and I wrote that. I'm glad you thought it was good.

I'm so glad you like that scene :) Cassie knew everything Pippa wanted to say.

Damien was mean, but not everything is as it seems. Damien just has issues when the attention is not on him. Thanks! I thought I'd try it that way and I'm glad you thought it worked out.

Al is just complicated. I'm glad it's the good frustration and not the bad one. Haha, yes, he is ;D At least in the girls in this story think so. Haha.

Exactly. He really did. He does have good skills in that area. Pippa doesn't like him telling her the truth. Maybe, he did. Exactly. He wasn't expecting her to react like that, none of them were but they accepted it anyway. That's the difference between them and Damien. Thanks! I'm glad you like that I wrote them, they are fun to write :)

I'm so glad you liked the chapter and yes, the plan is in action ;) But where does it go?

The person in the banner was Natalia Vodianova but I've now changed it to Rosie Tupper as she fits the Pippa in my head so much more. Thanks for the review, it was the most amazing thing ever.

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Review #24, by busybusybeta 

31st July 2011:
i didn't "enjoy," per se, the first half of the chapter, with cassie ill and damien being a jerk, but i totally squeed when albus stood up for pippa. ;) and james is always a sweetheart. aawww ...
the tryouts part was BRILL. i laughed so hard when pippa confunded the girl with the ugly hat, ROFL.
cannot WAIT to see the sort of trouble pippa conceives as slytherin seeker. XD

Author's Response: Hi! Haha, yes, that totally makes sense, as Pippa kind of fell apart a little in the first part, so unless you're like me, who puts her through this torture, you're not going to enjoy it :P Thanks! I'm glad you liked that part. I love writing James, he's like the nice older brother. Thanks! I'm so glad you liked that part. Heyyy, how else was she going to get on the team? She couldn't risk it if it came down to skill. Haha, yes, they'll be troube, cause hey, it's Pippa, it follows her around :P Thanks so much for the review and I'll try to update soon. xxx

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Review #25, by Loony_Scorpy 

31st July 2011:
It was great to see Pippa expressing her emotions and actually acting /human/ haa great chapter :D I just wish Al would hurry up and crack onto her :P

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you liked that side of her. She sort of accidentally let it out but she might be just starting to actually like the guys. Haha, that made me giggle. I don't think they are ready for that. It's way too early :P Thanks so much for the review& I'll try to update soon. xxx

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