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Review #1, by Debra20 

6th February 2013:
Great chapter, as always! I'm starting to not know that more to say to assure you of my great love for this story. It feels like I've given all the possible praise in my previous reviews, and now I'm left with empty words. However, I do want you to know that my enjoyment of this story is much the same as it was in the beginning. Only it's growing with every chapter, with every new puzzle piece reveal.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a very confusing book to me in terms of the time travel business. I know Jo explained it the best she could but I never really understood how it worked. Every time I read about Hermione and Harry going back in time to save Sirius my head is filled with fog lol. I can't get it! I did however understand (and that was pretty logical) that you do not meddle with time. You don't mess with it, you don't change events or else your history and that of other people will be altered forever, triggering a frightening chain of reaction. Since this is not canon, and it's Next Gen, I fear for what Lily might do, knowingly or not. We have seen enough of her in the past chapters to know that she won't give in to her feelings for Alastor, that she is conscious of the dangers of playing with time and space, but she is also still a human being. How MUCH can someone handle before losing their mind, before throwing themselves in the abyss thinking it's the most beautiful thing in the world? My heart is crying for her and reaches out to her each time she is put to a cruel test, but she's mustn't give in to her feelings! Even a tiny little change in the past could rewrite history...and not always for the better. Things happen for a reason and Moody must become what we knew him to be: a brave, fierce, damaged war hero. That sounds so sad more so if it's the truth :(

Author's Response: No worries - I've had the same thing happen to me when reading longer stories because you get to the point where you just want to keep reading. Your words are certainly not empty, no matter what they feel like! I'm very glad to hear that you're enjoying the story!

Time travel in the Potterverse is a strange thing. What happens in PoA would, in science fiction, be a paradox. If Harry and Hermione successfully changed the past, then how do they remember it? How does anyone? Did Buckbeak ever die, or was it only that they thought he did? The movie version represents it in a better way than the book - at least, it made more sense to watch than to read the time travel scenes.

Lily knows about her father's time travel adventure, and she's close enough to her Aunt Hermione to know about the rules of time travel (and the rules of everything, I expect :P). Once she realizes that she's back in time, she can't forget that, by being in the past, she is posing a threat to the outcome of the war and thus to her own existence. The great paradox of time travel is much too clear for her - if she accidentally prevents her own birth, what will happen? She understands that she is the cause of Moody's madness, but she doesn't know enough of the rest yet - there's still so much of his history that eludes her. Not necessarily because she hasn't gone far enough back, but because she has missed too much in between. And her consciousness of time leads her to sacrifice, once and again, the connection she has with him. I wouldn't call it selfless, but it demonstrates a strength of character that she can let him go. More strength of character than I think she ever admits to having.

But as you've said, it's taking its toll, and that will only become more obvious as the story continues.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing this story! ^_^

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 

12th May 2012:
I dont think i would be able to leave moody 10/10 : )

Author's Response: I don't think that Lily wants to either, but Moody himself will leave, so what would Lily to then? Now that I've got this idea in mind, she could have gone with him to Europe and fought in the war... somehow, even with her leg. That would have been a strange twist. ;)

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

13th January 2012:
Ohhh that was SO good. Like, that romance I see in classic romances (that I see have been your inspiration), a bittersweetness, a sense of foreboding doom, the intensity. sidenote: I adore rain scenes :3

It's kind of like they're getting to know each other, but they already know each other, but not really. It's such a strange situation for both of them, and I can't imagine how difficult it must be to pull off their characterization as well as you do; I haven't really seen an equivalent like this before.

Author's Response: Rain scenes are perfect, and I love it when they include them in film adaptations of classic romances even when they're not in the original. XD There's something uber-romantic about rain scenes, and I don't know what it is. Must be awful to actually live through, getting wet and all. But yes, classic romances = best way to get through writing a "real" romance. I tend to hide my romance plots behind mystery/suspense plots, but here it's the other way around and it's a different kind of experience (but a good one). :D

This story is so confusing when you try to explain how time works. I can't do it. :P They know each other in the wrong order and they keep having to wait until they can catch up with one another, but at some point, Lily will know more about him than he'll ever know about her - he'll never see the beginning of her story until the end of his. It's insane. Utterly insane.

But I love writing it. And I'm glad that you're enjoying reading it. That's what means the most to me. ^_^

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Review #4, by MajiKat 

10th September 2011:
wow, susan. what a chapter! so much emotion, so much turmoil and you wrote it beautifully. lily and moody were perfect - are perfect - there is nothing i can fault in your writing of them. i love that they are flawed and in this, at the end, seem stripped of everything.

again, i adore your pathetic fallacy. i am jealous of it actually cause i wish i could do it better than what i can.

i don't know what to say - i wish this review had something more useful, lol, but i truly don't know what to say. i adore this story - it is so incredibly original. i don't think i have read/seen anything marginally like this. where i said, in the beginning, that it reminded me strongly of Jane Eyre, well, it doesn't so much anymore, which is not a bad thing. it has become entirely yours without influence or appropriation - i'm now, well for the last few chapters actually, been reading a piece by susan, not a piece that reminds me of anything else. i no longer think about bronte while reading this xD

i look forward to where you will take this.

Kate xx

Author's Response: *stares at review*

What do I say to this? You're making me tear up with these compliments. This story has come to mean a lot to me, and hearing your praise is more amazing than words can express. Thank you!

It is becoming less like Jane Eyre as it continues - this scene is going to contain the last obvious connection between the two stories. There will still be hints of it later on, but this story is becoming more of its own entity with its own plot twists and strange timeline. I suppose that it's good that these last chapters no longer makes you think of Bronte, not that I would mind becoming another Bronte (because, as messed up as they were, they could write amazingly). ;)

Perhaps what I like best about Lily and Moody as a couple is that they're so flawed, and they recognize both their own and each other's flaws without worrying over them or making a big deal about it. They simply accept each other for what they are, and that's a beautiful thing. If someone asked me, I could never explain why they get along so well or why they fell in love so easily - but maybe that makes their relationship more realistic. It just happens, and once it does, they can never be the same again.

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Review #5, by Phoenix_Flames 

1st September 2011:
Another brilliant chapter. I don't know if I've told you that I absolutely love your use of the quotes about time or not, but I'll say it now. I love all of them. They are perfect. And your chapter titles. Love how the word 'time' is worked into them all. So clever. :)

And on to the actual chapter! I loved the basic bonding Lily and Moody had in this chapter. The way you write them is perfect. They connect so well through the personalities that you have created for the two and for how you write their conversations also. Everything just flows together perfectly, pieces together, and just sounds right.

I loved the talking about the hair. It was just so easy going and care free. It got them to connect and show that they don't have to be talking about anything in particular to feel right with one another. In fact, they do fine with silence. Gah, it was lovely.

And her foot! I love this little addition that you made to her character. It's perfect and unique and shows that no one is perfect, even if that miss of perfection is from an accident not due to her own fault.

I loved your reference to being mortal at the end of the chapter. Sometimes that term is tossed around poorly, but here, that one word sums up so much and it does so perfectly. It's the perfect explanation to everything, and you show that wonderfullyl.

I love it so much, Susan! I can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Drue! Your reviews are always so lovely, and I really appreciate hearing from you. It means a lot to hear that you're enjoying this story, and I hope that newer chapters don't disappoint.

Haha, I like having a chapter title theme of some sort, something that ties all of the story together, but also makes it easier to come up with new chapter titles (which I'm bad at, having enough trouble coming up with story titles). It's a story about time, and there are so many phrases in English that deal with that word, so it makes for an interesting look at how the word is so freely used today. :D

I'm very glad that the two characters bonded well - I'm always afraid that they're acting unnatural or getting along too well too quickly. There's so much room to work with their personalities, but it's difficult to find the right balance between them, especially with Moody who can be very changeable.

Thank you again! It's a relief that the little details (various clues about Lily) are adding together well to form her character - they all hold a lot of meaning, as banal as they may seem, so keep them in mind. ;)

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Review #6, by Snapdragons 

30th July 2011:
Beautiful as always! I love reading this story. Lily and Moody are such interesting characters and they make it so lovely to read.

Your descriptions might be one of my favorite parts, too. Like "rooting me to this spot like Daphne in Pan's wild embrace". Yay for mythology references!

"I dreamt of a taste of forever" and "You're the only thing I've been sure of knowing" were both such gorgeous lines that really stuck out to me.

I really love this story and it's always so exciting to see it update. You've done a brilliant job as always! :)

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for these wonderful compliments! It's really great to hear that you're enjoying the story and finding the characters interesting, even better that you like those lines - I don't know where they came from, as they're far more romantic that I'm used to writing, but I'm glad that you like them. ^_^

It means a lot to hear from you. Thank you!

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Review #7, by SunSation Gal 07 

28th July 2011:
wow, what a way to end it Susan. almost BBQ'ing them as they kissed. :P I would say more if I could, but you've once again rendered me speechless.

Author's Response: LOL! I never thought of it as BBQ'ing, but it's the perfect way of describing it! XD Thanks for making my day with that, haha. It's a great image.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, Lee! It means a lot to hear from you! ^_^

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Review #8, by Sarah_Bee 

27th July 2011:
Susan, I've been reading this fic ever since you first posted it! However, my reviews on it have been lacking and for that, I am sorry. Plus, you took time to review my fic (which I thank you for that again. You have no idea how much I value your opinion). And this fic about Lily is such a wonderful, heart-wrenching fic and I've about cried in reading this chapter!

I never really considered Alastor Moody to have such a emotional side or to be anything other than what I've read in the Harry Potter Books. Your portrayal of him is most delightful and I really love how he is when he's with Lily in this chapter. You really have made me feel for him and for Lily as well.

Your descriptions simply flow off the page! I continue to be in awe at your ability to write such beautiful words! And that kiss, wow. What a kiss it was indeed! :) It was beautifully written! And I love the last lines of the tree being burnt and "smouldering under the onslaught of rain", simply breathtaking! And I envy your lovely chapter images!

And before I've written a novel-length review, I'll stop myself from rambling. lol. I hope you are doing well and not stressing too much over TDA obligations and life in general! ^_^

Author's Response: Don't be sorry, Sarah! Being behind on reviewing others' stories myself, I can understand that there isn't always time to get out a review, especially in detail, you know? It's enough to know that you're enjoying it, though it is lovely to hear from you. ^_^ Thank you very much for taking the time to both read and review this story!

To be honest, I find my own portrayal of Moody here terrifying. He's becoming a romantic hero! It seems so wrong, somehow, yet when I do read over his scenes in the books, there is room for it. After all, Dumbledore was quite a rebel in his younger days, so why can't Mad-Eye be a Rochester/Heathcliff sort of fellow? :P That's how I excuse it to myself, at least. I'm glad that you like how he's turning out here - it's interesting to write him and Lily's reactions toward him. I don't exactly know why it's interesting, but it's like an experiment in random parings that's working all too well. XD

Thank you. *blushes* The romance of this story is powerful to write - it helps that I've been reading all these Victorian romances like "Jane Eyre" and "North and South" - they provide a lot of inspiration, especially for the creation of strong emotional tension. But I wanted to change that scene in "Jane Eyre" with the chestnut tree to make more explicit what the tree symbolizes, or will later symbolize - how the two lovers will be divided and how the older Moody will become like that hunk of burning tree trunk, broken and lifeless. Maybe it'll make more sense once the story's finished - everything about this story is so complex in timelines and how everything fits together that I have trouble thinking about it except as a whole work, not chapter-by-chapter.

Now who's rambling? >< Thank you again for your lovely reviews, Sarah, and I hope that you continue to enjoy this story! :D

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