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Review #1, by Historyrepeats 

11th November 2017:
Will we ever hear bout Roxannes earlier relationship? I always get curious when I re read sparks

Author's Response: Probably not - at this point, I don't think it would be interesting to have her encounter her ex. It wouldn't bother her or anything now she's got Perry, and in the current story a baby on the way. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by grednforge217 

2nd June 2014:
I feel so sorry for Lucy! Ugh, as much as I do like Roxanne, I'm very annoyed that she is getting her wish. Plus Perry as well! Darn it, I wanted them to fall in love with Lucy. Perfect chapter, as ever. Sorry I don't review as much, I'm just always so eager to read more!

Author's Response: Roxanne's a bit of a brat, isn't she? Lucy might be my favorite here ;) I did want Perry to get his girl. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by VampireMaidenPhoenix 

8th August 2012:
Awww! Poor Lucy, she likes Hilarion but is willing to set her feelings aside for her cousin... if she even realizes what they are, that is. That is so sweet, if not a little masochistic. Maybe not quite masochistic, but similar. Same for Perry, he's into Roxanne but sees that his bestie want her... yep. Complicated. Makes me happy.

Btw, "Ron" might work well for Hilarion. Counfusing, because of "Uncle Ron," but could definitely work ^_^

Author's Response: Lucy's a bit of a martyr, I suppose. She could've competed for Hilarion, but that's just not her. Same for Perry. They just step back and let things happen between Roxanne and Hilarion.

Ron could be a nickname for him. But he's not entirely a nickname kind of a guy.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Moonyxluna 

7th March 2012:
I'm so glad I finally read this. Hilarion's personallity is really adorable, and I loved the 'love at first sight' idea. He seems way too modest, it's really sweet. It's going to be intersting to see how Roxanne feels about him when she learns he's such a down to earth guy.

I'm probably going to be completely off with this next guess, but Perry and Lucy? maybe? I'd love to see that, he seems like such a great friend to Hilarion (which I'm glad you had them talk about how odd the name is :p). I guess I'll have to read :p

But the little bit a the end made it seem like she was jealous of the look Hilarion was giving Roxanne.. very intersting! Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! I'm glad you like it so far. Hilarion is a sweet guy, very modest and humble. Roxanne getting to know who he really is, that's definitely a major theme of the story :)

Perry and Lucy, nope sorry ;) It is a weird name, I love a fun name like that. It's Greek.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Giola 

10th September 2011:

I loved, loved, LOVED this chapter! This is the first time we get to see Hilarion, and I wasn't entirely sure what I was expecting, but I love him so far! I love that you made him rather insecure, it's a very different side of him than Roxanne's opinion of him, it adds some nice depth to his character.

I also love the dynamic you have set up with Lucy and Hilarion, I have a feeling she's going to start seeing him in a different light, but I could be wrong. If that's the case, it'll make for a very interesting story :P

As always, lovely writing :) It's so easy to read, you have the technique down pat and can switch between description and internal dialogue, comedy and serious thoughts with ease :)


Author's Response: Yay! Thank you, I'm glad you loved it! Hilarion's a sweetheart, isn't he? Poor guy. Roxanne might be too much for him ;) Lucy seeing him in a new light is a good way of putting it. I'm not sure how much of the plot I ought to reveal, although the Cyrano quotes should hint the future plot, and I think readers are already seeing the "hidden" pairings emerge. :) Makes me happy.

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments on my writing too, you really made my week *hugs* Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Margravine 

31st August 2011:
Lucy/Hilarion. Roxanne/Perry.

I hope these teasers pan out, but I trust that it will be magnificent even if you throw twist and turns at me! I love and have missed your writing, I very much look forward to being able to follow another story just because it's you, but am rapidly falling in love with this story all on it's own :)

Author's Response: Good to see you! :)

I see you're shipping already hehe. Yay! You know there'll be a few twists first. Coming next chapter actually! Thank you for reviewing, and I'm really happy that you're enjoying this story!

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Review #7, by Hope's Mom 

25th August 2011:
Hmmm. Intriguing beginning! I look forward to reading more and seeing where Roxy goes with this meeting of her beloved. Lucy is interesting here, too - is going to have a prominent role in the story? Thank you for writing!

Author's Response: This story, even though I emphasized Roxanne in the summary, is a four-part lead: Roxanne, Lucy, Hilarion, and Perry. So they'll all feature quite prominently. I'm glad you liked it, thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Kas 

20th August 2011:
this is amazing - it made me smile. I feel sorry for Lucy, but I really want Roxanne to have her dream boy. Can't wait to read more (:

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. Everyone will wind up with the appropriate person in the end ;)

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Review #9, by justonemorefic 

9th August 2011:
Back of the bookshop bonding! They all seem like such a fun sort -- I can see a lot happening in the future for them. I like Perry. I'm a Perry girl. I didn't expect to see instant attraction between Hilly and Roxy, but I suppose Roxy's got more going for her than crazy-eyes! :D

Ooo, do I see a love rectangle afoot? Perry wanting to go after Roxy and Lucy wanting to go after Hilarion? I'm not sure what combination I'd root for -- I'll leave that for the future :) but great job on another wip!

-justonemorefic, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Roxanne is also very pretty, and when two pretty people like each other but don't actually know each other... ;)

A love rectangle! Haha, good eye there. It's all going to be a bit mixed up for a while, but again - as I hinted to another reviewer - not the Cyrano quotes.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by wenderbender 

6th August 2011:
What a lovely start to a story! I've read your "Midnight Run" series, and I'm happy to Lucy and Roxanne getting their own story. I also like how you've painted Hilarion--he doesn't seem to be your stereotypical arrogant quidditch star, and I rather like him.

I was a bit confused by everyone's reactions when they first met though. There were a lot of meaningful looks, sidelong glances and subtle reactions that were difficult to follow. Hilarion and Roxanne's mutual attraction is pretty clear--but what are Lucy and Perry thinking? If this were written by almost anyone else, I would assume that it was going to be a simple affair of double matching--Roxanne with Hilarion and Lucy with Perry. But somehow I don't think it'll be that simple.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
(wenderbender, Gryffindor)

Author's Response: Ah, it won't be a simple affair at all. Did you note the Cyrano quotes? ;)

I hope it wasn't too difficult to follow - I thought I had everyone pretty straight, but writing a four-part 3rd person limited is like juggling sometimes. Hilarion's definitely not a star athlete type, really. I'm glad you like him :)

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm still working on chapter 3 - this summer has not been conducive to my muse, for some reason, so I apologize for the delay. I'm hoping to have it up by next week. Thanks again!

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Review #11, by ruby_slippers 

27th July 2011:
Naaaw! Aren't they all so cute! Can't wait to see where you take this :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #12, by DetectiveMenace 

22nd July 2011:
Ah, the moment of truth! And it's interesting! Lucy perhaps falling for Hilarion? Perry (wonderful character, by the way) perhaps falling for Roxanne? Oh-ho! Drama drama drama!
Lovely chapter, and I'm glad that (for the moment) Hilarion seems to have fallen in love with Roxy. But I think things are a bit more complicated than that - I'll need to read the next installment to find out! I hope for an update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :) It's going to be some mixed-up pairing for a while! Drama drama. Thanks for reviewing, I'll try to have chapter 3 up soon.

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Review #13, by lily16 

14th July 2011:
Aww now I'm rooting for Lucy/Hilariorn and Perry/Roxy :) I love that you showed us the perspectives of all of the main characters...it was effective and went very smoothly.

Author's Response: Hehehe... I think everyone is rooting for those couples now! I'm trying to balance out a major POV with some minors for each chapter, but the story is told from all four. I do love a 3rd person limited ;) Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Daanana 

14th July 2011:
Love the story. And apparently Perry is more like Rox and Hill - ;) - is like Lucy.

It's very well written, I love your characters and I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm thinking Roxanne will go for Perry and Lucy will end up ith Hill. Or I'm just completely off. Can't wait to read it all!


Author's Response: Hill ;) I think you're very observant! But I don't want to totally give away the plot just yet. So keep reading, and thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by LidaRose 

14th July 2011:
This was definitely worth the wait! I'm so happy that Hilarion likes Roxanne! Of course, there probably wouldn't be much of a story then...

I do have a tiny, skulking feeling you might make some sort of crazy mix up like Lucy/Hilarion or Perry/Roxanne... can you imagine that story at a Weasley gathering?

Author's Response: Oh good, I'm glad you liked it. I'm sorry the wait was so long. And he does like her! But so does Perry. Good call on the crazy mix-up. Keep reading! Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #16, by Georgia Weasley 

13th July 2011:
As usual, your characters are charming and real. I love Perry immensely, and the relationship between the two old friends is written beautifully. Their easy banter and the way they balance each other is fantastic. I found myself chuckling out loud at most of their conversations.
Roxanne's dream seems to be coming true. Awfully easily, too. I don't think it will come together this smoothly for her. She's a Weasley. They do things the hard way.
Excellent chapter, hon. As always. ~GW

Author's Response: Whew! I'm still kind of feeling out their characters, it's early in the story still, but I have a good idea who they are.

Weasleys don't always get things that smoothly, do they? I never thought of it that way. In fact, out of all the Weasleys I've written, none of them have gotten things that easily. Hmm. Well, it wouldn't be an interesting story if things went totally smooothly! Thank you for reviewing. I'll see you this afternoon! ha.

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Review #17, by daydreamer12 

13th July 2011:
Good story :) I feel so great for Roxanne that she finally got her dream guy-but at the same time I don't really think she's going to click with his personality(maybe I'm wrong tho?) She and Perry seem like they'd get along well. At the same time I feel bad for Lucy because she obviously feels something for Hilarion but won't even give it a chance to grow because of Roxanne-I also feel like if she hadn't helped Roxanne by giving her a job at F.B. then Lucy might've had a chance of getting to know Hilarion. I also really like the way Hilarion and Perry are so developed as characters!

Author's Response: Very observant of you on the personalities ;) I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but the Cyrano quotes are probably a broad hint for anyone who knows that play. I'm having fun with Hilarion and Perry. I quite like them both. Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you like this story thus far. :)

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