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Review #1, by spreaddapoo93 

30th November 2012:
Ah! You crazy woman; you silver-tongued, divine devil! I just want to take all your stories, hand-write them out and bind them together in an anthology... Yes, I'd be crazy enough to do that (you make me that crazy!)

Oh... So ingenious! From their /Avengers Assemble!/ fiasco (this chapter has a whole covert theme song hidden between the lines!) to Bea's biscuit break, to Scorpius' tantalising velvet blazer... Ah! It's so delicious!

(Side note: Did you know that your chapters literally give me a sugar high [well... without the sugar]. It makes me completely hyperactive and unresponsive. I'm a complete menace!)

I love how every chapter of yours just reveals something more about each character. It's got phenomenal character development. And the revelations are more subtle, with the slightest of images or bits of dialogue. Like, Fred. You know that he's extra-cautious, but the extent of it (to the point of paranoia) isn't really clear until "A hurricane of venomous toads."

Or, take Albus. (He's so adorable!) You nailed his character down so well with the image of him trying to dress like Fred, but ending up "looking more like a kid in his dad's work clothes." It really provides that little bit of child-looking-up-to-the-grownups kind of atmosphere.

And of course, Rose, who makes a really surprising member of the team! I like that you portrayed her as different to the normal fanfic Rose-archetype. She's really got that hereditary goody-two-shoesness from her mother, countered by the hereditary willingness to fight (and break rules) for what she believes in. It's a nice change to the fiery, passionate Rose.

You have such a quirkiness to your writing (like a little garden gone ready to kick you in the shin in an otherwise perfectly breathtaking stretch of land). It's funny that you should use the word "spunk" to describe Bea, because at the beginning of the chapter, I was using that word to describe your writing.

From the little addition of the image of the awkward chaperoned teens, to the house-elves' dialogue... Everything's just so... spunky.

I loved the chapter! Always will love your writing! Thanks for the awesome read! 10/10 (as always)

Author's Response: Writing that gives sugar highs can't possibly be good for your health 8D but then neither is deep fried ice cream, but who would refuse that?

I've gone back to these older initial chapters sooo many times, just to sneak little things in! You might see me grumble a lot about the first parts of Capers just because I now feel like it doesn't connect as much to the rest, but at the same time, I can't imagine introducing the characters in any other way - happy and derpy and sugar highs all the time 8D

I know you're a Starving Artists fan, so I'll tell you right now that Lucy and Rose are an homage to SA's Lu and Rose combo :D I've always likened Rose as a version of her mother without Harry and Ron to keep her crazy in check.

omg that is a best description of quirky I have ever seen. I would love to be the little garden gnome kicking you in the desert; new life goal.

Bea really is /all/ spunk and sugar -- and that's a powerhouse already! Very much like the heroines of Asian dramas, but I wanted to give it my own spin, turn it into a future problem for her, too (as you've seen in ch 11!).

♥ !

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Review #2, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 (too lazy to login) 

20th August 2012:
Weird. Im wesring my D.A.R.E. shirt right now... Brilliant chapter by the way! Scorpius's nicknames are a hoot and a howl so i hope us readers shall be seeing more soon :)

Author's Response: Aha, I'm half tempted to make a P.A.R.E. one now xD Nicknames are flying, fast and furious! I am quite the punny one~

♥ thank you for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Aderyn 

5th August 2012:
"You said there'd be kittens." I feel like saying this all the time, when someone tells me to come see something cute. Cuteness=kittens, and according to Albus also equals compromise xD

Rose: "This seems complicated." That's a bit rich coming from the girl who memorizes old rule books. Though maybe she can find rule that makes what they're doing okay :P Poor Rose in general. She is a bit neurotic at times, isn't she. It's like she like Hermione, when she was obsessive and before she had a purpose greater than school but also like Ron in social ineptitudes.

House elf speach makes me laugh. "Chick'uns!"? I don't even know how to say that :P And them being mad at Scorpius, it's cute.

Central storage is the coolest concept ever. I've seen random closets in school before and even those are many kinds of awesome.

Scorpius saves the day! Hee, it's cute that at this point, despite all the cupcake making and such, she's still threatening him. Things have (will?) change. I don't even know how to word that. How do you say they have changed in the future, haha? But still, when a guy refers to your friends as "Killjoy, Potterpuff, and Mad-Eye Weasley" you've got to be at least a little mad at him! xD

One last note, all your little pop culture references that you turn into wizard pop culture references are so funny to read :D

Author's Response: my bio says I have a love of banter, puns, and kittens, and they are quite prolific in all of my fics 8D

Rose gets the worst of both worlds, sadly. I don't mean to be terrible to her! Personally, I blame Julia. I stole my Capers Lucy and Rose from her Starving Artists Lucy and Rose. (as a general rule, all Lucys are raving drunks)

chikUNS??? is how I tend to pronounce it in my head 8D

I knowww! All those jars! :3 *Organized* jars. Makes my curious soul go all a flutter.

Let's be real, she never stops threatening him 8D she just means it less as time goes on. kind of. that's really subjective, heh.


bwah, I'm glad you appreciate my wizard pop culture ♥ most of the time I think Im just being lame.

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Review #4, by WhatAboutRegulus 

21st January 2012:
Ugh, Scorpius that 'smarmy' evil little boy. Weaseling his way back in. I hope Bea isn't buying this! One of my favorite parts of Bea's character is that she doesn't let Scorpius win anything. This was a good chapter to set an intense action scene. The whole Rose scene too was funny and Fred and Albus hahahaha!

Does it take you a long time to plot out a story? Because this is a fantastic story and you are doing your idea's much justice.

Whoops 1 AM again. :P Dang it! I really need to stop this habit.

10/10 can't wait to read on!!! Chapter 9 WHoop!!


Author's Response: Bahaha, I love love love how everyone's on Bea's side. Oh, that Smarmy Scorpius, even if he is hot and chiseled. I do love writing stubborn-to-a-fault characters, and I think Bea's got a certain spunk I've never given any other character of mine - much more emotive and volatile.

Plots actually come to me fairly easily compared to the actual writing. I do a lot of winging-as-I-go until I get the characters settled - I like letting my characters guide the story sometimes, and it's changed Capers in lots of ways I never would've imagined.

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Review #5, by hdawg 

7th January 2012:

"Albus had dressed for the occasion by imitating Fred's shirt-and-tie combo, but he ended up looking more like a kid in his dad's work clothes." OH I ADORE HIM. Even if he is a Hufflepuff.

Woahhh, Rose is uptight. Too uptight. But I like her style. Momma Weasley would be proud: "Honest," she repeated, her cheeks now aching. "Because liars go to hell with Voldemort."

"Thinking fast, Fred dove into the pocket of Albus' utility belt for a Ceiling Claw and pressed the button on its side. The claw shot up and hit stone with a clang." Fred is like James Bond. And Albus is like his pathetic girlfriend who inevitably will be killed at the end of the film. BUT DON'T KILL ALBUS. HE'S TOO CUTE AND BURPY.

OHMYGOD BEA LOVES BOURBONS. I LOVE BOURBONS. WE'RE LIKE TWINS. Just sayin'. And haha, Scorpius wears a suit. Just like his father...show off. Woah, Xeeny's a bit rude for a house-elf, "Twat used the wrong kind of eggs!" Xeeny brandished a spoon..." I can't imagine Dobby using that kind of language!

SCORPIUS IS HOLDING HER! HE LOVES HER! HMS SCORBEA 5EVA! But haha, he must have inherited the velvet blazer from his father, the toff.

I will finish this quotation for you: "It was startling how the steely grey of his eyes resisted the warm lighting, and how much that made him the perfect picture of his famed father..." the most beautiful man in the world and winner of Witch Weekly's 'Face-and-torso-combination of the Week' seventy eight weeks running. IT COULD BE TRUE. YOU KNOW IT.

And OH, Scorpius is so sneaky in the little alcove-cum-passageway. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEY ARE GOING. AND WHETHER THEY ARE GOING TO FALL IN LOVE. THEY BETTER.

Author's Response: You should adore him /because/ he's in Hufflepuff :o I treat them so terribly, don't I? Also LOLOL DID YOU JUST CALL ALBUS A BOND GIRL. I mentioned this to Gubby and we started imagining him in all sorts of awful bikini-high-heel related things. To answer your next question, no you don't want to know.


I DO NOT KNOW YOUR BRITISH BISCUITS, I AM AWARE I AM SORELY DEPRIVED~ I asked around and chose random biscuit names.

Gratuitous guy-saving-girl scene, I had to do it. Face and torso lolol I see you cherry picking the best parts.

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Review #6, by forsakenphoenix 

23rd December 2011:
I feel pity for poor Rose. No one likes her. She is kind of scary. I mean.."Because liars go to hell with Voldemort." That's SCARY.

LOL - gastric flamebrosis. Goodness, where do you come up with these words?

OH MY GOD. her knockers? Hahaha. "We're her cousins...and those are definitely...there." WHYY? That is hilarious.


I think I would like to be trapped behind a tapestry with Scorpius. Just saying.

Author's Response: Heee, I LOVE THIS REVIEW JUST FOR THE FACT THAT IT IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE. I have a soft spot for those, because those are the only kind of reviews I give.

I'm fairly sure that in this chapter, I dumped all the things I hadn't been able to use in previous chapters and called it a night ;D

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Review #7, by WitnesstoitAll 

19th December 2011:
Oh chapter eight. Loved it.

Fred with his plans and the precautions and postcautions. Lol. I respect that. No such thing as over planning. And Rose and her therapy session with that boy... gah. I know this is plotty, but really, gina, it's (in my opinion) your characters that sell this. I feel like they could be the people from my highschool or undergrad. Only with magic, at hogwarts... this is spectacular. I know you want me to ship scorbeaus... but I defo ship Fred/Bea... just so you know. I'm a sucker for the whole sort of friends who end up more sort of thing. Love it.


Author's Response: Oh dear, I hope you don't know a Rose (though I do ;D that is where I get my inspiration). And eee ♥ characters are all I know, really. Plot is second fiddle to the antics they get me into sometimes. And oh Mel, I want you to ship whoever you want xD I think Fred and Bea's friendship is/will be the one that overcomes the most conflicts over the course of the fic, and for that, I love them. It's all about the fuzzy friendships!

♥ thank you for the reviewwws :3

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Review #8, by Serendipityyyy 

11th September 2011:
Hmmm, I'm beginning to like Scorpius and not-so-much liking
Fred... I don't know how to feel about that yet. Anyway, I'm excited for the next chapter now!! :D Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Baww, Fred gets more love later. It's hard being the straight-man!

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Review #9, by SnitchSnatcher 

10th September 2011:
The thought of a hurricane of venomous toads is terrifying. I don't blame Fred for wanting to be prepared. Nothing wrong with that. Always expect the unexpected, I say!


Xeeny and Mibben. That's all I'm going to say about THAT.

Scorpius is sexy. Scorpius is hot. Scorpius is Scorpius and I like it...a lot.

Author's Response: Fred's got the boy scout motto in mind 8D


And homg, that was the most fun scene to write in this chapter ♥

I think that summarizes Scorpius quite well ;D

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Review #10, by lizmusic45 

8th September 2011:
You said there'd be kittens. I want kittens. Moving on, but I want kittens. She said there be kittens.
Moving on.

"Sooo... those arm muscles are so... muscley!" Judging from the high pitch, that was Rose.

ME, THIS GIRL IS ME. I probably wouldn't feel some guys musculus...unless they were Daniel Radcliffe. Then pass me those arms!

I normally have a thing for blondes *cough* shirtless Scorpius *cough*

Another great chapter. I'm glad we had a little break from the conflicts, but even we have those chapters it's still funny. :)


Author's Response: Now you're making me conscious of the lack of kittens in this fic D:

Bahaha, well, Rose is doing them for the good of the team! So it's her job to feel up muscles.

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Review #11, by silverstarletworld89 

5th September 2011:
"Because liars go to hell with Voldemort." - I have to say that this is the best line ever. Ha Ha lol.

I love how you have set Rose up in this, she is soo funny. The whole thing of her trying to distract Orion had me in stiches. Especially when he asked about helping him up, and she was like not just yet LOLOLOLOL!!!

Glad Fred and Bea managed to sort things out kind of and LOL about having a buiscuit break in the middle. How on earth did she manage to sniff those bad boys out lol, she must have one amazing nose..

Aww Scorpo, her Knight in Shining armour lol. And as if he was wearing velvet! And Oo..o I wonder where he is taking her?!?! If it has anything to do with cupcakes and Scorpius shirtless then I am all for it :D


Author's Response: Rose is a silly goose, but that's her, er, charm! I suppose.

Bea has evolved to be biscuit-efficient. Runs on biscuits, nose primed for biscuits, biscuits for everything!

Knight in velvet armor ;D WELL, IT ALMOST HAS ONE OF THOSE THINGS. I suppose you'll see soon!

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Review #12, by peppersweet 

1st September 2011:
i did have a lot to say about this chapter but the internet nommed it. BUT I STILL SHIP SCORPIUS/BEA LIKE WOAH. AND ALBUS. OMG. HE'S JUST LIKE...A HUMAN RAINBOW. I WILL PAT HIM ON THE HEAD AGAIN *patpatpat*

/strange and short reviews AND ONTO THE SOCREMLINS


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Review #13, by Blue Biro 

15th August 2011:
wow, another amazing chapter! pffft, please! Scorp's gotta have some hidden motive!!! cant wait to read on! you rock! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :D Scorpius is... well he's got to have something. I sure hope so, as the author. -squints at him-

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Review #14, by TweetyByrd 

15th August 2011:
I daresay that Scorpius Malfoy irks me.

Author's Response: A smarmy one he is~ -puts on monocle-

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Review #15, by :) 

10th August 2011:
this is great! i love everything in your story :) Your characters are great,the story is funny and you always have amazing comparisons in the story like: they danced around issues more awkwardly than chaperoned teens at a dance! Please please keep writing :D

10/10 ofcourse!

Author's Response: Thanks! Hehe metaphors and puns are my standbys~ reliable like biscuits.

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Review #16, by DailyProphetPhotographer 

31st July 2011:
You. Are. A. Genius.

'Nough said. I would say more, but I can not describe how amazingly funny and awesome this is.

Can't wait for the next update :)

-Monica :)

Author's Response: Aw thanks! :)

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Review #17, by faerieall 

31st July 2011:
Omg, you got me from the first chapter! I love this. I figured reviewing all 8 chapters would be a tad excessive as they'd all probably be as flaily as this one.

I love Bea and Fred's dynamic. I totally ship them. And Bea is the most adorable... ever because she's such a unique protagonist. She reminds me of Luna, in a few ways and she's so strong-willed. She's totally a Taurus! Btw, her affinity for sweets is completely understandable. And she has some great one-liners, such as: "Opportunity hotcakes with extra syrup! Taste delicious until you start choking on the lies and get backstabbed by a butter knife!" Hilaaarious.

Also, Vixen McSexylegs is all I aspire to be. Homegirl is FIERCE and plays a good hustle. AND WHEN SHE WAS FLIRTING IT UP WITH FRED IN CHAPTER 6. I ALMOST CRAPPED MYSELF. I'M SHIPPING IT. ALONG WITH BEA/FRED. JUST SLIGHTLY. AT THE SAME TIME. I can do that, right? Maybe I just really love Fred.

Albus the Hufflepuff. I love it. but is he gay? I feel like he's gay. Either way, I love Albus. He is the most adorable (after Bea). Lucy and Rose are equally hilarious. Especially Lucy's one bit: "Louis is an artiste, which is French for deranged. He stalks people and takes their photos."

This is basically irrelevant, but I love how diverse this story is in term of races of the characters. It makes me happy :3 I love this fic. Possibly the most inventive I've seen in 4 years of fanfic. I'll be waiting for an update patiently!


Author's Response: HIII NISHA ♥

Baww you do? Fred doesn't get as much love 'round these parts, this warms my heart. I shall remain mum on the Bea/Fred, although I've probably put my opinion around review responses before lolol. I've seen the comparisons with Bea and Luna before, although I think they are definitely wise in very different ways xD I ALSO KEPT THAT LINE IN, EVEN THOUGHT IT IS NOT BRITISH.

HOMG YAY. SHE GETS TO BE LIKE, SUPER FIERCE IN THE NEXT CHAPTER. SHIP THEM, SHIP THEM. You can really ship anyone with anyone. That is the goal.

He isn't gay, unfortunately for your radar, but he is kind of asexual for the mo, I suppose. He's like a corgi. You just want to pet him.

I never meant to intentionally make a diverse cast, but I totally laughed when I saw how diverse it really is! YOU MAKE ME HAPPY :3 YOU AND YOUR KIND WORDS OF KINDNESS

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Review #18, by Loony_Scorpy 

21st July 2011:
Woo I finally read this!! And it is flipping amazing!! I love it :D haha Al is so cute :P I must say, I quite like Scorpius ;P I'm paddling for a Bea/Scorp ship already :D I have to admit that for some reason I'm not liking Fred that much :/ I don't know why :o it isn't that I dislike him, but maybe I'm just used to a very joking sort of Fred :o eeh don't feel bad or anything! He is still a great character and is a majorly good part of the story! are we going to see James in this story? I think it would be cool to see him interact with Bea and Fred, especially Fred actually! I love Bea as well and her sugar/snack addiction! She makes me laugh :D ooh and Rose's flirting; major lol!! Haha I love this story veryy much now :D I'm glad you recommended it ;D

Author's Response: There you are again! :D Hehe, I must admit I'm a little excited at the growing number of shippers. Bah, I'm worried about Fred still. He's in a tough spot with readers because he's the sensible one. It's tough being the straight man of a group of nutters. He does have a joking side that James brings out, and i really can't wait for James to show up -- he will!

Thank you so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #19, by foundriapenguin 

18th July 2011:

yes, i am still around, m'dear! heh, camp has been taking up so much of my life right now that i barely have time to read fanfic :( but imagine my lovely surprise when i came on the archive and saw your newly updated WIP! YAYYY!

THE FIRST CAPER 8D How exciting. haha I laughed and giggled so much at Rose's attempts at seduction ! Your chapters never fail to entertain me, Gina. And ooh, Scorpius Malfoy swoops in to save the day! Are you hinting at Bea/Scorpius here? D: YOU KNOW I DON'T APPROVE. Anjubbius forever, okay?

Get that next chapter up soon if you can ♥ I will be watching out for it!


Author's Response: JORDANNN~ (did you know Play is up too? A few people were like WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME?)


OH JORDAN, THERE ARE MANY SHIPS. LET THEM RUN THEIR COURSE. Anjubbius will also have their own day. OH GOD IT'S GOING TO BE SO LONG -returns to corner and cries-

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Review #20, by thegirllikeme 

16th July 2011:
So I read this on my phone while waiting in line for the final Harry Potter film, so I'm coming back to leave a review. Now, I have to try to recall all the thoughts I had while reading this chapter which is probably as difficult as Bea resisting a cupcake.

Look, I used Bea in a simile. How cute.

I like how Bea and Fred are just back to being friends, as though it was never a big deal. That's really true in a lot of friendships. I've had friends that I can be mad at and then eventually, you just forget why you were mad in the first place.

I also absolutely LOVED Rose in this. The scene with Edgar was hilarious -- and so was the comment about her boobs. "It's because she has big knockers isn't it?" "Yep." "Pretty much." LOL Hilarious. And P.A.R.E. I loved it because of the pun (and because I can actually see people abusing potions, haha).

Also, on the note of character development, I adored Fred and his planning. It showed how he truly was the son of George Weasley. He took mischief VERY serious, and I got to see a side of Fred I had only hoped was there: his George-genes, I should say.

Ooohh, and more Scorpius/Bea. You promised there would be romance in this story and I have to admit, I am totally anxious to see where you will go with this. I'm constantly debating who and what will happen in the romance field. Will it be Scorpius/Bea as it seems to be going? Or will there be Fred/Bea -- or are they really, truly just friends? Hm...I really have no idea, which is great, because I wouldn't want to read a predictable story. Still, I'm eager to see what happens there.

Anyways, I guess this isn't much of a review, but I'm loving it as always. You're really the only story I constantly check for an update. But don't feel pressure. Quality writing takes time, I understand. Just take your time and keep being your brilliant self.

Until next chapter.

Author's Response: Heee Bea in a simile. Bea is more often used in a pun; she enjoys the novelty.

I was a bit worried it might seem like I glossed over the conflict at first, but that's exactly it! They've been friends for too long for their friendship to just roll over and die. Their problems are still there, and it's going to keep showing up, but that's for another day.

And I was really excited about writing this chapter because I got to show these sides of the characters :D in their adventure mode! (Rose is always a nut; she doesn't have a mode).

Hee, the romance here is more like the romance you'd see in one of those procedural TV shows, like Castle or Bones. It's not addressed much, but the chemistry's there and it doesn't work if it isn't. I don't really intended the ships to be a surprise (although when I began, I was like: ALL OUT SHIPPING WAR), but I never know I guess! xD

Eep! Your review is one I look for every time~ Thank you so much ^__^ ♥

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Review #21, by ohsayitaintsox3 

15th July 2011:
I like your subtle reference to Julia Child with Julia Cauldron. I never notice those little bits so realizing that made me happy haha (:

I'm happy that Fred and Bea made up and are back to being partners in crime again (: Plus, though Albus and Rose are dysfunctional in their own way, I think they make pretty good (or at least amusing) additions to the group.

And I died a little when Bea was in the kitchen and the house elf lied to her and she was sad/angry at the thought of Scorpius lying about the baking and then was happy again when said lie was disputed heh. I think the whole Bea/Scorpius thing just makes me happy :D

Another awesome chapter! (:

Author's Response: Oh yay! You got it :D Haha, I always stick in the randomest references.

Partners in explosions~ Albus and Rose bring on the fun. And by fun, I mean trouble. But that's the fun part! :D

Don't be fooled; Bea's totally happy only because she has a great mental image of Scorpius in an apron. I mean, it's Scorpius! In an apron! Gold, right there. I don't blame her.

:D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by choufleur 

14th July 2011:
"chick'uns"...bahahaha this makes me think of the narrator from UK Big Brother. It made me laugh.
But so did a lot of the chapter! I love the insanity of it all.
But mostly this review was to get my laugh about "chick'uns" out of my system.
so thanks!

Author's Response: Ooh I don't know what that narrator sounds like, but yay! I imagine Xeeny with his one huge eye squinting, going chickUNNNS! And then bopping you on the head :D Let's see that narrator do -that!-

♥ thank you for the review!

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Review #23, by Aiedail 

13th July 2011:
OH MAH GOD when i saw that the summary was 'the first caper' i nearly exploded with anticipation--

i love that bea plans out the satisfaction it would bring her to shout J'accuse!. there's something distinctly gina about it :P

and baw you've hit the 5000 mark ...it's hard to go back to the old ways when you realize that a chapter can get away being that long. i'm glad you've broken it up though, it's good for me to feel like chapters shorter than...7000 -cough- are sufficient.

this was very entertaining. i can't say all of what i'd like to about it because i ate two veggie hotdogs for dinner and they're making me sick and sleepy but i am so happy that there's been an update and i can't wait for the next one! :)

Author's Response: LILAYYY.

Distinctly Gina? Surely it isn't because you can totally picture me doing it too? ;D

I've hit it twice now ;_; Well, only because of the author note. But it was like 4950 anyway, so -pout- LILY NOT EVERYONE CAN SMASH THE KEYBOARD AND POP OUT 15000 WORDS A MINUTE.

ew veggie hot dogs. I don't even like regular hot dogs! Why would you do that to yourself? D:

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Review #24, by thelandbeforecookies 

13th July 2011:
You totally killed my dream. Stabbed that tiny, miniscule chance of MAD-EYE WEASLEY + SMARMY GIT = ♥ 4EVAAA. -pouts-

BUT (and this is a very important JGL kind of BUT) I am all for Beatrice and Scorpius- Beatpius? Beapius? Scorice? (FOOD REFERENCE! 8D) Smarmy git & inventor? Food girl & rich guy? -ponders- I'm working on it ;)

I feel like Bea should just carry around a frying pan as a weapon (Freddie: A frying pen is not really a weapon, Be -THUNK-) OOH, and Freddie can be the horse, Max! All stern and -horse glarey- and I wonder if you can bribe him with apples, too?


P.S. I feel happily evil because there is 222 reviews and this is the 223nd review. Don't judge. xD


It's actually Scorbeaus. Gubby thought of that one. Yes, I do have a legion of people thinking up ship names for me ;D

OMG IT MUST HAPPEN. Also, this is the SECOND Fred = Max review, believe it or not. YES FRED APPARENTLY = MAX TO SOMEONE ELSE TOO. Frying pans are definitely lacking in this fic. I should fix that.


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13th July 2011:
One thing I really love about this story is its characters! I love them all, but my favorite have to be Bea

Author's Response: Oh hello, DON'T BE LATE WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER... I NEED THE NEXT CHAPT. :D I'll try not to be! Glad you like it so far ^__^

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