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Review #1, by rose4ever 

9th July 2012:
First of all, the chapter image, Albus looks totally hot, so thumbs up to Tina! Scorpius is cute 2..
I knew the minute Cassie asked if they wanted to know the pygmy puffs' name, that one of them would be a Pippa junior( well okay i didn't).
I also spotted something you wrote that was incorrectly used. When Pippa humored Scorpius about the possibility that aliens exist , you typed 'you or I'. It should be 'me or you'.
okay, now finally,we get to the more important things. It was a cool chapter, needless to say I liked it. I love that albus is more in the story now and I can kind of relate to Pippa's heartbreak over a certain "him". Come on, I am dying of curiosity of who this mystery man is! Or is there a possibility that you have mentioned his name already and I missed it? I would feel like an idiot if that was the case.
My next question: what on earth happened to Cassie? did someone attack her? Did her Pygmy Puffs turn into 6-foot tall, teeth-bearing, overly-fluffy monsters that will eat everyone that is friends with Pippa? Or worse (GASP), will Cassie die?!
so many questions> Hopefully they will be answered.


Author's Response: Hey. Thanks, I adore chapter images, the people at the dark arts make such beautiful stuff. Haha, PJ and Uggers! And thanks, I'll change that as soon as possible :) Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked that. And no, his name has never been mentioned as Pippa has put a mental block on his name and until that comes undone, the name shall not be revealed. mwhaha! Haha, don't worry, your question shall be answered in the next chapter about what happened with Cassie :) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #2, by AC_rules 

6th April 2012:
Hey there Keely! I'm pretty sure you saw on formspring that I'm reading and reviewing a fanfic in it's entirely every day of my holidays, and you scraped in the first slot easily because I've been wanting to read the rest of this for ages and here I am! I really hope I manage to get it all read and reviewed today, ahha :)

So Scorpius's girlfriend is really nice and lovely and they seem like such a lovely couple and, n'awhh, I love it. Although of course Scorp couldn't date anyone but a Hufflepuff. Standard.

Can I ship Fred/Cassie pleeassummms? I liked them together, they're cutsies. And Cassie and her new pets, ahhha. Cute.

Anyway, this was another lovely chapter!


Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad that you've decided to check out my story and I hope you like it. Harper is a fun character to write, she's so right for Scorpius, she likes his sweetness and slightly mother hens him, which he needs. Hufflepuffs are the best. And yes, of course you can, Fred and Cassie would be interested. And PJ and Uggers! So cute! Thanks so much! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

24th March 2012:
Dun, dun, dun!

Oh, no, what has happened to Cassie??? I really hope it's nothing bad. That would be sad. :(

And I'm sorry, but if Albus had said something like that to me about a boyfriend, despite knowing that it was hard to talk about, I would have slapped him! I have so much respect for Pippa right now. And he had no right to get mad when she said about neon loving him because he just deserved it... And I'm gonna stop before I go on an Albus rant.

Bad Albus! *cough*

This was such an amazing chapter. I wanted to laugh at Scorpius and the aliens, cry when Albus was mean and when Fred came in. And I really like Harper.



Author's Response: OH CASSIE. You'll find out what happened to her in the next chapter.

I know, Albus knew that was a low blow, but whatever Pippa says, it still annoys him, even though he knows he deserves it. Albus is very bad!

I'm so glad you liked the chapter though, haha, Scorpius believes in aliens! I'm also glad you like Harper too :) It was quite an journey of a chapter, but I find most of the chapters are like that.

Thanks so much for the review! I hope you have a wonderful day! xx

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Review #4, by CambAngst 

28th February 2012:
I have to say that I'm getting really hooked on this story. I think I finally have my head completely around Pippa and you've really hit your stride with your writing. Everything reads smoothly and the characters all feel very natural at this point, if maybe a tad bit exaggerated.

The visit to WWW was wonderful. I would have enjoyed getting a little flash of George in there, but I understand why you might not have wanted to go there. I loved how the environment of the store went against nearly all of Pippa's little OCD tendencies. It's about as far from her comfort zone as you can get without Al in the room. Fred is definitely growing on her. She lets him ruffle her hair without cringing. That's a pretty big step for her.

Then she meets Scorpius and his new girlfriend. I thought her reaction sounded just about right. She's determined that Harper is basically harmless and no threat to this need that she can't admit that she has to look after her relatives.

And then Albus arrives. You just nailed their dialog in this chapter. He is a master at pushing her buttons, but it's also apparent as a reader that his intentions towards her aren't as malevolent as she wants to believe they are. I think he fancies her a great deal, but like most teenage boys he doesn't have the emotional vocabulary to let her know it, so he just torments her. And she'll never admit it, but she craves that kind of attention.

Lastly, something has happened to poor Cassie. You sure know how to rope me in for another chapter!

Author's Response: Heya :) Thank you :) It takes a bit of time to warm up to her, but I'm glad you have. And yes, I can see why you would think that.

Thank you :) I'm glad you thought that. Yes. George will actually feature later on in the story, but for this chapter, he didn't need to be in there, if that makes any sense. Yes! It was her own personal hell. Yes! She is starting to like Fred without her even really noticing.

Thank you :) Yes. She can't admit she cares, but she still has to check out Harper. So she does care really but can't admit it.

Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing them in this chapter! Yes. He just understands what will make her mad. You don't know with Al. There is a chapter of this part in Al's view, in the companion story to The Human Factor. I really like hearing your theories on what is happening in the chapter, it's so interesting!

Aw! Thanks! I'm glad you're liking the story so far! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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Review #5, by accioHPFF 

17th February 2012:
I read this earlier, but due to several distractions, have only got around to reviewing now. Sorry about that. :P

Firstly, I have to say something, even though you probably won't like it. I kind of want this to turn out Fred/Pippa, because they just seem to work. It's so hard to explain, but as I've read this, it's something that's been in the back of my mind. So, yeah. :P

Cassy and Pippa have such a great friendship. I love how she named one of her Pygmy Puffs PJ, because that just made me laugh so much. Her and Pippa have such a great relationship, it's just great to read. Although I am worried about the next chapter, I'll be honest. :P

Albus made a snipe that was really an underhand remark. I think it was really weird to see such a contrast, from a time when they were almost civil (I know, crazy! :P) to hating each other, all due to one comment. Although it was fantastic, so I can't say anything bad there. That part was really interesting! :)

I seem to focus on characters so much, but you write everyone's character so well!

Author's Response: Heya :) Haha, don't worry about it, it's fine.

Actually, a lot of people have said that :P Fred is just awesome. And he's a decent person unlike Albus. He'd be good for Pippa actually but :P

I'm glad you think so :) Haha! That was such fun to write! I just love writing them together! So they'll be a lot of scenes of them together in the future.

Yes! He does. Always. Haha, yes, they were actually trying because of Scorpius and not to frighten Scorpius. But yes, it can all change because of one remark. And I'm glad you found in interesting :)

Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you like the characters so much and it's always interesting to hear what people have to say about them :) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day!


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Review #6, by Secret Santa *hands you a candy cane* 

30th December 2011:
"This one is Uggers because he isn't the prettiest thing but calling him ugly is too harsh." She snuggled Uggers and I shook my head. "And this one." She snuggled the pink one. "Is Pippa Junior or PJ for short because it just reminds me of you."

Oh Cassie is quite the character. I think she's good for Pippa. It's nice to see that Pippa does care for others, she shows it in fleeting moments but you can tell that Cassie really is her world, she's her best friend and that's always a great thing to have.

The conversation between Albus and Pippa was interesting. I was really shocked at the way they were speaking because at first I thought they might actually be civil towards one another but the boyfriend aspect always puts Pippa on edge and it really digs her into the dark hole she's already in. I think both of their fighting is a cry of attention. They both want and need something. What? I don't know. They have so many faults and so many sides I just don't really know who they are. You have molded them so imperfectlythat if they were ever perfect I think my head would implode.

I'm still not sure about Albus. We see everything through Pippa's eyes so I wonder what's going through his head and how does he see the events that have unfolded.

- Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: I do adore writing Cassie. She is good for Pippa and as much as Pippa would hate to admit it, she couldn't cope without Cassie. And yes, she just hates to admit it, but it's there. It's always there.

Thanks! I'm glad you found it interesting! Haha, yes, they tried to be civil for Scorpius sake, but couldn't manage it. Yes! It really does. It reminds her off all the things she doesn't want to feel. I don't think they know either but they're both craving something they don't have. haha, yeah, that would be a weird world :)

I know. But his mind is just as dark as Pippa's can be sometimes. Both of their heads are confusing places.

Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

11th December 2011:
Oh no! Did the Puffies try to kill Cassie? I think I'll fall out of my chair, literally and laugh for a few hours if that happens. I find a few parallels to FRIENDS in this chapter which is awesome because it's one of my favorite shows (even though it has been cancelled sadly for a few years). I really can't stand Albus, he's not on my list of 'People I Like in the Human Factor.'

Author's Response: Haha, that you will find out for the next chapter ;) But Uggers and PJ are cool. Haha, Friends is one of my inspirations :) It's one of my favourite show ever, I'm still watching season eight right now! I have them all on dvd. Haha, one day you'll understand Albus. Once his story comes to light. But that won't be a while :P Thanks so much for the review, it means a lot to me! I hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

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Review #8, by ariellem 

8th September 2011:
This is going to sound very weird.I'm shipping Pippa/Fred, he's so nice to her and they have great chemistry. :)

I'm a strange, strange person :)

Scorpius= love, I loved that alien bit. And his girlfriend seems so nice! Perfect match!

Uggers and PJ, that is so cute! So was the pygmy puff lady bit.

Also that was a great ending, if I had had to wait for you to update I probably would have gone mad. :)

Author's Response: Hii! Haha! Actually, a lot of people like Fred/Pippa! He is very nice to her and they do have chemistry I admit :) Haha! I'm so glad you liked Scorpius again!f Harper is perfect Scorpius. Who knows if they'll stay together though. Haha! I loved writing that part! Thanks! I'm so glad you liked the cliffhanger! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you like the rest of the chapters! Have a great day!


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Review #9, by Blue Biro 

12th August 2011:
oh no! whats happened to Cassie!?! must.read.on! what a cliffy! loved the chapter! poor Pippa though, surely Al knew what bringing 'him' up would do?
you rock! (as always) :)

Author's Response: Ahh! Cassie! You'll find out in the next chapter! I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, it was one of my favourite to write. Maybe. But he sort of forgot. It was just a innocent remark, he forgot how vulnerable Pippa becomes whenever him is mentioned. Thank you so much for the review again. It means a lot to me! xxx

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Review #10, by Akussa 

31st July 2011:
Oh, what a way to end your chapter! You have no idea how glad I am that the nex one is up!!

Once again, brilliant chapter, I just love Pippa. You really created an orginal and strangely engaging character! I like the idea of Scorpius having a girlfriend that is not Rose Weasley; he could end up with her eventually but I like that he has other interests and isn't obsessed by her like we see so much of the time.

There is a part that was confusing to me though and I'd like to point it out to you. It could only be me but I had troubles reading and understanding this phrase :

"She gets this passive nice, albeit a little fake, Albus and I get the angry one that doesn’t stop spewing venom at me."

The rythm is confusing and I had to read it a couple times to understand what you meant so maybe you could look it over?

Other than that, this was such a great chapter and now, I can't wait to read the next one!!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it. I'm so happy you like Pippa, I've grown rather fond of her myself. Thanks! Scorpius hates Rose, so I don't see it happening between them, but who knows. Haha. Yes. Scorpius is his own person :) Plus Rose isn't a nice person and Harper is, which is what attracts him so much.

That is a confusing part. Thank you for pointing that out to me, I've changed the way it's structured so hopefully that helps :) Thanks so much for all your help & I hope you enjoy the next chapter.

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Review #11, by BrightStar 

27th July 2011:
*hangs head in shame*. It has been too long since i visited pippa... but i love this story now, even more than i did before! maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder, maybe its just gotten better, i dont know!

I found it jarring at times, in other chapters, when pippa would switch to being all crazy weird to crazy sad - but then, maybe thats how she is. I really enjoyed getting to know pippa more - and i want to know more about emille and HIM!

Albus potter is ridiculously hot. and i love the little pureblood spat they had - i think albus would have a bit of prejudice against slytherins.

i really liked the pippa/fred thing a while back, i thought maybe theyd get together, but you never know. anyway, what im really after is pippa/al - but itll be a long time before that happens, id say!

and cassie - cassie reminds me so much of my bff at times - the naming children thing is one! i really hope shes going to be ok, i half whimpered when fred said she was hurt.

ok, i know i dont deserve to beg.. but PLEASE update soon! its so funny, and at other times quite touching... and i want cassie to be ok! (also, could you insert a little plot twist where al marries me? kthanksbai!)

- b xx

Author's Response: Hi lovely! That's such a nice thing to say, I totally understand, life gets busy and stuff, but I'm just so thankful you've picked it back up.

That is how it is. I mean, I think a lot of people are like that. A lot of emotions in one day. I'm so glad you're enjoying getting to know Pippa. Hehe, one day, the explanation will come :)

Albus is smoking ;) Yes, even though he's one himself. He also hates how they get treated though because he cares for Scorpius, who gets treated like crap because of who is father was.

Thanks! Pippa and Fred, I felt the pull, haha. You're right, they have to go through some serious changes before they can be in a functioning happy relationship together.

I'm so glad you like Cassie, I adore writing her. To have a friend like Cassie would be awesome.

I'm always going to update soon, I enjoy writing the story so much. Hmmm, I'll see if I can fit in that plot twist okay ;)

Thanks so much for the review, it's made my day. xxx

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Review #12, by Laura-Elle 

18th July 2011:
Hi! I've been reading this story for a while (I haven't posted a comment before,so that's why you haven't heard from me.Also,I just figured out people could do that.I thought it was an author-only thing.)and I have to say,I think you got Scorpius's girlfriend spot-on. Really, you did. I have a cousin who's a bit like Scorpius (I know I should stop comparing my relatives to fictional characters) and that's the kind of girl he'd go out with. On a different (and angeier) note, what's with the cliffhanger? I understand why people use them, but they drive me insane. If it wasn't for the teaser-paragraph (that's what I call those little bits at the end), I would probably think you killed her off or something.But the chapter was kind of long, so it's understanable. Anyway, update soon!

Author's Response: Hello! I hope you are having a good day. Thanks so much for leaving me a review, it's cheered me up and inspired me. Some authors have anonymous reviews turned off, which means you'd need to be an author but I don't :) Really? I was worried about Harper but I'm so glad you like her. Haha, you know a real life Scorpius? He must be a laugh. I thought it was a good place to leave it. Haha! I love my teasers :) Hopefully the update will come this week, as I'm just waiting on my beta :) Thanks so much for being so nice, it means a lot to me.


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Review #13, by alicia and anne 

14th July 2011:
So sweet that you've dedicated this to Liza.

Speaking of Pygmy puffs in your story, I wonder what happened to Ginny's in the books? Strange. Anyways I totally want one myself, no idea what I would call him/her? something fuzzy related.
Both Albus and Pippa are childish, I can see this trip being a disaster.
I think Pippa would make a great dark lord/lady, maybe Albus will give her a run for her money?
Lily managed to get Emmett to quit the team! I'm impressed.
Why would he call an alien Chalky? but should I really question anythign Scorpius does?
How will Garlic protect Scorpius from satan? does he think satan is a vampire? haha I love him! I think he's my favourite character
:-O What's happened to Cassie? was it Pygmy related? Can't believe you left this on a cliffhanger :-p Totally love it!!!
Fantastic chapter! I love Albus and Pippa.

Author's Response: It seemed fitting :)

I don't know, I had to research the things and there is not a lot of information on them. So maybe it died eventually from old age. Haha, I want one too, even though they do look a bit evil.

Yes, indeed they are. Haha, it was ;D

Haha, yes, they would be awesome ruling the world together, providing they could agree on something.

So am I! Clever Lily.

Nope. Scorpius is just in his own world. I don't think he can explain how his brain works.

He's just stupid. He gets mixed up. Haha, I'm so glad you're liking Scorpius.

Haha! I just had to leave one! You'll find out what happened in the next chapter which should be out soon. Thanks so much for your kind words, it's made my day! I'm so glad you're liking the story so far.


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Review #14, by MyMyMiss 

10th July 2011:
Previously on the Human Factor, MyMyMiss, got impatience for about waiting for ahcpater eight and then when it finally arrived she fell off her chair for the sarcasm and Albus saying “Scorpius.” Albus started as soon as he could stop himself from laughing. “That wasn’t real. It was a TV series called Roswell. Aliens don’t exist.”

I just found it highly ammusing >.<
More please :D

♥ x

Author's Response: This review made me giggle. I'm glad you liked that part :) I thought it was something that Scorpius would believe in. Chapter nine is with the beta and I've already started on chapter ten. Thanks so much for the review, it's made my day.

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Review #15, by Woodrow Rynne 

8th July 2011:

This chapter was just brilliant! Seriously, reading this made my day! :)

I couldn't stop laughing at Scor's remarks. He's so innocent that it's funny.

"Roxy was Fred's younger sister. She was a first year and she just might be the grumpiest thing ever to come into existence. She just sits there scowling at everything and complains about every tiny thing. I quite like her."

The last line was fab. Hehe :P

I loved how you described Pippa's jealousy of Fred's family. She's turning out to be a very real and deep character. Albus, on the other hand, is leaving me more intrigued than ever. You *have* to tell us what happened to him soon. Pwetty Please? :)

What happened to Cassie, though? Is it something to do with the mysterious note? OooOhh.

I cannot say how much I love your writing. You are one of the best fanfiction authors I've read about.

Thank you for this amazing fic! :)

Author's Response: Heya lovely! I hope you're okay. I'm so glad that you liked this chapter, it was hard to write at times because it took me ages to write and I felt like I was writing it for ages. Haha! That makes me happy. I'm so glad you liked Scorpius remarks, he's such a joy to write!

Thanks! I thought I'd make Roxie different to Fred and grumpy was the way to go. Grumpy people are people that Pippa likes! Haha.

Thanks! I thought it made sense because Fred and his family are just so casual with each other, even in public. Thanks! I'm glad you're thinking that she's getting deeper. Haha. I have a another story called 'To Be Human' which shows two scenes from Albus' POV. It's just going to be parts of the story through peoples eyes.

You'll find out in the next chapter ;)

You're so kind! That's seriously has made my day! It means a lot to me that you'd think/say that!

Thank you so much for the nice review, it means a lot to me!


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Review #16, by Lillylover22 

5th July 2011:
on no cassie!! you have to update. what happened to her? OH GOSH!!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Poor Cassie :( I'm working on the next chapter right now. You'll find out in the next chapter! Thanks so much for the review & have a great day!

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Review #17, by Ronsgirl29 

4th July 2011:
Great chapter, per usual :) You're driving me nuts with all your hints to Pippa's old boyfriend though. I want to know who he is/what's his deal so bad! :P

The meeting with Scorpius' girlfriend was funny, they seem like a good match. Scorp might actually be one of my favorite characters because he's just so nice and goofy. Love him!

Can't wait until next chapter to see what has happened to cassie.


Author's Response: Hi lovely! I hope you're having a good day. Thanks! You're so sweet considering what a good writer you are . Haha. You won't find out for a while yet. Mwhaha. Pippa just isn't ready to reveal his name yet. Glad it's driving you crazy :P I almost want to tell you but I must restrain myself.

Thanks! I'm glad you find it funny. Yep, they're a good match ;) For now. But they'll be twists and turns. I love writing Scorpius. It's just pure sunshine. He just believes in everything. I'm glad you like him.

Thanks! I'm writing it now. Thanks so much for the nice review, it's made my day :)


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Review #18, by MissThomas 

2nd July 2011:
Albus is back! But he hasn't cracked yet. Its kind of frustrating, but fasinating to me. I love it.
Oh gosh! Whats happened to Cassie?! I didn't see that coming, I actually gasped. I can't wait to find out whats happened.
So, now I'm going to talk about the other chapters I've re-read. Pippa has such an intresting past, and hopefully we'll get to go into that soon. I'd love to learn more about whats happened between her and -him- and her and Emilie. Why they fell out, and why they're so different now.
Hopefully once we know more about Pippa, we'll get to Albus, because they're both being unravled at the same pace, Pippa a bit more than Al.
Also, Pippa pushes people away. She did with Fred and she is with Scorpius, even though she does care for him, deep down. The only person she does really care for is Cassie, obviously.
Also Damien, as saw in the last chapter, but less now than when they were younger.
Update soon, this story has become my obsession < 3

Author's Response: Albus is back in his glory ;) And he features in the next couple of chapters too. Yep. He hasn't cracked yet. It's far too early :P Haha. But slowly, he will. Haha, I'm glad you find it fascinating though ;D

You'll find out in the next chapter :) I'm glad you didn't see it coming. It causes Pippa to show something different to her personality.

Thanks! I'm so glad you're liking her past. In the first chapter, she didn't have one cause I just rolled with an idea and now I'm just building up on that. We'll learn all about Pippa's past in future chapters, as soon as she can bring herself to confront it. I have it all planned out.

Exactly. They're difficult characters who have issues so they're not coming undone straight away but one little bit each time. It's really fun to write.

Yes she does. It's one of her main problems. She realizes it but it isn't bothered with it. She is starting to care for Scorpius a lot. It's the reason she went to the date. But she doesn't know how to deal with it. So she's struggling but Scorpius is just so damn lovable. She won't admit it for a while. Yes. Cassie is the one person she shows some affection to. Cassie getting hurt really effects her as you'll see in the next chapter.

Yes, with Damien, they've got problems because he's so wrapped in himself. I have a lot of plans for their relationship and it's going to be tested.

Thanks! I've already started writing chapter nine :) Thank you so much for the nice review, it's made my day.


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Review #19, by busybusybeta 

2nd July 2011:
man, that scene with albus was INTENSE. and i'm right along with pippa, disbelieving that lily actually came through with emmett. *impressed*
i cannot tell you HOW HARD i laughed when pippa explained about the time scorpius thought she was satan. i especially loved the holy water bit. i adore scorpius. he REALLY believes in aliens, doesn't he? XD
fantastic chapter! i'm glad you updated. I was starting to get lonely without pippa's anger and cynicism. =D i laughed when she over-thought the whole to-pet-or-not-to-pet-scorpius'-head conundrum. Hahaha
i can't wait to see how her plan works out!

Author's Response: Hi lovely. I hope you're okay. Haha. Yes, it was quite intense at times wasn't it? Pippa and Albus bring out the worst in each other. I know, Lily worked her magic ;)

Haha! I'm glad you thought that was funny. I had a lot of fun writing it. Yep! Scorpius believes in aliens! He's weird like that.

Thanks! I'm so glad you thought so. Haha, yes, this chapter was hard to write at times so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Exactly, a nice day with Pippa's attitude. Haha, she's struggling. She's starting to care about Scorpius and she doesn't know what to make of it.

Thank you so much for the nice review, it means a lot to me.


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Review #20, by Emandem 

2nd July 2011:
I bet Cassie was attacked by Uggers and PJ. Pippa told her so.

Harper seems very sweet. For some reason, though, I suspect that she will break Scorpius' heart, probably just because Pippa assumed she wouldn't. And Albus made an appearance! Finally!

I forget about Pippa's plan sometimes. How Lily managed to follow through makes me curious. How Albus will react when he finds out makes me want to return Pippa to the aliens so she won't suffer and then run for cover somewhere far, far away.

Author's Response: Hi!

Maybe ;) Maybe not. Haha, that would be a funny sight and Pippa would be right then Cassie would be sorry. Haha.

Harper is sweet but who knows? ;) Pippa did say her people understanding skills were getting rusty. But we'll just have to see how that plays out. Yes! A whole lot of Albus was in this chapter & he's in the next one as well a lot.

Haha! So do I, because in my head, it's one of the plot points, it's not the main one. Lily and Pippa will be having a talk in future chapter :) Yep. Albus will be mad won't he ;) The boy does have a nasty temper. She'll need cover!

Thanks so much for the nice review! It's made my day.


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Review #21, by Loony_Scorpy 

2nd July 2011:
Woahh! Intense chappie! I love the Pygmy puff scene, it was so funny, Cassie is a funny one :P Al can be so mean sometimes *frowns at him* haha awesome chapter though :D I want to know what happened to Cassie :o

Author's Response: Yep :) But I chucked in a few funny moments cause Al and Pippa tend to bring out the worse, darker sides of each other. I'm so glad you liked that scene, it was funny in my head but I wasn't sure it was funny when I wrote it down :) Al can be very mean at times. He's got some growing up to do. Thanks so much lovely! You'll find out what happened to Cassie in the next chapter! Thanks so much for the lovely review, it means a lot to me.


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Review #22, by Owlpost68 

2nd July 2011:
what? oh no! you're mean leaving it like that! although, I'm not sure how you would have ended it otherwise. It was just starting to drag a little when you ended it lol. so great timing. great job!

Author's Response: Haha, I couldn't help it ;) I thought it was a perfect spot! xD It'd probably would have ended with someone getting freaked/annoyed and storming out xD Haha. I know. It took me ages to write. Thanks a lot for the nice review! Have a great day.


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Review #23, by girly1393 

1st July 2011:
Why is Albus so mean to Pippa? I don't want more Albus, make him go away.

I hope Cassie is okay, she's my favorite character!

I can't wait to read more. Bravo to you.

Author's Response: He's in the next chapter. You might like him more after that...but maybe not. The boy has a lot of growing up to do. Haha. Really? Wow! I don't think I've had someone tell me that Cassie is their favourite character. She'll be okay :) Eventually. Haha. Thanks for the nice review and I'll try to update soon!


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Review #24, by Maddie 

1st July 2011:
Oh no! What's happened to Cassie?!?!? I hope this'll make pippa realize how much she means to her because as much as I love her, she isn't always that nice towards poor ol' cassie :P

I loved the dialogue between pippa and al in this chapter, it made me laugh at how easily he can get under her skin! So, we finally get a glimpse of what albus is really like... I wonder why he's so cold towards just pippa since it can't just be because she's in slytherine.

My favorite bit was probably when he wiped the dirt off her cheek (was there even dirt there in the first place? *wink*) and Cassie was hilarious with her pygmy puffs :)

It was my favourite chapter so far and I can't wait for the next one! XD

Author's Response: Hello lovely :) Hmm, well you'll find out in the next chapter :) Maybe. It's probably a step in the right direction. I've got the scene in my head :) Yes, she isn't the nicest is she? She does love her though. She just had trouble with showing it.

I'm so glad you liked the dialogue. It was a lot of fun to write. Exactly! They just manage to bug each other really easily. They're pretty arguments were fun. You'll find out as the story progresses.

Haha, yes, there was dirt but he didn't have to move it did he? ;) Haha. I'm glad you liked Cassie with Uggers and PJ. It seemed funny in my head so I'm glad you found it funny.

Thanks! I've already started writing it and it's so much fun so far. Thanks for the nice review :)

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