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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

25th May 2012:
I worried about that.

^ Why can't Narcissa apparate?! Is the 'house' not letting her? Urgh! Magic is so confusing and stressful sometimes.

I didn't realize Lucius was blind and you literally spelled it out for us in the description. I just didn't catch on and then when he asked her what she looked like it clicked. I suppose that's what he gets for being vain and not allowing the fairy/witch into his house. I wonder why the door to his father's room doesn't open.

What a mystery.

Author's Response: The house's magic doesn't cooperate with Narcissa because the house is like an extension of the person who performed the curse over it. It does her bidding. Why the person who cast the curse wouldn't want Narcissa there is for you to guess. :)

Lucius's blindness makes him slightly more pitiable. He can still get around really well because he's very familiar with the house's layout, but his life is frustrating in more ways than one. I suppose that's indeed what he gets for being rude to Circe!

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

31st December 2011:
Another amazing chapter! Yet again, you've put such excitement in me that I cannot wait another minute to get to the next chapter! :D

Oh, and by the way, I hope you have a very wonderful New Years Eve, and a wonderful start to the new year!

Author's Response: Baw, thank you. I hope you had a wonderful New Year's, too. :) I'm thrilled that you were excited about this! That makes me excited, too.

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Review #3, by lia_2390 

20th September 2011:
You, my dear, have renewed my love for LuCissa. This chapter was just so lovely and the scene with Lucius and Narcissa alone for the first time was just so beautifully written, that my eyes are stinging. Seeing Lucius in such a piteous state tugs at my heart strings. It just does. Seriously, throughout that entire scene, my hand was clutched to my chest.

This story was sitting in my favourites' list for a while but I only found the time to start reading it today. Lucius/Narcissa is my OTP, everything else fails in comparison. And now I'm just gushing because you write them so beautifully. The only other story I've come across like this is Momento Mori...with the same pairing but on another site.

I know this review might not be much, but I felt I HAD to comment on this chapter. You did a fantastic job to make me feel something for your characters.


Author's Response: So I have no excuse for letting this review go for so long without a response except for having absolutely no idea how to respond to it. I SUCK SO MUCH AT RESPONDING TO REVIEWS. Especially lovely ones like these that turn me to flaily mush.

All I can say is that I am ecstatic that you responded in such a way to this story. It really does mean the world to me that this story is being read and that people actually /like/ it. After the lovely things you said about it on TGS, I squeed so much that my brain just kind of turned to soup.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and saying such lovely things about Purgatory, Lia. It really made my month.


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Review #4, by halfbreed 

9th September 2011:
I literally am screaming out loud in glee at the moment. I just love character development; I want to squish it and give it a big nice hug and never ever let go. Horatio's relation to the clock--fantastic! Mysterious Wilda and her never letting Narcissa see what she looks like--fantastic! Lucius wondering, out of all the things he could be wondering, what Narcissa looks like--fantastic! I so love that he's blind; that's the best.

I honestly have no clue how all of this stuff even exists in your other-worldly brain, but you are seriously one of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure to read in my life, and I mean that very sincerely. I just wish I could somehow do more than type into this little box to thank you. Really. You make me want to write and write and write anything and everything just to achieve half of what you achieve. You're just... amazing.

Author's Response: Believe me, typing into that little box REALLY made my day. I could sing. And then I would get things thrown at me because my voice is awful. So I will settle for hopping up and down and clapping my hands like a four-year-old. THANK YOU SO MUCH. GAH. This review is like...brownies. With ice cream and hot fudge and melted marshmallows and chocolate chips and sprinkles.

I'm glad that you caught Horatio's relation to clock. The name Horatio actually means "Man of Time" in Latin, which is why I chose it. Other bits of trivia: Wilda means "Untamed" in German, Charlie means "Free Man"; the meaning of Margaret is "pearl", and Miu is Japanese for "beautiful feather".

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Review #5, by panchami 

30th June 2011:
hey this is like the beauty and the beast and from narcissa and lucius points of view it's really great I enjoyed it lot do post soon

Author's Response: Yep, it is. :) Thank you very much for reading and reviewing! I hope that you continue to enjoy it.

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Review #6, by TenthWeasley 

29th June 2011:
I saw you posted this up -- I had a hunch after I saw your review that you might have done other things on the archive as well -- and might have gotten a little more excited than necessary. BECAUSE I AM NOT USED TO WAITING FOR YOUR STORIES. Usually I'm all, "Click!" And then the next chapter is there in shining brilliance. It's a bit scary when it's not so this time around.

And now, because I am a totally useless reviewer, I shall review solely by commenting on my favorite bits. Because there are, like, four. Or more. I don't want to count. ONWARD.

“That is unnecessary. Master Malfoy is not affected enough by the inferiority and ignorance of your comments to be offended. Go away.”

I totally laughed out loud at this - that woman is so snarky, I love her. :D Totally slamming Narcissa to the ground. That was an unexpected and yet delightful piece of comedy slipped in there, I really liked that.

Once again, I felt myself slamming against solid air.

I still really, really like this sentence. It gives the sense of Apparition better than anything else I've yet read, even in JKR's books. You KNOW here was Apparition feels like, and as you're writing as someone with no means to Apparate, this is really, really commendable.

“One slip of the finger – one wrong note – and it puts you into a very long sleep that nothing can awaken you from.”

OHMYGOODNESSFORESHADOW. I see faint traces of Sleeping Beauty approaching, and this made me even more excited than I already am for the next chapter, let me tell you. INGENIOUS. A poisoned piano? I am so in awe. I really am, that is such a COOL idea.

Lucius steadily obliged, and I spent the next several minutes wondering how something so wretched could produce such beautiful sounds.

How beautiful is this sentence? And it's so true, too. The way you are writing Lucius - I honestly am a bit frightened when I imagine him, because he is... I cannot even describe. Legitimately frightening, and I am interested to see how you make him un-gross. :D And I SO did not see it coming that he was blind, by the way. That swept me off my feet.

I lifted up a flap of sheet and examined the swell of arched wooden headboard.

One of my favorite sentences in the entire chapter - I am always completely astounded by your uncanny knack for describing things. The word 'swell' fits so perfectly here, and I am ogling at it because I know I could not have thought of it myself. YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD WRITER. And I really, really mean that.

I seriously, seriously cannot wait for the next chapter. If it is ANYTHING like what you've been writing so far, I am going to be seriously, seriously impressed. You continually astound me with each chapter, and I know you are just going to set the bar higher and higher. There is no doubt in my mind as to your talents, Sarah -- you are amazing.

Author's Response: You appreciate those little words and descriptions like no other. I just heart you to pieces.


I have about ten different fairy tales that will be included in this story, some more prominent than others. I'm not even sure that in the end, Beauty and the Beast will be the biggest one. I'll just have to see how it goes.

*heart symbol*

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Review #7, by academica 

29th June 2011:
I am impressed, unsurprisingly, by yet another wonderful chapter :) I love the way you've drawn out the courtship; it agonizes me when I'm writing, because I have this meant-to-be-together mentality happening, but I love reading stories where it takes time for the two halves of the ship to fall in love. In doing so, I think you've also stuck to the plot of the fairytale, so excellent work all around. Waiting for Ch. 9! :)

Author's Response: It seems in almost all of the stories that I write, it takes FOREVER for the pairing to get together. But I know that when I read stories, I prefer to watch the evolution of the relationship, instead of slam-bang-they're-together. Thank you so much for consistently reading and leaving beautiful reviews. I appreciate it quite a bit. :)

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