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Review #1, by alias093001 

5th August 2011:
So Pansy lost her entire family in an accident. Makes me wonder if that was Ava as well. I'm a little surprised that Alison was aware of Pansy's existence; that Jacob would tell her something like that.

Now that Alison and Hermione are living in Zabini Manor, what's going to happen? They can't very well discuss certain aspects of their plan while Alison is around.

alias093001, Slytherin.

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Review #2, by madderthanthehatter 

30th June 2011:
Amazing .just amazing. You must write more.You just have too.

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Review #3, by dead_poet 

24th June 2011:
oh wow! thank you for this fast update!
i'm so glad that hermione and her mother had survived - although hermione lost again a member of her family. i'm feeling so sad for her!! i love your draco for his empathy towards her during this chapter.
you revealed this secret behind pansys attitude - i felt very sorry for her too, because she suffered in the same way hermione does suffer now. so despite your arrogant and contemptuous towards hermione she has connection to her. i really love those details to put into your plot! i'm so excited where you will led us into this twist of old magic, mystirical creatures and also deep human feelings. i'm very,very intrigued!!
10/10 as ever!! kind regards, christel

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Review #4, by SHELBASAURx 

23rd June 2011:
I absolutely love this story, update soon!

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Review #5, by mikalily 

21st June 2011:
WOW! u updated! im so shocked! and happy!! yay! im glad hermione and her mom r ok! poor pansy that would suck no wonder she is so bitchie. pls keep going!!

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Review #6, by wicked101 

20th June 2011:
OMG I love this story SOsosososososo much ( a lot of soo's i know.)
But yeah can't wait til the next chapter.

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Review #7, by gran/ger 

20th June 2011:
This chapter was well worth the wait! Your story tops my list of favourite [U.K. spelling] dramiones. I get twitchy when I check my Google page for updates and there isn't one. I'm eager to find out what power ; [if any] Hermione's got. I don't usually care about Pansy; but I'm more interested in finding out what makes her tick since reading your story! Looking forward to your next update with anticipation.

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Review #8, by Blue Biro 

20th June 2011:
woah: another amazing update! pelasepleaseplease update soon thoough: so addicted to this story! loved it! :)

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Review #9, by rose 

20th June 2011:
hm well to be honest it is a bit boring... but i am sure more exciting things will happen soon :)
Update!! :D either way great work :)

Author's Response: I'm sorry, I didn't realise that an entire street being blown up within eight chapters of Hermione finding out Draco et al are all infected with some kind of supermagic wasn't exciting enough for you. Dude, if it gets much more exciting it's just gonna be confusing.

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