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Review #1, by hdawg 

15th August 2012:
BACK BACK BACK! Sorry it's been like 12 hours, but now I am back for some adventure! ah3h3h3, I make myself laugh sometimes...

"Ha, ha!" Hugo said, pointing a finger up at Scorpius's face, looking gleeful. He then scampered off to a fresh patch of snow a small distance away and began forming it into small sculptures." Oh God, how I have missed this boy. Seriously, this bit made me laugh (and simultaneously think of my ten year old cousin, because he pretty much does this whenever we have snow)

And dawwwh, they feel proud of Hugo! Well not quite for the right reasons, but because he has stopped drooling so much. Ah well, you can't quite win them all... but they really do remind me of his kind of parents/guardians. I like this development.

I love this little bit, Neville praising himself and his teaching abilities: "The fact that Herbology is a boring and useless subject--changed, as soon as Professor Longbottom took charge of the instruction./So Plato could just can it, and listen to Neville Longbottom for once. Because Herbology is damned interesting." I'm not sure if I could agree with him there (yet).

"but Hugo had thrown his skinny arms around Scorpius's shoulders and muffled any sound in his coat. Scorpius was taken aback at the hug, but awkwardly patted Hugo's back." I want to cry. This is such a beautiful little image. Or it would be even better if Scorpius just hugged him back, crying a little bit and smiling. Dammit, this bromance stuff is just too lovely!

"Only I don't know who I am and they do. So I thought, if I can just find out that one thing that I think about myself is true, then I'll know more than everyone." Lily, you are a fiend. This is just too sad and emotional for words :( I just want to cuddle him all the time.

Dawwh, so many feelings! "He paused, and looked at Hugo. Scorpius saw that he was grinning widely. A little glow trickled out from his chest and laced his veins." But woo, you got the title in there! I really like the way that you describe 'what makes a Weasley'. Everything you wrote is so true, and it actually made me feel better seeing Hugo feel better. That sounds so strange, but I am getting awfully emotionally involved.

NOOO! HOW DARE YOU CENTAUR, THREATEN MY HUGO'S LIFE! The way that Scorpius is feeling is, perhaps not-so-coincidentally what I am feeling now :( "The area on his chest where her arm had made harsh contact pulsated uncomfortably, and he felt the air from his lungs, very late, exit his chest."

But OHMYGOD they've found it! Woo! I honestly can't wait to see what Hugo does with the plant when he gets it, whilst at the same time being completely nervous that either him, Neville or Scorpius will do something really stupid with said plant :( gah! Marjie better appreciate this!

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Review #2, by AC_rules 

10th April 2012:
Okay, as a future philosophy student I just loved the bit about Plato and about how Herbology became more interesting as Neville was teaching it, that put such a smile on my face and I really loved it. Ah, I love Neville.

Hugo becomes more and more endearing with every chapter, honestly, his desire to prove himself is so natural and beautiful and n'awwhhh... I just want to give him a big hug and what not. I want my won pet Hugo. And really, he is rather sharp with that abstract intelligence of his - and so surprising, ahha. Your characterisation of Hugo is just, well, I just love it to pieces.

Given you've given us a bit of cliffie I don't think I can physically not move onto the next chapter immediately, so... well, I guess I'm moving onto the next.

But I've loved everything about this :D


Author's Response: Haha, a bit of what I'm reading in school always worms its way into my writing, whether it be Plato, James Dickey, Descartes, etc... Anyway. Neville is well-read. I didn't have time to talk about his post-Hogwarts life, but in my head he wasn't sure what he'd do right at first--he still wasn't confident in his Herbology expertise/potential, so he got permission from his gran to take classes at a Muggle university. They had to do all kind of shenanigans to get him accepted since he obviously didn't have any sort of applicable transcript. SO. That's how he knows Plato!

Hugo is like a lot of people who act crazy and weird; he's a person of incredible potential, and it's a lot more surprising given that he acts how he does and usually has drool all over him, bribes his professors, etc. But the point of it is basically that anyone, no matter how...special...can live up to what's inside! (Which sounds incredibly cheesy but you know what, let the cheese river flow basically.)

And I'm sure Hugo would find a hug and being a pet equally acceptable :P

I'm so glad you've enjoyed this! I am loving responding to these reviews as well :)))

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Review #3, by FoundriaPenguin 

25th December 2011:

:( I seriously doubt that Hugo is a power hungry, greedy, little scheming boy but . it could happen. you've given me enough surprises :P

when Scorpius said the words "it's called adventure" i actually cheered out loud LOL. HUGO HAS BEEN INTROSPECTIVE. HUGO HAS FIGURED OUT WHAT HE WANTS. AND THERE IS NO TRACE OF DROOL :D

THE BROMANCE ♥ ♥ I hope everything goes PRETTY well from here. I mean, I'm already two-thirds of the way to the end. *crosses fingers*

you know, there might not be any explosions or anything, but this is one of the more exciting fanfics i've read in a long time. so props to you, m'dear.


Author's Response: HAHAH cause I'm a little bit evil? I don't really know.

I MEAN I DO KNOW. Because Scorp is more responsible and it's finally sinking in, what the implications of this are, and that he's only just really gotten close to Hugo. He knows that Hugo in part fabricates how other people perceive him. There's something very creepy about that.

OH GURL. now you know what you were in for, but I still have belated feels for you (h)

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th December 2011:
You ended at a perfect point! It's not really a cliffhanger and yeah, the story is done but if I would have read this as you first started posting the chapters I would have been contended as I waited for the next. I feel whenever I read the chapters I'm content. I can sit back and wait to read the next part. It's not a rush for me because I like to process your world that you have created. It's fantastic. I'm really amazed at the way you have been able to portray the forest, I feel like we're so far off from Hogwarts. I'm not even thinking in terms of Harry Potter anymore. I'm thinking this is the Next-Generation. This could potentially be the story of Hugo Weasley because in reality there really wasn't romance until the end of Harry Potter (and maybe mid way) so you really just have us on an adventure like Rowling did.

Author's Response: This review is so dense with compliments that all I can really say is that you're right on track with where I was hoping readers would be and thank you so much! i had never had the ambition to create the real next gen, if something like that exists--just to write something worth writing.

thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by TenthWeasley 

23rd October 2011:
That exchange between Hugo and Scorpius, when Hugo was eating -- er, drinking -- the snow -- er, the frozen water -- that is to say, eating the -- drinking the -- HUGO + SNOW = ♥. I was laughing so hard, snuggled up in my bed, and had to smother the giggles with a pillow. Because that is just... it's so /good/. Would the story be essentially the same without it? Probably. But it adds a depth, another layer, and that's the sort of thing that turns a good story into a great one. I just loved it, so much. :)

This whole story just gets so much better as I go on. Have I mentioned that? Eh, probably. But it's TRUE. We're taking the journey right alongside the three boys and the centaurs, stepping forward and onward and getting to know them better and better for it. As a reader objectively, that's the sort of thing I love. It's not just reading an entertaining story from high above and watching events unfold, but it's holding my breath with Scorpius, or rolling my eyes with Neville, or creasing my brow with Hugo. It's being an active participant in the story, and it takes a lot for that to happen with me. SO EXCELLENT.

Also, boo on you forever, because WHY DID THE CHAPTER END THERE. THAT IS HORRIDLY CRUEL. My fingers are itching to continue on, and then that awful and logical part of brain reminds me I've got homework that needs doing before I've got to go back to school tomorrow. That part of my brain talks too much for its own good. I'll become a hermit, see, and exist solely on fan fiction. It'll be a good life.

LILY I LOVE THIS. This is... it's a new era in fan fiction, it's something completely untapped and unforeseen and I just love that I sort of get to help it along. (Even though I'm wicked late in reading it in its entirety.) Because I know -- I just know -- you're going to be great. You already are, for Pete's sakes, look at what you've done! This is brilliance in its simplest form. Write forever and you will always have ME as a reader. :D


Author's Response: HEHEHE this is actually a conversation I've had in real life that seemed completely appropriate to put here; it's one where there's really not even a right answer but it's just, as you say, to give a little dynamic to a relationship that could easily be all-business.

Er I suppose you may have said this a couple times :) But I'm glad to hear it as many times as you want to say it, truly, because--well, I know you understand why ! It's a bit of your heart and that people can appreciate it is people appreciating, in one of the strangest and weirdly detached and intimate ways, you yourself. SO THANK YOU (H) It's also a bit difficult for me to get into stories; they don't even have to be spectacular to do it, there's just a quality to some stories that maintain something and then MAGICAL THINGS HAPPEN.

BAH I have said this before but I was never a cliff-hanger writer before this; of course I never had a relatively successful chaptered-fic before this, either, so I dunno, maybe that's just the way to do this kind of thing. MUHAHHH

Booo that part of the brain is no fun! Although the fact that you listen to it and I wait until I'm going to die if I don't speaks a lot about how MUCH OF A BETTER PERSON YOU ARE THAN ME D: Also that plan sounds awesome, but I would also like to read other things, too, like maybe a little Wordsworth and Milton and probably some early James Baldwin if that's okay.

I'm so flattered, honestly! "A NEW ERA IN FANFICTION" (totally typed that as 'a new ear in fanfiction')~ I am not worthy of such high praise! I mean, I'm going to take it as praise however you meant it.

And let's not be silly, of course you helped me! Dealing with me on a couple hours' sleep is no easy feat and YOU were there while I was writing some of these chapters--like, I'm pretty sure we were word racing for one of these here near-death experiences. Most definitely for a cliffie.


my heart harmonizes with yours, ma soeur.

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Review #6, by Toujours Padfoot 

18th October 2011:
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WRITE COHERENT REVIEWS FOR THIS STORY. So now that we've got that settled, you may expect more mind-melt gush.

I adore that you're extending attention to characters normally glossed over or even completely ignored in fanfiction - Hugo, Neville, centaurs, hinkypunks, acromantulas. I just want to say thank you, yet again, for bringing back the original magic of the Harry Potter books. I think this is the type of story JKR would love to curl up in an armchair and read. If there was one fic in all of HPFF that I could give to her and make her read, it would be this one. I think it would do her proud.

Neville and Scorpius's happiness with this newfound purpose of helping Hugo Weasley find his way is such a curious thing. And even if they don't end up seizing this magical plant, they will have memories to take away from this experience. Three people trekking with some centaurs through the wilderness. Three people who almost got eaten by giant spiders. Three people on a mission they can't quite explain. I think everyone wants to be able to say they've done something fantastical like that.

I really like this bit here:
I'm so close to--not being what they think I am. Only I don't know who I am and they do. So I thought, if I can just find out that one thing that I think about myself is true, then I'll know more than everyone."

Hugo is so unaware of his own power. His presence is this deceptive thing where you look at him and you see the outside, and you think you know what's on the inside. But no one knows what's on the inside, not even Hugo. So I think it's great that he's going to these lengths just to prove something to himself and to everyone else. It makes me want to throw a party to congratulate him on all his efforts.

I also like the fact that we're sort of getting to know Rose through casual mentions in Scorpius's internal commentary. A lot of things seem to circle back to Rose, in his mind, and it's become increasingly clear that she is like his constant. She's his rock. This is the perfect example of showing versus telling in literature. I like seeing what Rose means to Scorpius, and it's romantic even though it's not really romantic at all. She's just always there floating around in the back of his head. That really says something. And here I am rambling again.

I just all around love this story. Neville and Scorpius are getting this peculiar self-fulfillment out of helping Hugo get his own fulfillment. It's sort of vicarious, like the elation that accompanies doing something good for others, something selfless. And there's also the allure of adventure. I think Scorpius and Neville were both so busy trying to justify why they're on this strip and Hugo was just glad to be doing something, which in his eyes, is extraordinary. But what I find extraordinary is the indulgence he's receiving. Like Neville said, he really is lucky to be able to have the run of the place like he is.

I'm getting the feeling that Pythia isn't warning Scorpius about Hugo at all, but about Scorpius himself. The Malfoy reputation precedes him, and they're worried he might not be able to resist the temptation.


Author's Response: Coherence is, in certain situations, entirely overrated. I feel like a lot of times when people think they're being least coherent they're actually saying something that they mean in a heart-felt way. To me what you're feeling is intelligible in these responses and that is all I could ever ask for :) :)

I never actually went in to this thinking, OKAY YEAH I'M GOING TO GET REALLY INTO CHARACTERS THAT OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT WRITE ABOUT but there was a sparking factor in that the way I most often see Hugo characterized is his inheritance of the worst characterisitcs of Ron and Hermione combined. I agree that for all teenagers there's a period of years where you're pretty full of yourself; but I think that a lot of that for a lot of kids comes from the fact that they're fitting in, and that they figure that means they're doing things the right way. LOOK AT DIS SWAGGA, kind of thing. Sooo attractive.

Anyways. I did want to give Hugo the personality I thought could be a realistic inheritance of Ron and Hermione's traits, but even while people are really similar to their parents they're their own person, too. I wanted to add emphasis in Hugo's reality on his being his own person while other people think he should be more like his parents and has failed in an essential way to become himself, while really, he /is/ entirely himself, only part of that is his parents too. It's finding that part--the part that other people look for and don't actually see that Hugo imagines will give him understanding of himself because, like the quote you've pulled sums up well I think, he'll not only know that he has that in him BUT he will also see it; two things other people can't do.

I admit to having wanted to have Rose be more of a physical presence in this story, particularly in that there was going to be a confrontation here, in the concluding chapters, and things would somehow dissolve themselves--in a good way, though, not like she breaks up with Scorpius and he mopes forever and everyone dies--but she'd quell his fears in a way and be sensitive to his insecurities while still responding a little bit predictably. I think I subconsciously understood that she wasn't going to make it in there after a few chapters of getting into real adventure, and that might be part of the reason I made her a consistent factor in Scorpius's thinking. I also did enter this with the belief that they thought they were pretty much set with each other--not getting married, you know, inside of Hogwarts, but there was that promise that sometime.it would probably happen. Nothing so serious, of course, because they're only seventeen and I have the feeling that that would be scary even though Scorp had gone through all this--but there was that consistency.

I think you're spot on about these three characters WHICH IS SO EXCITING SARAH IT REALLY IS -- Hugo's mostly grateful to be doing something he thinks is real, and Neville and Scorpius are, on a level sort of buried under their understanding, actually taking the same journey.

I thought about addressing the way that Hugo gets so much random slack--because it's kind of like, when you think about it, wow, where did that come from??? but then I decided that in stories there are sometimes things that just happen and they aren't a big deal--just like in real life we're able to accept some things that seem really problematic but we just don't bring them up all the time.


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Review #7, by justonemorefic 

14th June 2011:
The centaurs are so legit. The speak all noble-y and stuff. I just felt like saying that. And also patting Scorpius on the head for being such a barefoot dork. And Hugo for being a snow-frozen-solid-water eating dork.

Aw, I love that description of growing up. I can relate ♥

"So Plato could just can it, and listen to Neville Longbottom for once. Because Herbology is damned interesting." AHAHA ♥ forever to Neville for that.

And also: "Longbottom cleared his throat slightly--it said, too much, Scorpius. So he unfolded his brow slightly and put his feet closer together." Hee. THE IMAGE




♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: awh centaurs. awh scorp-o. and awh hugo.

why am i in love with all of my characters? it can't be healthy.

I GOT SO MANY HEARTS FROM YOU IN THIS REVIEW IT'S OVERWHELMING. -basks in the glow of multitudinous love-

you are part of it gina :P if it weren't for you i probably would have had years between updates...like my other WIPs


so much foreshadowing. but i've told you all so many times, it's all written. it is finished. but i am unhappy, and my notes are ASDFJALKJHGIEHRGIEUHGLKSDJFGLSDFJHG;AJFJASHDKFJH WHY??

scorpius's fate is as of now, hanging somewhere in the balance. i may just have to flip a coin...


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Review #8, by hpgrl 

14th June 2011:
hey lily!

I gotta say, I love Hugo! I love that he finally seems proud of himself and that he was able to put into so many words his reasons for finding the plant. I admire your ability to show the development of his confidence so clearly; picking up on social cues and facial expressions, out smarting Scorpius, no drool, and finally being to able to speak up and express himself.

I love how you incorporated the title in and I loved that Scorpius was the one delivering the line. The friendship between them seems to be growing and pleasantly surprising the both of them. but its so tangible! the way Scorpius is afraid to confront him and is proud of him.

Well done! I can't wait to read what happens next, and I'm so proud of you lily :D

Author's Response: awww. the hugatron. his development was very difficult for me to write honestly, because at times i became impatient with all of the small things i had to write. like how he has to figure out sometimes through a series of explanations to himself that this facial expresion + this piece of information + context = this reality. it was tiring but something i have found very rewarding and completely necessary for hugo's development, so i'm glad that you've seemed to notice this and appreciate it, too :)

AND YES. THE CULMINATION OF MY NAMING THE ENTIRE STORY. at first, to be perfectly honest, neville was the one to deliver the line, but when i was rereading it it just didn't seem right. i thought about it a lot (agonized...stared at the computer screen blankly for periods at a time wondering what to do...etc) and it hit me all of a sudden--which is kind of annoying because i don't even feel like i'm the one who came to the conclusion, it just came from nowhere--that it needed to be scorpius. after all, the little stint through the woods has done him a lot of good, too, even though he seems moodier and not as lovable to me as when i started out writing him. he's changed a lot throughout the story and, actually, that's not all my fault :P

thank you so much for that compliment, jade, it means a lot! when the queue opens and i can manage to write something other than my JulNo novel, i'll be posting the next chapter :)

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Review #9, by WitnesstoitAll 

13th June 2011:

I'm so happy that the bit from the title got worked into this at long last. It was well worth the wait. I have so many issues with people who tend to not realize their own great worth (equally as many issues with people who think too highly of themselves, but that is not relevant here). I'm so glad that Neville and Scorpius were there to tell Hugo the things he had trouble seeing himself. He needed it. He's lovely and I'm sure everybody feels the same way he felt there at sometime or another.

Also, I'm by no stretch of the imagination a literary expert. (biology has sucked most of my english lectures from my head) But, I was reminded of a Lecture in my high school english the entire time I was reading this. My high school english was a bit of a joke as far as structure goes, but it was the sort of class that I learned the most from. We read stories that matter and discussed them. Analyzed word choices and characters and related them to our lives. The theme to the whole course is who are you? Unsurprisingly, nobody has an answer and the point of the class was that you don't need an answer because it grows and changes everyday. Anyway. back from that tangent, in that class we talked about 'going into the wild' as a theme common to finding oneself. That is what this story is. Young hugo much go into the woods to find something that is already a part of him.

Gorgeous, really.

Sorry for this ridiculously long and mostly pointless review. I hope through all of my ramblings that you interpreted my major take home message: this was another great chapter, and this story is so unique in that it makes me evaluate myself. Wonderful.

Lots of love,

Author's Response: i am so happy to receive all your rambling melissa :) and yes, the term is 'wanderlust' for going into the wild and finding yourself. this story is wanderlust incarnated, and for a while in my notes, that's what it was called...but I'M SO HAPPY that you noticed that. i think it comes to a head in this chapter :)

and of course i'm overjoyed to receive such compliments, and so, so happy that this story has been worth the read for you ! two more chappies, here we come :P


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