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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

25th May 2012:
Favorite parts:

"How could you say such a thing? Of course Master does not look dead. He looks well, he looks quite fetching, I'd say. I'm sure that if the castle were open for business, beautiful women from all over would be flocking outside, fighting each other for his hand."

"That was Master," he reported dazedly. The man looked like he might keel over in a faint. "He heard you. We're going to die. We're all going to die."

^ AH! I love love love love Horatio and Ramien. They're a hysterical pairing. I kind of feel bad for Lucius now, actually because it doesn't seem like he's intentionally trying to be mean to Narcissa. I like that you kept their traits for the story and you're not trying to make them into the characters we know from the fairytales. Though they are in the situations we know, they're their own people, the ones we know from canon. Only younger so they're a teensy bit different.

I also love how the house seems repulsed by Narcissa because of her attitude. Is it because the house knows she's the one and wants her out? Or just doesn't think she's the one and wants her out?

And it was really funny how they ignored her whenever she spoke like she wasn't there. I could imagine the agitated look on her face because they kind of treat her like some child.

Author's Response: Horatio and Ramien were my favorite characters to write. They've been around Lucius long enough that they can provide a kick in the pants if he really needs it, but he's still intimidating enough to scare them into shutting up, so communication is a bit of a cautious battle.

You will see later why the house doesn't like her. But someone is definitely pulling the puppet strings. :3

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

31st December 2011:
Such a wonderful chapter! :)

Unfortunately, I can't leave a somewhat long review because I am quite anxious to get to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Any reviews at all are lovely ones! Thank you. :)

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Review #3, by halfbreed 

9th September 2011:
In any other circumstances I'm sure this would sound extremely odd, but I love this furniture. It's just so... cool? I can't think of a better word for it--being honest, I'm not trying all that hard because I must keep reading! But really, the house attacking her is the most brilliant genius thing ever. It of course makes me sympathize with her unfortunate situation--it must be bad if an entire house is against her... literally.

I am actually really excited to see how (if?) the house's attitude changes. I love that it's a character itself. And I love the danger of it all, how the things in the house actually have the capability to hurt her. They're not just being all creepy and uncooperative, they're actually physically lashing out against her. Holy symbolism.

Have I mentioned I love this story? I love this story. LOVE. Oh and before I keep reading, I think the cook is super awesome and intimidating. AND it was totally brilliant to have Wren (that was her name, right?) be the cause of the doors being all destroyed--since one would likely automatically assume it was the "beast" or whatever. But anyway. Can't type more, must read or I'll die.

BUTonemorething: I so apologize for grammar/spelling errors in these reviews; I'm just sticking down my immediate thoughts and feedback really fast because this story is too freaking awesome to not read but also too awesome to not comment on (just in case it does give you warm fuzzies, which warm fuzzies you certainly deserve).

Okay, bye now, promise!

Author's Response: The house is evil. It is Circe incarnate, and will do anything and everything to prevent the spell from breaking. Therefore, it sees the potential for Narcissa to break the curse and it wants to lash out at her. This means the furniture, the house's magic...everything from the walls to the doors to the light fixtures. All of it wants Narcissa gone, and she's feeling very unwelcome right now. I liked writing the house vs. Narcissa, actually - I've always had a thing for inanimate objects that could seemingly think for itself, especially if it was only wired with one emotion. These objects genuinely have the capability to hurt her, as you said, and I like the possibilities and danger that accompanies that idea.

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Review #4, by TenthWeasley 

23rd June 2011:
Oh, you cannot leave it there! I was expecting a long and sincere, flowery apology from Narcissa. And then they would profess their undying love for each other and Lucius would become all not-dead-looking and then they would have lots and lots of little Dracos.

But alas, my dreams have been dashed.

In all seriousness, this was an excellent chapter -- although it was your longest yet, it absolutely flew by, and I didn't believe I was at the end when I reached it. That's the mark of a good story - one you get so entangled with, you forget you're reading until you're forced to stop. It's hard to come by in fan fiction sometimes, but you should be very proud to know that that certainly isn't a problem for you.

Your plot is progressing at such a good pace, and each chapter just leaves me wanting more of the story, eager to see what tragedy will next befall Narcissa, and what changes might await Lucius (who still gives me the creeps, but the good kind of creeps). I am just so jealous you were able to come up with this! :D

I'm sort of dead from waking up early for the Pottermore announcement, and I tend to ramble in leaving reviews for you anyway, so I'm going to stop before you become annoyed and through stale toast at me. I cannot wait for your next update -- I'm prepared and eager for it now! -- and will most certainly follow your story avidly. You can count on that!

Love you!


Author's Response: *munches on stale toast*

I adore your rambling reviews. They make my heart do a little dance. *pirouette*

I find it interesting (and kind of astonishing) how you said that this chapter flew by. Lately I've been kind of :/ about this story, because (to me) it drags. I keep wanting to rush it, to get to the good parts, to the action. Gahhh just thinking about writing those future chapters really gets me excited. So in comparison, these chapters are are like...


Creepy!Lucius isn't the most attractive sort, is he? And unfortunately for him, Narcissa's not the Luna-type, who really doesn't notice those things and embraces all differences. It'll be a process.

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read my story and leaving beautiful reviews behind.

*clutches review to heart protectively*

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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

10th June 2011:
Dun... Dun... Dun!

LOL. Sorry. I was in the moment. :D

He'll forgive her... Otherwise, she'd die and the story would end... So he has to... Right?

I guess I'll have to wait and see. :)


Author's Response: And you shall!!! I'll probably update here in a week or so, whenever I get time to write. Life has been kind of busy lately, but I have too much fun writing Lucius/Narcissa to not carve a little time out for them.

Thank you so much for continuing to read and review. It means a great deal to me.


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Review #6, by academica 

10th June 2011:
Another wonderful chapter! As always, your imagery is brilliant and one of my favorite things about this story. I found the dining room scene especially funny :) Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate your reviews; they're so incredibly encouraging and it's wonderful to know that this story is being read and that someone likes it.


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