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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

25th May 2012:
What a twist. I figured that she just wouldn't be able to apparate out of the house and no owls would want to come because of Lucius but to not be able to physically leave the house? So they can't even go out in the back of the house? Or can they atleast go around the perimeter of the house, but not past a certain point?

I thought it was cool how you incorporated the magic into the house too. That they don't need wands to do magic because her wand is broken so I think Narcissa would be terribly out of her element if she didn't have the option to do magic. Well...will she be able to? Since she's not really part of the house like they are.

Author's Response: I felt like in order to keep Narcissa in the house, there was no alternative but to do it by force. If I gave her a loophole, she's going to get out. Narcissa's a selfish person and I can't think of anyone she knows in her life that she would have traded places with, willingly, had they been held prisoner. Even her father, she would just let him rot there. So I twisted the fairy tale a bit. And nope, they can't go outside at all. They can't even stick their hands out the window.

I liked the idea of magic being in everything, even in the air. The magic has a life of its own and does not favor Narcissa, so she'll have to see what happens. ^ ^

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

29th December 2011:
A wonderful chapter indeed! I'm so excited to get into this story as I was before! I've been looking forward to doing so for quite some time, actually.

Hope all is well with you, m'dear! I've missed leaving reviews for you!

Author's Response: I hope all is with you as well! I've missed reading these reviews and responding to them, and figured today was the day I would buckle down and stop saying I was going to do it, and actually do it.

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Review #3, by halfbreed 

9th September 2011:
YAY. SHE'S IN. I love how this is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast even with the minor details--the wolves, and even the lovely people whose names have slipped my mind because all I can think of is Lumiere and Cogsworth :P

Doing something like this, I think, can be really tricky because it would be all too easy to go overboard and make it like an exact replica of the fairy tale but with different characters. You've put just the right twinge of originality to it that although I can guess what's coming due to familiarity with the tale, I can still be pleasantly surprised at every turn with not only the beautiful language you incorporate, but the magical twists you've added that make this story the intriguing masterpiece that it is.

Author's Response: I must say that it's a lot of fun for me to imagine how to make a standard fairy tale into something Harry Potter-ish, and yet still make it my own. It has me running around in circles sometimes, trying to incorporate all three visions - Potterverse, my imagination, and just enough of the fairy tale so that people get an idea as to where the story's going. I really enjoy writing it, so I'm happy that you're enjoying reading it.


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Review #4, by TenthWeasley 

23rd June 2011:
that rather remind me of the Owlery at Hogwarts.

I think that this needs to be 'reminded' instead?

We are very pleased to make your acquaintance.

This is missing a quotation at the beginning of the spoken phrase.

YAY!! I can tell that we have most certainly arrived at the Beauty and the Beast portion of this story, and my excitement does not quite translate into this review. :3 You take such a well-known story and twist it effectively into your own, and it's truly astounding! It's as though you're really making it your own, come to think of it - I wouldn't associate this with anything but itself.

I love Horatio's character, by the way - it's so easy to imagine him, and he's rather fun. You must have a lot of fun writing him! :3 I can just see him sticking his nose up in the air, acting like he's wiser and better than it all. So cute, in a bit of a pompous way. (Like Percy!)

It's late, I'm afraid -- much too late for my senses -- and so I apologize for the lack of a lengthy review. But just know I am still enjoying this story as much, if not more, as I did at the beginning! Seriously addicting, and in the top 3 of my favorite things you've written. :D

LOVE YOU!!! Cannot wait to continue on. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for catching those mistakes!

And yes, Horatio is a bit fun to write, and he really does remind me of Percy, now you mention it. So eager to follow the rules, to avoid trouble, to recommend himself to authority figures.

I'm glad you're liking it so far. :) :)

Thank you, tons and tons and tons, for reading this story and leaving thoughtful reviews.

*le squish*


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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

29th May 2011:
Every time I finish reading a chapter, I REALLY want to watch Beauty and the Beast; a film I love so much. Actually, I think I just might. :)

Anyway... I continue to love this story. Just as much as Beauty and the Beast. Lucius and Narcissa fit this perfectly and I love the way you portray Narcissa. I loved Lucius in the beginning, also, I greatly anticipate more of him.




I'm getting a lot of feedback that Lucius/Narcissa was good casting for this particular fairy tale I'm starting the story with, which makes me do a happy dance. I hope you continue to like them as the story goes on. The amount of Lucius seen will grow with every chapter. (Yay!)


Thank you for reading. :)

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Review #6, by academica 

29th May 2011:
Uh-oh, we know what happens to people who enter the west wing! :) Seriously, I LOVE Beauty and the Beast, and I have been very impressed by this take on it. I'm sure you're a shoo in for the challenge. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Yay, thank you!!

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