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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

25th May 2012:
the black-haired man reached out and removed the wand poking out of my father's pocket, and snapped it in half. Andromeda's face paled, absolutely stricken

^ I did not see that coming! Uh! Gaspard, you awful, awful man. Everyone is terrible. I wanted to hug delusional Cygnus. Poor man. What is he going to do without Narcissa? The family won't be able to survive and no good Bellatrix isn't going to do anything I suppose? Hm!

And yuck, at this part: He plopped it into his wide mouth, swallowing it whole like a bullfrog swallows a hornet

^ Shady characters are so...shady...and gross! Poor Cissa!

Author's Response: Gaspard is totally the villain with no remorse here. He's kind of like Circe in that way. I figured that since Voldemort was so evil, there was room for a few more evil people in the Potterverse world.

Cygnus would not fair well without Narcissa. :( He's already emotionally withered. And yep, Bellatrix isn't very valuable as of late.

Shady characters are indeed shady. Ew those two men are disgusting. Did not like writing them much. -__-

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #2, by slytherinchica08 

21st May 2012:
Oh poor Narcissa! i can't believe that Gaspard snapped her fathers wand, took her mothers, and took her! This story is all flowing so well together and the ending of each chapter just makes me want to read another! I'm looking forward to the next chapter and what happens to her once they reach their destination. I love the role that Andromeda is playing in this story, kind of the stronger sibling so to speak and does a great job keeping her emotions in check while Gespard is searching their house. I felt so bad when he grabbed ahold of their mothers wedding dress which their father was supposed to transform to a handkerchief but either forgot or was unable to do it! It seemed to be something that really cute into the girls, though not as much as them taking off with their mothers wand. I'm really enjoying this story so far, I think its really unique and wonderful to read! Great Job!

Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Gaspard is a very rude individual. Andromeda is clever, and able to disguise her feelings, but Narcissa isn't quite at that level. She's sort of an open book - you can always tell what she's thinking when you look at her. And poor Cygnus, he doesn't even realize that he might have avoided many of his troubles just by parting with his pride and selling some of Druella's things. The Black family's preoccupation with possessions was ultimately their downfall. They should have just sold everything when they had the chance!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #3, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

29th November 2011:
Another wonderful chapter!

Very interested into seeing where they're headed to, and what Narcissa is going to get into.

Author's Response: Narcissa is going to get into a LOT of things. She has no idea what she is about to get herself into. It's like a chain reaction from here on out.

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Review #4, by halfbreed 

9th September 2011:
YESYESYES. I was so hoping they'd take her. And then I was confused at the end of that bit because I thought they didn't--the wording was a bit confusing--but THEY DID and I danced a whole happy dance and everything. Because though the beginning was quite interesting in itself, and the character development in the second chapter had me sighing in delight, this is the no-going-back gripping part.

OMIGOSH I am so super excited to read more about the fantastic Narcissa and her horribly rude (nevertheless very well-written) captors, so I hope you'll excuse me for not leaving a longer review!

Author's Response: HAA YOU WERE HOPING THEY WOULD TAKE HER. That's a first. Oh yes, this was definitely the no-going-back part. Poor Narcissa, you have no idea what's going to happen to you. :(

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Review #5, by Lumos_Nox 

31st July 2011:
Wow, just as suspenseful and attention-grabbing as a published novel. I love how you called a wand a 'lifeline to magic.' Brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. That's a very flattering compliment and it completely made my day.

Thank you for reading. :)

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Review #6, by TenthWeasley 

22nd June 2011:
The robes chafed against my skin, course as a potato sack

I think you meant 'coarse' instead of 'course'.

But other than that -- WOW. I cannot believe it's taken me as long as it has to swing by and read this chapter! Your story has an incredible pace. Not too slow that it makes one feel like nothing will ever happen (far from it, in fact), but not so quick as to leave one feel like they're missing something. You have mastered the art of a perfectly paced and plotted story, and it is definitely something to be envious of.

I'll spare you yet another long and slightly fanatic rant on the magic you weave with your description and details, since you get that every time. I'll just take a brief moment to tell you to keep doing what you're doing, because you're still hooking your literary claws deep within me with that detailing.

Your characterization, now -- I haven't talked about that as much (!), so I'll elaborate on that for now! It's very easy to see each character as you describe him or her, and what's more, to feel something towards each, whether it be pity or hatred, or what have you. I took an instant dislike to every character you meant for me to dislike - Abrams, Shady Character, Gaspard. I was frustrated with Cygnus, and admiring of Andromeda, and I don't think it's too far a call to say that this is exactly what you meant for each of the characters I've named. It's talent to be able to take either characters we felt we already knew (Narcissa, Lucius) or ones you've woven entirely from your own imaginings (Abrams) and make them come virtually alive, if only in one's own head.

Long story short - I absolutely love this story. I really, really do. Where is Narcissa going? Is this story going to have a happy ending? (I really, really hope so!) I cannot wait to come home from work to read more, and to see how you will incorporate all these planned fairy tales. This is absolutely amazing, and I'm only bitterly envious I didn't think of the idea first! (But then, I couldn't have done it like this.)

Love it. Love YOU. Cannot wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I do not know how to respond to your reviews. I think we encounter this problem quite often when it comes to responding to reviews. Your reviews make me want to selfishly read them over and over but not respond to them, because I'm like.I don't know what to say. O o. And then by the time I get any oomph at all to respond, I'm in a weird mood and I just type whatever comes out like whoa, and we end up with ^

You are amazing. 'Nuff said.

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Review #7, by VioletBlade 

22nd May 2011:
:O What a great chapter! And well worth being my 100th review! Yes, that's right, this chapter is my 100th review! :D Moving on. The plot of this chapter really moved the story along, which was great because I was definitely looking for some more action to happen.

I do believe my very line in the entire chapter was this, "My mind was already two hours ahead, mentally wiping down every surface he had touched. The whole house would have to be sanitized immediately." It was so completely Narcissa that I honestly laughed aloud.

Oh and I *just* got the connection of the name of the really evil guy (I can't remember his correct title)! I'm sure you named him Gaspard on purpose, right? Although he doesn't seem to be interested in Narcissa romantically, which was interesting.

I can't believe they took her from the house. I thought that them breaking Cgynus' wand was payment enough, but nope! However, it certainly makes for a very interesting plot! Of course, now I'm wondering where they're taking her... to the castle? Oh please let it be the castle! xD Or maybe that's not going to happen yet, since you said she's going to be filling a lot of different roles... hmm :) You're keeping me on my toes guessing!

I also liked that you interjected with some of their pure-blood pride, since I believe that's really important to the Black family characterization. I especially liked the bit about the Black family portraits, because that made it spot on, really.

Overall, wonderfully well-written, no grammar mistakes, as per usual, and flow was beyond amazing! Please, please, please update this soon Sarah!


Author's Response: Aww your reviews are so lovely! And yes, I did name Gaspard that on purpose! It's a spin on Gaston, as I am sure you know, and it's not the last we've seen of him. :)

I'm glad you appreciate the portraits talking and Narcissa's pure blood pride, as I'm trying to keep to her canon characteristics as much as possible while also trying to make readers able to empathize with her. She's younger, and this is AU, so I have a bit more freedom. But essentially, I am telling the story of Narcissa and Lucius but in a very different way. Kind of like if Narcissa were to tell Draco a bedtime story, and make it more fantastical and interesting - the knight and the princess and all that. That's kind of how I picture it - an idealized story that probably did not happen anything like that, about how Narcissa and Lucius ended up together.

I'm glad you're liking my story so far! It's going to be quite a long novel, I believe, so there will be a lot of room for different fairy-tale themes. I hope you enjoy them all. :)

Thank you for reviewing, Becca!

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