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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

25th May 2012:
I haven't read this story in ages and after reading the latest chapter in Run, I didn't want to let go of your writing just yet.

Marvelous. You make it seem so easy to mold the characters into the world of fairy tales we all know and love. I especially love what you have done with the Black sisters. I figured it would be Bella and Narcissa together instead of Andromeda and Narcissa, much better than having Bellatrix around. I thought the companionship they showed each other was great because Bellatrix would have been much haughtier and I don't think as clever.

Gaspard was just a mouthful of awful. I wanted to kick him!

Author's Response: Deeds! Sorry it's taking me forever to respond. I am so bad with review responses; I sound like such a broken record.

Andromeda. :) I don't know nearly enough about her. She seems so fascinating to me, running off with a Muggle-born when her sisters are clearly not Muggle lovers. I like to think that in the days before Ted, Narcissa would've had no reason not to get along with her. I enjoyed writing about all three of the sisters in this story.

Gaspard is the worst. D: I want to kick him, too.

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Review #2, by slytherinchica08 

20th May 2012:
Oh I just loved this chapter told from Narcissa's pov! I think you did an absolutely wonderful job with this chapter. I felt so bad for her when she was denied a visitation with the minister and instead had to see his son who was rather rude to her and didn't listen to anything she had to say. I loved seeing little bits of her sisters mentioned in this chapter as well and it was nice to see andromeda so supportive and close to her since I know they have differing oppinions especially between her and Bellatirx. Your description and just the general way you have worded the story is just absolutely wonderful and just has really pulled me into the story. I can see this whole story playing out in my mind and you have painted a great vision for me! I feel so bad as they are going through things in their head and realizing that even if they were to sell them they wouldn't have enough money to help out their father. I really like what you are doing with this story so far and will continue reading! Great Job!

Recensio 2012

Author's Response: Poor Narcissa has no idea what's in store for her. Being turned away by the Ministry with no extension on their deadline or help with the debt they owe is only the beginning of her problems.

I think that Andromeda and Bellatrix are sort of extremes in their family, one light and the other dark, and Narcissa doesn't know exactly where she's at. She's got light and dark, and feels like she could go down either path at this point. She just needs a bit of a push in one direction or another.

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Review #3, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

27th November 2011:
Another wonderful chapter!

I've been really wanting to get into this story and probably will be for the next couple weeks. I promise though, I shall read all of it while leaving tons of reviews! So I warn you before the bombardment of reviews rush in! :p

Author's Response: Thank you for coming back! You are amazing, I cannot tell you enough. I appreciate each and every review you leave, they're like little presents. They make my day so much brighter. :)

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Review #4, by halfbreed 

9th September 2011:
I love the characterization of these two. I was always curious about Andromeda and Narcissa's relationship, and I imagined they'd be friends. Of course, I always thought of Bella as the insane one, so the other two would get along better? I don't know. In any case, I think that despite the fact that this obviously isn't what would have actually happened (because it's much deeper and more interesting, being a fairy tale), you do a very lovely job with them.

Andromeda's great. I love how determined she is to protect the family, and how she's set on keeping all her mother's things even though they didn't get along well. And I think you've done Narcissa very well; in the books, she always seemed to be the one that calmed everything down and tried to reason, and I love that you're bringing that in here.

Now I'm itching to know what will happen to Andromeda, since she disgraces the family and everything. Whether you put that in here or not, I hope to see more of this beautifully constructed relationship between probably my most favorite characters in the entire Harry Potter series.

Author's Response: I love Andromeda as well. I wish she could be featured more often in this story, but something I try to do is make certain bits of it explain canon events. Because really, this story is just a retelling of canon events - only in a very alternate-universe sort of way. And since Bellatrix said in the beginning of Deathly Hallows that she and Narcissa had had nothing to do with Andromeda ever since she married Ted Tonks, I kept to that with this story. Andromeda is very protective. She's methodical, she's intelligent, she's selfless. And I want people to remember that later when they see her again in this story.

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Review #5, by TenthWeasley 

26th May 2011:
Oh, Sarah. This is truly the most original fan fiction I've read on here - and what's more, it's simply one of the best. Would you excuse me in saying that I love it even more than Curious Happenings? And that says quite a lot!

Once again - this might become a repetitive thing, but I don't care, because I'm going to make you understand - your imagery is just astounding in this. You write as though this were an actual fairy tale, and I honestly forgot at a couple of places that this was even a work of Harry Potter fan fiction. It reads like an original fairy tale. I can see everything so vividly and clearly, and I don't have to try at all. You make your words come alive, make them have shape and become tangible, and that's truly the work of someone who is a master author.

This is a Narcissa different from any I have ever seen before, and I am loving her as you write her. She's so real (I see a bit of you in her, actually) and brutal and honest. You haven't painted her behind any cliches or stereotypes, and that's just a breath of fresh air. I see the Blacks from canon in the sisters, but I see your own spin on them too, and that is - once again - just incredible that you are able to do that.

Favorite line:

Mostly, the problems with Muggles and his inventions have been relatively harmless. Just a sprained ankle here, a coma there…

Your subtle humour just makes me laugh so hard - it's not easy to write something humorous, and it's even harder to do it without drawing attention to it. You truly have a gift, my friend!

I cannot wait to read future installments - this is SO GOOD. I've already favorited it, but I'm definitely going to go and recommend it on the forums, as well. You. Are. INCREDIBLE.

Author's Response: So I'm not exactly sure how to respond to this review, but I will say that I read it about ten times, and every time I read it I get all starry-eyed and la-te-da and it makes me want to do a musical number. I really need to start bringing a flash mob with me everywhere I go.

Thank you for reading. And for recommending on the forums. And for reviewing. It means a lot to me. :)

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Review #6, by VioletBlade 

22nd May 2011:
Hey again! Back to review, and because I genuinely like this story.

This chapter was interesting. I was wondering how you would characterize Narcissa, since in the fairy tale, Beauty was always the nice, caring daughter, whilst her sisters did not really care a whit for their father, but as we know, her personality in the books is not that way, except for possibly the end of the Hallows. However, I like how you make her somewhat realistic, and I'm interested in seeing how she winds up at the 'Beast's' castle!

One reason I love this story, and I'll say it again, is because of the impeccable grammar. Even better is the flow. You've really got it down, and I don't get tired of reading the chapter in the middle of it. It's really good.

Overall, really great, I love this story! (But you already knew that!)


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm very pleased that you like it, and that you think the flow and grammar are good.

Thank you for reviewing, it really made my day. :)

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