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Review #1, by rose4ever 

9th July 2012:
Who was he?? What happened between them? what happened between Pippa and Emilie? Why does Pippa and albus hate eachother?!
So many questions running through my head, I swear I am going insane! Maybe I should read the next chapter? I am also beginning to understand pippa a bit more.


Author's Response: Hehe, He is a big thing in the story :) You'll find out more about him throughout the story and his identity a while later. And Pippa and Emilie had a falling out :) The reason behind the falling out will be explored later. Haha, yeah, they're are a lot of mysteries running through the story :) I hope you like the rest of the story. Thanks for the wonderful review and I hope you have an awesome day :)

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Review #2, by Elenia 

26th March 2012:

Wow, another great chapter! I loved all the different emotions in this one. First I was all sad when she was thinking about her ex (Who is that? I need to know now!), then you made me laugh with the scene with Freddy (that was too hilarious!) and finally I was all annoyed for Pippa.

I love this story so much, you're such a brilliant writer! Your characters are so wonderful and original, your plot is the most captivating thing ever and everything is just perfect. Absolutely adore this.

I don't even have to say keep up the good work, because I know you will (:


Author's Response: Hey :) I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter. Yes, there was a lot different emotions! I love writing emotions. Haha, you'll find out who the ex is eventually. Haha, yes, it was quite the journey wasn't it!

I'm so glad you're liking the story, thanks so much. I'm glad you like the characters and the plot, it means a lot to me! Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for the review! I hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

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Review #3, by AC_rules 

21st March 2012:
Ahhha, another fabulous chapter. This one had a lot more serious stuff in though, which is good. Oh, poor Pippa. It sounds like she's had some stuff pretty rough. but I like how it's pretty almost normal stuff that's messed her up - a best friend messing her up and a boy leaving her. Hmmm.

Anyways, Pippa's flying lesson was certainly interesting. I wonder whether she'll give up or not :P


Author's Response: Hey :) Thank you, yes, a lot of serious stuff comes up in the later chapters too, I often think of the chapters being a mixed bag, some angst, some humour :) Yes, it is pretty normal stuff, which I think might help people relate too as most people have lost someone. And I'm glad you found in interesting ;) Maybe. Maybe not. She is quite stubborn. Thanks so much for the review, I hope you have a great day :) xx

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Review #4, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

19th March 2012:
Ah! Who is this evil person who would hurt Pippa? Also, who's the guy in the dream who left her?

Okay, I do remember Emile, but I really don't like her. In fact I hate her. I really do. She's an evil person. I feel I can't completely judge the guy who left because I don't know everything (you know, like, his name. I can't hate a nameless person. :P) so, for now, he's just very unlikeable.

Oh, she was having so much fun with Fred. I almost wondered/wished this was Fred/Pippa cause that was so sweet and funny and they were so cute together. Almost. I need the Albus/Pippa. There's something there, I know there is. I'm not imagining it! LOL.

Hopefully I can get to the next chapter(s) soon (it's almost spring break here). :)



Author's Response: He is a mystery. One of my favourites actually, we'll learn stuff about him throughout the story, but it'll be a while until we learn his identity.

Emilie, is complicated. Haha, she does act rather evil, but she hates Pippa for something that happened in their past and ended their friendship. And haha, yeah, but you'll learn everything eventually.

Haha, yeah, lots of people have said that, it seems they just mesh well, even though Fred would be a perfectly good choice for her, she doesn't see it like that. And Albus and Pippa might happen...eventually. Yes, there is some sort of mutual understanding going on there along with a few other things.

Thank you so much :) It's always great to hear what you think! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day!


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Review #5, by CambAngst 

26th February 2012:
One more before bedtime.

Wow, there's a lot to absorb in this chapter. Walls are coming down for several of your characters. First, you give us a tantalizing look into the past events that seem to have sparked Pippa's misanthropy. Clearly, she allowed herself to fall in love with somebody and paid a high price for that. I really wonder who it was, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough. I feel like all the pieces are starting to come together in this puzzle you've created with her character.

Fred clearly fancies her. He more or less tipped his hand when he offered her flying lessons, but he really opened up a lot in this chapter. I found myself groaning when Damien and James interrupted their moment, which is a clear sign that you really had me going on it. The Al comes along and brings everything crashing down.

You also dropped Al's mask just a bit, enough for us to have a tiny peek at his demons. He's obviously not too keen on being a school celebrity, nor does he like to see Pippa get beaten up on by her former friend. Like I said, I wasn't quite sure what to make of Emilie after the last chapter, but you settled things pretty definitively in this one. She's a villain.

So there was one weird thing I noticed that maybe is just me not understanding the flow of the narrative. When Pippa reaches the pitch for her flying lessons, it's early. 8:30, I believe. And she clearly isn't there for very long before Al storms up and demands that she fix his face. But at the end of the chapter, she's bidding him goodnight. Is this on purpose? Did I miss something?

Overall, a superb chapter! Looking forward to reading more...

Author's Response: Heya :) I hope you're okay.

I had a lot of fun writing this chapter because I got to show things that weren't mentioned yet, but play a huge part in the story. Pippa's past relationship plays a big in how she is now, but isn't the whole reason why. The person won't be revealed for a while yet. I'm writing it like the whole thing made traumatized her, so she can't bring herself to think of his name and until she deals with her issues towards it, the name won't be revealed. It's sort of a mental block per say. Thank you :) I like to show things slowly as throughout the story, you'll learn new things about the characters that you didn't already knew.

Fred likes people. He's saw that Damien refused to help her, so he offered to help. He sees that Pippa is sort of a loner, other than Cassie and Scorpius, but her world is opening up with slow idea that she is becoming friends with Fred, James and getting closer to Damien again etc. Aw! That is awesome to hear. And Albus always manages to make everything come crashing down, at least in Pippa's eyes.

Yes. A tiny peak, but still not enough, as that would ruin all the fun! :P He doesn't like either. Albus kind of expected more from Pippa in her battles with Emilie. She might be in Pippa's eyes, but I'm hoping to go with this, that all the characters are in the grey either. None of them are good, they're just people. Neither good nor bad, even when they make very bad decisons.

Well, what I meant with that, Pippa wasn't going to see Al again, so actually just going to hide underneath her blanket for the rest of the day. She wouldn't see him again so she was wishing him good night. If that makes any sense.

Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xx

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Review #6, by accioHPFF 

15th February 2012:
BACK! :)

I'm already contemplating breaking my "one chapter of The Human Factor a day" idea. I mean, I've itching to know what happens. But no, you get one review each day. :) *resists*

Pippa's great- although I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that. I really love the character that you've given her, and I like that you're beginning to explore a different side to her, after everything that has happened to her. I can't wait to see that unfold.

Albus? I loved what happened in this chapter, regarding Pippa's handiwork. I get frustrated by not knowing what drives Albus. I sit asking myself, "why does he behave like he does?" I hope we see more of that.

I loved Pippa's "It obviously hasn't been long enough" comment. She didn't go bawling and screaming, yet held her own against Emilie. Albus stuck up for Pippa? That DID confuse me? I wonder what's going on there... Anyway, I don't like Emilie. She's nasty to Pippa. :(

This was mainly character based, but hopefully tomorrow I'll talk about something else. :D Thank you for writing such an excellent story! :D

"must resist, must resist, must res-"

Author's Response: Heya :) welcome back! It is good to see you again! Aw! That has made me smile! I just like that you are liking the story!

Thank you :) I adore writing Pippa. She has a lot of sides to her, but I don't like to show it all at the first chapter, thus why secrets about her are still being revealed and will happen throughout the story.

Albus is an engima, but we actually got him to show emotion in this chapter! Eventually, you'll find out why he is the way he is. His secrets will be out in all due time.

Yes! Pippa is used to battles and she can hold her own against a lot of them. And she hates Emilie. Ah! Albus hates Emilie too. If you're interested, there is another story called 'to be human' on my page which has that scene from the story in albus point of view. Albus likes confusing Pippa. He gets kicks from the fact that she can't work him out.

Ah, don't worry! I love hearing things about the characters as sometimes people take to them different to how I do and think more clever things about them than me! So I'm always interested in what people have to say.

Aw! Thanks you're far too kind! Thanks so much for the review! I loved it! I hope you like the rest of the story too! And I hope you have a great day. Xxx

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Review #7, by Secret Santa *hands you a candy cane* 

30th December 2011:
He told me I was his reason for living. He lied because he's surviving without me. He said he was happy to have me in his life then he proceeded to kick me out of it. He said he'd never break my heart, but stamped on it until it stopped. He said he would always be here for me, but where is he now? He told me always and forever and I believed him. He didn't mean it. He didn't mean anything he said.

This story is so relatable. I once had a friend, she was my best friend and I never understood why she was just so obsessed when it came to her boyfriends. It was like her life was over once she broke-up with them or they broke-up with her. When she was in relationships she forgot about everyone else so that's pretty much the reason why I stopped being friends with her. But I feel like when I read this, when I read about Pippa's pain I heard her a bit because she was always so invested and it always sounded just like sheer desperation to me.

I don't think Pippa is desperate. I just think she needs to let things go. She's bitter, as bitter as they come. So is Albus. I want to get inside his head. To see more of this boy you have created because he barely lets anything free. I don't think he means anything he says (but what do I know? I'm only on chapter 6) and if he's mean because of a girl I'll laugh at him. I don't know why but I will.

Emilie reminds me of a regular mean girl. A bully. She makes me cringe and I want to say terrible things about her but I can't in order to keep this review proper. What I can say though is that you really are just hitting each person you introduce just right on. You're giving us a play by play into their life and really...you're writing about what it's like to survive at this age when it seems like everyone is out to get you when they're really not. That's what I take from some of the scenes and some of the chapters anyway.

- Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Heya :) I'm so glad you find the story relatable. That's one of the main things I want. I have a friend who is just like that. She has no life except for her boyfriend and I haven't spoken to her in over a month. It's sad, but I've given up on someone who isn't trying at all. Yes. It's weird seeing things from a different angle.

Yes. Pippa does need to let things go but she doesn't know how. Yes. He's so wound up tightly. The only person he trusts in Scorpius. haha, maybe, maybe not :)

Emilie is a bully but so can Pippa and Cassie be. Haha, yeah, she can be horrible :) Wow! That is such a huge compliment. Yes! It's a story to explore all the things we go through, emotion wise and not. Because as teenagers, we all think we have the worse life ever and when one thing thing happens, we all think it's over. I just like exploring the simple things and the complicated things.

Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

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Review #8, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

11th December 2011:
Oh Pippa! I feel so awful that I wanted her to be bad at Quidditch because this chapter was sort of sad. She's a bit pathetic but in a good Pippa way. And can we add Fred to my list of people I adore? If this wasn't an Albus/Pippa story and Fred wasn't afraid of Pippa's smile and what not I would want them to be together. Albus is sort of a jerk though and a bit whiny. I wonder if he has a man journal.

Author's Response: Haha, don't feel awful, she can be hard to like at times! Yes! Pippa is melodramatic sometimes, but I have yet to find a teenage girl who isn't. Haha! A lot of people have said that actually! Fred is just awesome. And LOL. That would be so funny, but I don't so, James is the one who has one of those! thanks so much for the review, it's made me giggle. I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #9, by Hanna 

28th November 2011:
First i Do have to say that i love this fanfic, it is so good written and i really enjoy reading it. I Do have some wonders and thoughts on the time perspektive: which season is it?
Another thing i' ve notised is that the time perspectives in the chapters are quite messed up. Maybe it is My bad english, but espesally this chapter did i have à hard time understanding. First it is like 8 in the morning and she meets fred for practise. They cant be talking more than an hour, then Albus drags her to the commonroom, they have à quick chat, AND THEN THEY ARE GOING TO BED SAYING GOD NIGHT. She thinks of what has happened that evening??? Did the day last like 2 hours, tops? I dont get it.

Author's Response: Heya :) I'm so glad you're liking the story so far. It's about September in this chapter while October would be around the 14th chapter. I can see why that would be confusing but when Pippa said good night, it didn't mean she was going to bed. It meant she was going to sulk in her room all night and Albus wouldn't see her again all day. It was just an early demand. Thanks for the review though and I hope you have a great day. xxx

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Review #10, by LilyFire 

12th September 2011:
Okay, so I'm actually reading this now, and not just for a swap. I still think its brilliant! Honestly, its a great story. And I want to know who him is. I've always liked Pippa, but now the story keeps getting deeper and deeper and...now on with the story!

Author's Response: LILY! HI! I'm so glad you like my story! That means a lot to me cause I know you are a wonderful story! You're so nice! I'm glad you like Pippa, she's got a nice place in my heart! Yes! The story does start to get deeper as we explore human emotions and all that stuff :) I hope you like the rest of the chapters! Thanks so much for the review! You've made my day!


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Review #11, by ariellem 

8th September 2011:
I liked this chapter, it was different. You introduced a boy who broke Pippa's heart, and Emile who is a total byotch. There was emotion but yet you didn't lose the humorous tone. :)

“Are you telling me I look like utter crap Fred Weasley?” I had used his full name. He just got owned. I would sell him and get enough money for a bar of chocolate. Oh! I could just imagine it now. Maybe Fred was even worth two bars of chocolate. Now that would be heaven. Two whole bars of chocolate just for one whimsical boy? Sounds like a good deal to me.

Love this!

Author's Response: Yes! The chapters take a different tone from now as we explore human emotion! Yep! There was a lot introduced in this chapter that comes up later in the story! Glad you thought it didn't loose too much of it's humourous tone! And I'm glad you liked that part of the story! It was a lot of fun to write! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you like the rest of the chapters! Have a great day!


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Review #12, by Blue Biro 

12th August 2011:
aw, poor Pippa! i wonder what happened to her?!! must read more! i really dont like Al at the momment! you rock!
becky :)

Author's Response: I know :( You'll find out eventually. Just not right now, as Pippa can't face up to her past right now. Haha, yeah, Al is a bit of a numpty at the moment, but he gets better, maybe, or at least he grows somewhat throughout the story. There is a reason for everything he does. Thank you so much for the lovely review, it means a lot to me. xxx

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Review #13, by alicia and anne 

14th July 2011:
Woo! I bet you're a great validator :-D
Who is Pippa dreaming of? who is this boy? is it Albus?
I just want to hug her, Poor Pippa having to go through that and feel like that.
At least she can get chocolate from selling Fred Weasley.
I can't believe she cackles though.
How often do Fred and Pippa play the freak each other out game? they seem to be good at it. Poor Pippa with her issues :-(
Haha James had a man journal! I'm glad that Pippa found it, I hope she still has it and reads stuff out of it to everyone in the great hall.
That must have been hilarious to see idiot written on Albus's head! haha especially her signing her name as well. How does she expect to get away with stuff like that?
Really who is this mysterious man!! And what is this? Albus sticking up for Pippa? they have a very complex relationship don't they?
I love it! This is the reason why you are my favourite author! you're writing is superb and you make me laugh so much, and I can feel what the characters are going through as if I'm there watching them. You are just fantastic! :-D

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks lovely.

The dream was the boy. The memories hunt her too much in her dreams and it's one of the main reasons her body won't let her sleep. I'm glad you're feeling for her.

Yes. One chocolate bar for Fred. Fair trade.

Cackling is awesome.

Haha. It's all new, but both of them pretty naturally mesh together and just get each other. Yes, Pippa's issues rise again :(

James man journal! Haha, I just couldn't help adding it. And the fact that she kept on quoting it ;D

Haha, she can be a little stupid at times.

Complex isn't the word :P Haha. It's very much an ever changing relationship.

You're so nice. That had just made my day. I'm so glad, you've just said everything I'm trying to achieve. I'm so glad it's made you laugh. Thanks so much, you're far too kind to me.


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Review #14, by MuggleFascination 

6th June 2011:
I love this story! It only took me like 3 paragraphs before I was drooling a bit because of the loopy grin on my face XD

I love the way you bring together your characters and I like how you don't rush the story :)

Looking forward to the next chapter, and I'm here to stay! :p

Author's Response: Hello! I hope you have a good day! Haha. Really? I'm so glad you like the story, it means a lot to me cause I love writing it!

Yay! I'm so glad you like the characters, I love writing them and I'm glad you like them together. Yes! The story is taking it's time, I don't want to rush it because it doesn't feel right for the characters. I mean it wouldn't make sense for Albus and Pippa to get on, I mean they hardly know each other, plus I want to explore their relationship a bit more. I mean Albus hasn't even been in 3 chapters! Haha.

Thank you so much! You're so nice! And yes, please stick around! I'm writing chapter eight at the moment and it's really fun so far. Thanks again for the wonderful review, it's made my day.


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Review #15, by laney lou 

31st May 2011:
I'm so happy! That very last line means that Pippa has realizied that she just might be in love with Albus! The chapter was really good. I like that she had an evil boyfriend and an evil best friend. I really think that although they both broke her to pieces, they made Pippa,Pippa.Those evil people deserve eachother. That's beside the point. Now, I only have one more thing to say. UPDATE! Please, for a fan. I know I'm not the only fan begging for updates.

Author's Response: Haha, sort of! She realizes that she can feel again. When he hurt her, she shut down her emotions because she never wanted to feel like that and Albus is undoing all her good work. She's not quite there with being in love with Albus yet ;) Haha.

I'm so glad that you like those plot twists but you're right, they made her who she is today, ugly parts and all. It's her background. Haha! I'm working on it! I havent been too well recently, but the next chapter is in the works! Thanks so much for the nice review!


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Review #16, by madelgranger 

30th May 2011:
Interesting chapter! We're starting to get backstory. I'm interested to find out more. Great job thanks for writing!

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you thought this was interesting chapter. Yep, a back story is slowly starting to emerge! Thanks so much for the nice review. xxx

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Review #17, by MyMyMiss 

26th May 2011:
Who is this mystery man that she was soo in love with!!! and that crumpled her O.o

Ohh, I love this story. I never thought I would EVER say that about many Next gen stories, but this one has me hooked. Completely hooked. >.<

Your Characters are brilliant. Emilie, well I know what I would like to do to her -.-.
Scorpius, I love how you portray him to be so dumb. Its brilliant. Everytime Scorpius is mentioned I get this instant smile on my face knowing something is either going to come out wrong or i'm going to be in fits. He is excellent!!
Albus is so stubborn and agro. And snappy. and and and and loveable. The way you describe his eyes is just wow. I could really feel myself burning :P I think you do Albus really well, most of the time his placid or happy. This time his veryyy agroo and just so snappy.
I love pippa. She is great. She makes me laugh more than scorpius, but that's proboably cause I relate too her so well, and when I was in high school last year, (seventeen now, whoa, no more school) I hated the world, but I had alot more friends :| But I can see Pippa is developing alot more friends than she started with. Screw Albus, go with Fred ;) not really, I really think these two make quit a pair. Its different and your writting skills are awesomeness!!

Next chapter please and thank youppp :) x

10/10 If I could go higher I would! xx

Author's Response: Ah now that is a mystery isn't it? Something that won't be revealed for a while ;) But one day you'll find out :)

Really? You really like it? That amazes me and makes me so happy! I'm so glad that it's hooked you, even if you don't tend to go for next gen. That means a lot to me!

I'm so glad you like my characters, they're becoming so much fun to write about. I'm so glad you hate Emilie, haha! Exactly what I want you to feel about her :P

I'm so glad you like Scorpius! He's such a joy to write. I have a fun time coming up with all the dumb things that he's going to say...and the fact that he has wisdom at times. I'm so glad he makes you laugh.

Yess, Albus is all those things. Thanks! I'm so glad that you liked that description :) I'm really liking description at the moment. Thanks! I thought I'd make him different! Also a happy Albus wouldn't fit in the story, well, it would in a way, but it would be a completely different story in effect.

And Pippa! I'm so glad you liked her. And I love the fact that she makes you laugh. Yess, Pippa is changing but remember, she's not the type of person that is an easy friend to have. Haha.

Haha! Yes, Fred and Pippa would work in a weird way ;)

Thanks so much for all the kind things you've said, it means a lot to me. I'll try to update soon, chapter seven should be completed before the week is up.


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Review #18, by Owlpost68 

26th May 2011:
hmmm. Very interesting chapter. It seemed like we finally know what kind of issues she has, just not the details. Like who the hell was her boyfriend??? I can't even start guessing.
Oh, my favorite quote was: Ah! Brain, you’re back. It’s nice to see you again. I’ve missed you, please don’t leave me again, I’m needy.
It did seem like the chapter was all over the place emotions wise, maybe that was the point, but it got a little confusing to read.
I really loved her interaction with fred. That was really sweet, I think they'd be really good for each other, as friends or more. I know it's supposed to be her and Al, but it was a thought. They both bring out real feelings in her, forcing her to acknowledge her problems, Fred does it in a nice way though, Al throws it in her face like she does to him lol.
All in all I thought it was prolly your most interesting chapter since we get to know more about the main character.
good job!

Author's Response: Hello! I hope you're having a good day.

I'm so glad you found this chapter interesting, I loved writing it. Him is one of the mystery parts for now. Pippa can't bring herself to say his name yet.

Thanks! I had such fun writing that line. Pippa's thoughts are amusing to write at times.

Yeah, It was a mixture, I meant it to be that way but I can see why it would get confusing, hopefully it wasn't too confusing though!

I'm so glad you liked her interactions with Fred. Don't worry, I know exactly what you mean, I feel a little tug between them too. Fred can match Pippa's wit and more. Haha, yes, Al does it in a not so good way.

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you think that! Aw, you're far too kind. Thanks so much for the nice review :D

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Review #19, by charlie_padfoot 

20th May 2011:
I can't get over how amazing this story is! Gah, I just love it :) It's not cliche, it's not something I've read before, it's completely original with amazingly written characters :) Bravo and update son ♥

Author's Response: Hi! I hope you're okay :) Really? You actually think that? I mean, wow! Thank you very much. Thanks! I tried to make my story a little different and I write the characters the way they come to me, all messed up ;) Haha. I'm so glad you like what I'm doing so far! It means a lot to me! Thanks so much for the review, I'm already working on chapter seven, it's 1000 words so far :) Thanks again.

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Review #20, by Woodrow Rynne 

19th May 2011:
Just wow. I love this story to bits.
I adore the way you've pictured and shown us each and every character. And you've captured the Slytherin mentality quite well. Did I tell you I love this fic? Oh, well..I'm saying it again.
I love the plot, the dialogue, the description...in short, i love it all.
Keep writing, pleaaase. :)

Author's Response: Hi :) I hope you're having a good day. I'm so glad you like this story! It's my baby :)
Thanks! They're a bit different, I know, and not everyone likes that, but I'm so glad that you do. Really? The slytherin mentality? Thank so much, because I'm a Gryffie! So that is a huge compliment because I've had people tell me that she's not a real Slytherin in the first chapters but I'm taking things slowly in this story and I'm glad you can see her Slytherin side now.

Thank you so much! You're far too kind! But thank you so much. I'm so glad you like it all.

Thanks so much for this review, this review pretty much has made my day. It's amazing. Thank you so much, you're the reason I have begun work on chapter seven :) Thanks so much and I'll try to update soon.

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Review #21, by busybusybeta 

16th May 2011:
yay! a spark of the real albus potter! XD
this is so exciting...
i really like fred weasley, i just wish pippa were...normal i suppose. hahaha, i can't wait to see what else you have in store for her.
looking forward to your next update!

Author's Response: Yess, just a spark though ;) It's fun writing them together.
I'm so glad you like Fred, I love writing him. He's just so funny and doesn't take anything seriously. Haha, Pippa is crazy and therefore reacts to a completly normal situation weirdly, aka Fred complimenting her.

Thanks so much for all your reviews, it's been so fun answering them! Thanks, I'll try to update soon.


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Review #22, by clarehp93 

16th May 2011:
I actually LOVE this story! it's good to see characters (like Pippa) who aren't all nice and happy and full of clichéd happy endings etc. She seems more real and I think that is so important in characters! I really like her and I adore her sense of humour/complete and utter randomness! and to top it all of, all the chapters I have read so far have been wonderfully written :) please keep it up and update! I'm genuinely intrigued by this story and I wanna know what happens next chapter!

Author's Response: Hello! I hope you're okay. I'm so glad you like my story! I have so much fun writing it. It's just a real mixture of everything. Thanks, Pippa isn't really nice, she's angry at the world. I'm so glad she seems real. I try to make all my characters real. It's one of the things I do as I love writing OC's but I hate to read ones where the characters just don't seem real so I try to avoid that in my stories. Thanks! I'm so glad you like her humour! Haha. Thanks! Wonderfully written? You are far too kind, but thanks, that has made my day. Thank you so much for the lovely review, it's been so nice to read it. Thanks again and I'll try to update soon! I'm glad it's intrigued you and I hope it continues to do so and the future chapters don't let you down.


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Review #23, by Lillylover22 

15th May 2011:
i liked the fred and pippa interaction. this was great!! update soon!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Hiya! I'm so glad you liked their interaction, I had so much fun writing it. Thanks so much for the review and your nice words, it means a lot to me. Thanks again and I'll try to update soon.

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Review #24, by kvkvjvjv 

14th May 2011:
This story is sosososo brilliant. I'm absolutely obsessed. All your characters are so complex. Especially Pippa. Normally female OC's annoy the crap out of me because they're all the same. But Pippa is so flawed that she actually seems like a real person. I also love the fact that James Potter isn't a Quidditch freak, and that Lily isn't the fiery little Gryffindor. SO refreshing to see no cliches. Keep up the amazing work

Author's Response: Hiya. Really? You actually think so? That's amazing to hear. I'm so glad you like the story. Thanks! I'm so glad you like the characters. And wow! That's what I try to do with all my characters, I try to make them real, plus if they didn't have any faults, it would be really boring to write. I mean, all my characters have faults, Cassie, Damien, James, Albus and of course, Pippa. I'm so glad you like this aspect.

Thank you! I'm doing my own spin on NG and I'm glad you like it. This is just how the characters come to me and for this story, it works perfectly. I mean, how would a sweet al work in the story, he wouldn't :P I'm so glad you think that they're in no cliches. And I'm so glad you like James and Lily's characters. I love Lily as a naive popular girl. And I made James not like quidditch because hey, it's possible. Not everyone likes sports, I sure don't :P

Thank you, I'll try to :) I have some fun plans for this story and the characters.

Thanks so much for the review, it's made my day and it's made me super happy. I hope you'll stick with me through the rest of the story and I'll try to update soon.


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Review #25, by MissThomas 

14th May 2011:
Update :D
I read this twice because I liked it so much.
Freds cool.
Your Albus is different from the others, usually they're all sweet and nice. I like it.
Please update soon, I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hello! I hope you're having a good day. Really? Twice? That is just amazing. Wow. And I'm so glad you liked Fred, he's so fun to write.
And yes, Albus is very different from a lot of other stories but I'm so glad you like this version of him I'm writing. Him being sweet and nice wouldn't work for the story i think. Plus it's so much more interesting to write him this way.

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked this chapter. Thanks for the review and I'll try to update soon.


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