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Review #1, by hdawg 

14th August 2012:
CHAPTER SEVEN! And I am about to find out who this random bloke is and where my Hugo has disappeared... oh you and your cliffhangers!

"were Scorpius and Professor Neville having a dance party in celebration?/Actually, he thought, that might be kind of fun" Hugo! You're alive! And as fantastically dim and hilarious as ever.

"Scorpius wondered how in the world Hugo had managed to make the friends he had with such strange creatures without fatally offending any of them." So true, Scorpius, so true... Although I love Hugo's ability to make friends with anything. I can kind of imagine him having a birthday party and more animals turning up than humans.

Oh Scorpius loves Hugo! "he was worried that they'd be unhappy about Hugo's desire to reach the Quidropopots. Which had also become Scorpius's desire." I think it's so wonderful that you've presented them in this way, a bromance, but one in which Scorpius is kind of like a worried parent. But you can tell he is a good friend to him, not only in the way that he constantly worries about Hugo and his safety, but also in the way that he is looking for this plant for no other reason than because Hugo wants to find it. Pure bromance love there.

"Hugo's little pow-wow." POW-WOW! ELECTRIC POW-WOW! Story crossover boom! Sorry, I just had to say that, and also have to say that I loved that fic (although you probably gathered that yourself from the reviews I left you).

"It was a bad move. Delphi turned on the spot and grabbed Hugo by the throat. The boy's eyes bugged as Delphi marched him to a tree and pinned him to the trunk." WHAT? NO! Get your hands off him! It's not (completely) his fault!

"Scorpius would have sworn his life...that tears threatened to stain his cheeks because of the absolute terror and confusion and agony and other previously-bottled emotions that were pulsing through the young Weasley's body merely yards from him." :'( why. do. you. make. me. feel. these. things. why.

"A boy worse with words than the average six-year-old, and he had six in his midst entranced." This line is just wonderful. I think that's kind of how I feel about Hugo. Like all his quirky ways, his strange mind, the way he can't look after himself...it all endears people to him and makes them think for a moment. I don't know, but it's people like Hugo that can make people better because he automatically makes people want to help him.

I just need to quote this and tell you that this is bloody fantastic: "Neville needed to help Hugo because Neville had once been Hugo./Scorpius needed to help Hugo because Scorpius was living Hugo's life./The three of them united by a common thought--one of them after a plant, and the other two seeking to show the one that he's got more than a plant would ever give him." I should say something deep here, but I think you said it all.

"Hello, my name is Hugo Weasley, and I like to push over cows while they sleep because their legs lock and they're sleeping." He is my everything. If someone introduced themselves to me like this, I would fall at their feet immediately. Although, to be fair, my old headteacher once told me he did this when he was a young boy...

"Because when we're done, I can still tell Mum and Dad that I found it." You have killed me.

Right, I need to pop out now, but when I get back later, I will be ready to resume this adventure! Honestly, though, I curse myself for taking so long to read this!

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Review #2, by AC_rules 

10th April 2012:
Oh gosh, Hugo. I mean I've wanted to jump right in and give him hug from the beginning, but after this chapter I want to like... I'd usually say marry him, but I'm thinking adopt him or keep him as a sort of adorable pet works better in this case.

And they've all got such a beautiful bond!

What they should do, is, take the healy-bit of the plant back and leave the rest of it all in the forest and... well, I really hope Longbottom doesn't lose his job but then, Hogwarts doesn't tend to be exactly strict about what it lets Hogwarts teachers do but, oh.

Well I'm still loving this story and can't wait to read onwards, so I'm just going to read onwards :)

Author's Response: UM. YOU CAN MARRY ME INSTEAD. Because you gave a perfect description of how Hugo should be received into Muggle society. Think of him, he'd love to be a pet! Laying in the sun all day, chasing after moving things, barking at the mailman. Etc.

I thought of that course of action myself. At times I almost wish that as a writer I'd made it harder and more complicated for myself that way, because it would involve a lot of regulation issues, etc, but it usually came back to the bottom line; human greed.

Don't know if you remember what Flitwick is like but, eh, Neville will be fine for his job :P I can tell you this since you're done. ALTHOUGH in the sequel some in between stuff will come up, since the sequel is set Hugo's seventh year, and this is his fifth.


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Review #3, by FoundriaPenguin 

25th December 2011:
I definitely did not see the connection really, between Scorpius and Hugo. But now that I think about it more, it makes loads of sense. Being a child of the Golden Trio, he should be one of the coolest kids in school, but instead, Scorpius, child of the bad, bad Malfoys, is.


OH, CENTAURS! Loly, you just have loads of stuff up your sleeves. always full of surprises. i guess my theory about Hugo suddenly becoming manlier wasn't exactly accurate, eh? oh well. maybe next time ;)

I'm so glad that Hugo has figured out that he's trying to find this fruit for himself...and no longer for Margie. Especially since at the end he says "Because when we're done, I can still tell Mum and Dad that I found it." *shining eyes* i mean, it would be nice if they actually ended up together, but...as Neville said, out of the league. BUT I SUPPOSE I SHIP IT NOW. :P

this chapter was so so lovely. and the entire story so far has been written in such an excellent way. girl, you got a gift, mmk.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: I basically wrote that part of the chapter because even though I knew why, I realized, sometimes things just have to crystallize.

Well I really loved your theory if that counts for anything :P Hugo shall eventually be a man with actual muscle. Alas for now...

I'm not really a ship writer. You know this now since you finished this, but it's just not part of the plan for me. Marjie doesn't reciprocate the seedlings of Hugo's romantic lurve, so it wouldn't work out well. And Neville-wisdom is sort of irrefutable obvs.

THANKS SO MUCHHH. This literally came out of nowhere. I mean I remember working on it, taking notes, having all these ideas of who was thinking what about who and at what point perceptions changed...but. Still. It's a blur.

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th December 2011:
Neville needed to help Hugo because Neville had once been Hugo.

Scorpius needed to help Hugo because Scorpius was living Hugo's life.

Gah! Between those two lines and the ending I just want to hug Hugo and you because this story just gets better and better with each chapter. I find myself more and more thinking about their journey but it's not even about finding the plant for me anymore. For me it's more about everyone learning about Hugo and helping Hugo and themselves because it seems as Neville and Scorpius learn more about Hugo and try to help him they learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Author's Response: Basically what you've said is the reason I wrote this story--it's people coming to terms with their differences in a bizarre situation and realizing how much they don't see in an everyday scene. It was my sincerest intention to make it less about finding the plant as the story went on, so I'm very pleased that that's how it's come across.

It's hard, as a writer, as I'm sure you know, to find the balance between how much a story can say out loud and how much should be left up to a reader, but in this chapter, I wanted to get some stuff out in the open, have them be very clear, sort of as a conclusion for the arguments I think the story'd been working towards. Glad to see that it was successful for you!

thanks again for the review :)

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Review #5, by TenthWeasley 

19th October 2011:
You've got the best chapter endings. The /best/. Because they always leave me thinking -- they stick in my mind -- and I genuinely want to continue on with your story, all curiosity about Quidropopots and centaurs and motivating factors aside.

I loved being able to glimpse those here, by the by. I was sort of gathering motivations as I went along, thinking about Hugo's need to prove himself and Scorpius's need to break away from the stigma of his parents, but it never quite struck me how similar the goals and, yes, mindsets of the three were. They are all driven by a very similar, even alike force, and just the fact that you have such strength and flow and constancy in your story impresses me tremendously, all the more because it sort of took me by surprise.

When Hugo started crying. :( I understand, Scorpius! A sad Hugo makes me weepy as well.

I love your story, Lily. It is so unique and marvelous, and extremely inspiring. It's sparked ideas and thinking I cannot divulge but know that these things are there, and it was solely the originality of this story and the professionalism of it's construction -- such a breath of fresh air, you cannot even imagine -- it's these things that placed the sparks. I cannot wait to continue on to chapter 8. :3 Magnificent as always!

Author's Response: EEE such high praise for a lowly maid! I believe that you can understand, at least in part, just how much I admire the mind and the way that people can use them and they ways that writing can stimulate them--so it is one of the most gratifying things to hear you say that this story had you thinking. I have always been interested in the outsider types, having been one myself for the largest part of my life--I still inhabit this period--and I am so lucky to have readers like you who are willing to look for things here that make you think about what the story is working to say.

It's so wonderful to hear that you were gathering motivations as you went; that's lovely phrasing, by the way. I tried to leave them...I didn't know if I was doing it well or intelligibly or anything like that at all but I am glad to know that despite my insecurities they somehow managed to stay where I meant them to--or at least in the vicinity :)

It took me a while to feel like I was getting into the meaty stuff--I know it is confusing to catapult into a story that switches from character to character and pattern of thinking to pattern of thinking, but I was doing it for the reasons that you say--they all do have even the same exact driving force, and I am happy that it has come through even though it's not something immediately apparent.

And I know--when I read this scene I feel for whatever reason it's sloppy--but I still feel a little pang in the chest even if the writing suffers. That's what matters--Orwell backs me up, just try to argue, people!

Thank you so much JANE (h). It was a little bit weird--you've forged a path into the land of Ced/OC, you know how it is to be writing a story that not many other people are, if any. It was strange because there wasn't the guarantee that people were going to enjoy it; but now I see in a way more tangible than I think I deserve that people were able to enjoy it and I feel so, so grateful for this.

Thank you for your reviews, lovely, and may all the speed of a swift and coursing river be with you.

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Review #6, by Toujours Padfoot 

18th October 2011:
Your imagery with describing the centaurs was perfect - it painted the picture in my mind very well.

I loved this paragraph:
The flimsy motivation of winning the affections of a girl so high above him in the social strata and--but wait. A wave of self-loathing interrupted Scorpius's thoughts, infiltrating them like poison. He felt like spitting violently. He sounded so much like his father.
- I like the push and pull with Scorpius, warring the boy his parents tried to craft him into with the man he worked so hard to become. On the whole, Scorpius is strong, assertive, capable, and good. Just an all around good person. But every now and then these other thoughts creep in of their own accord, and they're not Scorpius's. They're Draco's. I find this dynamic realistic and I am impressed and jealous, over and over, at your ability to see so far inside someone to think to add these small details.

Pardon me for springing more quotes on you, but I simply can't resist - I thought this was one of the most touching, beautiful things I've ever read:

And it seemed that although his parents and his family could accept Hugo Weasley for who he had turned out to be, the rest of the world was still expecting him to become something. And Hugo felt that. And it made him feel like he had to prove something.

Neville needed to help Hugo because Neville had once been Hugo.

Scorpius needed to help Hugo because Scorpius was living Hugo's life.

The three of them united by a common thought--one of them after a plant, and the other two seeking to show the one that he's got more than a plant would ever give him.

I just...Oh, Hugo. Oh, Scorpius. Oh, Neville. I am rooting /so/ hard for them. I want them all to find this plant, and to become universally acknowledged and respected for it. And I admire Neville and Scorpius /so/ much for going on this expedition with Hugo, who really needs to solidify his own place in society through his own merit, and not his last name.

I just...gah. You're going to get so sick of my rambling reviews. But I love the way you've molded these characters. They're becoming so canon for me. And Hugo has this simplistic innocence to him that is impossible to resist. Whenever you tell us what he's thinking, it's just so...pure. This is a person who truly lives in the moment, and doesn't stop to ask himself questions. The how and why don't seem to be of much importance. It's the end goal that he's got his eye on.

Oh my goodness, that last line: "Because when we're done, I can still tell Mum and Dad that I found it."


I am so curious about what they are going to do if they actually find the Quidropopot, keeping in mind its potential for mass chaos. Is Scorpius's clothing going to magically transform into a Muggle suit like film Draco's, and he will breathe fire of doom and run away with the rubies? And what are they going to go back and tell Flitwick and everyone else? And if they get to the frozen lake where the fruit is concealed, will there be an army of acromantulas awaiting them? SO MANY QUESTIONS. MUST CONTINUE ONWARD.

Author's Response: WELL HELLO HELLO HELLO. Fancy meeting you here.

Honestly I know I sound like a broken record but I feel almost like I can't even take credit for the imagery here because it all CAME INTO MY BRAIN and I just wrote down what I saw. It didn't feel so much like writing a story and just more like writing a story /down/. At least in some parts, like the centaurs. Half of me was like...OK lily where did these things come from? And then I was like okay, I can work with this, I can go with this, I can make this work...

Deffo exactly what I was hoping with Scorpius. YOU ARE MY DREAM COME TRUE SCOLY MON FOSH.

And honestly I know what these quotes you use marvelously (if I may say so myself -eyebrow eyebrow-) came from me somewhere; there's something in me that for eight months of my life lived in the bodies and the pasts of three men; but reading them, they feel separate. But the story as a whole feels like a part of me. IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE D;

Never getting sick of your reviews! EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE. When we publish stories we can write real-life rambling reviews for each other and everyone can be in awe of their ramblyness.

As a writer and knowing you're a writer I find it fascinating that your mind while you're reading this was going through the same thought processes mine was going through while writing it; I definitely did have a plan for the plot of this story and I definitely did stick to it; but the thing was that the plan was a conglomerate of smaller ones, of digressions, and so I guess you could say there wasn't a really clear plan at all. There were several stories mapped out in my head and they were all, to me, the plan--while you're wondering what they're going to do when they find the plant, /so was I at this point/. I don't know if I'm expressing myself well, but I'll just say it as candidly and succinctly as I can: that is amazing.

Since you're finished, at this point, with this story, and I am thinking about deciding to definitively answer some questions I left hanging in the sequel, I think I'm going to appreciate your questions as I have appreciated the vast thought and energy you have put into my story, and these characters, and what happened to me because of them; so thank you, so, so much.


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Review #7, by padfoot88 

23rd July 2011:
"Neville needed to help Hugo because Neville had once been Hugo.

Scorpius needed to help Hugo because Scorpius was living Hugo's life."
So those two sentences really just got me, I could feel myself coming to the sane understanding at the sane time as the characters and I was just like "wow, that makes sense" haha :) love this story, and I love watching Hugo develop each chapter, it's amazing :)

Author's Response: aww thank you! i was hoping that would kind of happen--you would get at the connection before i came out and was like well, here's how it is LOL~ i'm glad you were able to get at that fron the HINT HINTs i felt like i was dropping :) i'm so grateful for your review, and I hope the ending that I have planned will be able to see Hugo through to something he deserves :)

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Review #8, by hpgrl 

14th June 2011:
Hey lily! I read this chapter when it first came out but I haven't reviewed it yet (sorry!).

This chapter was like one of those "ding!" light-bulb-over-my-head type thing. I kind of sensed from the beginning that there was some kind of weird, deep connection between Neville, Hugo, and Scorpius, but I could never really spell it out. Then, you pieced it all together so cleverly and it was like WOAAAH! THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!! it was so beautifully done.

and the last sentence was like- AWwwh! poor Hugo, he's so huggable and I just want to smush him! you've really gotten everyone on his side and did it kind of underhandedly. I always root for the underdog, but this is different, its like now, I don't just pity him, but I respect him.

anyways, I'm off to the next chapter! can't wait to see where this story goes.

Author's Response: hi jade! i'm sorry it's taken me so dreadfully long to respond, but i have seen your review in the meantime and i have to say that i'm so glad that this chapter was worthy of a 'ding' moment :P i am also glad that my constant hints were not too bothersome as far as i can tell. i was having a flailingly awkward time trying to figure out where the balance went between telling too much and being too obscure. then i finally just threw my hands up and typed out this chapter ...

and what you said about hugo made my day the first time i read this, and continuously makes me happy. i have always been blatantly in love with his strangeness but also what i saw in him (which sounds strange to say because i...wrote him, kind of.maybe) that went beyond that. i am always so glad when other people see that too, and like it!

thanks so much for the review, i appreciate it muchly :)

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Review #9, by WitnesstoitAll 

8th June 2011:
wow. I'm still processing the emotional impact carried in this chapter, and I'm not really sure what to say. You've left me a little speechless.

This: "Neville needed to help Hugo because Neville had once been Hugo." I thought that in the last chapter at some point. And I brushed it away, caught up in the spider attack, but no! It's true. Hugo is the odd little boy with enormous shoes to fill. Only, well no matter how big his feet grow, they're just not the right shape for the shoes. Gah. I love your hugo so much. He's so appropriate and lovely and I hope for all the world that he can be happy with himself once this is all said and done.

Of course Neville and Scorpius benefit from this all, but really, it's about Hugo. Their benefit is dependent on his state of mind at the end of it all.

Author's Response: I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE THIS CHAPTER. i felt like i birthed it out, so i'm extremely glad that it's been effective as i meant it to.

maybe how when parents have a baby they hope it grows up and turns into a good person. that is how i feel right now. SO MUCH PRIDE. and hyperbole, but you're probably used to that with me ;)

and hugo bawww i don't know where his cuteness comes from sometimes. i get so much into each of their characters when i write them that i just...just let my fingers go and sometimes intervene, but a lot of the time looking back i'm just like, i did write that, didn't i?

it is really about hugo! chapter eight is like two hundred words from edited completion at the moment, and so i can say with certainty that it is :)

thanks for your faithful reviews! they've made me so happy :) :) :)

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Review #10, by GubraithianFire 

20th May 2011:

First thing's first, I adore the pattern in your chapter naming. Like really, I love it. I've always wanted to do something like that, but it never pans out for me. I wanted to mention that first because I didn't want to forget it as so many things swirl around in my head.

I have literally been hearing about this fic since... December? I feel like it was December. I remember thinking when I finally got to reading it (... February? March? *hides*) that it was certainly unique and interesting. But because I'm a cynic, it required more than a little suspension of disbelief for me to really get into it. I really, really liked it, but I never really felt the need to squee about it as vehemently as I have other things.

But then this chapter. Holy crap, this chapter. I can't even begin -- just, wow. Those three lines summed up all of my concerns about the fic, the problem with suspension of disbelief, and suddenly everything made sense. There was another issue, a smaller one, I had in the beginning, which was the depth of your descriptions. They were done really well, but I was never crazy about spelling out motivations and psyches this way: really, the whole showing v telling debate. I prefer not spoon-feeding to my own readers, and your narration was so dense that it felt very much like an overload of telling.

But again, this chapter, those three lines about ending the first section -- Lily, I can't even begin to tell you what that did for me. Suddenly everything made sense, and I seem to be repetitive right now, but it really did. Everything was crystallized in that moment and iozesijlhkd if seems so obvious now that I look at it, and I think subconsciously I knew that Neville and Hugo shared quite a lot (the connection between Scorpius and Hugo was a bit more obscure), but how that was spelled out was just masterful. And not just on the level in which my issues with the fic were put into a new light -- it was masterful on an emotional level, too, because suddenly I realized that this ragtag little group had come so far for something so abstract and gosh darn it, I love them. I always liked them and admired your characterizations of them, but now I kind of love them. My heart swelled up and I let out an audible Aww and... yeah, that's pretty much it.

Squee, this is so perfect ♥

Author's Response: GUBBY!! (h)

thank you SOO much for this review--i can't honestly say i understand every word of it BUT it still made me very happy :)

hahah gina and annie are VERY very exaggerative (is...that a word?) in their enthusiasm for this story. NOT that i hate it or anything because writing it has grown me pretty attached to it, but i definitely acknowledge its inherent flaws and eccentricities...

i set out writing it sort of like one approaches a musical--in a world so separate from my own reality that what would really happen isn't of any concern to the story. i admit that i did know that this isn't appealing to everyone and i'm so thankful that i've gotten such positive and honest reviews as i have on it! and thank you for reading it despite your hesitations, which are fully justifiable and i believe that i understand everything you explained.

to be honest, these are all first draft chapters. i haven't reallly looked back at any of them...i've just been trying to get it all out first, but i do plan revisions, for grammar at the very least :P i definitely understand the qualm about the description vs. let the reader kinda deal with it on their own...because i get what you mean about spoon-feeding. i think i was just SOOO determined to get across a point and i wasn't exactly sure how to do it that i kind of vomited out what i was thinking and this is what happened. heh. i still think it's endearing vomit, really. but i understand. i believe my own tastes have evolved since i started this story but i've been on a mission to keep the tone the same throughout, although it's hard now with more action.

i'm so glad, after all that (phew!) to be able to say thank you for your squee :P does mean a lot to me to hear it from you, both because i know you're being honest and well, i've read your stuff and it's quite something to have compliments from someone who writes as you do. i'm so glad that my little team has pushed its way into your heart because it's DEFINITELY in mine !! :) things are coming to a close, so i'm trying to pull realisations together for the characters themselves. i'm going out a bit on a limb here, but perhaps your understanding mirrors that of the one in the chapter??? (going all english major over here...and a couple flails, which doesn't really come with that but i bring it, you know.)

anyways i think that i've written ENOUGH (obviously wordy is my most favorite style :P) now, but thank you thank you for the review! i appreciate it MUCHO.

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Review #11, by charlottetrips 

18th May 2011:
Char here. Review # 2 :)

Iím seeing if itís possible for me to jump into the middle of a story and review it (thank you for participating in my experiment).

Now this was one well-written chapter! The amount of self-revelation on the part of Scorpius and just the understanding that both Scorp and Neville put together as well as the emotion packed into it was amazing! Your writing is tinged with humor that doesnít pull away from the delicate formation of a closer bond between the three.

Your attention to detail and ability to put the vision of what is happening in front of the reader is perfect. Details such as ďThe four centaurs stood outside of the tent, their long bodies disrupting the flickering flow of firelight from the flames in its travel to the tent.Ē This really communicates to me what the boys are seeing.

This was great! Now I HAVE to back up and read the other 6 chapters :P


Author's Response: thank you so much for this review!! i'm actually surprised that you were able to jump right in and understand but i suppose...actually i have no idea what that means about my writing :P
i'm just going to say the cliffhanger at the end of chapter 6 is NOT going to be as exciting now but that's okay... heh
and thank you so much for the compliments, i am very flattered and pleased to hear that you enjoyed it so much! i'm really glad too that you pick up on and appreciate all that i put in here on purpose because i feel like with this story it might look like i just ramble...and you know what's funny is i remember crafting that sentence as well :P
i admit that when i set out to write this i thought it would be a whole lot more humourous--like slap-stick stuff but then it turned into a total coming-of-age thing and it's not as silly as i had imagined, but i'm glad that you still notice the hints of humour i've put in here !!
thanks again for the reviews, i really appreciate them!! :)

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Review #12, by justonemorefic 

11th May 2011:


Oooh I like how you describe centaurs.

"We're going to die," Scorpius groaned. "We are going to die." Oh Scorpius. Ye of little faith. You're too pretty to die anyway.





(And baww and the end. So innocent, little Hugo, on his bildungsroman! :3)

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: OH HAI!!

(p.s. german man on his cellphone next to me in the library. and you said bildungsroman...IT SEEMS FITTING.)

baww hugo. too mature not to cry (which completely makes sense O.o )


and, and, anddd i am so proud of little HUGOOO!

thanks for the review. you've got me smiling like (someone who smiles) for no apparent reason, which is the best reason, and it has lovely side effects.


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Review #13, by NextGenna14 

11th May 2011:
I really love this story!

Author's Response: aw thank you so much!! i happen to be fond of it myself...always referring to it (in a completely sane manner, obviously) as my child :)

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