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Review #1, by soph 

13th April 2015:


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Review #2, by sarah 

12th February 2014:
you should update this. its a good idea

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Review #3, by cutenut1999 

15th December 2013:
this is awesome.. pls update faster.. i can't wait..

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Review #4, by saphiraelduradi 

25th November 2013:
please update soon, bcz so far the story is going on fantastic.can't wait to know what's going to happen next...

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Review #5, by Fiona 

4th September 2013:
When is the next chapter coming?? I spent the last 4 hours, maybe more maybe less I can't remember, reading. This is the first fanfiction I really enjoy reading and I didn't even ship draco and hermione before. Please write more soon!

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Review #6, by cea 

31st December 2012:
awesome story... too bad its abandoned!

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Review #7, by Kbmullins822 

13th December 2012:
So amazing I can't wait for another one I hope you decide to continue this story!!!

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Review #8, by Presh 

30th May 2012:
I'm gonna cry ! This story is amazing ^.^

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Review #9, by @HarryStyleUKFan 

28th May 2012:

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Review #10, by Veronica 

13th February 2012:
:( I miss this story, I guess you are very busy, but i hope you come back!!

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Review #11, by LittleRiddle 

19th January 2012:
Omg, seriously? I thought it was complete *sadness.
I really dont like Naomi, she severely pisses me off. I feel like shes just screwing everything up. I just wanna yell at her and go 'DON'T TOUCH IT! THEY'RE DOING GREAT RIGHT NOW! AND STOP SCREWING WITH HAYDEN!'
I swear, i could just slap herr!
Update soon!

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Review #12, by krisangel 

16th January 2012:
omygosh! this is so good! it keeps getting better and better. i have been empathizing with Hayden but then he says the thing about the abortion and i just burst out laughing.

the wait is going to drive me up the wall so please try to update as soon as possible.

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Review #13, by LilyMinervaLunaMalfoy 

28th August 2011:
Please write more. I think this story is amazing.

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Review #14, by Harry_potter_girl 

27th August 2011:
When r u going to put up the next chapter? I've been waiting forever :(

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Review #15, by Amelia Raihan 

4th August 2011:
Hi, I'm a new reader here! Nice to meet you!
Wow, what a story...this is amazing!
I read this for a whole day! What an amazing story, and I hopes that you could write more Dramione scene more, even I know Hayden and Naomi's scene are quite important here but a little Dramione scene wouldn't hurt right...? ;)

So, update soon ok! Until then... ;D

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Review #16, by mgmve 

2nd August 2011:
Please update soon. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

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Review #17, by Hermiohninny 

2nd July 2011:
Oh. My. Merlin. You can't leave me on a cliffhanger like this? It's like the freaking Cruciatus curse!:)

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Review #18, by XenaMalfoy41 

5th May 2011:
i still havent read the rest of the chapters,but im sure they are as intresting as this one!!! keep up the good work!

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Review #19, by guildfan 

20th April 2011:
To put it simply, that was awesome.

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Review #20, by SpringTime 

19th April 2011:
So many thoughts are swirling in my head. I can't wait to see if I am right. You really are great at throwing me for loop after loop.

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Review #21, by couldyoureallyknow 

17th April 2011:
AH! this gets more and more intense by each chapter! more soon please !! :)

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Review #22, by Lizzieee 

15th April 2011:
Oh my holy crap...if Hayden doesn't save his parents, and decides o go back because Naomi tells him that, I'll be SO upset! He has to save his parents...or else everything would have been a waste:/

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Review #23, by KhrystineR 

15th April 2011:
i really like this chapter. it's no wonder you got an award, great job, i'll be waiting for more updates

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. (#^_^#)

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Review #24, by sinwillys822 

14th April 2011:
Ohh I can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks. :) I'll try to hurry with the next chapter.

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Review #25, by dead_poet 

14th April 2011:
although this chapter marked such an important turning point in your story i couldn't stop myself from laughing. you have such a great sense of humor!! favourite lines:
-“That’s a crock of shit!” Draco exclaimed incredulously, feeling as though he’d been saying this over and over, “You are from the future, claiming to be mine and Granger’s son? I’ve never heard so much shit from one person before, and that’s saying something because I’m friends with Pansy Parkinson.” -
-“Oh, and by the way,” she continued, stemming her fists in her hip, “where do you prefer to have sex with me? In the broom closet or in my room?” She then jeered, facing the group, “ARE YOU ALL OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN’ MINDS? THIS—THIS IS CRAZY! CRAZY! And you, Mister,” she pointed at Draco as if this whole thing was entirely his fault alone, “I was serious when I said that you’re NOT coming near me, EVER!”-
both reactions are just so amazing! a funny but also heart-melting chapter regarding the big step hayden had to make in order to change the past for better. i really enjoyed the contrast between hayden who felt uncomfortable, angsty und unsure how to handle the situation and on the other hand hermione and draco who could not take the revelation that serious. great job on chapter 20!
kind regards, christel

Author's Response: Hi Christel! :)
uhm... LOL Sense of humor? ^_^ This chapter wasn't meant to be humorous, to be honest, but I wanted Draco and Hermione to react kinda..."sarcastic" towards such (for them, ridiculous) news. It's one way to deal with something unpleasant, I guess (at least that's what I've noticed my little brother does, and he's very funny in serious situations.)

Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. ^_^ Hope you'll be around to read the next?

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