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Review #1, by AlexFan 

17th October 2013:
Holy cow. Can I punch Severus? Please? Permission to knock him out?

Lily wasn't exactly being nice what with the jabs that she was throwing about his father and stuff but what did Severus think was going to happen? That Lily would just accept his sympathy and become friends with him again? Did he just assume that she would forget about everything that he did to her?

I just want to make Lily some tea and cake, give her a teddy bear and tell her that everything will be okay even though it won't.

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Review #2, by M 

30th June 2013:
Lily is improving! I am glad, because I thought that she might go downhill. Amazing!!! I loved it!!!

Author's Response: Well... s'gotta get better before it gets worse again. mywhaha

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Review #3, by Alena MacLean 

2nd March 2013:
Hey, thought it was a great chapter. Loved the way Petunia knew so little of the mark on Snape's arm but still was worried. There is a side to Petunia that I find intriguing. I liked 'Voldermort' especially :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it. Voldermort came from an unfortunate misspelling of mine... oh dear. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #4, by Paige_Weasley 

19th October 2012:
OooOOOoooOOOooOOOoooOoooOOOoooOh BROOOM cupboards . . . /:) :) /:)

Author's Response: Ahhha, nothing like a broom cupboard ;)

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Review #5, by Mutt N Feathers 

1st May 2012:
Man, she's like one twist away from having her threads break. Sirius still has me worried, but I like that they haven't given up on her.

Author's Response: Nope, not yet. They really are doing their best for her, bless them :)

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Review #6, by rbrammer 

28th April 2012:
James is such a sweetheart! Lily is weakening to him, she can't resist him forever. I'm so happy that she's finally letting down her ihatejamespotter-guard, but it makes me so sad that Mary's death and all of the bad things happening had to happen first. This is wonderful, and I think it's a great sequel to The Art Of Breathing. :)

Author's Response: Isn't he just so darn cute! I'm feeling pretty sentimental considering I just planned out serious degrees of fluff further on in the story and well... HE'S SO COSY.

Awh, thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it! And thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #7, by HartOfARebel 

2nd April 2012:
Hey there =]

At first I thought that Lily was very similar to how Mary was at the start of the year and I was kinda like =/, but the more I've read the more she seems...like her own person..if you get me. I like the flashbacks =]

Author's Response: Hey there HartOfARebel! A couple of people said they though Lily was slightly Mary-esque in the beginning, so hopefully the further you get in the more she'll seem like herself :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by house elf 

26th March 2012:
This is just so good, I really love it :3
James is so lovely and Lily's just as I imagined her.

I like him better when he's all like 'Always.' and stufff.

Author's Response: Ahh, I think we all like him a little bit more when he's being slightly nicer with allt ha 'always' stuff. I feel bad having him unliked, but, well, Lily had to have a good reason not to forgive him :(

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Review #9, by Aderyn 

8th March 2012:
Hello :)

I meant to review the first chapter of this story, but I kept reading and only remembered that I was going to leave a super long review now, that's how caught up I was.

I really like your version of Lily. She has a lot of integrity and is passionate about what she believes in, but she's not overly, ridiculously, feisty, as some other authors have made her. Especially with the backstory you've created, and this being a sequel to the Art of Breathing, I think that the seriousness she has is very fitting.

The Hogwarts you have created is perfect as well. There's a very strange atmosphere. As James says, it's why they need parties. There's a mix of foreboding, and there's definitely more aggression. There's a lot of pain in students, who have had to start growing up. And many of them are acting very mature. But at the same time, they're all just still kids, who just want normal teenage lives. You've managed to show the tension between these two feelings very well, and the strange atmosphere it creates is a very fitting setting.

One last note, I love how much you incorporated flashbacks towards the summer. Its very interesting to see Lily with her family. And at the same time, it is a break from Hogwarts.

Overall, wonderful, fantastic job. I can't believe I haven't found this story before now. Now, on to read more. :D

Author's Response: Hello Aderyn!

Thanks for stopping by to read and review my story! Hehe, I love the feeling of getting so caught up in a story that you just forget about what you're supposed to be doing :D

I know what you mean about the overly fiesty Lily's around. /This/ Lily is more or less my head-canon now, so I struggle to think of her in another way anyway... but I do love writing her. Ah, I think the serious comes down to my inability to write anything very cheerful - it seems I can never /quite/ pull it off. I always have to throw a spanner in the works.

I'm glad you liked the flashbacks! I'm never quite sure about flasbacks, but I thought it was the only way to start at a sensible point in the story but still have everyone know what was going on, ahhha.

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #10, by Giselle 

1st March 2012:
You know just where to put the right conversations and events. I love how James and Lily's relationship is told. I love how they like each other and then don't then do then don't it makes for such a great intense story. The girl talk was really nice, I love how they basically planned on going against Liy. I can't wait for the party, i wish i was there because James is hot.again im a freak but i don't care!

Author's Response: Hehe, their will-they-won't-they-but-we-know-they-will-lets-watch-them-flail is always a little bit great to right. Mostly, I'm MESSING WITH YAh.

Aha, we're all freakish here. And James is hot.


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Review #11, by mollynim 

7th February 2012:
Loving this sequel!! Absolutely amazing!!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the rest too :D

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Review #12, by classicblack 

10th September 2011:
Wow, Lily vs. Snape! With this version of the story it seems hard to believe that Snape loved her his entire life. But I guess it's just perspective.
Well done on this chapter! I actually rather like the flashback scenes, even if I am extremely impatient to find out when James and Lily will just throw everything to the winds and snog each other senseless.
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Ack, one day I will go back into Snape's POV and show you all how much this is genuinely killing him. Poor bloke. But he's too... terrifying for me to write too much about on a long term basis

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Review #13, by doglover 

23rd August 2011:
snape has such a hard life, it's depressing

Author's Response: Common reoccuring theme in said reviews?

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Review #14, by Manga_girl 

11th June 2011:
Im sorry I kinda left this story a bit because well...i dunno...but now ive started reading it again and its AMAZING! It was like a month ago since i read about when she died but I still miss Mary a bit LOL.

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it! It's good to see you coming back and thank you verry mucch :)

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Review #15, by LilyFlower_x 

18th April 2011:
aaah, :) can't wait for the next chapter, had some difficulty getting into it but now i like it :) (hence the strange aaahhh, don't know why i said that really. should probably stop rambling now :P ) yes, to conclude, very good chapter :)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you've gotten into it now dear! Thank you for a lovely review :)

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Review #16, by Boo101 

18th April 2011:
Oh wow, this is such a good chapter that I'm basically shellshocked. Normally i'm jumping up and down like alunatic for an update by i'm just sitting here with my mouth hanging open. I really really like this, it's like the best chapter so far (ok there are only 4 chapters so far but still!). I love this so much, and please update super fast! :)

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Review #17, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

17th April 2011:
I freaked out when I saw the update! Yay! Fast! And though it was fast, it was still amazing!

Lily was just so...broken. I was wondering how you were going to work through it and such, but you brought her personalitly back in this one! Not all the way, but I'm beginning to see the Lily I know and love again. And just the way you've done that is amazing. It's not too fast, not too sudden, and you can tell that she's still really cut up about everything that's happened.

I love all the minor details you put in that make all the difference. For me, the tomatoes was the perfect example of that. Just a small thing that really added to Lily's character and her heartbrokeness. Also love James. He's still cocky and annoying, but he's toned down a bit, which not only fits his character, but also fits canon.

So in other words, another amazing chapter! Love love love this story, so don't keep us hanging. Please?!

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Review #18, by TheBattleOfHogwarts 

16th April 2011:
A super-quick update, an extra-long chapter, action-packed events and plot developments? You're spoiling us! Aww James is SO cute and they need to get together already! She totally OWNS him with the pumpkin juice. James is right, they need a party. Snape, arrgh, I hate him so much! The broom cupboards next time sound...intriguing.

Btw, do they STILL not know about Lily's father, even James?

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Review #19, by Giola 

16th April 2011:
This sheds a lot of light on what exactly happened over the summer (I'd been wondering...)
I love what's happening with James' character. He's so sweet! It's...just...nawww :)
And Snape...well, I don't entirely understand what's beneath the surface with him, but that's the point of his character, I suppose. Everyone believes he supports Voldemort and what he stands for, but he must have turned against it at some point. The question is, when?
It seems like he at least acts on those beliefs in the events of the summer, but he obviously cares for Lily still, otherwise he wouldn't have shown up at her house.
I think he's rather selfish, to be honest. He's still trying to win her heart, but at the same time helping those who want to kill her. And hurting her in the process. It seems like it's all about him and what he wants (and possibly about being jealous of James).

Intriguing. I want to see where you take Snape :)

As for Petunia, you've obviously thought about her character a lot, and how much she actually knew about the wizarding world. It makes sense that she'd retain everything Lily told her, she was essentially just a jealous sibling who wanted to belong to that world, as the flashbacks in DH told us.

Seeing her witness Snape's duel with Lily seems like a breaking point for her, something that actually proves that the wizarding world isn't all wonderful. She might've said it many times before, but I don't think she truly believed it.

Now she seems truly horrified, possibly horrified at Lily as well.

As for Lily herself, well, obviously she's got some issues. The insight into the summer explains a lot with James. I can never really figure out how close she is to the other characters, though I think I've got her relationship with Sirius down. The girls (Rachel and Alice), she's obviously keeping secrets...but why?

I think 'why?" practically sums up her whole issue with James. Why has he changed? Why is she acting differently around him? Why does she need him to comfort her now? Why not tell the girls everything?

It almost seemed like she wanted to tell them...but something was holding her back. Possibly she's afraid of being emotionally close to them, after Mary? James is her safety net, but what are they? Reminders of Mary? The Marauders seem to be an extension of James' protection, but I can't figure out exactly how she feels about Rachel and Alice.

She's clearly jealous of Alice and Frank, though.

She's emotionally distancing herself from everyone, now that I think about it. She's afraid to commit to anything, thinking she'll die.

Scary thought, yet quite a realistic one in the war.

Anyway, enough of my rambling character analysis (which is probably nonsensical and completely wrong :P).

I'm very curious about 'Parties, broom cupboards and spellwork'.

Sounds...possibly very interesting.


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Review #20, by reallifewizard 

16th April 2011:
So i'll keep it short and just say how much i love you and this and you again. Beautiful and inspiring enough? probly not but whatever

Author's Response: Thank you very much realllifewizard I'm glad you're enjoying it :D

Very beautiful and inspiring :)

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Review #21, by Leila of the Fairies 

15th April 2011:
The writing style here is so different from TAOB, which I love. The main characters are so different that it just fits. The transition of Lily from a minor character to a main character is natural too, and it's so interesting to see things from her perspective after seeing her through Mary's, and the same for the Lily/James romance.
I must say, I was expecting a bit more angst from Sirius regarding Mary by now, especially considering the trouble Lily is having dealing with her death. I do love some good angst :)
Overall, well done... keep it up :)

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Review #22, by Snapdragons 

14th April 2011:
Yay for really long and very fast updates! It was a lovely present. (And on my birthday, too... so I thank you! ;D)

I actually really like the flashback style. It's really nice, if you ask me. Flows well!

Starting off: Lily/James are so ridiculously cute. I love how he's the one to break through her shell and get her to smile again, and how he writes her.

"James makes me feel safe." Oh, Lily. She really is vulnerable... but James is safe. I agree. He's trustworthy. (Marry him, yes?)

I loved watching the relationship between Lily/James grow here. I love everything about it - how he makes her smile, how he offers to teach her how to duel. He's just so perfectly /right/ for her right now, and I like how he isn't pushing the romance (even though I wish he would. sigh. hehe) but instead just being a friend.

Snape is just... horrible here. I hated how he has a Dark Mark. Oh, Snape. :( Their dueling scene was a bit terrifying. I couldn't help but feel sort of sorry for Snape - knowing what we know from DH, I doubt that he ever could hurt Lily. But he did. Jerk. D:

I did, however, like that moment between Lily and Petunia. I think it opens Petunia's eyes to see what Lily's up against... in particular, I liked the line where Petunia asks what the Dark Mark meant, and Lily responds "It means that he's dead to me." Yeah Lily! ;D And when she calmly responds 'half-blood' to his mudblood.

And what a perfect way to end it... "That's why we need a party." It makes sense, and it was an excellent way to wrap up the chapter.

I loved this chapter - you're always such an excellent writer and your updates always make my day! :) I'm growing to like Lily more and more as we see more of her than we ever did in taob. Great job!

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Review #23, by MrProngs 

14th April 2011:
Well that was somewhat interesting haha. Good chapter indeed

Author's Response: Thank you mr prongs! im glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #24, by Lia 

14th April 2011:
I've kinda felt like the past few chapters have been lagging a bit, but I really, really liked this chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, sorry about that - hopefully they'll be back on form soon and I'm glad you liked this one :)

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Review #25, by Jaded94 

14th April 2011:
I liked the duel between Snape and Lily and I adore that she is talking to Alice properly again! Where is Marlene I liked her!
Very quick updates are brilliant and I hope it isn't long until the next chapter. x

Author's Response: Marlene is unfortunately off having a baby (darn) but thank you for this lovely review you are lovely. And harrah for updates!

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