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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn 

13th March 2017:
I love the line "it's a bit like trickle-down economics, except that it actually works."

This is another absolutely brilliant chapter :) I guess it's not far from the truth that the majority of people will fit somewhere in one of three categories. And yay! Finally a fanfic which acknowledges the portraits of Hogwarts and doesn't shy away from including them in the story. Loved the chess game between Hugo and Albus and the Clemence/Albus interaction. Is the girlfriend real or imaginary? My money's on the latter, but I guess I'll find out ... soon?

Brax X

Author's Response: etc became the home of many of my groanworthy one-liners. I have entire documents of them! :'D I kind of love the shallowness of Clemence's "wisdom" - the sorta-true, sorta-hogwash of it all. And portraits and ghosts are my favorite! They're all so sassy.

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Review #2, by SilverMoonFairy 

6th August 2016:
I am so in love with your story! It amuses me, actually, that Dom is a reporter. Not long ago, I was reading another story where she was also a reporter, a rather nosy and pushy one, too.

Clemence is wonderful! I love her and I hate her. She makes life interesting. She's very no-nonsense and to the point which makes her that much more hilarious to read. Cool and level headed, getting under the skin of those she investigates- OH!

Being a fan of the Everything Wrong With series on YouTube, I just had to say...

"...et cetera, et cetera. Life goes on." - Roll credits...


Author's Response: There's something especially infuriating about people like Clemence and Dom when they want something, because they're the type to pursue the thing until they have it, and their shamelessness about it is their greatest weapon ;)

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Review #3, by Your Secret Santa :) 

20th December 2014:
Hello there my dear giftee! Your Secret Santa here, back for round two!

You definitely have a talent for starting a new chapter! I like how you begin by telling the reader some ďbackground informationĒ and setting the chapter up that way. It works really well in this story. So thatís why the story about Albusís girlfriend is such a scoop: he is good at keeping things to himself and because of it, people are dying to find out more.

Also, why am I not surprised that the Fat Lady can be coerced into letting a non-Gryffindor into the common room by blatantly flattering her? Seems about right, though I imagine it gets rather boring, being just a portrait. Still, itís nice of Clemence to take her up on her offer to come and chat with her.

And then we find Albus and Hugo playing chess. Has Hugo inherited Ronís talent for chess? I loved your description of Albus. ďThe same distaste for reporters.Ē That line was simply the best! A very apt description, and hilariously funny (though I canít blame Albus since heís probably been followed by reporters since the day he was bornÖ)

I think it was very decent of Clemence to tell him she was going to publish the story no matter what, but he could have a say on what was being published and avoid what happened when Clemence and co. published a story about him and Scorpius. Remember what I said about liking her honesty? I still stand by what I said. I also like how she recognises the lines ďI report the truthĒ and ďPeople have the right to knowĒ are pretty poor answers but uses them anyway, since like she says, they are good standbys.

And whatís this? Albus hasnít told anyone the name of his girlfriend and Hugo suspects there is no girlfriend at all? Interesting, very interesting. It could be a hilarious plot twist if the girlfriend turned out to be imaginary after all but based on Albusís reaction, Iím inclined to believe the girlfriend is real. Iím really interested in finding out who she is, probably as much as Clemence (and the rest of Hogwarts) is!

And so, the operation Albusgate is at its endÖ for now, because Iím sure Clemence will be back the next day. And the Girlfriend Watch is a go! No doubt the vast majority of the females (and quite a few males, too, I imagine) will be on lookout for Albusís girlfriend. This is going to be interesting, no question about that!

Again, a great chapter! You really have a way with words!

Yours Truly,
Secret Santa

Author's Response: If you've ever seen a teen movie where they go around a cafeteria and point out the different cliques, this is Clemence's version of that! 8D

Clemence and the Fat Lady is pretty indicative of how Clemence conducts most of her life. She's nice for the wrong reasons. She knows this keenly, and she embraces it as a necessity of living. Warning Albus that she's going to publish anyway, too--it doesn't make what she does better, only adds a level of politeness to it. Like an apologetic hit man. It's really fun to see the different ways readers react to that.

One doesn't inherit talent, but Hugo has definitely *learned* chess from the best! ;)

Nothing is quite what it seems! Absolutely! Nothing! I had no idea what Girlfriend Watch would spawn when I wrote it, but it only gets more ridiculous 8D I hope you like it!

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Review #4, by TumTum 

15th August 2014:
I find it a little irritating that the gossip gets sent to the girls... as though boys weren't awful gossips too? So far I love this. I find that I love to hate Clemence but I kinds hope she either realises why her actions are so bad (if she doesn't already - maybe she doesn't care?) and changes the way she acts or she gets what's coming to her. I'm rooting for Al at the moment.

Author's Response: There is lots of gendered politics in this fic, though in the beginning, it was more of following convention with the stories that featured gossip and cliques. It's not that boys don't gossip--in Clemence's distribution model, they'll simply get it secondhand, which is in line with the gendered power structure in this version of Hogwarts.

I'm glad you like the fic! It is never as simple as people learning lessons or getting what they should :'D but I do hope you like the outcomes!

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Review #5, by s.w 

16th July 2014:

Author's Response: GREAT HUMAN BEING.

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Review #6, by SketchCyanide 

8th July 2014:
- House Cup 2014 Review -
Educational Decree #3

Hi again!

I love this, and I'm loving Clemence more and more :P
Nice Katy Perry reference there, I was actually listening to Roar as I was reading this(different song, but still)
Albus is great and the conversation between Clemence, him and Hugo made me laugh; now I REALLY want to know if he's got a girl - and who she is of course. Obviously Clemence Fitzgerald will get to the bottom of it (I assume?)

I loved the descriptions of the different cliques in Hogwarts, especially important for a journalist to know/understand :D

Love your writing style, it's a great story :P

-- Jez

Author's Response: Teehee, the Katy Perry reference feels so dated now. Glad it's still getting kudos.

Every school setting needs a clarification of the cliques, obv. Clemence essentially categorizes them by how vocal they are 8D

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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 

6th July 2014:
Hello again!

Loved this chapter. I seriously started singing "Baby You're a Firebolt" in my head! I am really hating Clemence right now. She knows how to push everyone's buttons - especially Albus's. Usually, I find a way to root for the main character, but I don't see anything redeeming about Clemence just yet - other than I find her quick wit entertaining. She seems to know how to get what she wants - I wonder what would happen if someone turns the tables on her? I'm off to find out what happens next! Thanks for a great story!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: It always seems the case that people either love or hate Clemence upon first meeting. It's so entertaining watching the ones who don't, because I'm curious about what keeps them reading. Certainly many are waiting for her comeuppance! I love writing Clemence because she doesn't want to be rooted for. She wants to be irredeemable. But she also has a record of not getting what she wants ;)

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Review #8, by Roisin 

11th June 2014:
Ok, I lied. I'm going to do the next OF adaptation-oriented review right away! (I'm not sure I remembered to put my name last time). Just so you know, I'm nit-picking because overall, I think the writing in this story is, by-and-large, STELLAR. (And I want to encourage you to follow through with your OF).

"Caroline Escot has been out to kill me for the seventeenth time after last week's issue," this sentence is a little confusing. I think there's a grammar or temporal error.

"She secretly adores..." might be better as "Secretly, she adores..."

"Anyway, moving on to the second category" is a weak transition. I'd recommend playing with the format of this section to strengthen it. "Anyway"s like that are ok, from time to time for a nice effect, but too many and the text will resemble Appy's manuscript. (Ouch! Sorry!)

"Finally and most importantly, there are the enigmas"--I love what you were trying to say here, and I got it, but objectively, it was confusingly written. They are more quiet and smart than plain janes? Then what are plain janes? Do they or don't they have reputations/brood? Try writing all about enigmas again from scratch, with totally different examples and language, as an exercise--since it's a critical point.

"He may as well be their poster boy." Here, "may as well be" is another example of unnecessary words. Succinct sentences have more impact (and overall, you're really good at varying sentence lengths and setting eloquent prose against sharp statements.)

And I do like this intro for Albus, but like I said in the last review, you need to introduce him earlier, since he'll be an OC in your OF. One idea: mention him when you describe the school and the variety of students for the first time. Like: "Albus Potter was the son of a something-or-other. His elder brother, now graduated and doing-something-or-other, had been the main staple of Witchy Business for x years because of reasons. Then there's Albus' best friend, Scorpius, son of someone-interesting-in-a-different-way." By pivoting from Albus to James, then Scorpius, it doesn't remove the impact of his enigma-intro.

And I just had a thought: what if Harry Potter was an A-list actor, and Albus had a small role in a film over the summer. And you could explain Albus' distaste of reporters if you explain some notorious run-in Actor!Harry had. And it would explain the fandom of QGA (who think he'll be the next big thing). I actually know a girl who went to Concord Academy (an alt-boarding and day school) with a pretty famous male teen actor, so it isn't a huge stretch. And your satire is nice, so I'd enjoy seeing you tear apart teen movies. (Ok, that suggestion veered dangerously close to being a fanfic of your fanfic).

"Apparently, he's also inherited the ability to sense approaching evil," is SUCH a great line in so many ways (Clemence characterizing herself as evil, to state the obvious, plus the canon tickle). I really wish there was a way for it to work in an OF, but I just can't see how.

"spinning it around so the back is against the table"--I took this as Clemence sitting backwards in the chair, which I like. But technically, you don't say that.

"I'm not a Hippogriff, sugar..."--obv this reference needs to be changed, but I like this bit. One thought though: I read a book once where internal monolog or thoughts like this was italicized, and it's a nice effect. With first person narration, distinguishing current thoughts with formatting can clarify for readers.

"While I try to steer clear of justification-by-stereotype"--I hope you keep this line or concept in some manifestation. Also, the whole paragraph is really great, pacing-wise. And the whole Scorp reveal was nicely plotted overall.

All the banter is also perfect, pacing-wise. But there's something going on here with Clemence and Russians, I remember it coming back again later. That could do to with a little explanation. Either more of it, or cut it.

"Cousins make the worst secret keepers." I like this line because, "Secret Keepers," but that doesn't work in an OF. Maybe "confidantes" (alliteration!) Then again, this might not be a cousin in the OF.

Also, you use the verb "grit" a lot. Remember to vary your word choices. Then again, maybe it just stands out to me because I haven't really seen it used much before.

And I hope you can find a way to keep the line "(it's a bit like trickle-down economics, except that it actually works)."

Ok, that's all for this chapter! I hope you're find these useful! I'm really looking forward to your OF. As I said last time, these characters are more dimensional than you see in a lot of media. You rarely(/never) see a female protagonist like Clemence, and I'm thrilled that Violet is going to be Asian. We need more arbitrary minorities in fiction--where not being straight, white, male, or being a woman in a "man's job" isn't the main focus of a character. (A la, Dumbledore gay)

I do recommend thinking critically about Dom, though, and Clemence's relationship with her. I mostly like how it goes, but revision and exposition would benefit your story a lot.

If you have any questions, or want me to clarify anything I said in this or the last review, go ahead and I'll answer them in the next review. If anything I criticize/suggest is redundant because you've planned it already, let me know and I'll shut up about it. And if you despise these reviews, simply don't respond and I'll stop.



Thank you very very much for this, and the detail you went in. Before you get into any more reviews, I have to say that most of the story's writing will change, especially the beginning. Writing etc spans√ʬĬ¶ three years now, and the difference in not only my writing style, but my choice of scene and characters is massive. I didn't get a handle on the story until it hit double-digit chapters; I had notes but I made up most of the story as I went, even my later chapters. And I was also influenced by its medium√ʬĬĒbecause etc is a chapter to chapter fanfiction, it has lots of cliffhangers, self-contained chapters, a larger focus on relationships, and occasional experimenting. I still appreciate everything you pointed out, because it isn't wrong, but I'm not taking much writing verbatim from etc into the OF.√ā¬†

For me, for the OF, etc the fic serves mostly an introduction to the characters and conflicts. For a large part of etc, I'm still figuring out my characters. The language is wishy washy, I explore the same point two or three times, drop the ball on subplots, and so on. And it's why things like Rose vs Dom get introduced but don't get explored thoroughly√ʬĬĒbecause I didn't know its place in the larger story until later, and other conflicts came up that I wanted to explore instead. But when I write OF, I'll have the knowledge of their etc counterparts. I know their fears, their true goals versus what Clemence knows, the way they'll react in different situations; I know how to weave in the rivalry earlier, so that they can have a more obvious influence on the school. And as much as I'd like to amend Dom's one-dimensionality and Appy's bat-craziness for current chapters, at some point, it just became too late for it√ʬĬĒit'd mess up the pacing√ʬĬĒso I write what I can, with what I set up.√ā¬†

Some details about OF, since you seem curious: It is set in California, probably a private school. Albus is the son of a celebrity-turned-politician who is currently running for governor, which will serve endless fodder for snark and conflict 8D Appy is head of a campaign club for his father at the school, which is more fitting I think. And don't worry about the lake; you don't need a lake for a lake scene! Breaking into a private pool works just as well ;) Violet is middle-class, by the way, but she likes to say that she's lower-middle class. She's also not the only minority; OF!Pickett is Latino.

Thank you again, and feel free to send any more suggestions my way!√ā¬†

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Review #9, by Gred 

8th November 2013:
Hello, again, from a (now very devoted and weirdly besotted) new reader.

"You have your attention wh*res. Here are the strutting Quidditch blokes," - I can't stop thinking 'Quidditch wh*res'... (?)

Gay Scorpius? Yes yes yes, I love it. Draco would throw a fit, one can't help imagining. But Rose... could be faked to get Clemence off his back? Tell me yes...

I love Hugo in this, he's just brilliant. Definitely agree with the "'aw shucks' shtick" (didn't know that was a word, had to look it up. You learn something new every day...)

And I wonder who the girlfriend is. I want to suggest someone, but I can't think of anyone cannon (canon?). I will hopefully find out soon... (when I read the next chapter.)

- Lily, abuser of ellipses... (Gred)

P.S. Thanks (about the username), I was really surprised no one had taken it, and my account name on TDA is Forge, so it matches!

Author's Response: Woohoo! c: I love following readers who review chapter by chapter; I get to revisit all my old writing through them 8D

Bahaha you got on a fake relationship train for Scorpius QUICK. I will say that this story has a lot of fake-outs in that vein, so you won't be disappointed.

Hugo is a cutie pie. He's not in this story too much, but I've always wanted to write a Detective Inspector Hugo story featuring this Hugo.

Canon! Like Canon Cameras. There hasn't been a lot of girls introduced yet, but I think you'll get a much better idea of what Albus likes next chapter. Nothing's ever straightforward upon first introduction in this fic 8D

♥ fellow ellipses abuser here!

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Review #10, by patronus_charm 

31st August 2013:
Iím back again! Seriously, donít worry if it takes you a while to respond just reading this is so good, Iím happy youíve written it that I donít need one! Even if itís only the second chapter, I am already in love with this story!

I really loved this one! Clemenceís classifications of each type of person really had me cracking up! Iím just a little worried Iím going to end up doing that to people too! I really loved reading it from her perspective because sheís so unlike other girls as she doesnít fawn over Albus itís making me really excited about her development. Ok I have this really crazy theory which is probably wrong, but Iím going to say it anyway. Albus doesnít have a girlfriend but itís just a plot to get Clemence annoyed and they end up dating. Bam. Thatís it. I guess Iíll just have to wait and see now!

Iím not even kidding, but this is the first fan fiction which the Fat Lady has actually really appeared in! I really loved her cameo because it had me cracking up so much and from her characterisation in the books, it really makes sense! I think my favourite line had to be about Barnabus looking up her skirt!

Your characterisation of all the next gen characters has a really great twist about them. I mean, I can recognise them and they fit with my mental image but thereís something refreshing about them too. Like the whole Scorpius/Al romance! This line really had me cracking up Ė ĎScorpius commented on the sitting room wallpaper and said the pattern complemented the furniture.í It made me really want to have a greater insight into their relationship now! Even if Scorose is my OTP, I would disregard that just to read the story!

I really love how Clemence will get to the bottom of the story no matter what! Albusí reaction as to whether he actually has a girlfriend or not was very interesting, so it is making me wonder whether my theory is correct or not :P Ooh a minor thing, but I really love Hugo! I really like the fact heís just like Ron as Iíve never seen it before, but it seems to really work here!

So the witch hunt has officially begun! Iím still undecided as to whether Clemence is going to all these extra measures because she has some sort of grudge against Albus or whether itís because she just wants the story. I guess Iíll have to wait and see. Another amazing chapter, and I canít wait to read on! ♥


Author's Response: The great fun of all the initial speculation is that the story /did not go in the direction I originally intended./ I had multiple ideas for where the story might go, what plotlines I'd include, so I could never verify one way or another whether someone's guesses were correct. It could be--until I change my mind!

I'm actually terrible with canon, so I'm happy whenever I remember to add in canon cameos like the Fat Lady. I love Hogwarts' background characters. Portraits, statues, house elves, /plants/. They might always be in the background, but it's what makes Hogwarts, Hogwarts, eh? :D And Hugo! I love me some Hugo, even though he's only a very minor character in this story. I actually have a side-story I wish I had time to write that stars Hugo and Albus on a short mystery adventure. I have a tendency to write sprawling minor character casts, and then I end up wanting spinoffs spinoffs spinoffs.

I love hearing everyone's reactions to Clemence. I've heard everything from total admiration to being annoyed--but apparently in a hilarious way. No one's sure if they're supposed to cheer for her xD I think she taps into what a lot of us /wish/ we could pull off--that sort of cool confidence. I certainly do!

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Review #11, by Misschievous12 

23rd June 2013:
^_^ Great job. I love it

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #12, by spreaddapoo93 

19th December 2012:

I've just finished the most recent chapter of 'And Capers Ensue', and decided to shack up here in this wonderful caccoon of 'Etc Etc and Life Goes On' (Who wouldn't with that enticing beaut of a chapter image and summary!)

Wow... Your opening chapters are always so fascinating; you have this ability to create completely different worlds, and captivate the audience with one line - your writing skills are really miraculous (Merlin knows the HPFF community are just blushing prostrate with gratitude for your contribution!).

Your OCs are always so fiery and awesome! Clemence, as cold and heckling as she sounds, feels like a really strong character who knows her piece of mind and won't be afraid to shove it down your throat until her knuckles feel like a nice and familiar part of your insides. I love the quick and witty (quickitty?) snip snap of her narration - it's so edgy, what I would really imagine a reporter to be like; I can actually almost visualize her thought processes as little quick-quip-quill notes arranged across an infinite bulletin board.

It's an interesting position, because she must know about her reputation and what others think of her; her duty as a reporter supercedes any chance of a normal, healthy social life, which is probably a remarkable breeding ground for character development/unfurling throughout the story (Eek! I'm so excited to find out more about her).

Oh! And Albus... Ever like his father; he seems the perfect opponent to the unstoppable Clemence Fitzgerald.

Golly, I sometimes wonder whether you're privy to some fertile plot-bunny-spring that none of us mere mortal aspiring-writers are, because you come up with the grandest of ideas that work so well with your concept. Like, the portraits' involvement as informants almost, and Fat Lady's ever-thriving vanity being fed by dear Clemence (and she does it so well, too. She's a pure pro, with that little extra-added scandalous gasp!)

Anyway, intriguing chapter; I love it to bits - the whole classification of the three types of people; gyah! I think I'll be quoting that line over and over until my friends feel the urge to etch it on a specially made bullet to shut me up. Really; Operation Albusgate is so fascinating and exciting~ I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: 'shove it down your throat until her knuckles feel like a nice and familiar part of your insides' omg this is the best thing I've heard, well, at least today. And it's really the whole reason why I love writing Clemence. There's a no-holds-barred side to her that people typically lock away, but being able to freely flaunt that makes for some guilty pleasure writing :'D 'shove it down your throat until her knuckles feel like a nice and familiar part of your insides' omg this is the best thing I've heard, well, at least today. And it's such a big reason why I love writing Clemence. There's a no-holds-barred side to her that people typically lock away, but being able to freely flaunt that makes for some guilty pleasure writing :'D with all the wit and timing I wish I had.

And also that she is so self-aware (but this is also limiting, you'll find). She knows exactly what she gives up in order to gain something else, so she doesn't have many regrets, because she is always in control of herself.

It's a story for quoting! Like I said, I wish I could pull of Clemence's lines in real life, Z-formation snap optional :'D I have a silly love for larger-than-life stories. It's the only way these things work. It gets crazier if you can believe it xD as everything I write does.

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Review #13, by Elfo 

15th September 2012:
Amazing chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #14, by slytherinchica08 

12th September 2012:
Oh another wonderful chapter! I loved all the witty banter going on between Ablus and Clemence, it was absolutely fun to read! I enjoyed this chapter very much and love the way that you are writing this, adding in the small bits that explain how the paper and notices get to people in such a short amount of time. I thought it was great how Hugo was sort of on Al's side but then seemed to be helping Clemence at the same time with making comments like that he thought Al's girlfriend is just a fake. You've already got me hooked, wanting to find out what will happen next and your little previews also make me want to continue reading as well! So far, its been a very enjoyable read and I look forward to the next chapter and finding out what sets off Albus. Great Job!


Author's Response: Hello again! ^__^ Glad to see you back so soon! I didn't intend for etc to have this style initially, where Clemence has these blocks of explanation outside of the narrative, but they've come to really shape the fic and its direction. Hee, relatives are the w o r s t at secret keeping. It's a family thing, i think 8D

Thank you!

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Review #15, by LadyLuckless 

29th August 2012:
Hey! I just wanted to say that I really love this story! Clementine is positively annoying and the idea with 'Barry the Breaking News Barn Owl' is great! (:

Author's Response: Thanks! ^__^ (It's Clemence, heh) I have an inordinate love of puns and alliteration, obv. You've reminded me - I ought to make use of Barry soon 8D

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Review #16, by married to black 

18th July 2012:
Oh my god, I am so embarrassed! Clemence is a GIRL. all along, I had figured she was a boy because of her name. Eeek, embarrassed I am. And joy, Albus is not like his portrayal in your other story but my god is he just as wonderful! Seeing this fiery side of him is just grand. And he is in Gryffindor too! Gah, why am I so Albus obsessed? I feel slightly creepy now because of our age difference aha.

This was another great chapter! I love the persistence Clemence has and the pure dedication she shows in her work. Not to mention, she is so funny! And quite twisted as well. She's a smart one, that one. Lovely chapter! Enjoying, enjoying, enjoying. xo

Author's Response: Bahaha, that she is. I kind of imagine etc. etc. like tv shows, where everyone's in high school but they're played by actors who are 25 xD Which is strange, considering neither Ellen Page or Logan Lerman are that old.

Thank you! :3

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Review #17, by maskedmuggle 

20th April 2012:
This is amazing! I can't believe it took me this long to read it, even though I've wanted to read more of your stuff for ages ever since I finished Game :) I absolutely adore next gen, and coupled with your writing this is such a brilliant fic! I love the whole idea of it, and your writing style is just so unique and original.

The 'Baby, You're a Firebolt' made me laugh and the banter between Clemence and Albus was just so entertaining to read. I just love how humorous and fun you're able to make your stories be and that's partly why I really love this so far! :)

Author's Response: Ahh! :3 hey there! I've been up to a lot of new stuff. etc. etc. is definitely on the snarkier side of humor, hehehe, lots of fun to write~ I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #18, by The Empty Frame 

21st March 2012:
Oh, cousins... how often they fail us.

I love the back-and-forth between Clemence and Albus! And the part with the Fat Lady... pure brilliance :)

Green with Envy 2012!

Author's Response: I love portraits. It's like, a whole slew of characters that are always there and always watching, ehehe.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by alicia and anne 

15th February 2012:
She sneaks into other houses? Although I must admit I'm not suprised in the slightest.
She's very straight to the point and a ruthless reporter, Very much like Rita I think.
Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Quite ;) And unapologetic!

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Review #20, by shadowcat2 

13th February 2012:
"it's a bit like trickle-down economics, except that it actually works"
Economics is my favourite subject. But this line was simply brilliant.

Sorry for the small review. it's just that the next chapter is already up and i can't wait to read it.

Author's Response: :D I love it when people get my silly intellectual jokes.

I love every review! ^__^ I just like knowing people are reading.

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Review #21, by 800 words of heaven 

12th February 2012:
Haha! Who isn't a fan of sexual tension, at least a little? As a first-time reviewer, I would just like to say how much I enjoy reading it! Clemence might be someone I'd actually want to grow up and be some day...

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying! Haha, Clemence has some admirable traits and quite a lot of not-so-admirable ones, but there is something to learn in both in her bluntness and her mistakes, I think :D

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Review #22, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

8th February 2012:
I love the banter between Clemence and Albus, especially with Hugo practically helping her!

Oh, this chapter had me grinning from beginning to end! She is just such a fun character to read, even more so because she not the stereotypically shy, quiet good girl OC who wants a Potter to notice her. She's fun and takes charge and doesn't care. I love it!

Author's Response: Oh cousins. Can't trust them with anything.

I know what it's like being a Clemence and the mindset that gets bundled along with that - the way she doesn't care, critiques everything around her, believes herself to be better because of her opinions - I love being able to express that. It's a very brutal personality.

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Review #23, by WhatAboutRegulus 

13th November 2011:
You're dialogue is just so hilarious! That fight between her and Al was just pure brilliance. Your stories are amazing, AMAZINg chapter!


Author's Response: Banter indulgence, I can't help it ;D

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Review #24, by honoraryweasley 

30th September 2011:
You shouldn't have made that Katy Perry reference. It meant that for the duration of the chapter I was singing BABY YOU'RE A FIREBOLT, COME ON LET YOUR PATRONUS BURST... and well, you know how it goes ;D

My need to progress to the next chapter is hindering my ability to ramble for paragraphs on end. Do forgive me, kind lady. Have some hearts ♥♥♥

Author's Response: Hearts, how did you know the way to my heart (oh look, another confusing sentence)

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Review #25, by Blue Biro 

22nd September 2011:
its only been two chapters and im hooked on this story! :D i must admit, im a sucker for a journalism plot, and Al's character is just so brillaintly written! i lvoe how the two of them practically hate eachother, and Clemence's reffusal to be preached to. must read more! im really sorry the reviews are so shrot but i have to read the nextc chapter!
loved it! 100/10!

Author's Response: Clemence doesn't really hate him (or much of anyone, really, except the shallow sort and even then there are exceptions). Albus, well, he'll be interesting ;D

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