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Review #1, by spreaddapoo93 

15th November 2012:
Hello! Juicy chapter - surprisingly not so much because of that bodice-ripping, breath-taking, knee-itching scene with darling Scorpius drenched to the bone, but because of your amazing incorporation of the technical mumbo jumbo into the invention! It really looks like your computer sciences knowledge really helped you out here - it was absolutely convincing.

- (I know... I'm such a dork...) -

Anyway, brilliant thus far~ You've got me hooked!

Author's Response: Even /knee/-itchin'? Do you see my obvious adoration of getting all my leading males drenched at some point? xD Though I actually put that in at the suggestion of a reader, no regrets.

Ahh I love nerding out, I actually wish I got to do it more in this fic! It's one of the things I try to integrate every time I go back and edit.

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Review #2, by PhoenixPulse 

23rd August 2012:
Er-meh-gerd! This chapter just made me smile and I can honestly feel myself get all warm inside.

I love Hufflepuff Albus. He's so sweet and adorable. He's one of those guys I wouldn't mind to walk over and pinch their cheeks and give him a great big hug! I swear, I never read Albus portrayed like this before. Him and his bucket of water. :D

My favorite line in this chapter:
Albus said quietly, "He wasn't being a very good friend."

I LOVED that. I really did LOL at that bit, because picturing Albus as a Hufflepuff is the best thing that entered my mind today (or technically, yesterday).

And shirtless Scorp. Gotta love that! But surprisingly enough, Scorpius' hotness has got nothing upon the adorable epicness Albus provided in this chapter.

So far this is my favorite chapter, and I guess I have time to cram in one more before I hit the hay. Great chapter, I must say (even though you probably already know that). Well, off to chapter five I go!

Author's Response: ERMEGERD HELLO AGAIN ALREADY. hee I hope I'm not keeping you up too badly.

Albus has definitely been pinched muchly in his day. Potterpuff is my headcanon Albus :3 Too sweetly bumbling for words. He's like Harry, but without all the special prophecy powers! And let's be real, Harry was kind of awkward and not the greatest at school. I ALSO LOVE THAT ALBUS OVERPOWERS SHIRTLESSNESS.


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Review #3, by married to black 

7th July 2012:
AH I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS STORY. It's so, so, so good! I love Bea. She's so witty and charming in her quirky, playful way. I cannot get enough of her. I seriously can't. Truthfully, this is currently my favorite story on the archive and it's because you are absolutely amazing at writing this. The plot is so original, the tale is just marvelous and everything about it just screams perfection. IT'S JUST SO GOOD! I know I said that before but it had to be repeated. Emphasis on "so good". :)

Your overall grammar and character portrayal, not to mention the way which you flow the story, is just simply marvelous. Absolutely wonderful. I cannot get enough. SO GOOD!

Author's Response: Eeep, thank you so much! ^__^ that means a lot to me. Capers is the sort of story I've always wanted to read myself, so it's become a story that's very dear to me. I'm so glad you like it; this review totally made my day!

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Review #4, by bomberchica 

6th June 2012:
I am seriously in love with this story. So far, I love what you have done with Albus. He seems so different when he's in Hufflepuff. "He wasn't being a very good friend" Favorite line. EVER.

Author's Response: :3 eep glad you like it! ISN'T HE PRECIOUS? Gah, sweet little Albus, saving the world, one friendship at a time.

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Review #5, by Bluestreakspirit 

6th May 2012:
ALBUS IS A HUFFLEPUFF! Oh my gosh, new favorite character right there. Just had to say that. He is SO. DIFFERENT. for your "etc." persona of him (as I am sure you well know - you created them, after all) and I love them both so so so much! Thanks again :)

Author's Response: HE ISSS. HE IS POTTERPUFF~ Capers and etc. really are polar opposites of each other in every way, Albus in particular haha.

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #6, by WhatAboutRegulus 

15th January 2012:
Bahahaha, omg Bea is so awesome! And that part with at the beginning... "Bea looked back during his frozen silence and her tantrum immediately dissolved, lip now quivering with a tremor reserved only for the gravest of tragedies." That line was just so hilarious! Scorpius is so annoying, I still hope Bea and Fred don't agree to anything :/


Author's Response: I love writing Bea's expressions! They're so comical :D but she can pull it off.

Smarmy Scorpius and his smarmy hair full of smarm~

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Review #7, by hdawg 

6th January 2012:

"He could see her mutter, 'But the metaphor fits'." I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Why/how did you create such a wonderful human being who isn't real? :'( me creys.

HAHA! "They're like - like my babies! Do you want to be a baby-killer, Freddie? Huh, do you?!"/With her intense scrutiny, he nearly believed that he was a baby-killer..." Her metaphors are too good.

Oh Bea, I understand your pain: "- a tart of lies." Bea's eyes continued to plead. Water a little, even." There is no pain in the world quite like finding out that your food had been eaten. But that's another story. I'll tell you later.

"Her eyes would bulge from her sockets, two degrees from igniting in flames, and the veins in her forehead looked ready to burst." Oh dear Merlin that is not attractive. Please never do that to my imagination again :'(

AHAHAHAHAHA! These lines are everything to me! "Right. S-F-*-C-K-A-S. Much better."/"Lucy Weasley, does that spell S-H-*-T-S?"/"AZKABAN HAS A ONE LETTER PER MONTH POLICY, WE CAN MANAGE." I. Love. You. (I 12+ them just in case)

"Albus waved back until Bea slapped his hand away." Albus is defo the fan-girl. ALBUS/SCORPIUS FO' LYF! ;) And Scorpius is definitely the Regina George of the Hogwarts world, I have concluded: "I hear the Malfoys have their own private theme park.Did he offer you a job? 'cause you should take it-"

"Beatrice will receive one chocolate frog every week for being such a benevolent sensei, gracing me with her presence and wisdom." Replace 'Beatrice' with Hannah and this is the new deal I shall be making with Julia from now on.

This is too funny. I almost chocked (yes, Albus' chocolate frog made me eat): "She pointed at him, extending her arm to full-length for maximum effect. "You b*stard!" (12+)


Author's Response: YOU CANNAE BE LATE to something that does not have a deadline.


Oh, I shall be waiting for said story involving eaten food. DOES IT INVOLVE JULIA? I feel like all your stories involve Julia, so I have this vision of Scotland being only occupied by you and Julia and Scorpius.



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Review #8, by forsakenphoenix 

23rd December 2011:
I'm not sure if you've noticed but my reviews are always all over the place and generally flail-y with lots of "I LOVE THIS." So don't be offended that that's pretty much all you're getting from me.

"Do you want to be a baby-killer, Freddie? Huh, do you?!" Oh, Fred, you should learn when to stop talking and not eat all the treacle tart. Bea is really good at that pouty look, too.

I love Bea's roommates. Your descriptions of Rose are perfect. And S-U-C-K-S! Hahaha. I'm laughing. I feel like this is a common occurence because seriously, your story is hilarious. I'm in love with it. I think I'd marry it if I could. Oh, Lucy. I love you.

And yet another mention of Bea's disregard for hygiene. I'm not sure I would enjoy sharing a room with that.

I love how Scorpius is trying to bribe her with treats! I'm not sure if I could resist such temptation...

WHAT IS WITH BOYS EATING FOOD MEANT FOR GIRLS? Poor half-eaten chocolate frog...that's a tragedy.

Ha! That shows Scorpius not to mess with Bea. Though he is a sly devil, isn't he? Very, very charming... *sighs* And so worth the cauldron cake in the end, I bet. :)

PS: I really love your story. A lot. Let's arrange our marriage, k?

Author's Response: I WOULD NEVER BE OFFENDED. THAT'S HOW MOST OF MY REVIEWS GO :D Actually, please don't read my reviews. When I give reviews to people I know, they honestly don't make sense. They don't make sense to /me/ when I read them later.

Bea uses the power of her cheeks for her pout :D They're very potent. She's based a bit on my friend who betas this fic actually, whose cheeks are of the utmost squishiness!

Unhygienic accident-waiting-to-happen, axe murderer, hipster artist, and a girl who has no regard for anything but Quidditch. I think it's /quite/ the room to stay in 8D

Teehee, I've said quite often now that the happiness level of the fic is directly correlated to the desserts in a chapter.

(An elopement to Gretna Green? count me in :D)

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Review #9, by EnigmaticEyes16 

17th October 2011:
I do still love this story so far. You're an amazing writer! absolutely hilarious. I can't wait to continue with the next chapters.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D Hope you'll like them!

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Review #10, by honoraryweasley 

1st October 2011:

There is so much oomph in this. Oomph just covers everything I wanted to express. The organization's name, the explosions, the asphyxiation... it's all too much. ♥

ALSO I have a big problem. I can't picture Scorpius with a shirt on? I hope this is normal. I just. IN MY MIND HE'S NOT WEARING A SHIRT OK.


Author's Response: HAHAHAHA. WELL, THAT'S QUITE AN ENVIOUS PROBLEM. I can't imagine him without a black blazer and white shirt (which he wears a lot, but not always).

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Review #11, by Celeste 

13th September 2011:
I am actually not /that/ taken by Scorpius, believe it or not. Maybe I've caught some of Anjali's indifference, but I'm meh on the rich boy/smartass thing. Also I don't care much for Alex Pettyfer. Actually, that's probably most of the reason why because I can't see scorp as anyone else!

So far, I like Fred and Anjali. Not so much Bea; she's a bit too erratic and jumpy for me. Anjali's a much cooler femme fatale there. It's awesome. :D And Fred - Fred's hilaro. I like the premise of this so far.

ALSO ON THE SHIPPING. I actually don't ship Bea/Scorpius yet...I like the Anjali/Scorpius dynamic. It's hot. And for some reason, I find Fred/Bea kind of adorable; probably because I don't really like the Asian drama style too often and they'd counterbalance that so well. I'd wink wink nudge nudge, except I think you've already set your mind on Beaorpius.

ANYWAY. This is oodles of fun so far. Much, much love for Rose, Lucy, nervous Albus, anxious Fred and Anjali.


Author's Response: SOMEHOW, I DID IN FACT SENSE THAT YOU WOULDN'T LIKE SCORPY-BOY. I actually picked up on the whole Asian-drama-rich-boy-poor-girl thing quite late in the game :P Irks me a little, but at the same time, guiltily appealing.

Fred's a darling. He has to put up with so many things, hot Davies-Patil spawn included. No one's really commented on Scorpius and Anjali! They do actually have a very interesting relationship -- very crucial as well -- but it's one that gets explored more in the middle parts of the story (if all goes as planned).

Fred/Bea is something I'll admit won't happen, and there's no twisty love triangle either, only because he's too older-brother to her in my mind. But their friendship is something I'll be working with a lot, so HOPEFULLY IT'LL TURN OUT OKAY? 8D

I know you know I adore shipping 8D but Capers is actually a lot less shippy than I make it seem. It really really is. I just have my personal ships lolol and write crack fluff about it in my spare time.

Beaorpius, what kind of portmanteau is that even snerk snerk.


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Review #12, by SnitchSnatcher 

8th September 2011:
How the hell do you do it?

Really, I'm curious. Somehow, you manage to make every single character totally unique from the others and yet they're all hilariously funny in their own ways. I cannot even begin to describe to you how loud or how hard I was laughing when Rose was suffocating Lucy with a pillow. All of her nonsensical screaming had be in stitches, as did Bea's complete obliviousness to it all.

Fred was awesome, Albus was all kinds of adorable, and I loved Scorpius. More than that, I loved that Bea got her revenge AND her cauldron cake. Smart girl, she is.

Author's Response: :3 Your words make my heart go all fuzzy and woozy like loss of blood. In the best way possible.


♥ she gets her cake and eats it too.

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Review #13, by lizmusic45 

8th September 2011:
Albus, love him. Then again, I do seem to have a soft spot for Al. I just like him for some reason, maybe because he's cute (or in my mind very)

Bea and her food. God that girl is just like me. Maybe less curious. Oh this is just to funny.

I mean I know I go on and on about your humor, I'm just surprised that's all. I never enjoyed a next-gen as much as I'm enjoying this one :)

Lizmusic16 :)

Author's Response: Al's adorable, like a puppy I always say.

Foood. That's probably the one trait Bea and I definitely share. We inhale like a vacuum.

Glad you're liking it ^__^

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Review #14, by TweetyByrd 

14th August 2011:
I laughed so hard saliva came out of my nose. I didn't know that was possible either.

Author's Response: Hahaha! I hope that wasn't painful!

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Review #15, by Lumos_Nox 

3rd August 2011:
I smiled when Bea got her Cauldron Cake. :)

Author's Response: She earned it!

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Review #16, by Jasmine_d_Princess 

20th July 2011:

"Do you want to be a baby-killer, Freddie?! Do you?" Ahha.. she plays dirty!! ;)

"If you can't win, be stubborn" That's the motto of my life and that's how I daily get chocolates from my friends.. XD

"mass of manic, mind-boggling, matchless mayhem"
"Adorable!Albus, Bull-headed!Bea, and Shirtless!Scorpius"
I'll never get tired of these.. :D

"SUCKS" "S-fuckas" "SHITS" You know what you are amazing!! I was in stitches when I finished this chapter.. :D

"Beatrice will receive one chocolate frog every week for being such a benevolent sensei, gracing me with her presence and wisdom" BEA.. ILY ♥♥♥

And you know just so you don't get jealous ILY Gina!! ♥..♥ (No, they aren't for your amazing skills.. seriously XD)

Author's Response: Here you are again! I'm glad you liked all the little bits 8D I just crammed the whole chapter full of stuff from my notes~


Awh, thanks! :D And thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Mad Hatter 

9th July 2011:
Ah. The sidekick. It all comes out. The slight desperation my spidey-senses imagined at the end of the last chapter. The obsession with James. Fred doesn't feel like he's good enough. Oh, the poor darling. I want to give him a hug. (And then shake some sense into him -- listen to Bea, just.do what she says, yeah?)

In my little personal headcanon, Bea is now mountainsexual (don't go to Urban Dictionary, please -- that's not what I mean at ALL). My definition of mountainsexual as made up by someone one the internet is someone who has such an all-consuming interest in something (e.g. mountain climbing, exploding things) that they just don't fancy anyone because either a) it never occurs to them or b) because their hobby is so much more *interesting*, anyway.

Scorpius and Anj are truly sickening. Ugh. That's good, though, because they're meant to be. But blimey, you just want to thwack them over the head or something. This chapter was brilliant, as always, and Albus is a darling. The singing was especially amusing, and golly, I wish I had your imagination. Brilliant!

Author's Response: Oooh your spidey senses detected? I am glad! Fred's a character I'm learning to write still. I'm trying to reconcile various characterizations I have for him -- sometimes I wonder if I'm being well-rounded with my characters or just schizophrenic xD

Listening to Bea will get you mixed results. Example 1: Albus.

BAHAHA, mountainsexual. Bea/Biscuit is the ship, mmmhmm. Ultimate ship right there. But that does very much describe Bea :D She's not a very emotional person at all -- kind of just works off of what she wants and needs at the moment -- so she devotes that sort of energy to her work. And digesting.

Bahaha, they are slimy aren't they ;D Strangely enough, most people are rather charmed by Scorpius anyway. Must be the Malfoy genes (I mean, everyone loves Draco even though he's kiiind of a murderer.)

♥ you are too kind ^__^

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Review #18, by amandatonks 

23rd June 2011:
More antics and mayhem! I loved seeing all of it this chapter. I loved all the abbreviations for Rose's little organization. Reminded me so much of Hermione! :D The little spats between Scorpius, Anjali, and Bea remind me of the spats between Malfoy and Harry in potions. I especially loved how Bea got her revenge (and her Caldron Cake) without Malfoy even suspecting! I figured he would have figured it out, but its a relief that Bea got away with it this time. :) I love how well you've developed your characters so far, by the way. What a delightful read! Something light-hearted to read at the end of a long day. ^_^

Author's Response: Hee, this is the first of many wild chapters. And I was totally channeling Harry-Draco spats when I wrote this (although it's been a long time since I've read one -- I need to go back!). Bea really doesn't do anything less than having her cake and eating it too :D

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Review #19, by SunSation Gal 07 

14th June 2011:
Love the antics that took place in the dorm. Hilarious. And then Albus, love him. Then again, I do seem to have a soft spot for Al. :P And Bea and food. Reminds me a lot of a friend I had in high school.

Author's Response: I never really thought I'd grow attached to Albus so much, but I have. He's such an ickle 'Puff, too too adorb.

Bahaha, I am that kind of girl who is persuaded by her stomach ;D the perpetual freeloader who looks over people's shoulders for food~

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Review #20, by soliloquy 

7th June 2011:
yumyum. no fair! you're TA already :( i've had a few rejections, but you still deserve it. ^_^ OMFG. hilarity! i don't even know. it was definitely the acronym conversation with Rose, Lucy and the other girl xD too lazy to scroll up...but I WAS DYING OF LAUGHTER and trying not to wake my roommate up. very difficult. sigh. you're awesome. not cool D: or very cool, but you know :D

alliterations = ftw. i use them in my essays all the time xD it's a bad habit (or a great one ;D) i liked the shorter chapters...but long ones are fun too :D i excited.

1) characters are developing EXTREMELY well. i love that there's so much more to them than snippy conversations and whatnot. bea is my favorite. she's got so much depth to her. :D
2) plot. i want to know SO BADLY. this is so great. i don't even think this is fair. but play on! play on!

Author's Response: I've had two before :o Lots of editing in queue, don't know if they ever look at that! JUST SUBMIT A LOT OF THINGS. Which is good because you know, MORE PRODUCTIVITY~

Heee, I swear, insane Rose is the best thing ever. Blame Julia's Starving Artists for that.


♥ too many ♥

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Review #21, by WitnesstoitAll 

20th May 2011:
Short review this time. Love you, love this story, love the range of new characters in this chapter. Really makes the world feel real, full of other people besides the main characters.

Author's Response: Haaa Mel, I see you speeding through. I really need to reread HBP; JKR was always so good about slipping in minor characters, I just don't know how she does it!

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Review #22, by TallestTower 

10th May 2011:
Gina, this review may lack both quality and quanitity. However, I shall hypnotise you into thinking it's good (first must learn hypnotism. shouldn't be too difficult.)

ADORABLE!ALBUS! ♥ I have so much love for him. Everything he did I was laughing at.

"Kind of do, though. I hear the Malfoys have their own private theme park." His eyes lit up at the thought.

You create the best mental images.

"I got hungry," he said, lowering his head so far that it touched his desk.

He makes me want to cry from his adorableness and squish him. The part where he waved at Scorpius. Oh my, I love him so, I really do.

Sensei Bea's relationship with him is brilliant too. Bea is brilliant full stop. I loved her in the dorm too, shuffling through her (well described) desk, whilst they discussed default-boy-stuff and Bea focused on becoming a world changing genius. Y'know, casual things like that.

'Lucy the snark source. Rose the petrifying prefect. Verona the Quaffle queen. Bea the mass of manic, mind-boggling, matchless mayhem. They were surprisingly accurate and alliterative.'

I love snark source Lucy, and I'm-in-a-rage-Rose haha.

Rose! "AZKABAN HAS A ONE LETTER PER MONTH POLICY, WE CAN MANAGE!"' ♥ The organisations made me laugh so much.

Bea/Scorpius talk ♥ Bea is amazing, and so vivid. I love her conversation with Scorpius and her occasionally slapping of Albus' hand away from the stirring spoon or telling him off.

Which brings me back to Albus. ALBUS/RINGLEWARD/EVERYONE♥

Author's Response: PSH, what is with all these humble reviews. Your reviews are glorious ♥

Albusss~ I've really got to go about making a proper character arc for him. He is too adorable to not be given a proper character arc. He's the moral center of the fic, really! True 'puff til the end. I like to think of him as a bit of a Neville.

Default-boy-stuff lolol. Bea is far too busy inhaling sweets -- I mean yes, changing the world. -cough- One chocolate frog at a time.

Insane Rose! My favorite to write. Inspired by Starving Artists Rose 8D as you can see.

It is so weird to write banter from the PoV of a crazy girl, I'll tell you this right now xD But I'm glad I'm successful!

♥ your reviewww~

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Review #23, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme 

10th May 2011:
Starting with the favourite lines:

- "Do you want to be a baby-killer, Freddie?! Do you?!"
- "- a tart of lies." (and that entire conversation but I love the last line so much)
- I wish I could quote Rose's nicknames for Anjali but sadly, they're too non-12+ but adore that bit too.

Actually, I don't know why I bother because the entire thing has me cracking up like some kind of sugar-crazed lunatic. Bea on a sugar high actually just leaps into me and BECOMES me when I read, I swear. All hysterical and limby...

Scorpius/Anj - when do they get split up, then? Pretty sure one more 'darling' will make me do strange, caps-related things. I do like them both immensely as characters though :P Really genius dynamic between them.

Bea - clever, clever, lovely Bea. She's so innocent at the end. She reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek...

Lucy/Rose/Verona - ahahahaha. I adored that scene and I love the characters, especially the Lucy-Rose fight. Fab work there.

Albusss - what a darling. I absolutely adore this line "Beatrice will receive one chocolate frog every week for being such a benevolent sensei, gracing me with her presence and wisdom." I'm so using that some day...

Anyway, love it, ofc.


Author's Response: I loveeed writing this chapter. I got to use all my quotables and non-12+ conversations :D

Omg hysterical limby Rachel ♥ Do want!

Gigglesnerk at your vehemence against ScorAnj. I forget sometimes, that I'm still being really vague with my ships when Annie and Gubby aren't around xD

Bahaha! Perfect comparison! Bea totally pulls out the Puss-in-Boots eyes sometimes. She's really the most mischievous and manipulative out of everyone in this fic. Scorpius and Anjali are quite obvious, but Bea takes advantage of Albus and Fred every day, without qualms! She gets what she wants!

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Review #24, by orderofthephoenix 

6th May 2011:
I loved that description of Rose getting angrier and angrier. I could just picture it! You describe everything so well, like Bea's dorm and her desk. And those acronyms were well thought of.

'She sounded as convincing as Voldemort teaching Muggles Studies' That quote is brilliant!! :D And this chapter is the one with the winning Quote of the Month, so well done for that too :)

I can't believe Scorpius still hasn't got the message! He must be really interested in the transistor. It's a great idea. I hope he learns the hard way. Well, with what Bea did this chapter, I don't doubt it! I'm starting to like her a lot more than I did at first. :)

Congrats on becoming TA even though it was a while ago :P

I look forward reading about James if you bring him into the story. :)

-Sophia x

Author's Response: I love Rose. She's one of my fav characters to write in here. -She's- completely nuts, for sure.

And what can I say? I love my stubborn men, Scorpius included. He has his reasons. Mostly he's a git, though ;D

It does take a while to warm up to Bea, especially because this is third-person omniscient. There's a spunk to her though, that I hope people see, a pluckiness that I don't endow any of my other heroines with and a lot more complex than what's on the surface. This is why I like writing Capers :)

Thanks! ^__^ And James does make some cameos.

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Review #25, by peppersweet 

9th April 2011:
'After three attempts at the knocker's riddle (the recent trend in sarcastic questions had made answering them quite difficult)'
I must hear more from this obviously bitter and cynical door knocker. PUT IT IN A CRACK PAIRING with mrs norris and I will love you forever, not that I don't already.

'...They say don't quote me on this but they say that his dad bribed the proctor for O's..."'
oh draco, you bald scamp.

*small voice* i had to look acquiescence up

'Lucy the snark source. Rose the petrifying prefect. Verona the Quaffle queen. Bea the mass of manic, mind-boggling, matchless mayhem. They were surprisingly accurate and alliterative.'
I feel you should now do this for the tgs lot.


'"C..." Lucy clawed at the pillow, muffled syllables barely audible in her gasps. "C-Colin wouldn't want to date a murderer!"


'Madame Luxury's Sparkling Scented Shampoomph
(now with extra Oomph)'
oooh that's my favourite brand. So much oomph. It's oomphtastic.

'"Beatrice will receive one chocolate frog every week for being such a benevolent sensei, gracing me with her presence and wisdom."'


plot! plot plot plottt! PLOT! looking forward to the next one!

Author's Response: I INTEND TO, I just haven't had a scene that involved it yet. BUT I WILL HAVE SARCASTIC RIDDLES.

It's all right, I had to look up acquiescence to spell it D: I had to try 10 times because the spell checker wouldn't even recognize it.

JULIA THE JOVIAL JESTER OF JUBILANT JABBERWOCKYS... WITH JUICE. Alliteration breaks me. So much sitting around pondering words. My mind has become a scary place because of it.


Cake! ♥

PLOT IS KIND OF A LIE, because I'm so bad with plans. BOO. But it has Shirtless!Downtrodden!Scorpius to make up for it.

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