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Review #1, by spreaddapoo 

4th November 2012:
You've got me hooked - I can only imagine how Operation Hippogriff is going to turn out... *trepidation - but the good kind!*

Author's Response: The good kind of trepidation? Surely you mean the bad kind!

which number is the most dramatic? ten ten TENNN!

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Review #2, by marissa lily potter 

29th July 2012:
Operation Hippogriff haha you just crack me up! I love the reasoning behind the name too. Somehow, I just don't see Rose & Scorpius together again. This should be interesting though :)


Author's Response: (honestly?.no, I don't see rose and scorpius together again either. although it would be much more realistic). thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #3, by OZ123 

16th February 2012:
So one day I decided I wanted a pet snail for my birthday and I would name it Jimbo and he would where a little bobble hat and he would live on my shoulder and a matchbox is where he would sleep and he would be toilet trained and we would dress up as Pirates together on Halloween. I still haven't gotten my snail. It has been 3 years. I am sad. Oh, and I love the story, and my re-occurring dream of living in a giant cupcake

Author's Response: This is perhaps the crackiest review I've ever received, and, for that, I love you ♥

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd December 2011:
Oh wow. A plot? That's something else, I thought the plot was Lucy just being a starving artist you know but then after the third chapter I thought, 'well that can't be it, maybe it's just about living or maybe it's nothing, maybe it's just nothing, there is no plot, it doesn't exist' clearly I was wrong...again.

I really have to stop making assumptions.
Anywho, can't wait to see how operation Hippogriff goes...though I'll miss mopey Scorpius if it goes well.

Author's Response: Plot, plot, what is that, can you eat it? The plot, like all good limits in the film Mean Girls, does not exist. The plot is existentialist. Etc.

Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #5, by ShieldSnitch3 

20th December 2011:
Oh my goodness. I love this so much. It's just so... GAH! (and witty, and hilarious, and awesome) I cannot even express how much I love Scorpius right now. He's so woeful and angsty... The thing is, I totally know people like him. Actually, I totally know people who relate to all of the characters. Realism for the win! ANYWAY - the argument with Draco. That just made my day. I would kill (okay, maybe not kill, but do something extreme, like eat blue macaroons) to see somebody yell 'IT'S A METAPHOR' at Draco Malfoy! GAH. Wait... I already said that. Point is, I love this. And Scorpius. Yeah. That is all.

Author's Response: IT'S A METAPHOR, DAD! Haha, not my line, but one coined by Nar, who helped me out a lot at the start of this fic many moons ago. All credit goes to her (:
Thanks so much for reviewing, glad you like it!

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Review #6, by Morgan Taylor 

12th December 2011:
You know what's scary? I'm naturally a blonde, an academic failure (with an oppressive father) at a school well known for it's arty-ness, and half of my hair is blue!!! I'm also known to be kind of awkward and am just starting to get into photography! This all happened before I started reading your fabulous ff, so I was quite taken aback when I realized how similar to Lucy I was!!! I also wanted to point out that your ff is fantastic and I totally love it. :D

Author's Response: Aah, high five! I had half of my hair blue at one point, but then it went green...then grey...do not trust cheap dyes from the market. Not good.
Thanks so much for reviewing, really glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #7, by hdawg 

31st October 2011:
I AM BACK. YOU PROUD? You should be.

"We sat side by side on the common room sofa" H3 h3 h3. I love you simply for writing this. YOU KNOW THE TRUTH. WE ARE NEVER TO BE APART. . 'I was having a macaroon...' I am afraid to say, however, that I am yet to offer you blue macaroons in the middle of the common room. I may be unorthodox, but I'm not that unorthodox.

If I could love Tarquin any more, I totes would after this: "as he entered the room busily tying his hair up with a vividly orange scrunchie", and the whole shower fiasco is so true! This is basically what happened to me every single day of this holiday I've just been on. WHY WEREN'T YOU WITH ME TO PROTECT ME WITH SHAMPOO?

'Er, that's Tarquin's towel,' he said. OHMYGOD THAT MEANS IT'S BEEN...YOU KNOW...THERE. ~dies~. I love you, Julia, so much. And 'I,' he said imperiously. 'Am Scorpius' father.' HE’S BACK. HE’S BACK. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IS BACK. Except for I have now moved onto Tarquin, so he'll just have to deal with it.

"a poster with a rather rude limerick he'd written about Scorpius" TELL ME WHAT THIS LIMERICK IS. TELL ME AND I PROMISE I WILL BUY YOU ALL THE BLUE MACAROONS YOU CAN EAT. Woah there, woah there. Tarquin now has competition (that's a lie), but this line: "a half-finished piece of embroidery" HE IS A MAN OF MANY HIDDEN SKILLS. Including loving Lucy? Yeah?

Julia, whenever I read through your chapters, I automatically find hints of yourself in your characters, mainly Lucy and Scorpius. But this, this has confirmed all my suspicions that you are in fact solely Lucy: "but I think the picture was kind of stolen by me shimmying past in the background and then tripping over, pulling several other fifth years down with me." I have no words to describe how easily I can see you doing this on a daily basis.

"an anguished cry of 'You just don't appreciate my art!' OH WOE. SO MUCH WOE. I love it. I love the fact that Scorpius is not a hunk (I love that word), and is in fact socially awkward and completely the opposite of his dad. I love you. Have I said that? OOH, HE’S GETING ALL BAD ON HIS DAD. 'You're-' he said, but then Scorpius slammed the door in his face. Even though I do love daddy Draco dearest, I do have to say I fully laughed at that moment because he totally deserved it. TEAM SCORPIUS! Oh wait, no, he did that by mistake. Of course. Fact is, I still love him.

'Scorpius is getting married... I shall now finish this sentence for you: "TO ME (LUCY CAROL WEASLEY). AND WE'RE GONNA LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. BE JEALOUS. YEAH." Am I right? Huh, huh? And by this, I assume you mean that he has four legs and a pair of wings? 'Because Rose has the temper of one and Scorpius runs like one.' H3 h3, me so funny.

OHMYGOSH A PLAN IS UNDERWAY. Julia, you have surpassed yourself and have dived to the realms of the scheaky and the sly. Lucy totally should have been a Slytherin AND THEN HER AND SCORPIUS WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TOGETHER QUICKER.

Just sayin...

Author's Response: no i am never proud why do you expect so much of me you fool

Please do offer me blue macaroons in the middle of the common room. It's not unorthodox in any way at all.


Yes, hannah, he used the towel to dry his hands. It's so shocking, I know.


I won't tell you (mostly because I haven't written it soz). And Scorpius has many, many hidden skills, including yodelling, ofc.

Pah! Nope, Scorpius is like, legit based on me. AND YOU KNOW THAT IN YOUR SOUL.

Scorpius has never, ever been a hunk in my head. He's just this weedy guy that got picked on at school and grew up believing that his one true calling was to make pointless things that look like cat vomit. TEAM SCORPIUS? I WILL MAKE YOU TSHIRTS.

Yup, Scorpius is actually a hippogriff.



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Review #8, by classicblack 

28th October 2011:
Operation Hippogriff is in commencement: yes! Loved this chapter, it was gosh darn hilarious (that's me keeping it 12+). I actually would've liked to have heard the Draco-Scorpius argument...
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Someday, I should produce an extra one-shot: 'Draco throws a paddy, Scorpius comes up with poor retorts.' Or maybe a snappier title than that. Thank you for the review, glad you enjoyed it! ♥

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Review #9, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme 

5th August 2011:
I think it is a sign that I watch too much 'Homes under the Hammer' that I can recall a bathroom from the programme exactly like the one described in the flat. As well as a rather stunning blue 50s kitchen that I shall henceforth use in my head as the kitchen in their flat.

I love the word shimmy and I believe you used with brilliant comedic effect here :P It's one of those words that just comes to life. I've never had need to use it but I might try and make space for it at some point.

Anyway, to the end: I can't wait to see what kind of disaster ensues from here on in. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to imagine the levels of insanity that are going to come but I'm most certainly looking forward to them.

Fave lines:
- a hairline that seemed to have chased itself all the way to the back of his head - love you.
- Does it involve the antlers? I was thinking it might involve the antlers Antlers ♥
- This: 'I'm not seeing her alone, I'm terrified of her!' and this: Because Rose has the temper of one and Scorpius runs like one. Why not? made me laugh out loud and my brother gave me a really weird look.


Author's Response: I think it's a sign that some of my friends might not have the best taste in interior design when I can recall multiple bathrooms just like that. As for the kitchen...yup, 50s is probably the best bet. Probably hasn't been cleaned since then.

Shimmy is a great word! Heehe. I think I just have a big mental list of odd words I'm fond of, and do my best to cram them in here, there, and everywhere.

Disaster will ensue. Oh yes.

Thank you for reviewing, dear! ♥

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Review #10, by me 

10th July 2011:
lucy and scorpius should go out and stuff because rose finds out the plan and is so mad that she makes them eat love potion and then rose gets jealous and then unlove potions them and scorpius grows some balls and argues with her about not wanting to be with her and they should have a heated snog session and be frenemies with benefits and yes this is one complete run on sentence.

Author's Response: You are my absolute hero for leaving this review ♥

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Review #11, by gingersnape 

3rd July 2011:
Say WHAT? This ScoRose getting back together *dies* I kinda liked Sco... poems... and is Lucy going to get some romance? I'm trying to think of how to make this review weird. (THERE! I made it weird. Because the word weird defies every grammar rule know to man. Golly, I'm putting Rose's awfulness to shame now!) But I can't unless I just did, so I guess I'll move onto the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Weird does defy grammar, haha! Weird is the weirdest word ever. How weird. And lucy, romance? Wait and see, haha. Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by TallestTower 

13th June 2011:
Julia, did I ever tell you how this never fails to make my day? It always has me grinning and I love it super-duper-much, so thank you for that :D

When you combine Lucy and Scorpius, it's kind of like Lucius. So can I say I ship Scorpius' grandad? regardless, I do. What's all this Rose business then? Hopefully it will include costumes/lucy falling over, so I don't really mind, as long as lucius eventually happens and they have piano playing cat babies made of wooly jumpers and cheap hairdye. or something tragically poetic like that. YEAH I'M A CONVENTIONAL SHIPPER WHACHU GONNA DO BOUT IT.


"Details of which are to follow for reasons of suspense."

You are hillario and magnifico.



d'awww helena! but your reviews make my day too! You and Gina reviewing this story - the pair of you, wow. Everytime I see your reviews I'm like FLAILFLAILFLAIL. They're so nice and hilare and it's like, serious reviews? Lowwwe that. We need crack and puffins and bonsai.

*uplifting music*

Ship away. I'm running out of ship analogies, but, you know, this fic is full of potential ships. It's like a giant harbour full of these weird ships. Like the Lucy/Scorpius ship would be a cute wee canal boat, and taraven would be like a giant pirate ship with loads of cannons and a madman at the helm. Foghorns ringing out through the harbour mist. And me on a dinghy in the middle of it all, trying to pick one. OMG I'M THE HARBOURMASTER. WOW.

shipper goggles at the ready, helzz!

heehee piano playing cat babies :D



Hillario and magnifico? Oh, stop, you're making me blush. You're brillo. Brillopads, to be exact. ♥

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Review #13, by PetrificusTotalus 

22nd April 2011:
sorry I'm late for the party...worst reviewer ever? I think so.
*looks down guiltily and stands at the back trying to blend into the wall* working? no? okay...
Gah! subject change. THIS CHAPTER. the return of my favourite gang :D Hair blonde! DRACO in their apartment! Mind. Blown. I don't think he would quite be able to handle art school though... scorpius has the advantage of WOE. He's just so hilarious, in a pitiful kind of way...
The photo album?! He can smile?! *dies*

Author's Response: Don't worry about being late, this part never ends! Bahah that sounds so lame. But, you probably get the sentiment.

Draco had to turn up at some point. It was like when I first opened a thread on the forums saying 'I want to put Scorpius in art school. HELP.' almost every response was 'dear god, what would draco say?' so Draco's grand appearance was kind of a given from the start, and hopefully he shall return.

Thanks for the review! ;D

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Review #14, by Daisiana 

10th March 2011:
I have to say I absolutely love this story! That line "No, of course not, we're ducks!" had me laughing out loud for a good five minutes.
I really can't wait for another chapter and 10/10 for the whole story so far. I'm going to add it to my favourites and check out your other stories too! :D

Author's Response: Ahha, good stuff! I don't know when chapter eleven can be expected - probably after the impending apocalypse that is my art AS exam at the end of this month - but hopefully the plot will start marching along properly at last. Really glad you liked it (: thanks very much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Snapdragons 

9th March 2011:
First of all, I love your new banner. It's gorgeously shiny and beautiful! :D It made me quite excited.

Now to the chapter itself!

Excellent, as always. "IT'S A METAPHOR, DAD!" might be one of my favorite lines. Makes me giggle! Poor Scorpius.
(And his embroidery skills sound... well, a bit questionable to be honest.)

SCORPIUS/ROSE YES. Oh god, yes! This sounds exciting. And Operation Hippogriff is such a perfect name.

This should be interesting.

Once again, this chapter made me laugh like ten times. I love this story and I love Lucy (heh) and I especially love Scorpius. I think he needs a hug.

Great job!

Author's Response: I love it too! The excitement when I picked it up was so intense. All thanks due to Gina for making it for me, I'd reccomend her if you ever need a shiny lovely banner (:

His emrboidery skills are rather questionable...I'd say they're about on par with mine, and, well, I can embroider, but that doesn't mean I can embroider well.


Yes, interesting it shall be. Funnily enough I've already written something like chapters 20-23, but the bits in between still need padding out.

Aww, go on, give fictional Scorpius and virtual hug, I'm sure he needs it.

Thanks very much for the review! (:

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Review #16, by awesome247 

9th March 2011:
Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Good stuff! Thanks for reviewing (:

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Review #17, by justonemorefic 

9th March 2011:
-rubs hands-

Macaroons! Tea party! OH... oh dream. DREAM. INCEPTION. I'm sure something referenced there.

Oh man, now that you've casted them, I'm imagining JGL maniacally running around with a paintball gun for the sake of art. Speaking of art, I recently saw someone run out of the Visual Arts facility dressed as a giant chicken, dropping eggs all along its path while a dozen people ran after it, filming him. Yep.

Oh god, my desk is such the artist's mess. Where I kind of have things perfectly in zen, sorted by mostly their ability to balance on top of each other and wrinkle-ability, but really make no actual sense.


Running into Scorp's room eh? I smell plot afoot! SNERK. He embroiders. "I don’t know how talented you really have to be to bring cat vomit to life through the medium of embroidery, but Scorpius obviously had that talent." LOVE.


"‘We should kick some sense into Rose and burn Scorpius’ photographs?’" Oh Merlin (and I do mean Merlin). You would say that.

"consciously conspicuous inconspicuousness" > I COULDN'T SAY THAT ONCE.


And mention of me! :D :D :D Three smiley faces for that!

Author's Response: YAY YOUR REVIEW

I can reference anything to Inception. Honestly. Especially my entire art project, much to the amusement of my teacher. 'Can you do a painting of this idea?' 'YES, I WAS TOTALLY GOING TO, YOU INCEPTED ME.' '...alright, I'm going to go and eat biscuits now.'

oh my word. MAN DRESSED AS CHICKEN? That's so...so...wonderful. I must write that in to a later chapter. IT'S SO...WOW.
Me and my friends are doing installation art for our exam. One is attaching a door to the wall and locking her work behind it, I'm hanging a giant paper mache ball with my work in it from the ceiling (so you put your head in and, BAM, work) and another one of my friends is submitting herself as art.


My desk is no longer desk, but simply mess. Yet I know where everything is...it's all balancing on the hole punch and the box of sharpies. Heaven knows what I'm going to do when I want to punch holes in paper or use marker pens. WOE.


OBVIOUS PLOT IS OBVIOUS. Can you predict the ending already? I CAN. But then again I am writing it.

Consciously conspicuous inconspicuousness becomes the pulchitrudinous-nosity of the complexity of the complexes of the antidisestablishmentarianism.in other news, she sells sea shells by the sea shore.

OBVIOUS PLOT IS...oh I already said that.

WELL you did make me a shiny new shiny. My face = :D

TA for the reviews! They do make me chuckle so (:

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