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Review #1, by fwoopersong8 

1st September 2015:
Just wanted to pop in to say that I've been reading this for a while and very much enjoy it. Especially Scorpius. I may have left a review a while back (maybe?) and if I did, I'm sure I mentioned him. He's absolutely hilarious and my favorite and awesome and I may have a fangirl crush on him or maybe not who knows just saying. I'm really liking his character (as if you didn't catch that yet) and all the characters, and I really love watching them develop. Just like film. Because I read this story in the dark alot -- ok, extended metaphor over.
Anyway, thanks for writing such a funny story which may or may not be a source of much-needed relaxation for me. Keep on keeping on. :)

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Review #2, by spreaddapoo 

4th November 2012:
Oh, Scorpius... Always the charmer. And I absolutely adore Tarquin; your character developments for all of the characters (from Lucy, the amazing narrator, to the wacky Mr. Holstone) is just impeccable! You should seriously think about (if by any chance you haven't) writing a novel similar in style to this! In this day and age, when good literature is difficult to find, I would pay an excruciating amount of money to read it.

Author's Response: Scorpius is so charming, he may as well have written the book on etiquette.

eee, that is, like - nobody can comprehend how much that comment means to me ♥ I mean, obviously, I can't write FF forever, but I am just writing it for me and for kicks and it's a big thing for someone to say 'I would pay for this'. so thank you so so so so much! :D ♥

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Review #3, by Anon 

2nd August 2012:
I loved it! You talked about everyone's mugs and I have the
perfect one for Gwendolyn/Raven. It's one I found at camp.
I call it angry teddy. It's a teddy bear sitting on a rainbow
holding a jar of gum balls, with a angry expresion on his

Author's Response: baha! that does sound rather like the perfect mug for her! thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd December 2011:
I don't want to skip chapters and not leave a review you know? Because I don't want you to think I didn't like this chapter. I just don't know what to say.

But I laughed because Scorpius said he felt 'floaty.' I tend to use that term in reviews sometimes and say the chapter was 'floaty' but I don't think anyone ever gets what I mean.

So, here's hoping you do when I say this chapter was 'floaty' and 'whimsical' all in good ways of course.

Author's Response: Hey, no worries! You've left more than enough reviews to make up for it (srsly. stamina. you have it. the force is truly with you).

Hehh. Floaty and whimsical, I love those words! Thanks again for reviewing :D ♥

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Review #5, by hdawg 

31st October 2011:

he was single and lived alone on the ground floor with a budgerigar my cameo again, I see. We once had a budgerigar, creatively named 'Budgie'. He didn't last long. I feel sad now. But HA "literally flown the nest", oh you wonderful thing, you.

"burly and rather posh Healing students" At the moment, I am fully imagining some gap yah-esque students. You know who I mean. But honestly, I don't understand why she didn't opt to go and live with Rose...HA LOL ME SO FUNNY.

This whole paragraph is everything to me: "Judging by the awkward way he was lying on the floor, the crash had been the sound of his head smacking against the coffee table. He wasn't moving."

"but they were actually in his mouth for reasons I didn't think I could explain" This man needs no explanation. Why do you even attempt to try? GAH. 'Floaty,' Scorpius murmured. 'Like a cloud.' Oh he’s such a poet AND HE KNOWS IT. No attempt at rhyme there. But who on earth is Socrates? I did Medicine Through Time with you but I do not have any recollection of this man. Maybe his mum wouldn't let him be called Socrates either...

'I have a poem,' Scorpius said, with a lazy smile, 'about love.' IT'S ABOUT LUCY ISN'T IT. THEY'RE GOING TO FALL IN LOVE AND BE TOGETHER FOREVER AND HAVE FIVE BABIES, ALL WITH GLASSES AND KNOBBLY KNEES, AND LIVE IN A BIG WHITE HOUSE AND BE HAPPY. Or not, it could be about his knee that he just became rather closely acquainted wit...WHO KNOWS? You do. But, oh, "A quick glance showed that the word 'Rose' was a popular one", my dream=crushed.

Oh you mentioned Poppa Malfoy! 'He doesn't appreciate my art!' Scorpius cried. 'He never will!' Can you imagine if he ever went down to watch Lettuce and the gang? HA. MAYBE HE COULD TAKE SCORPY'S PLACE? CAN HE? PLEASE?

"What with all the poking himself in the eye he'd done, it looked like half of his face was weeping" HE IS SO FULL OF WOE. AND HE SHOULD TOTES EAT THE TABLE. WHAT IS TARQUIN DOING, TRYING TO STOP HIM?

I WAS ACTUALLY THINKING THIS BUT YOU GOT THERE BEFORE ME: "Scorpius sat up a little straighter and gave me a look, one that told me I was not exactly the right person to give him advice about hair dye." Oh how similar we are...

'I want you to dance,' she said, breezily. 'With your sparklers. Just, you know, go mad. It's on a slow shutter speed so we'll get all these pretty light pictures...' Remind you of something? Eh, eh? That was a good night...le sigh. AND WHEN ARE TARQUIN AND RAVEN JUST GOING TO GET IT ON?: 'He kind of went in for a New Year snog,' she whispered, hurriedly, jerking her head at Tarquin. 'So I pretended to fall over. Better luck next year, eh?' WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO?

I LOVE BARRY. "Even Brooding Nameless Barry was sinking into an anguished dying swan pose, sparkler held aloft like a sword" Can we please just marry? Oh, that rhymes. I BEAT SCORPIUS.

Julia, this is another fabulous chapter. I am absolutely in love with Tarquin and all I want to do is cuddle you/Lucy/Scorpius. You're all the same, I swear. ONWARDS!

Author's Response: LOL percy as a demented landlord.

I bet your budgie lasted longer than your pet fish, though.

Gap yah students indeed! It'd be a flat packed with HURR DURR DURR laughter and biceps.

Scorpius is such an epic poet. He need no rhyme, he need no rhythm. He just need the sweet sweet love and the tea and...I don't really know where I'm going with this tbf.

Socrates is my alter-ego. I summon him at midnight.

Five babies? Woah there. Woah there. And living in a big white house? So passe, hannah, so overdone. They'd live in a hipster shack, plz.

Draco in a band? Oh...oh...oh god.


Great minds! If only we had them.

You a tarkers/gwendibird shipper too? TSK TSK HOLD YOUR HORSES AND LOOK I PUT A ONE SHOT UP AND ALL.

Marry Barry. Go ahead, see if I care. ~FLOUNCE~

I adore you. ♥

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Review #6, by classicblack 

28th October 2011:
Loved Scorpius when he was woozy. Brilliant :) And art student New Year's promised to be entertaining and was. I laughed out loud/ snorted to myself several times. Well done!
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Yup, it's basically my mission in life to make people laugh aloud and get funny looks whilst reading this story :) glad you enjoyed it! ♥

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Review #7, by marissa lily potter 

25th August 2011:
Oh my, I absolutely love Scorpius and Lucy! They are amazing characters! They are so funny and I just can't help but adore them. Your interpretation of this art school makes me wish that I could go to one just like it! Great work! I have definitely fallen in love with this story! (:

Author's Response: I must admit that I've become very fond of writing them! I wish I could go to an art school like this too - the art lessons I take are fun, but ultimately a whole lot of work, and I don't have any dashingly handsome and awkward indie boys to distract me, haha! Thank you very much for saying so & thanks for reviewing ♥

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Review #8, by Marzipan 

22nd August 2011:

Lucy is kicked out and living on Tarquin and Scorp's sofa and so my grand plan of Lucy/Scorp falling madly in love is one step closer to fruition. Basically everything Tarquin said in his rather odd outburst is in their future - he's a bit like a seer, and a mind-reader that way. Tricky young lad.

Lucy is the very picture of Hufflepuff decorum. I fully support her actions. And yay, back to blonde! Now I don't need to feel like a complete dunce every time I forget that she has blue hair and he has brown.

Looove you, and soo sorry it took so long for me to catch up on this!! How could I have stayed away so long? I shall never do it again! And now, because I just today learnt how to do it:


Author's Response: MARY...BARY, HELLO!

Your grand masterplan, oh most evil mistress Mary, is one step closer to fruition. Plot thickening, thickening like oatmeal.

Blonde FTW! Yeah, the more I thought about it, the less I felt I could picture them with blue/brown/sludge-coloured hair. So, erm, drastic plot change.

Thank you for another lovely review! Have some more hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #9, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme 

4th August 2011:
I'M SO GLAD THAT DEAN'S NAME IS DEAN. Possibly the highlight of the chapter. Well, that and Lucy landing on top of Scorpius. And Obscure Henry's snog. And, well, all of it.

I really love this. And I didn't really expect to, if I'm going to be reallyyy honest. I was sceptical, anyway, but now I'm so glad that I started this and stuck with it because I completely feel an attachment to the brilliant characters!

- 'He doesn't appreciate my art!' Scorpius cried. 'He never will!' - FLASHES OF AVPM/S DRACO. Pity and house-elves flying to mind.
- Sometimes when I'm bored I think I should just whack him over the head with a frying pan and see what happens. - Please include this at some point. Please.

And now I'm afraid I am too tired to continue but tomorrow (perhaps...) I will carry on and maybe finish what's been posted. Maybe.


Author's Response: Ah, Dean Dean - comes from a school trip to Oxford, where, the moment we all blundered through the doors of New College, we espied the Dean's noticeboard - 'who's Dean and why does he get his own noticeboard? what a champ!'. of course, we were thirteen. You can't blame us.

Aw, thank you! I know the first chapters are a bit bleh and some of the setup is a bit bleh, so I can hardly blame you, haha! Thank you so much for saying so ♥

Heh. Tarquin is such a sadist. Thank you for another review! ♥

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Review #10, by gingersnape 

3rd July 2011:
I surprisingly like the chapter images a lot. It's not a style I would normally say that I like, but these are awesome and I almost look forward to seeing the chapter images more than the chapters! That's a lie. I love chapters. But the chapter images are awesome too! And the Scorp Henry line from Tarquin had me laughing out loud. And blonde again! I liked the blue, but it will be nice to have them be slightly more normal... nah. That's not ever a word you can use to describe these artists! :P

Author's Response: I figured the story needed chapter images what with it being a next-gen and all, haha. Yeah, blonde again! Haha. And no, these artists are not normal ;D thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by TallestTower 

17th May 2011:
This fic is all sorts of incredible. Haha! Obscure Henry! Who knew he had it in him. Had what I don't know. I just felt like that was the right thing to say. I always thought he would be too busy 'discovering' bands or something for all this snog business these young rascals and whippersnappers partake in these days. Erm. Moving on.

"That was a blatant lie; he was single and lived alone on the ground floor with a budgerigar." I completely buy into the budgerigar conspiracy. IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

"That was when my mind got a stitch and had to sit out of the race for a few minutes." Hahahahaha.

"My mind got up on sore legs, did a couple of stretches, jogged tentatively back into the race, and then was hit by a bus."

First bikes then buses? I do believe you have a fear of transport.

High pitched squeaking haha. "Oh my, you’ve killed Scorpius,’ he breathed." Oh my. You've killed Scorpius. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS FIC JULIA I CAN'T CONVEY IT EVEN IF I USE THIS ♥ THING.

Concussed Scorp is even more pathetic and floaty like a cloud. And oh scorp's floppy fringe, she lives with them now! This can only lead to furthur brilliance.

‘Lucy, you’re a glorified photographer with horrid roots…to be honest, you look like a singer in some sort of failure of a grunge band.’
Touché, Scorpius, touché.


I like learning more about Scorpo's family. Poor dear.

'You're from Birmingham'. Oh Tarquin.

DEAN. He's amazing. Sitting their with his digestivos. And his name is actually Dean. Splendiferous.

'He couldn’t discipline a dead sheep,’ CRUMBS.

Ellen is so very funny. I ship Eunice/Brooding Barry. THINK ABOUT IT.

‘I want you to dance,’ she said, breezily. ‘With your sparklers. Just, you know, go mad. It’s on a slow shutter speed so we’ll get all these pretty light pictures…’

DO I DETECT A SENSE OF MOCKERY HERE JULIA? Hahahaha. This line cracked me up. Oh god, you are genius incarnate.

Gleefull Scorp is fun. He is also suspiciouslly casual about the film exposure scenario. Anyone want to start a conspiracy theory about back ups? That involve budgies? I know I do!


Author's Response: you don't want to know just what obscure henry is capable of. erm, aside from obscurity, but he's so obvious that it's ironic obscurity - see, only truly indie people can be that ironic. trusay. he let it slip with the snogging business though. he should have made it an indie snog, you know, kiss her ear instead or something. that's, like, so totally individual.

YOU SUPPORT THE BUDGIES. YES. ANOTHER MINION. i will be distributing badges in skypeland at the next full moon. we meet at midnight.

you like my analgoies? gigglesnort. well, i have to get public transport a lot. and most of the buses i get on are the sort of buses you avoid after five pm if you want to arrive home with your sanity/life/face intact.


tarquin is a propah brummie, ohroight. actually, no, because the idea of casting jgl and then giving him that accent is like the worst sort of crime.

dean dean. splendiferousnosity.


mockery? me? why, no! *shifty eyes*

CONSPIRACY THEORIES. KEEP 'EM COMING. you know they put cameras in ham? they're called hameras. i might have nicked that conspiracy off bill bailey though. lowe originality.

♥ always

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Review #12, by emmapotter 

27th February 2011:
This is a hilarious. Absolutely hilarious! :D
I love Scorpius but I have to admit, I never saw Rose to be like that :/ I can't wait to see more of her human side :P

I enjoy reading this new take on Lucy and the fact that Draco and Astoria are divorced intrigues me :D

Update soon! :)

P.S: I don't even remember helping you out with one of the chapters! :O I need to get a new brain :|

Author's Response: Thank you! Rose is like the worst bits of Ron and Hermione all mushed into one. Emotional range of a pretty small teaspoon, a temper, irritating know-it-all attitude and terrible hair to boot. She features a lot more later on...watch this space, so to speak.

Vis-a-vis Draco & Astoria...well, I needed to come up with a turbulent family background to try and explain why Scorpius is so...Scorpius.

& you probably helped out in the massive thread I had on this over on the forums - I was asking for help on what was originally a really serious idea, and with the help of the forums bunch it turned into...this. So I thought I owed a lot to the people who were helping me out with insane ideas, and you were one of them! Ooh that was almost a year ago now. Strange. Anyway, thank you (:

Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by ellemae17 

23rd February 2011:
I love the idea and the plot of the story, and you are a really good writer. I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm in the process of writing chapter ten and hopefully it can be expected in a week or two. Thanks for reviewing (:

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Review #14, by Giola 

21st February 2011:
That's my general reaction to this fic.
Brilliant, I love the mentions of biscuits, the near constant cuppas, scorpius in general, sparkler dancing (awesome :) )
Though I have to wonder where this is all going :P


Author's Response: Awesomesauce! I aim to please. I'd just been for a sparkler dancing fandango with some friends, was running low on inspiration, sat down and thought 'ah, I know, I'll fill some space with this.' That's basically it. The constant cups of tea probably come from that too. I sit down to write and think 'oh, I feel quite creatively drained. I will have a cup of tea.' and it's a vicious cycle, really.

Anyway. Moving swiftly onwards.

>Though I have to wonder where this is all going
Swiftly in the shape of the pear. I don't really know, I'm kind of making it up as I go along. Ten or so chapters left to write, I think. Maybe. That's a pretty poor estimate even by my standards.

Thanks very much for the review! :D

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Review #15, by Snapdragons 

21st February 2011:
Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I actually laughed out loud for a good deal of this chapter. Lucy convincing Scorp to let her live with him while he's a bit... woozy was priceless. He's hilarious when he's slightly out of it.

Obscure Henry? Whuuut? Didn't see that one coming.

And yay for being blonde again, and for both Gleeful Scorpius and Woe-Is-Me-For-I-Am-Scorpius.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Ooh, ta! Yes, woozy Scorpius was jolly fun to write. Vis a vis Obscure Henry...no, I didn't see that one coming either. I am kind of making this up as I go along. I guess I wanted a bit more of a subplot to fill the time. Hopefully, it'll go somewhere. I dunno. Let's hope it will.

Thanks very much for the review! :D

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Review #16, by PetrificusTotalus 

21st February 2011:
Haha I love that the whole story is based on art school losers though! and how everything is so random :D great chapter! And as always, you never fail to make me chuckle :D

Author's Response: It is pretty random, yes. I must confess I am making this up as I go along, cross fingers this approach will work ^^

thanks for the review! ;D

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Review #17, by awesome247 

20th February 2011:
Love it! Update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! No idea when chapter eleven will be ready, but hopefully soon :D

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Review #18, by justonemorefic 

20th February 2011:

SWING A KNEAZLE. What. Just what. I'm not sure < 3 HIT BY A BUS. Always with your violence by transportation. WEIRD METAPHORS. Jealous.

BAHAHAHA AHHH. Bodily harm to Scorpius always brings the best laughs. The ENTIRE SCENE, the ominous china, the ...you killed Scorpius, the glasses-on-face-except-not-because-in-mouth.

‘The question is not how, but why.’ SNERK HOW DO YOU THINK OF THIS NONSENSE unless this is actual questions that arise in art school, oh my poor girl. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS WEIRDLY AGGRESSIVELY POETIC SCORPIUS WHO POKES HIMSELF IN THE EYE WITH HIS KNEE.

‘Rule number one is that you don’t talk about Scorpius’ dad!’ Tarquin yelled back. THIS IS FIGHT CLUB.


AMNESIAC...MOTHER...OH GOD. GASP. TWEED AMNESIAC MOTHER? (you better give me a happy ending with political kickawesome Astoria)

All your characters have awful fashion sense no? 8D

OMG SPARKLER DANCING. The pastime of tumblr photos everywhere.




Author's Response: TWIT-TWHOO-HOO.

It's a bit of a ritual for this story that I hang around for reviews from a certain few people, you being one of them. THE CAPSLOCK, IT FEEDS MY CREATIVITY.

Violence by transportation? See, MORE RL. My dad is a cyclist who seems to be a magnet for vehicles, specifically large buses. The downside is spending a lot of time in A&E and that I also inherited this 'oh hey, cars, buses, just come and drive at me all you like' thing. Not that I'm bitter or anything. We suffer for our art.

>Bodily harm to Scorpius always brings the best laughs.
Truesay. Maybe I'll just make chapter ten 'WOW, SCORPIUS, LOOK OVER THERE' 'ooh what?' *frying pan*.

>SNERK HOW DO YOU THINK OF THIS NONSENSE unless this is actual questions that arise in art school, oh my poor girl.
You kind of answered your own question there.

but you fight with metaphors.

Only a couple like tweed-amnesiac-politico-Astoria and angsty doormat!Draco could produce a child like Scorpius. It is true.

>OMG SPARKLER DANCING. The pastime of tumblr photos everywhere.
NO KIDDING :'D I had a 'let's act like hipsters' day with my friends, and one of the things we did was sparkler dancing. But, you know, bunch of immature girls, it was kind of just rude messages spelt out in sparkler glory. WE PUT THEM ON TUMBLR :'D

not a bad thing.

And Scorpius in a veil, cradling his camera and singing some sort of tragic ballad that sounds like 'Memory' from Cats, except played by Screaming Bloodthirsty Disco so it sounds more like someone repeatedly falling down a steep staircase.

chapter ten is on the way. DRACO'S VISIT, ergo tragedy.

THANK YOU for such amusing reviews :'D

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