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Review #1, by AlexFan 

26th November 2013:
Oh my goodness, Rose is just brilliant! Her creative names for Anjali though are just astounding. The love that Rose has for that girl is just out of this world.

I have to tell you though, my favourite part was when they were talking about Colin and creating an organization for him. I was giggling really hard when I got to the part that the name spelled out SUCKS. And then I completely lost it when I got to this:

"Right," Verona drawled. "S-F-U-C-K-A-S. Much better."

I literally could not stop laughing and I'm pretty sure I had to shove my fist into my mouth to stop myself from bursting into very loud laughter. I haven't read a fanfiction that's made me laugh like that in a very long time so you can imagine how much I loved this chapter.

And the family love between Rose and Lucy is just beautiful. There's nothing like one cousin trying to kill the other to say I love you.

That ending was brilliant though. Bea can be quite the scheming little Ravenaw can't she. I love how her form of revenge is something that only requires really small work but ends up with really big results.

Let's all clap for Bea.

Author's Response: Bahahaha, there's ridiculous amounts of ridiculous whenever Rose is around. Violent family love, in the only way Rose and Lucy know how to express :D They're a bit inspired by crazy!Rose and Lu in Starving Artists, except I amped up the tendency to murder as I tend to do.

That's a running theme through the fic! Small things causing bigger things ;) Bea is your primary example of that. Ah, and then the amount of plot I've cooked up from a single cupcake...

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

31st May 2013:
So hilarious. This reads like a well-constructed novel. Bravo.

And I love the flashmob-wormwood-singing bit. Brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks! c: I've been doing some editing to make it all a little more cohesive. Hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo93 

15th November 2012:
Haha, (I've come to realise that I've started writing each review with a loud and hearty "Haha") this is such a good chapter! I love your constant references to sugar and pastries - I can just imagine Bea's thought processes spinning around an imaginary land of Willy Wonka delicacies~

Beautiful; I love Albus - he's so adorable.

And I sense a war brewing...

Author's Response: Bahaha < - what I usually begin with xD

omg the food and pastry thing was totally unintentional, believe it or not, and yet it's become /the/ staple of Capers. Heck, half of its events are driven by cupcakes.

Brewing, I see what you did there! :'D

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Review #4, by PhoenixPulse 

23rd August 2012:
Eeeek! How come I just found this story this morning? Gah, I honestly face palmed at myself for finding this sooo late.

Anyway, I just thought I'd drop a quick review because I just started reading it, and lemme tell you, I am in LOVE. You are an awesome writer and I envy your style of writing. Everything flows just so nicely, and it's just perfect!

I love the humor in this fic. Bea is by far my favorite character, and I love Albus as well. I also love your Scorpius! I've read way too many fics in which Scorpius is written way to genericaly. This Scorpius makes me smile though, because he's different from what I'm accustomed to reading. I applaud you for that.

Anywho, it's 2 in the morning, so I'm gonna go prance off to chapter four now. Perhaps I can squeeze in another chapter or two. I hate that I can't go ahead and read all the chapters, and having to leave it off is going to kill me. Anyway, it's a GREAT story so far, and I'll be dropping reviews every few chapters or so :)

Author's Response: EEK I am excited :33 I just checked my reviews after answering them and then yours popped up and I flailed a bit; I always get so excited when people review as they go, and I get to see all their reactions 8D

Hee, I love that you love Scorpius already, because most people think he's a smarmy jerk 'round these chapters - which he is - but I gotta love him for his theatrics.

♥ can't wait to see what you think!

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Review #5, by Bluestreakspirit 

6th May 2012:
I want an Albus :) he was absolutely adorable! And Bea's singing line of "Hooow did that haaappen?" made me crack. up. Hahaha :) loving the story so far! I probably will review every couple chapters until I get to the current one. Thanks!

Author's Response: Isn't he just? Hee, if there were only pocket Albuses to go around. I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the story! ^__^

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Review #6, by notreallyblonde44 

30th April 2012:
"AZKABAN HAS A ONE LETTER PER MONTH POLICY, WE CAN MANAGE!" -LOL! It is lines like these that really get me. SO FUNNY! This story is chock-full of originality, spunk and sugar just like your funky banner and banner banter suggests. I don't really have any substantial comments or criticisms, which is unlike me, so I'm sorry about the shortness of the reviews. I'm at a loss.

Your diction is precise and excellent. I miss Fred already, but I adore Albus, Rose, and Lucy. The cousins are all absolutely barmy and unique, like nothing next-gen I've ever read. Albus is such a baby, Rose is a nutcase, and Lucy is a hilarious instigator. & the dynamics between Scorpius and Anjali make me want to barf, barf, barf. Not interested in them, I hope they just *bleck* What entertains me that you flip the typical switch. You still give the Malfoys power in the world when many authors don't. I like this, it shows how truly ambitious they are and why they were put into Slytherin into the first place. Which brings me to the house dynamics, they are lovely. Over the top, but in the best way and not cliche in my opinion, just accurate. OH and the ending, Bea can be so vengeful, I wonder what lies beneath her hate for Malfoy and Anjali...it's got to be something deeper than it appears.

Off to read the next chapter...curious to learn more!


Author's Response:
I remember, my first slew of chapters are so crazy when I introduce all the characters 8D Hee, I'm glad you like it. Strangely enough, this whole cast is just how I imagined next gen initially; I really hadn't read many other fics to influence me, sans Julia's Starving Artists (thus the homage to crazy!Rose and artist!Lucy amongst other things).

It's been 13 chapters since, but omg I still remember how absolutely horrendously barfy Scorpius used to be xD what a smarmy. It's why I love him. I remember wondering to myself, well, if the Malfoys were to stay in power, there's one obvious way they could it, and that was business. I like to play with archetypes early in my fics just so I can defy it later. Even with Bea, I remember everyone thinking she was this hyper biscuit inhaler, which she totally is, but she's smarter than she seems and resents it when people don't see her that way, and that's a huge part of her later story.

♥ thank you so much for the reviews!

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Review #7, by Miriel 

25th March 2012:
And here I am again.

I forgot to mention last time that I like the fact of Louis being in Slytherin and that Albus is NOT friends with Scorpius.

For this chapter, I liked it very much! You developed the plot from chapter two and I'm exited to know how it goes on.

Madame Luxury's Sparkling Scented Shampoomph
(now with extra Oomph) :)

Scorpius and Ajalin were great. They are perfectly evil and, yes, smarmy. :)

I can see the characters in my mind and it's amazing how well developed they are until now.

Keep up the good work! By the way, I didn't notice any severe grammar errors or spelling mistakes, so well done!


Author's Response: Oh cool! ^__^ There's definitely an opportunity for Al to become friends with Scorpius, but that is another plotline entirely. Hehehe.

All the smarm and shampoomph! My love of alliteration knows no bounds ;D

Thanks for the reviews! I'm glad you like it! :)

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Review #8, by WhatAboutRegulus 

15th January 2012:
OMGGG THAT WAS SOOO GOOD. You're stories are just so amazing and funny!! I love Bea already, she's a very spirited character haha. I hope Freddy doesn't take that offer in anyway! That would be awful :(

GOOD JOB!! I loveee this story :)


Author's Response: Thank you! :D Bea's my favorite heroine out of all my stories. She's the only one who's got her brand of spunk.

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Review #9, by hdawg 

4th January 2012:
THIRD REVIEW OF THE NIGHT! I AM ON A ROLL. Although I won't be able to review the rest tonight, my mission for tomorrow and friday is clear.

"biscuits (mostly biscuits)" Bea knows her stuff well. I like that. Biscuits is what keeps the British running. Without biscuits, and the complimentary cuppa of course, where would we be? WOULD WE EVEN BE HERE?

"...you're going to end up like old Ring-ding-dongleward - senile before seventy." We need to hear more about this man. He sounds interesting and slightly like he would be Filch's best friend if he ever had some late night escapades. Soz Mrs Norris.

IT'S MEEE! "Every year in the first week of school, some first year would go missing for a whole day only to stagger out of the maze in the dead of night gasping for food and water." I can actually imagine that it would be me, or Julia. Or both of us. Except for she wouldn't survive if it was both of us together and no biscuits. I leave the rest up to your wonderful imagination ;)

"A pit of snakes? Plans for world domination? Dark Lords running amok?" Yes Bea, this is exactly what the Slytherins do in their spare time between lessons. Plot and run around in billowing cloaks. Sounds more like Snape's exercise regime.

"STRAWBERRY CAULDRON CAKE!" Bea barreled past Fred and bounded onto the green cushions, sooty hand searching for the largest slice.' Bea is actually wonderful. Can I keep her? h3 h3 h3. And Jammie Dodgers! This girl is brilliant, not only wonderful!

JULIA! I HAVE FOUND YOU! "Eh!" cried a shrill voice. On the other side of the room, twelve-year-old Louis was shaking his camera in the air indignantly. "They are avant-garde!" It's uncanny, I swear. But damn, Scorpius seems suave. Too suave. As usual, I will save my judgement until later.

"Perhaps this could have all been avoided if he had just gone on a biscuit run like she wanted." He finally understands! And ha! "She would jump off the astronomy tower for far less than the decadence laid out on the coffee table." I know where she is coming from...

"I fed you."/"Your bribes were delicious and unsuccessful." I absolutely adore her. But not Vixen McSexylegs/Anj. I don't like her any more. My judgement has been passed.


Author's Response: HANNORS.

Do... do British people melt without tea and biscuits? I'm just going to make this assumption now.

Lolol Snape exercising. I wonder if he wears sweatbands.


lolol Julia and I are Lucy actually, but if you say she is Louis, I AM OKAY WITH THAT.


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Review #10, by forsakenphoenix 

23rd December 2011:
Bea's got an appetite if she's eating the entire platter of strawberry cauldron cakes...also, I think Fred would probably look good in anything. Or nothing at all. Suits are rather boring, after all. Just like Fred's dry personality. At least Bea's got some spunk.

And your Scorpius. Why, hello there. He's kind of infuriating in that sexy, know-it-all kind of thing he's got going on. He's very sure of himself, kind of cocky, and it's very attractive.

"It'll better than whatever share your dad's giving you for these things." - I think you're missing a 'be' in there after 'it'll'

"It'll be the biggest thing since the Boy Who Lived." Ahahaha, this is great.

And then Louis! Oh my god, he's so precious. What a tortured, artistic soul. I am loving your cast of characters so far. So brilliant.

Ha! I love when Bea turns Scorpius down and I can just imagine his face when she does it. And her whole "Corporations are the Horcrux-makers of this generation: killing people's creative visions in the quest for profit maximization." Despite her initial flakiness, she's certainly got a good business sense to her.

I'm telling you, when my family comes home, they're going to think I'm nutty with all my cackling. "Fred, Freddie, look," said Bea, bouncing excitedly. "Anj looks ready to murder me." I mean, honestly, how can I NOT laugh at something like this?

...I can't tell but I hope Fred isn't honestly thinking about Scorpius's deal. Technically, isn't the whole Muggle-Magic Converter Bea's idea anyway? He's been trying to talk her out of it so what say does he really have in any of it? Hmph.

Author's Response: I totally appreciated the whole wise guy-straight guy (or crazy/sane, I suppose) duo setup after writing these two. It is so easy to overload on crazy as it goes on xD There is something sexy about sanity, but crazy is definitely charismatic (who doesn't love a bad idea?), and they shine so much brighter when next to each other.


Oh dear, you'll probably find that I constantly miss words xD I'm very terrible with that. -fixes-

In a family of French 1/16th veelas, I thought, 'Surely one of them would turn out to be an artist!' Poor Louis was the victim. I think he'd be perfect in a little beret.

Perhaps not a business sense, but certainly senses! Equal parts brilliant and oblivious 8D When i was writing her, I remember thinking to myself that I made her too silly for someone who's supposed to be a smart inventor, but then I realized she's just a lot smarter than she lets on - a bit of a lifestyle choice. A bubbly genius! :D But well, still quite oblivious.

Baww Freddie's only looking out for her. That and she uses his money 8D Bea is a frequent, uh, borrower. Heh.

all the ♥

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Review #11, by Lovely_Disaster 

11th November 2011:
McSexylegs.. That's great. It was a very funny chapter! I love Bea, her spazzyness and all. Great job.

Author's Response: Her legs could carry a whole chapter ;D

Thank you! ^__^

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Review #12, by EnigmaticEyes16 

16th October 2011:
Haha, this is a really cool story. I love Bea, she's hilarious, and nothing like Cho. But she's more sensible than she seems apparently, turning down Scorpius' offer like that. But Freddie is actually considering it now for the money and I foresee a dilemma coming between the two of them. Off to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks! ^__^ She's very different from Cho (quite a lot of my characters are different from the parents). I'd been waiting for ages to write a smackdown from her - she's deceptive! Ditzy at first glance and, well, likely ditzy at the second. But the -third- glance ;D

Fred and Bea will have lots of disagreements; they're so polar opposite. Their friendship will be a major point of the story :)

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Review #13, by honoraryweasley 

1st October 2011:
There are a number of ways to LOL and this chapter justifies all of them. LOLE. LULZ. LOLOL. TROLOLOLOL, if you'll allow me.

LOLE moment:
A pit of snakes? Plans for world domination? Dark Lords running amok?
For some reason this made me think of that Quidditch match in POA that Malfoy and co infiltrate as "Dementors". So I pictured multiple Voldys kind of running around with their trainers visible under their cloaks. B)

LULZY LULZ moment:
Unresolved sexual tension always shortened his fuse.
Oh, Merlin, tell me about it. I hate unresolved sexual tension, ugh. Although the words SEXUAL TENSION should always be in uppercase. Always.

LOLOL moment:

I have a feeling that if Bea were not a fictional character, the two of us would have some disagreements about the ratio by which dessert is shared out. I LIKE DESSERT.

"I fed you."
"Your bribes were delicious and unsuccessful."

BURN. Well, kind of. Mostly just funny.

HRMPHHAGH moment (aka. the moment that made Julia laugh out loud while she was trying to ingest a milkshake):
"I'm not Vixen McSexylegs like her-" She pointed to Anjali, whose jaw dropped, scandalized, her facade finally broken. "-but just because I'm a bit nutty doesn't make me stupid."
(I choked for the duration of the paragraph, okay.)

YAY! ♥


Omg a march of Dark Lords. Like Anonymous! Or Storm Troopers.

BUT I USE UST EVERYWHERE. It's hilarious because Fred gets so so much UST, heee.



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Review #14, by SnitchSnatcher 

8th September 2011:
This is quality.

Ugh, I think Bea and I might be spirit animals in that sweets run our lives. I loved the sudden shift in the conversation when she jumped in and just laughed in Scorpius' face. I like it when people do that, especially awesomely excitable people like Bea.

Every time you called Fred the point man, all I could think of as Arthur from Inception, which made him all the better in my mind.

I can see why people are been nominating Scorpius as the smexiest character - his attractiveness is hard to deny, as is his charm. Apparently I am not as strong as Bea.

Author's Response: When does sweets -not- run a life? They're everywhere, begging to be eaten. Take me! the biscuits yells.



Hee ♥ I am amused people find smarmy sexy. I will accept it.

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Review #15, by lizmusic45 

8th September 2011:
I want a strawberry cauldron cake, those sound so good right now!

I normally don't read next gen. I know a lot of people like them because it's basically an open canvas. You don't have to remember so much canon. For just some reason I never picked up.

But I love your sense of humor in this, Bea, Fred, and everyone else is super wonderful :) You should be pleased with yourself, you're quite the writer :)


Author's Response: Mmm cake. Cake is appropriate for all times.

I think there's really good ways to use an open canvas, and that's part of what I wanted to do with Capers. Some people use next gen to make a convenient romance, but I wanted to create my own world, with a huge huge cast and adventure :D

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Review #16, by TweetyByrd 

14th August 2011:
"Soot bunnies" has to be my favorite thing to say since... Waffles. Brilliant.

Author's Response: Ooh! That's quite a compliment :3 I love saying waffles.

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Review #17, by Lumos_Nox 

2nd August 2011:
Wanna know what I think of Bea?
This proved that while she's lovable and crazy, she's brilliant as well. :) Nice work.

Author's Response: Ha! I'm glad you like :D

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Review #18, by Mad Hatter 

9th July 2011:
The idea that first years would come out gasping for food and water in the dead of the night makes me want to write a one-shot about just that happening and the over-active imagination of a poor eleven-year-old Slytherin. May I? I'm not sure if it'll get done, but I would dearly love to write it. It's been so long since I've written anything.

"I fed you." Oh oh oh oh oh oh. Can I just marry this story? Please? Bea is my favourite and the fact that she can simultaneously be distracted by biscuits and use big words to explain her distrust of corporations is just so wonderful. I'm not sure I have proper words to describe how much I love this story any more, and I'm only three chapters in. How could you do this? I've been trying to find something to concrit so this isn't just a massive gush sessions, but I can't. There was like...one apostrophe missing in one of the previous chapters or something. It's flawless.

But intrigue, what with Scorpius's words to Fred about the money. Underneath the brilliant humour, the biscuits and the explosions, some serious considerations! Not that I don't like the humour, the biscuits or the explosions (because I do) but I also love the serious bits. Eek. Onwards!

Author's Response: Omgah I wish you could see how much I am flailing all over your reviews. Btw, I'm writing chapter 8 right now xD I'm terribly late with it. -again-

YOU SHOULD. I have lots of imaginary stories about Hogwarts that pops up from Capers. Like how the first Hogwarts flash mob started (although that might still happen in Capers).

Bea is such a hidden BAMF :D It actually began that she was a blatant awesome-girl, but I was like, 'That's no fun. Let's make her completely sugar-wacked-out.'

Baww, I would love some concrit! The first chapters are fairly edited and I'm quite pleased with them, but I struggle as it goes on. It's a little easier again for the chapter I'm writing now, but mixing humor and angst is a hefty plate of frustration D:

...-searches for apostrophe-

I have so much plot :D The eternal struggle between humor and plot... and angst and characters and blarrrgh.

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Review #19, by Jasmine_d_Princess 

7th July 2011:

"Plus, point men wore suits, and he looked bloody good in a suit".. I love Freddie
and Scorpius and of course, Bea.. "just because I'm a bit nutty doesn't make me stupid".. What I wouldn't do to see Scorp's face at that time.. :D

I forgot to mention it before but I love the title of this story.. "AND CAPERS ENSUE"... kinda mysterious.. :)

Author's Response: Everyone gets to show a little bit of awesome in this chapter :D

I never thought of the title that way! xD Glad you like it~

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Review #20, by amandatonks 

23rd June 2011:
I love your sense of humor in this. Oh, Bea and her biscuits. I love her character more and more as I keep reading. The part with Fred freaking out with his tie was quite humorous as well. Our questions have finally been answered! Well, for the most part. I'm still pretty curious about Scorpius' and Anjali's motives; I have a feeling they are interested in more than just profit. I have to be honest, I almost expected Bea to accept the offer just from the way she was behaving. I wanted to high-five Bea when she completely turned them down. I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! :)

Author's Response: Phew, sorry for the late replies, but I'm getting to it now 8D

it was set up for readers to think that Bea would take the offer. There's going to be a lot of that sort of unexpected different sides of characters (fairly typical theme I tend to work with, seem like xD).

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Review #21, by SunSation Gal 07 

14th June 2011:
HAHA! I love Bea even more! She's hilarious!

"Clever isn't it, I've been waiting to use that line ooh are those Pickled Plumfish?"


"What is so surprising about this? I'm not Vixen McSexylegs like her "

Those two lines had me busting up. Loved it! And the idea she's been working on is rather interesting as well. XD

Author's Response: Ahaha ♥ I loved writing all the banter in this chapter! :D

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Review #22, by soliloquy 

7th June 2011:
AHAHAHA. DYING. YOU SNIPPY GIRL, YOU. how you do it, i will never know. your characters, yes, even scorpius and anj, are witty and hilarious and just, very likable. bea is all over the place. hilarious. smart. comical. and poor freddie, being pulled around like that. your word-choice is superb. your dialogue is spot on. everything flows like a freaking river.

seriously. no crit :/ this is just a story i love and adore and keep reading because it makes me happy :) i want to write like this! IT'S NOT FAIR THAT YOU'RE SO GOOD. SHARE YOUR SKILLS WITH ME, MASTER!!!

sigh. chapter four was hilarious. i remember it greatly! i read on, now.

Author's Response: YOU FLATTER~

Heheh I think up to chapter 3, I was still very sure of what was going on, and /then/ I was like ahaha wait what are my characters turning into. Which is both a good and bad thing, but I wish they'd let me in on it ;D

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Review #23, by Blue Biro 

5th June 2011:
why is it im always laughing my head off at the end of every oen of your chapters :) 'but i fed you' heheh, very funny :p must read on, im hooked on this!!!
300/10! brilliant!

Author's Response: :D I'm glad you like it! I've always been quite fond of this chapter; shows some interaction between all the major characters~

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Review #24, by DemetersChild 

26th May 2011:
Ooh, and the plot thickens!

I like the Scorpius you've created. He's very similar to his father but...a bit more charming if that makes any sense, haha. And I loved the Bea just completely ate all his food and threw out his offer like it was nothing. It was a nice touch to not have her talk much until near the end.

I am curious to see if Fred goes back to take the deal from Scorpius. He seemed awfully tempted.

Lovely so far!

Magically Yours,


Author's Response: Plot! Indeed, there's plot ;D I'm glad you like Scor! He's strangely charming despite his smarm. There's a rhyme in there somewhere.

Ooh trust, there's plenty of conflict over this ;) I love working with stubborn characters.

Thanks a bunch!

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Review #25, by passionatesun 

23rd May 2011:
I'm having such a hard time trying to figure out who I love most. It's so, so difficult, but I think it's:


Mcsexylegs. Ha.

Author's Response: Hah! I love all of them but that's 'cause I write them. Albus seems to be the most popular actually, but he's just so adorkable, that's no surprise. Of course he hasn't shown up yet xD

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