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Review #1, by hdawg 

14th August 2012:
I AM BACK FOR SOME MORE ADVENTURE! I honestly can't wait to see what happens. And I can't wait to get back and see Hugo; in the past 12 hours I have missed his quirky ways...

I have done the Duke of Edinburgh award, and I know how this feels: "Neville let out a small laugh when he saw Scorpius grab it and spin it around, as Hugo had been holding it upside down." Honestly, we walked for 6 kilometres in the wrong direction. So humiliating...but at least this means that Hugo and I are kindred spirits, right? ;)

"He wondered for a wild, sleep-deprived moment if Professor Longbottom had ever competed with a mountain goat to get to a rare species of wild herb first." This image needs to be drawn. It is too fantastic for words. Please. (we'll get Gina/Julia on the case)

""I trapped the hinkypunk in a bubble-head charm and tied a string to the end of it. We can use it as a lamp now that there's a field between our vision and its light."/"Where'd you learn to do that?"/"From the centaurs," Hugo replied in an offhanded tone." And /gypsies/? This boy is far more brilliant than I would ever have guessed. I love him. Too much. I just - emv;ireacjnr;.

Oh Hugo! You fit in better with the nomads! I love you! This is too cute for words. I want to express how much this cuteness is affecting me, but it's too damn cute for me to write it out. Did I say 'cute' too much? Cute. (it has now lost all meaning)

Oh my baby: "Wow. Maybe I'll start paying more attention in astronomy. And all this time I thought it was just because they were looking to settle us on another planet...and needed our help to find it." Honestly though, that is the smartest thing ever (that Scorpius said, not Hugo, he is such a lovable derp). Y u so clevuh lileh?

You have made me feel things again! "this adventure was parallel in Hugo's mind to the quest of his parent's time. They were both equally impossible, finding a mythological plant and defeating, almost single-handedly, the most powerful darkwizard of the age. And Scorpius wasn't sure that the tasks weren't equally dangerous" A long quote for you there, but seriously, this is brilliant. I dunno, like I said in the last review, the fact that Hugo is the way he is is because of his lack of adventure in comparison to his parents is just mind-blowing. I love it. It's like you've made a character quirky and weird for the right reasons, not just to make the story more interesting, but because of the way he views his life.

"Scorpius nodded, resisting the urge to ask what Hugo had needed the extra trunk for. He was afraid to know." (it was to fit me in, I've been living in the boys dorms for a few months now, and it's fandabbydozey)

Oh and Hugo dancing in the snow. This is a beautiful sight - I know it is, for I watched it from the boys' dormitory windows ;) ah3h3h3. "I smell fennel. If I had a tail, I'm sure it'd be pointing towards the grill." His love of food only makes me love him more.

I love this old, very 'country club' English you use here. Kinda reminds me of how Scorpius is normally portrayed: "You know, the old boy's not too bad," he said to Hugo, finishing the last of his toast./"Who, Neville? No, he's great, the chap."

Oh and Scorpius' little bit about becoming his own man, away from his family's name is just heart-wrenching. Seriously, how do you come up with this?! It is too...real. Like genuinely, I want to cuddle all of them now. I just love your new take on all the characters.

Ohmygod I am nearly crying: "He had been so overwhelmed as to almost be moved to tears the first time that Albus invited him to come out to the Quidditch pitch for an illegal practice after the first month of schooland even more moved when Albus announced that he'd let his dad know of their undeniable friendship and that Harry Potter...had welcomed the kid with open arms.../"I'm your friend, Hugo," he managed to croak" WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! I want to curl up in a ball somewhere and just sob.

"and what Hugo wanted more than anything else...was to become a man." BE A MAN. You must be swift as the coursing river...etc etc. You get the picture (and it is brilliant...Shang...)

3h3h3h3, the last line. This was such a deep and emotional chapter, and I absolutely adored it. All the insights you gave into the characters were just perfect and well-timed. I can't wait for the next chapter :D

p.s. Sorry about the hefty reviews. When I love a story, they tend to nearly reach the character limit :)

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Review #2, by AC_rules 

18th February 2012:
AHHH. So I've been wanting to read this story for a very long time. Well, I've read part of it but I really really really want to read the whole thing and I swear that I will one day.

I'd read this chapter before but completely forgotten all the hillariousness it entailed. You have such a wonderful grip on the characters that your writing about and you've given them so much depth and put so much thought into them - they really are wonderful. I'm incredibly jealous at how well thought through this whole thing is.

And, of course, it's absolutely hilarious. I don't laugh out loud a lot in fanfiction, but... definately do here.

You'll see me return here... at some point 0.o


Author's Response: HI! Sorry it's taken me ages to respond :(

Please take as much time as you want to read it lol. I know the chapters are really meaty. I'm thinking of breaking them up, actually, eventually but right now it's sequel-writing season and I just...am not in editing mode :P

Don't fool yourself into thinking I had /too/ much planned--think of it like I had an idea and then I kept it around and kept working at it and things happened. Ofc I like to think that I am one of those writers who can plan things out in advance--I often do keep a notebook with the "plot" kept in it but it's more like a safety net as a gesture and I'm not sure that in the end it all comes together like I had suspected it would.

The characters, well, I don't completely understand how they happened, to be honest. I get in this creepy mode where I almost 'become' them while I write their perspectives--my parents would come into the room and distract me and, while I'm American, I'd tell them to leave with a British accent without realizing till they asked me why I did it. I'd start saying stupid things like Hugo says randomly. It's fair to say the story was more important to me than I realized at the time :D

Also glad that you're laughing! Initial reviews for this story were talking about "subtle humor" and that always gave me a funny feeling because I would literally be laughing out loud while I wrote it--because I thought it was outwardly and blatantly hilarious. Ofc you have to factor in the idea that I am my own favorite comedian and downsize the actual humor from that but still. Glad you're laughing :)

Whenever you are able to return I will gladly welcome you back to the forest! :P


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Review #3, by FoundriaPenguin 

25th December 2011:
AHHH HHH HHH HHH. i have to put spaces in between or else it won't show up on the review :P

but anyways, THE BROMANCE! I LOVE IT ALL SO MUCH. SO, SO MUCH. AND THE DROOL FINALLY CAME UP AHAHA. also, i'm glad that you finally developed a bit more about Scorpius's character. Before, he was kind of just there, tagging along, but now I finally know more about his background and stuff. It wasn't that well defined before, but maybe you did that on purpose? I dunno :P

the hinkypunk in the balloon thing as a lamp was so incredibly cool. and clever! plus, I could totally picture Hugo as part of the gypsy-centaur gang. partying with the centaurs...all day everyday. ;)

HUGO AND SCORPIUS ARE OFFICIALLY FRIENDS. gonna jump up and down with glee now.

♥ ♥ i lurve this, loly, and i lurve you, too.

Author's Response: Look at you outsmarting the archives :P BUT YES. The bromance continues.

It's funny, because I consider myself very much a feminist, that I like to write about how boys are constrained by society. Hm. I don't know if it's weird since feminism is only about whole and complete equality. But you'd think something in my would be like YOU'RE A WOMAN LILY LET YOUR WOMAN FLAG FLY AND WRITE ABOUT WOMENNN!!! But maybe because I'm so, so close to that, it's easier for me to write it through someone else, who happens to be male.

I have this thing about giving up information on a character. Despite what people told me, I knew there was a reason for withholding Scorpius's story; you have to be smart about these things, not just pander to an audience's curiosity. All this to say, there was a reason I waited to give Scorpius's history up. I waited until I found it appropriate with regards to the story as a whole, not just Scorp as a character. After all, this was very close to them mentally, he's not going to think of his whole history at random moments. So. THere you are :P

I am actually a bit sad that I didn't have Hugo tote along the Hinkypunk lamp :( It was the first real marker of his ingenuity! But I just totally forgot about it haha.

Ahhh thank you so much! I LOVE YOU JORDON (H) (H)

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th December 2011:
"I'm your friend, Hugo," he managed to croak, feeling a bit sheepish for sounding so close to tears.

AW! I was kind of moved to tears with that line. Scorpius! What a bromance! Geesh. And the last line I threw my hands in the air and said 'FINALLY.' You would think someone would have told him he always has drool on his chin. Oh Hugo! I adore Hugo more than you could know. He's odd but he's bright, he's awkward and yet he's understanding and just so much more. He's definitely Ron and Hermione's child.

Author's Response: Hehe yeah, I always imagine that a lot of people are too polite to say it to him, and that people who are actually responsible for it gave up a while ago. Of course, I imagine Hermione still tells him all the time, so what a pleasant surprise when he goes home for the holiday and she doesn't have to bug him about it all the time!

Hugo is someone I think I'd be friends with myself, especially if I'd gone on this search with him :) And I'm so happy that you see he's their son, I tried, at least as much as any writer can, to make that apparent as I could without making him their spitting image. Next-Gens that are repeats of the Hogwarts gen aren't that exciting to me, personally.

thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by Toujours Padfoot 

17th October 2011:
Oh, Lily, this was so /moving/. The bit about Scorpius wanting to belong, and wanting friends when he was new to Hogwarts, and trying desperately to forge a good future for himself, was really powerful to behold. I mean, this was truly /powerful/ writing right here. It absolutely blew me away.

I just. Gah. I can't even express. I love love love the fact that Neville and Scorpius are humoring Hugo on this adventure for a mythical plant - and yet, they're not really humoring him. Neville sees a bit of himself in Hugo and has taken him under his wing, which I admire so much. So he's like a fatherly figure here who is taking advantage of a learning opportunity - a really rich experience to make Hugo feel like he has lived, and has just as much importance as his parents. And then Scorpius is so grateful for the reception he's gotten in the wizarding world, feeling so lucky and so privileged for something as simple as friendship... Your /characters/, Lily. They are amazing. They jump right off the page and I was so happy to see that Scorpius and Hugo have this new special bond. Already I can see a trillion underlying facets of motivations and reasoning here - how they're all in this together, but for slightly different reasons. And Hugo, the boy with drool on his chin, is the glue holding it all together. It's wonderful to have an impossible dream and to finally try to reach it - the adventure in it is so alluring.

This is an absolute joy to read. It retains all of JKR's original magic that tends to get lost in fanfiction, and I can't even imagine the time you had to spend on the lexicon/wiki for information for this. All of those casual mentions of plants/animals/spells - I really admire how you went all-out for this. It makes the story that much more believable, and that much more magical. It feels like I'm learning something new, which is wonderful.

Author's Response: GAH SARAH /YOU'RE/ SO MOVING.

i am obviously the mature author you all wish you could be, ahem.

but honestly i'm so, so blown away by the things that happen in this story that i didn't even understand were happening when i wrote it! i mean, it all made sense in my head, but i didn't think i was getting it across as well as i thought, and that was one of the major frustrations of this story for me; for something that happens in three different people's heads it still seemed aggravatingly difficult to get anything across without spelling it out. i'm so glad to see that the subtleties are apparent to you; you see more than, i think, i do.

i did do a lot of research for this story, but only because i know that the richness of JKR's stories and plots are imbued with magical facts and ideas that i really wanted to be a part of this. a lot of the time fanfiction becomes a way for writers to write their own, somewhat separate plots in a familiar setting and with familiar characters--and while i think this is a perfectly valid reason to write ff, i really wanted to tell a story that i thought i could see unfolding in JKR's world as it was in the books we know--there's a lot of miscreant behavior in a lot of next-gen stories, and while i think CAPERS are totally plausible, the rampant disrespect and blase treatment of societal rules is just not something i see happening there.

although that's kind of ironic, that last bit, considering ;)

I'm so glad you're enjoying this story; i loved writing it, and am consistently pleasantly surprised to find that people enjoy it so much ! (h) (h)

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Review #6, by hpgrl 

16th October 2011:
Congrats on the dobby! ! ! ! ! !

I'm so proud of you! and this story ^_^

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! i'm absolutely floored about it, i still can't believe it :)


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Review #7, by TenthWeasley 

14th October 2011:
Tell Hugo that any time he's ready, I've got a marriage proposal waiting for him. And that he doesn't need to prove his love to me with a Quidropropot.

-twiddles thumbs-

In all honesty, Lily, I think this was my favorite chapter yet. I LOVE the insights into Scorpius's character, first of all. I mentioned this in my last review to you, but the way you write him is brilliant. It is unlike any Scorpius characterization I've ever seen, and he is very /human/. And now that you've explained exactly where he's come from, I'm doing little facepalms and wondering why everyone doesn't see him as you do. When you write, you get into a character unlike anyone I've ever seen, and that's so enviable.

Hugo's running after the hinkypunk had me laughing -- of course he would run after a creature trying to lead him to his doom. Got a few weird looks in newswriting, but we're a generally loony bunch, so no one minded too much.

Your writing style, though -- I know I've said it before, and I promise I'll try and find something more original to say the next time around. But I am honestly so jealous of it. I want to write something it its style, because it is very unique and it inspires me. Old-world-charm meets new-world-Lily, and I am honestly so jealous of it. I want to write like you do; achieve that and I shall wish for nothing else.

Except Hugo, of course. Because honestly, he is one of my favorite characters of all time, as you've written him.

Such a lovely chapter, Lily, and the more I get into it the harder it is for me to do things that are actually necessary. I think about what might be waiting for me in the next chapter and get more excited than anyone really should about fan fiction, but I DON'T CARE. I don't know what I'll do when the last chapter rolls around.


definitely listening to this song while i wrote this chapter :)

hugo would be really flattered; he's not around right now because (LE GASP) can you believe it, he's actually doing some homework! but i'll let him know for sure.

scorpius, scorpius, scorpius. how do i love thee? let me count thy ways--thou art more lovely and more temperate--coral far more red than her lips red--

anyways. scorp-o is someone i always pictured as a kid who'd need to prove himself--that can be a huge problem for some characters and i tried to imply that in his past it probably was--but in general i like the way he develops in these earlier, cornerstone chapters as well :)

i'm as always flattered that you're pining away after my writing style :P i really really had to get into a mode of concentration to write this--it was hard for me but i knew what generally i wanted the tone to be, so with a bit of an effort i was able to replicate it for a while. in my opinion things actually change a little after a few more chapters in terms of style but it could be just that i've looked at it too many times or something :)

thanks as always for your review--and don't worry, you're only a third of the way there!! :D (h)

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Review #8, by WitnesstoitAll 

7th June 2011:
By far the best chapter yet!

The background and character development her blended so naturally with the action of the chapter. The more I read Hugo, the more I'm reminded of Luna. It isn't a direct correlation of course, but the happiness independent of popular opinion, the friends conversation, the oddities... :D And Scorpius' development was lovely too! I'm so happy that they're friends.


Author's Response: luna and hugo are probably kindred spirits. luna's actually part of my plan for the ending...i like circular novels/novellas, so she'll definitely be back, but i'm not telling you anything else! actually i might have to come to you with so many questions about how to write her believably :)
i'm also glad that little scorp-o fit in with the bunch. THANKS SO MUCH (H) (H)

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Review #9, by silverstarletworld89 

17th March 2011:
Aw, I love Scorpius even more. (I AM YOUR FRIEND TOO HUGO!!!) I thought it was funny how you said that he hangs out with the centuars and gypsies, but it was still kind of sad though, I felt sorry for Hugo. I love him and his ermmm... wetness? What is that anyway. Maybe someone should hand his a tissue =P.

Author's Response: hehe yay! more friends for Hugo, the merrier :) yeah, he needs more tissues! they'll be interaction with the centaurs and gypsies later on, and maybe one of them will give him one--or good ol' scorp :P

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Review #10, by justonemorefic 

14th March 2011:

OOH YOU SMART BOY YOU. Do you see my intensifying caps? It's a thing of mine. Slightly unhealthy, very contagious. I am so jealous of this boy's life. Centaurs? Gypsies? I WANT AN EDUCATION LIKE THIS. It's the kind of life that I dreamed of when I was a kid. Playing around, learning all that mystic stuff. But then growing up takes it's toll and it becomes weird or I just have no time or I become cynical. Hugo ♥ you are my lost childhood.

"And all this time I thought it was just because they were looking to settle us on another planet" SNERK. I love how strangely he thinks. You come up with the best explanations :D

OMG TRUE ADVENTURE TIME COMES WITH CAMPING. Seriously. My lost childhood. I DREAMED of this stuff happening to me. Hunting for mythological plants? Ragtag team? Infinite compartments? Yesss. Oh the "it's unlikely" bit. I feel for ya, Hugo. I feel for ya.

I continue to love Neville of course. Seriously. favorite Next-Gen personality, I think I've found it: Professor Longbottom. Telling the parents because it would sound better from a friend. I also love how you brought Hermione into this. Her acknowledgement of different kinds of smarts and how she sees Ron.

"I realise that these are my friends." SO ADORABLE. PROFESSOR FRIENDS.


Author's Response: yep, he's got fine-tuned survival skills ;)
secretly, writing this is my way of living vicariously through him. don't tell! sh!
i'm so glad you like Neville! he's seriously my favorite character ever.
besides maybe, ron. the way i see him is completely the way hermione does. sort of gave her a biased opinion, oops.

i can honestly say, that's probably the nicest compliment i've ever received. who doesn't want to hear that something they've written is better than a munchkin kitty?

*HUGS* ♥♥♥♥♥♥

and thank you for the wonderfully amazing reviews!!! :)

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Review #11, by Ellerina 

17th February 2011:
I feel the desperate need to repeat what I think I've already said at least twice. I'm in love with this. I am seriously your newest fangirl. I will come to each update armed with confetti and biscuits, because that is what this story deserves.

AW SCORPIUS. Somehow, you have taken every cliche about Scorpius and used it in a totally wonderful way that made his character all at once likable AND believable. And he's Hugo's friend! Ahahaha, that bit about the drool made me laugh, because of Neville thinking earlier about a tactful way to mention it. Turns out, there isn't one, haha.

I also really like how you wrote Hermione in this. She wasn't bossy or dreadfully shrill like you so often read. She was well spoken and a good parent, concerned for her son, but also not wanting to force him down any one path. Thank you for making her a real person!

Neville had been rather the bumbling ninny at one point as well, but he cleaned himself up after the Great War and practiced surviving on his own. Aw, Neville, I think you grew up just fine!

"Yes, I come out here on some nights and attend their festivals." this line made me think 'WHAT A FREAK' and AWW at the same time in equal parts.

"And all this time I thought it was just because they were looking to settle us on another planetand needed our help to find it." LOL. LOLOLOLOL times a million.

Like I've said, I hit the jackpot with this exchange. I'm so glad you said yes!


Author's Response: Yay for acquiring fangirls!! *clap clap*
I did do the drool part on purpose to correspond with that thought of Neville's--props for picking up on it ;)
I like Hermione too much to treat her like she's all mean and stuff. After all, she was very caring with Harry and Ron throughout the books--her shrillness comes through when she's stressed, like it does for a lot of people. I think that a lot of writers might be overlooking the fact that all characters, at the bottom, are humans. Situations call for the overly-bossy Hermione, but I think as a mother especially she'd be softer towards her kids.
Hehe Hugo is supposed to come off as weird and make you frown a little, like "what the heck is he talking about" or "that was completely strange." but perhaps my fondness for him rubs off too much...it's hard to contain it!!
Hehe, one of my friends asked me in all seriousness once if people studied astronomy to find other planets for settling on. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to both poke fun at the poor kid and make Hugo look ridiculous :)
I can't thank you enough for all the feedback! It's dreadfully happiness-inducing :) :) :)
Hopefully in a week or so the next chapter will be up!!

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Review #12, by jellylegs2066 

15th February 2011:
This is a very interesting, engaging story. The combination of Neville, Scorpius and Hugo is unlikely, but works very well. Am I right in saying that Scorpius is dating Rose? I just wanted to check, since it's slightly unclear.

At first, Hugo's character was not particularly likeable (to me, at least) but as I continued reading I've began to really like him. He is characterised very well, and your attention to detail is really good. The darker side to his character is beginning to emerge slightly, and I'm very interested in discovering what it is that makes Neville and Scorpius listen to him. I'm also wondering what it is that is driving him exactly to look for the Quidropopot, as I dont think it's just Marjie (who is a nice character- I look forward to seeing more of her). I suppose it must be hard living up to his parents' reputation, and that of his elder sister, and I'm intrigued to see how you deal with that. I also enjoy discovering the different sides to his personality

Neville is characterised perfectly- his mannerisms are very in keeping with what we know of him from JKR, and out of all the teachers, I think he's the most likely to be susceptible to helping a young boy. Scorpius, also, is a very well-written, and I like how you've given him added dimension, and not made him just another mini-Draco.

Your inclusion of ancient mythology was great- I'm actually just about to study the Bacchae in Classical Civilisations, so I enjoyed that aspect of it. The way Hugo seems to fit in more with outsiders and other times is very interesting.

I can't wait to read more, and to see whether Hugo find the Quidropopot! 10/10, and this is definitely being added to my favourites.

Author's Response: Thank you! Neville is one of my favorite characters, and I got tired of putting off a story about him. I thought that the combination also seems unexpected and unlikely, but I'm glad that the way it's working out seems to be believable.
Rose and Scorpius are dating. This becomes more important/prevalent in the later chapters. I've gotten some reviews confused about this before, and I have to apologize. From my point of view, while writing it, I'm so focused on developing Hugo and his plot that up till here the other characters are really just lenses to view Hugo from, and I haven't made all the little things specific or clear in that...however, I do have a planned momentum for the way that I'm releasing and withholding information--certain details will come into play when they're most important. Didn't just want to spill my guts about them all at once, since like in real life, you never really find everything out about a person right at once.
Haha I've heard a few times that Hugo was problematic at first. I'm pretty neutral when it comes to thinking people should like/dislike my characters--I like to think that I portray them honestly, and then you as readers can make up your minds about them :) Hugo had to be exaggerated a little bit because it's a shorter (for me) story, and the way that I imagined writing it was almost as a musical theatre piece that's so far gone from reality so as to be ridiculous when compared against it but believable in its own right. Hugo especially is like this for me in this story.
You'll definitely understand why Hugo's looking in the coming chapters. I've got it all planned! In the meantime, you can feast on the suspense ;)
I'm not sure that I would use the particular word "dark," but rather "deep." I think he has a part about him that he lets other people overlook because he himself doesn't really know who he is. But glad that, in whatever form, you're seeing some complexity :)
I'm so glad you like Neville! I try to be pretty canon about him because I love him so much as JKR wrote him!
I like the idea that Scorpius, with infamous ancestry, has the strength and bravery, as well as the fortunate opportunity, to become different. Draco has a weak character, but Scorpius needed to be strong--I put him in Gryffindor because of this.
I love ancient mythology! It's very intriguing, and I feel that it intersects with JKR's world nicely.
Thank you, in conclusion, for the lovely review! I'm excited for this story, too, even though I already have it planned from front-to-back :)

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