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Review #1, by TenthWeasley 

2nd February 2011:
AHH! Why did I not know about this new chapter?!?! Jess, if I haven't reviewed one of your chapters within a few days, you need to TELL me, girl!!

Definitely my favorite chapter of your story so far! =) I was so going to make a comment about my favorite line, and then realized Shelby had stolen it, hehehe! More incentive for me to get here faster next time, yeah?

Siriusly, girl, you're amazing. =) Can't wait for chapter seven, you're catching up to me, hehehe! xoxoxoxo

Author's Response: hehe sorry love! :) I will rememeber next time!! ;) hehe thank you so much, that seems to be the line everyone loves!!

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Review #2, by orderofthephoenix 

31st January 2011:
Helllo Jess!! It's your brilliant beta here! Hehe :D Well, what can I say? I think this chapter is amazing and like Shelby, my favourite line is Snape's: 'Keep talking. Surely you're getting to the part that will help your case.' ;) Looking forward to more :)

Sophia xx

Author's Response: hehe thanks sophia!! :D ill have chapter seven to you probably sometime after valentines day!! :D hehe im glad your liking it!!

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Review #3, by rozen_maiden 

31st January 2011:
A new chapter! (: excellent!
I'm liking the progress of the story, but nothing is really happening of yet for me to comment on.. I was, however interested in the letter to Lily and James about transferring Nicole. She's so hot-headed and immature sometimes :/ She needs to get her head straight - but not through a transfer!
Anyway, another great chapter! Its so good to see you improving so much (: Congrats jess!
Thanks for another sweet read (: love, Mahalia xx

Author's Response: hehe thanks! :) is it weird that i take you telling me she is hot headed and immature as a good thing because now i know im not writing a perfect character!! ;) hehe she eventually calms down, and i know it is kinda slow in this one but i promise that if you keep reading it gets better, :) (i have to admit though it doesnt get to interesting untill book two :{) but im adding more and more foreshadow about book two in here!! :D

thanks for your review they always seem to brighten my day!! :)

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Review #4, by Izzy 

30th January 2011:
IT was. AWESOME i need more *whimpers*

Author's Response: hehe :) thanks, im working on it! i have this whole story done, but i have some challenge one shots to get posted in between each chapter so in two weeks there should be an update!! :D

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Review #5, by ranilovesharry 

30th January 2011:
well done very good loving it :P

Author's Response: :) aw thanks hun! ^_^ glad your liking it so far!!

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Review #6, by ShelbyBlack 

30th January 2011:
JESS! YAY new chapter and I love it hehehe ^_^ 10/10

Okay not going to lie...I giggled so so much when I read this!

"No, no. Keep talking. Surely you're getting to the part that will help your case." Snape said smirking."

Oh that man, makes my heart flutter ^_^ *swoon*


Love you deary xoxox Great work as always and I'm super proud of you!

Author's Response: hehe i can actually picture Alan Rickman with his smooth icy tone saying that cant you?! LOL hehe i love how you love snape that is how i will keep you interested in my story MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D

Thanks love, hope i do justice to this one!! :D i just really liked this one!! and the letter he writes to James and Lilly, its MAJOR foreshadow for the future!! ;)

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