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Review #1, by hdawg 

13th August 2012:
WOO! I am back on the reviewing front! (although I swear I've already reviewed this...) I reread the prologue and am in love with Hugo all over again. Honestly, how can one boy be so adorable and at the same time be almost 16 years old?!

"Hugo frowned in the smirking way that he thought was pretty cool and sat down next to Marcus" I am assuming this means that it isn't cool, and thus I am picturing him dribbling as he does it.

"Marjie said and reached across the table to tweak his nose. He frowned, scrunching his face. "You know, you're only two years older than me, you don't have to act like my nan," he said, rubbing the throbbing proboscis." Too adorable. I shall see how I feel about this in the next few chapters... (and then knowing me, I'll explode from my feelings)

I think I like Marjie at the moment though: ""Eh--this information may or may not ring a bell," Marjie said." although I will forever love Hugo for this: "You make the weirdest faces sometimes. Like you're a cartoon character or something." She made a face./"Ha, ha." Like I know what a cartoon character is, Hugo thought, smirking."

I now should say something about the way the story is written, the narrative voice etc, but I like it too much to be able to think of anything resembling what I did for English Literature A level, and thus will just continue enjoying reading such a lovely piece of writing :)

This...is brilliant. Neville, oh how I have missed you: "No, it was something genuine in Hugo's eyes that had arrested him so and caused him to ponder the state of his being./Shrugging, he turned back to his roasted tomatoes."

This boy. There are no words to describe the love I feel for him in this moment: "She'll think, 'how dashing he looks!' and then she'll ask me to the Yule Ball. But wait, I'm a fifth-year. I can ask people to the ball. Du-uh! So I'll ask her. But the rest of the planI'll still carry it out, like planned." I want him to ask /me/ to the Yule Ball! ;)

"He almost realised, for one split second, why Scorpius was always saying that she was the loveliest girl the the whole world" dawh, stop it! I've just finished Rachel's 'And Now a Word...' and am feeling too many shipper things!

Oh Scorpius, I never thought you'd care so much, and it makes me love you even more. "something like being an incredibly talented Quidditch player, or being a total flop in his classes. Anything, really, would far surpass in status a dribbly chin and wide, irregularly-winking eyes." I think this bit is my favourite bit so far. You've changed Scorpius so much from all the other stories that have been written about him, and I really like him. He's just...genuine. A proper human being. And I really like this. (and I can't believe I got all of that out of one paragraph)

Oh Hugo! "But he ended up grimacing, like he always did. Lucky for him, Hugo could interpret a grimace as anything from a wail to a smile; his own motivations were hardly important." He is just too damn cute for his own good. And I love the little relationship you have started between Scorpius and Hugo here, it's so lovely and brotherly. A true bromance already. I like this. I like this a lot.

I want to marry him. His alliteration astounds me and I am looking forward to our wedding day and his speech at the reception: "He checked his watch, shaking his head as he saw that he'd just wasted three whole minutes. Silly Scorpius." Honestly, why do I always manage to feel things for characters and then propose to them straight away? Ah well, I don't care. This is too wonderful for me to fret about that now.

I also love the fact that he keeps calling him 'Professor Neville', and the way in which Neville regards him as kind of like a son/younger brother. This is so lovely and heart-warming.

As ever, Lily, I am jealous of your writing skills. And I am also mightily sorry for having not read and reviewed this in so long! I don't understand why I didn't read on, this is just so lovely, and I am completely in love with Hugo (and you of course, h3h3h3). ONWARDS!

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Review #2, by julianna ls 

25th March 2012:
i love your story. but i am little bit disapointed about features of hugo. but never mind. i enjoy it anyway.

Author's Response: hello! i'm glad you're enjoying it so far, though i wish you had specified on which particular features weren't living up to your liking! i am working on a sequel and i'd appreciate any feedback you have while you're reading through the rest of this novel if you decide to keep reading.

thank you for the review :)

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Review #3, by FoundriaPenguin 

25th December 2011:
Honestly, not quite sure I ship it yet. As you've made it quite evident, Marjie is so far out of Hugo's league after all...but they're just so cute together. However, it seems more like a brother/sister relationship at this point, at least from Marjie's standpoint.

HUGATRON. hahahaa. i love it. and the suit! he is so incredibly endearing ajflkdjsl. i hardly know what to do. i am flailing my arms around in support for him. and SCORPIUS FINALLY MADE AN APPEARANCE. i was definitely waiting with bated breath for that ;) you made such smooth changes of POV there btw, from Hugo to Neville and back to Hugo, and then to Scorpius to Neville. that was very, very admirable indeed.

also, just wondering, but why does Hugo always drool? at 15, you'd think that he'd be over that by now hahah. I guess it just adds more to the appearance, though.

i have a feeling that Hugo's going to ask Neville to help him find the Quidropropots in the forest, yes? :D yayyy the adventure shall begin soon, then!

totally enjoying this right now ♥

Author's Response: D:

That is for how long it's taken me to respond ugh. ALAS REAL LIFE AND MY INABILITY TO FIGURE OUT METHODS OF ORDER OF RESPONDING ;A;

But now, I have to thank you again for leaving me AAALLL these reviews! I seriously loved them so much, they were one of my best Christmas presents this year :)

You're totally right about Marjie. She sees Hugo as more of a little brother or a very, er, I don't know, special friend. (I used to have little dress-wearing bears who would say "I'm your guardian angel, I'm your special friend!" whenever you squeezed them and I can't help but think about that when I say special friend heh.)

I think I was more fond of HUgo than I even realized writing this. I haven't read back on these chapters since I swept through and mass edited a while ago, but I can tell from reviews that he didn't get likable on accident hehhh.

I don't know why, now, I initially made the POV changes. I think it was because the story just needed them, and I listened, but thank you v. much :P

Hugo drools because this is a story that I sort of did whatever with. It's one of those things that was easy to write, was funny and weird and like EW STOP but also...I liked him for it. It was kind of for appearances but it's also a really severe not knowing what's going on with your body to not realize you're drooling. Fifteen is rather old but I say Hugo's stunted a couple years at this point anyway ;)

You're very perceptive haha. Anyway thanks for these reviews (h)

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th December 2011:
Let the bromance begin! Wow, I was seriously amazed reading this entire chapter. I love Hugo! He's so cute, I want to pet him. I want a pet Hugo and I want to take him home and just rub his belly...or wipe his face because he seems to get dirty very quickly. Ah! I'm excited for them to go searching for this plant, I hope they find it!

Author's Response: I've heard it several times that Hugo would make a great pet, and I am wondering how this never occurred to /me/, but all the same, i have to agree in certain respects. he does have a mind of his own, though, so he'd probably be a cat or something that just did whatever he wanted.

he could probably use someone to wipe his face occasionally :P

thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by TallestTower 

30th October 2011:

Oh Hugo. Frosty drool? Really? And damp suits. And just generally being unable to /walk like a normal person/.

And now there is a girl involved - a wonderfully perfect, hopelessly unattainable girl. Haha, I love that she is older and their whole scene was perfect. (Cool smirk) Hugo's social lack is brilliant and pityingly realistic.

The whole inner thoughts about the suit and the cartoons ♥

""It saves me a bit of time!" he yelled out defensively into the air behind him as he made his sloppy way down the corridor, his tie flapping in his face. He grabbed at it, peeling it off of his cheek, and looked back to see Addae Jordan shooting him a thumbs-up from the other side of the hall, the other hand in his pocket."

Haha, I loved that moment so much. The pitying (I presume) thumbs up.

HE'S SUCH A GAWKY FAIL. And the plot is already ovbiously very unique and refreshing. Yay adventure. ♥

Author's Response: HELENA. I must have not seen this when I was answering because I don't know why it's the odd-one-out as my last unanswered review for this fic ;( But, ahoy! I am present now.

I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SAID THIS ALREADY but Hugo/Marjie is sort of based on me and a group of boys I knew in high school. I was not as nice as Marjie nor were they as nice or lovable as Hugo. But that's where the idea of age difference comes up. Also I'd love to say I was unattainable for people like them.

It was definitely a pitying thumbs-up. There was a kid at my high school we were horrible to in that way. We sent him all kinds of signs of social acceptance whereas everyone actually saw him as somewhat of a spectacle/animal display. I feel so bad for it now, but I use that as a mechanism here in part because it's something real that happens and is sort of comical in a story :P

Hugo is definitely a gawky fail haha. Thanks so much for your review Holonoot (h)

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Review #6, by AC_rules 

17th October 2011:
Oh wow, this chapter genuinely made me laugh on several occasions. Hugo is just so adorable hopeless and loveable! Whilst I don't have any delusions that he'll ever pull the girl I can really see this playing out to be really really amusing.

Gosh, I want a pet Hugo.

Neville too, is just perfect. Honestly I'm so impressed with this. *favourites and plans to continue reading immediately*

Is Scorpius going to be in it more? Rose? I love em all!


Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad it was humorous--when I was writing this I thought it was hilarious and I had people read it who were like "the subtle humor of Hugo on these occasions..." and I was all O.o okay, subtle it is then. So I'm glad that there was laughing because I just admitted that I'm lame enough to laugh at my writing while I'm writing it which is awkward and just--I'm going to stop now.

Pet hugo! He probably wouldn't mind in all honesty, as long as you kept up a torrent of food in his direction and had a large yard where he could play quidditch.

YAY for neville! Glad he's working for you :) And Scorpius definitely becomes integral to the plot of this story, don't worry! Unfortunately Rose didn't make it in as much as I had hoped she would originally, but I'm planning and writing a sequel right now and she'll be a big part in that :)

Thanks so much for your reviews!!! :)

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Review #7, by TenthWeasley 

4th September 2011:
I'm late, as always, and I do hope (totally typed that as 'dope') you'll forgive me for my tardiness. I totally meant to review after Friday's football game and then after yesterday's college game and tonight I say NO EXCUSES. And now my typing has taken a turn for the worse, so let's see if this will be literate.

HUGO. -squee- He is without a doubt the best, best, best Hugo I have ever seen written, period. He is so endearing and so wonderfully human, and you have a gorgeous way of writing him that makes me want to reach through the screen and hug him while slapping him for being nincompoop-ish. I feel like he'd be an awesome brother, and that's something I've never felt toward a fan fiction character -- I love it. If I could have any brother in the world, I'd pick Hugo as you write him.

I LOVE Hugo's relationship with Neville, too, and it's very admirable that you're crafting him to -- well, have a brain. Most people sort of write him off as a twit, but you don't, and I cannot thank you enough for it. Neville wasn't stupid. Forgetful, extremely, but not stupid. Neville seems to feel similarly about Hugo, not knowing whether he should pat him on the back or ignore him. :D Your characters have brilliant and vivid personalities -- and they are very much YOURS -- and it's only the second chapter, which makes me unbelievably excited to see how you're going to develop them.

Also, a bit jealous of your plot, no lie. But that's neither here nor there.

So much fun to read, I cannot even begin to tell you. And I think I know exactly what I'll be curling up in bed with tonight. Future bromance escapades, ho!

Fantastic job, Lily -- you're honestly a truly GOOD writer, and they don't make those so often nowadays. Hang on to that, you've got amazing talent. ♥

Author's Response: HULLO JANE~

dope is down wid me, yo.

i'm sorry, i don't know where that kind of thing comes from sometimes!

i'm so glad, ofc, that you like hugo!! i planned him out a few times--he was a little sharper at first, but i like this version best :)

One of the most annoying things in ff I think is what you say about Neville, that people write him that way. I know he seemed that way I guess for the first few books but you could, of you really tried, see that he had more than that. I'm pretty decidedly an advocate for his strength--I played into, a /little/, his forgetfulness, in this story, albeit very subtly, just because it is a part of him but it didn't happen to be as important to the plot as his strengths :)

Ah. The plot! I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM. Also, the plant? It just sort of materialized. I don't even remember how I thought up the name, besides that I think it has something to do with both Quidropopot and Quaffle start with Q, which is a weird letter.


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Review #8, by Ravenclaw333 

23rd July 2011:
You, my friend, are a characterisation genius. Loving this story.

Author's Response: baww thank you so much! that's a wonderful compliment to me! and thanks so much for reading :)

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Review #9, by thelandbeforecookies 

7th July 2011:
SNERK, Neville's eating roasted tomatoes! That line just about made my day and I'm not exactly sure why. Speaking of roasted tomatoe eating professors, I love Neville. He's like the cool uncle who actually lets you drive and just shakes his head when you mess up and crash into someone. Oh, Neville, Neville.

Aaand Hugo! Shoving first years, untucked shirts, the SUIT ♥ If he wasn't so funny and endearing... *shakes head* There's so much Ron in him it makes me wonder if something happened to Hermione during her pregnancy :P Nah, I know Hugo's got some smarts in him, but he keeps it to himself, hehe.

ROASTED TOMATOES AND THE SUIT TOTALLY MADE THIS CHAPTER~ Speaking of the suit, I loved how Rose just let him go on with it, while Scorpius felt almost responsible. Hehehe, I would've taken a picture if my brother was wearing a suit and it wasn't forced upon him.

Author's Response: YOU SNERK. -SNERK-

apparently in england they eat roasted tomatoes for breakfast. i didn't even know i was being funny but I WILL TAKE THE HUMOR POINTS ANYTIME.

the suit was intentional humor. and yes, yes, hugo is probably often the victim of trailing almost threats...ON PURPOSE

i love rose! i know she doesn't make a huge (i typed 'hugo' heh) appearance here but i just...i just love her.

and...and...i'm so happy you like the story! i feel like it's a very big compliment especially since your story is so HNNNG

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Review #10, by WitnesstoitAll 

7th June 2011:
Oh my goodness.

So I told you I loved Hugo in the last chapter, but now, now I ADORE him. There is an innocence and genuine quality about him. He's so simple, but not at all in a bad way, just in a slightly detached from the mainstream sort of way. I loved that he took notes on the super heroes. And the suit. hehehe. Loved it. In a really odd sort of way, he reminds me of my little brother when he was that age. Still sort of growing into himself. The juxtaposition between Hugo's thoughts of marjie and their actual interaction was sweet, and amusing. I'm very interested to see what this plan is that Neville is a part of.

What a great story, Lily.

Author's Response: awww hugo. hugo, hugo, hugo. i had so SO much fun writing him in these first few chapters that they just flew out of my fingers and spread like wildfire. yes, that metaphor is appropriate as soon these kiddies will be out where one could easily start.
are you saying hugo is a hipster? i could totally see that :P hugh dancy in hipstaaa clothes, yes (creepy santa eyebrow emoticon goes here).
i'm so glad that you like him here, and the character interaction. if anyone can tell, it's my favorite thing to write :)
thanks again for the reviews! (h)

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Review #11, by Toujours Padfoot 

2nd June 2011:
So I owed you a review for your fantasticness in my challenge, and I've heard of the legend that is this story many times, and thought I would pop by. But seeing as how I finished the prologue and wanted to continue reading immediately, here I am reviewing chapter 2.



SO OBLIVIOUS. Hermione must have ate a lot of glue or something while she was pregnant, because WOW. But despite his glazed look and his multitude of winks and just...complete and utter ignorance about himself and everything around him, he's so charming! And I just love that you cast Hugh Dancy as him, as that makes him all the more adorable.

He's got a lot of spirit to him. There is so much freedom in being blissfully ignorant - you can do anything you want because the whole world is any way you want them to be in your delusion. I see SO MUCH Ron in Hugo. It's really endearing, as Ron is one of my favorite characters. Rose seems to have sapped most of the tact, intelligence, and self-awareness from the gene pool before Hugo got his shot at it, but he manages to be lovable all the same. I know he's got smarts in there somewhere.

I am definitely going to keep reading this story.

Author's Response: OH HAI

haha thanks so muchh! i'm prettty sure that everyone exaggerates. this is like, my third ever serious WIP (it's not a secret that there are, like, one thousand of them) and i was very unsure about how this was going to work, so i'm glad that two chapters in you are enjoying it :)

I LOVE HUGH DANCY. i saw a picture of him making a face and i was like LE GASP it's hugo!!! and then the rest fell perfectly into place.

i think you're on track with your understanding of him, more than maybe you understand :P HAPPY READING ♥

thanks so much for the review, i adored your challenge :)

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Review #12, by silverstarletworld89 

17th March 2011:
*WHOOP* Scorpius Malfoy is introduced!! Just his name has me drooling lol. I hope there are more snippets of him to come *excited face*. The scene with him and Hugo was hilarious, LOVED-
"You know he has a class right now?" Scorpius asked, with increasing concern for the boy in front of him. He thought a more appropriate question would have been, "You know who he is, right?" (Burst out laughing). I like how you can still see the 'Malfoy' in Scorpius with his train of thoughts, but this is a Hugo story, so I must move away from talkin about the man-hunk *swoons* and talk about Hugo, whom I ADORE!!! I think is so uber cute, and his crush on Marjie is so sweet. I liked how you have Hugo as his own person instead of basing them off his parents. LOVE NEVILLE. Still curious about that plant too. Must read on =D

Author's Response: hehe that would be your favorite ;) but i love him, too! Scorp does play an important part in this story anyways, so you can focus on him all you like! i'm glad you like hugo--i feel like a parent to my characters sometimes and poor hugo is just so clueless that i feel like he needs, especially, love :)
thank you for the reviews!

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Review #13, by orderofthephoenix 

14th March 2011:
Hey Lily!

Another brilliant chapter! I love the detail you put in each chapter :) That's what makes it so realistic :)

Hugo and Marjie have an interesting relationship. Marjie is a little like Rose; reading and learning all the time. Which is a little surprising because I wouldn't have thought Hugo would be such good friends with someone so similar to his sister!

Good use of parenthesis (sp?). You've given us a litlle more information without it cluttering up the sentence. :)

I knew he was trying to impress Marjie at the beginning of the chapter! Especially when he made out that he'd found that information by himself :P I just love how it all sort of joins together :) He's so clumsy, it's sweet. I just want to go 'aww'. :)

'Wink-peppered Hugo stare' - I love it! ;)

I'll be back soon :)

-Sophia x

Author's Response: aw thank you!
hugo and rose have a strange relationship themselves, though. hugo really looks up to her, though he'd never admit it. marjie is sort of like someone he thinks he can't have, so he wants to be with her more. he also loves that she recognizes his potential. no one else really pays him much attention.
WAIT WAIT SCRATCH THAT I'VE SAID TOO MUCH!!! ;) there will be lots of explaining/thought about marjie eventually, don't want to give it all away!
i'm glad you like hugo :) i have a soft spot for him myself :P
thanks so much for the reviews! i'm really surprised that this story is garnering the crowd that it is. i didn't know how it would appeal to people because there's not really romance and it's heavily weighted in thoughts and intercharacter developments as well as just crazy action (coming soon! hehe)...so i'm really thankful that you're taking the time to let me know how you feel about it :) it's my little baby for the moment!

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Review #14, by justonemorefic 

13th March 2011:
OMG HE SHOVES A SMALL CHILD OUT OF HIS SEAT, I LOVE IT~ Marcus Little, snerk how unfortunate.

And I looove Marj. I love that she's a Muggle and that they know each other through Muggle studies. Their banter is so cute and believable. Hugo's strangeness comes off in a way that's not at all grating or too far-fetched. Teehee, cartoon character -- that's exactly how I imagine Hugo! OMG THE ENTIRE THOUGHT PROCESS WITH THE SUIT AND THE CARTOON CHARACTER -- HOW ADORABLE.

"Hugo was puzzled. He almost realised, for one split second, why Scorpius was always saying that she was the loveliest girl the the whole world, but the consciousness was strangled brutally by his own brotherly knowledge." THIS ENTIRE BIT IS LOVE. It made me go AWW with the Scorpius and the brotherly and laugh riotously when it died xD

Psst: "In fact, it's a wonder he's Rose's sister." Something in this sentence is not quite right ;)
I was a touch confused at the changing PoVs during the Hugo/Scor conversation. I do love Scor. Eee his mild amusement makes me amused.

Oh Neville. I love how he's like the cool uncle. COOL UNCLE NEVILLE. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Author's Response: NO
the first thing i need to say is that, poor hugo, i will have to go change it to "brother" immediately! >.<
thanks for pointing that out ;)

i'm so glad that you like this and left me a very, very amusing review ;) i can see why you and annie would get along! :P

i love your "snerks" too haha, i laugh every time i see them :)

thank you so much for the review! neville sort of is like the cool uncle. huh, i like that!! :)

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Review #15, by Ellerina 

17th February 2011:
Seriously, I hit the jackpot here. I can hardly believe it. I had all but given up hope of ever finding a proper Hugo story on the archives but LOW. HERE IS ONE AND IT IS AWESOME AND I LOVE IT. (yeah, I'm fangirling here, just a tad. BUT IT'S FOR YOU!)

Again, I just... oh my god Hugo is just the biggest walking *facepalm* I have ever met. On so many levels. The drooling, the untucked shirts and just stumbling around like a crazy. He should be committed, honestly, if he wasn't so darn hilarious.

I love how on one hand Rose decides it is pointless to help him and leaves him to his own devices, whereas Scorpius finds himself mentally cowed into helping him out. And poor Neville, he has no idea what he's in for really, haha.

Hugo frowned in the smirking way that he thought was pretty cool That line is just SO Hugo, I can hardly stand it.

Yeah, I know," Hugo said, shaking his head. Silly Rose. "That's what the suit is for." Oh god, I almost don't even *want* to see what happens because it might be too painfully embarrassing.

...Hugo Weasley standing in the doorway to the greenhouse, gesturing wildly with his hands, which flapped dangerously close to his face and consistently wide eyes. hahahahahaha, this put such a funny picture in my mind, I LOLed for about 2 minutes solid.

Why do I feel like this is all going to somehow lead to Hugo traveling to the Arctic to try and get some of this silly plant? It just sounds like something insane that he would do.

Author's Response: haha fangirl away! (flattered, really ;) )
I'm really glad and relieved, even, that this story is unique (at least to you, which matters to me !! ), because I thought I took pains to make it original :)
You're right, that's the perfect way to describe him, haha.
Hehe, I'm glad that you like it! Your feeling is pretty apt...you seem to have a good hold on Hugo's character already ;)

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Review #16, by NeverGotHerLetter 

11th February 2011:
Awwwh! It IS a girl!! I love that you made Marjie a different age to Hugo and made it like, impossible for him to get her. I love it, it gives a sense of Hugo's innocence and will to try even fi he knows he's going to fail. To be honest, I think you've get both Neville's and Hugo's characterisations to a T :) Also, I like the different change of Points Of View you've put in. As always, I love Neville's and in this chappie, particularly enjoyed Scorpius'. I liked that you made him nice to Hugo, and didn't bring back the Malfoy/Weasley rivalry that Draco and Ron's generation had. I think though, that you should have included more details about Scorpius. Like, what house is he in? Does he have any connection to the Weasleys? Eg. Is he best friends with Albus or going out with Rose or something? Awh, I love a little Scorp/Rose I do :D So yeah, if you just add that little bit of detail so we know why Scorpius and Hugo are so friendly, then that would be great. I totally adore this story!! 9/10 for this chapter!!
~NeverGotHerLetter x x x x x x x

Author's Response: aw thank you!! :) I've used Scorpius in the first few chapters as more of a vantage point for looking at Hugo--don't worry, you get the details later on !! I tend not to want to spill everything out at once, even though I'm seeing that this can be annoying for readers :/ My reasoning is that in real life and conversation, you don't find out everything right away...but for sure I've got these down in the next chapters, don't worry! :) I'd gotten a couple reviews before asking me to further develop him, so I've really tried to make his personality clear and also his relationships with Albus and Rosie. I'm also a hugo fan of Scorp/Rose--it's here too :)
Thank you for the great reviews! I really appreciate the time you've taken to help me out :)

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Review #17, by maskedmuggle 

31st January 2011:

Gorgeous chapter! It's really well written, honestly! I think this deserves more reviews :)

I absolutely love your plot so far, it's so different from the usual next-gens, and very original! I'm so intrigued because i have no idea what's going to happen next!

I love your characterisation of Hugo, because it's so different! And having Neville there as one of the main characters is another thing that makes your story stand out!

You know, I really like this, am definitely gonna read chapter 3 now! :)

Author's Response: thank you! I've wondered why it hasn't gotten more, but I think that my style just isn't wildly popular, plus I didn't list it as a romance so...traffic is a leettle slow :)

I'm so glad that you're liking the plot! All I can say is that I hope I can keep you guessing as the plot goes on ;)

It warms the old heart to hear that you're liking Hugo. I thought that I had maybe made him a tad unrealistic but of course, people exaggerate in their thoughts a little. I for one think Neville is one of the most underrepresented characters in Next Gen fanfiction...it's funny because he's one of the professors there and he's clearly mentioned in the Epilogue. He's one of my favorite characters anyways :)
Thank you so much for taking the time to review! It means a lot to me :)

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