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Review #1, by Hogwarts27 

7th January 2013:
After discovering that lovely one-shot you just posted, I just had to check out your other stories. After reading the first chapter of this, I'm already interested to continue with it. I liked it from the very first sentence. I love your writing style, which makes me curious to sample your other stories as well. I have to say that I usually stay away from next-gen stories, but I love a good adventure or a school-based story that feels genuinely Harry Potterish where at least some of the characters are familiar, and so far this one feels like that, so I'll see. At least so far I'm not bothered by this being next-gen because at least in this chapter, there were enough references to Harry's generation to keep me interested. I like the way you've portrayed the both characters. Neville really came into his own in the Death Hallows book, so I'm interested to see what you'll do with him as a competent herbology professor, which is a subject we know he excelled at. So far, I think you've portrayed him really well as a teacher, and it's interesting that he knows Harry, Ron, and Hermione well enough to have some insight into Hugo's inherited traits. This story is off to a great start, and I'm eager to continue to see where this goes, and to sample your other writing as well.

Author's Response: Hello, again :D

I'm glad that for someone who's not totally in love with Next-Gen (like I am...ahem), that this was still interesting enough for you to want to read on! I count that as a great victory :3

I sort of picture all the post-DH survivors having book clubs and tea every weekend, I don't know why. I think I assume that it's a really small pool of people in a world they've just realized is horribly large, so while they'd want to move past the war, they'd also really want to cling to comfort in the form of friends. And since Ginny tells James to send Neville their love in the epilogue, I guess I just assumed he'd be equally close with Ron and Hermione, since I don't picture them being far from Ginny and Harry really ever...

I'm glad you've enjoyed this so far, and I can see already you've left me a whopping review for the last chapter, so I'm onto that next! Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know what you think, I really appreciate it (:


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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 

4th July 2012:
I've been meaning to read this for quite some time now and I finally managed to start when I passed over it while looking at the list of next gen stories on TGS. I really like your representation of Neville as it's exactly the way I imagined him to be in his adult life as the Herbology professor. He has more confidence now, which I'm sure he gained during his 7th year at Hogwarts when he acted as the leader of the DA in resisting Snape and the death eaters. And Hugo, so adorably obtuse. He's exactly like Ron, except he has some of is mother's looks (like her crazy wavy hair). Even though this was just the prologue, I already feel intrigued with an idea of what's to come and want to continue reading. Great story so far! :)

Author's Response: Oooh hello! I get excited when I see reviews are still coming in for this fic :D

Wooo I'm glad you like Neville! This is a bit of a workout to read, so if you don't like the characters it wouldn't be worth it, so that's a good sign I think ;) Yes, he definitely is more confident and I think you're absolutely right as to why.

And again, you're spot on with Hugo ;)

Thanks so much for your review, I hope that you do come back to read more, it gets quite crazy at points.

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Review #3, by MercyWaters 

22nd June 2012:
This seems like such a cute story! I saw it a while back and always meant to get around to reading it, so here I am, finally!

I quite enjoyed your characterization of Neville. I always loved him as a character but I always find he gets forgotten about and left behind in fan fiction. It's refreshing to see a story focus on him, especially one centering on the Next Generation and Post-Hogwarts era. I think you've got his personality down perfectly, he seems so much more mature and sure of himself.

I loved the part where he widened in his eyes in signal for Hugo to "use his words", haha. I found that adorable.

I'll be continuing onto Chapter 2 very soon! This seems like a lovely story so far!

Bri, xx

Author's Response: Hello! Ah, it's always nice for me to get the straggling review on this story, as I feel the eight months I dedicated to writing it were some of the most productive and magical of any amount of time in my life. And people are enjoying it, which is the real crazy thing.

Neville is making a comeback, I feel! When I wrote this I thought he, too, was given a backseat. He's usually given horrible self-esteem or he's made into a totally impossible BAMF. I tried to temper those two characterizations with my Neville, but mostly I just write him/wrote him true to my vision. Which, if you have any desire to do so, you can read a lot about in other replies I've made to other reviews ;)

"Use your words" is something my parents often told me because I would try to flap my hands or dance out my requests/statements/comments. Hugo is not by any means a quiet person like me, though he's largely internal, I think you'll find. Actually I think the comment is something my dad picked up from a comedian. Anyway. Glad you liked it :D

Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed this little prologue!


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Review #4, by tiger lillies 

14th April 2012:
Oh, Lily, I'm such a terrible person! How could I read this entire novel without leaving reviews? Won't make that mistake again, that's for sure!

Okay, so I started reading this before it got all that recognition (CONGRATS ON THE DOBBY BY THE WAY!), and I just want to say that this is one of my absolute favorite stories on this site (so is 'An Improbable Fiction'!)

Every time I read this novel (yes, I've read this whole thing multiple times!), it feels like I'm reading it for the very first time. That's how.../refreshing/ it is. The way you write...AH, it's so depressing! I WISH I CAN WRITE LIKE YOU, but it's not only the writing that makes this novel so good: the plot and how well you.../know/ your characters (if that makes sense) are also what REALLY makes it shine. *very cheesy, sorry*

You've written such a perfect Neville and HUGO! AH, HUGO, HE'S SO ADORABLE! I just LOVE how describe him! It's wonderfulness (new word) to the second power *Wow, really Lilly, you're bringing math into this?*

Anyway, I'm moving on to review the next chapter! Thank you for writing this little gem!

~ Lilly
(Sorry for the /extremely/ late congratulations!)
p.s. you don't know how badly I wanted to hug Hugo!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm superbly pleased to hear that you're one of the hipsters following my story. I still get surprised that this story has done so well! I mean, I know it appeals to a very specific crowd and I guess if all of them are very active in the voting, then it makes sense. It's just something that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy considering the "fans" or, more aptly, readers :)

OMG REALLY?! This story is so long per chapter that I am surprised anyone can get through it lol. The only reason I don't change it, really, and make the chapters shorter is because I did that whole thing with the titles and that would be messed up :( But, basically, this is one of the best complements anyone could give me because, my biggest goal as a writer is to write something very much alive. Something that is new each time, that makes you want to come back--I consider that living!

Shining and talk of it is acceptable cheese, as far as I'm concerned :P

Hugo is verrry much a part of my headcanon these days. He started off much different, then I just kind of went with it. And you know what, even though I don't know math stuff I do know powers, so, I approve of bringing math up. Wonderfulness is not even coming up with a red squiggle under it so it's an accepted word now :P

Anyway. Thank YOU so much for your review, and thank you for the congrats :D Hugo would hug you back if he could :)

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Review #5, by Tonks1247 

27th March 2012:
Ahahahha, this was absolutely great! I love Neville. His character has always fascinated me, yet now thinking of it, this is one of the few fan fiction pieces I have read with him as the main character. But I loved it! Everything about it!

You really give Neville a unique voice and that’s really great. I feel like I know his character very well after only one chapter and it really fascinates me and makes me want to read more. He also has amazing observation skills, which is actually something I can see coming from Neville. He takes in the body language of others, and while he can’t necessarily read where it comes from, he takes note of it. Also, Hugo’s character is great. You do a fantastic job of characterizing him thought your beautiful description and details. And just…I don’t even know what else to say!

I guess I will mention that I like the start of the plot here. At least, I would assume it is the start of the plot, and it really makes me want to read more. I want to know more about this plant and just…Gah! Hopefully I’ll be back to read more soon!

But before I close, I have one line that sounded awkward and then my favorite line and then I’ll be done.

“(but Neville wasn't as powerless to licorice wands as some might lead one to believe)” –This was just awkwardly worded…I know what you’re trying to say but the wording is weird.

"Oh, yeah. Er—is it possibly found anywhere else? Like…in the Forbidden Forest?" –Ahahaha, this line was great. Could he have been any more precise? Hahah!

Great job!


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for your review!

I love Neville obviously and think he has great potential for being the main character of stories. My reasoning for this all comes out in later chapters so I'll spare you for now ;)

Hugo was a bit of a mystery even to me when I started writing this. You know I've said this before but I forget where--anyway, I started this story and its first two chapters (prologue included) a year before I came back and finished the rest. I think you can see that but also within that time the ideas of these characters really crystalized for me.

You will DEFINITELY find out more about the plant. Neville isn't a herbology professor for nothing! And yes, Hugo has to learn a little bit about pointed questions lol.

Ah, the awkwardness. I can see that it's a bit stiff. I was generally going for the whole early twentieth-century vibe, so some of my sentences get wordy / confusing. I'm not sure if I really want to change too much, though. It's sort of a reminder of what my writing was like two years ago :) If you had said that the meaning was completely lost for you I'd be a bit more concerned, if you know what I mean!

THANK YOUUU so much for the lovely review! I hope that you will stop by again, and I really appreciate you telling me your thoughts :)

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Review #6, by FoundriaPenguin 

25th December 2011:
So of course, I have heard a HUGE amount about this story, but...and this is embarrassing for me to say, but I have NEVER gotten around to reading it until now. *hides* But I couldn't have expected any less! It's fabulous already, and it's only the prologue.

I loved how Hugo was kind of like a second Neville in a way...at least JKR often portrays Neville as the gormless type of boy, the one with the "gooberish" air about him, as you so nicely put it. also, YAY for grown-up Neville!! :D I ADORE NEVILLE. but LOL "can you use it as a quaffle?" oh dear, I already have a sense of foreboding here. xD

Your description is wonderful and jealousy is positively oozing from my pores at your way with words. ._. I can totally picture Hugo in my mind now because you've described him so well. :P

so onward i shall go!! i'm so glad this is a completed work so i don't have to hop around waiting for chapters now ^_^

♥ ♥


When you were leaving them at first I was like...HOLY CHEESE this girl is a fast reader! Then someone pointed out to me you'd probably stored these up over a period of time and I felt dumb but also so glad that you seemed to have enjoyed this little adventure of mine.

You know honestly I think this story gets a lot more spoken about than it deserves--it feels like I spent eight months doing keyboard smash and everyone has been like OOOHHH LOOK AT THE MASTERY OF THE COMBINATION OF VOWELS AND CONSONANTS~ and I have been over here like no, you don't understand, I have not done this for that purpose.

Of course I do appreciate all the attention and fangirling and promos and stuff. I guess I just don't really believe it, still :P

You've basically got this down pat--Neville was super awks in his childhood and now he's seeing this in another kid and even though he doesn't realize it he knows just how that feels.

Also, thank you, haha I had these really clear images of the characters in my head so in a way I felt like I was just keeping track of something I was witnessing. Which is sane-person behavior, obvs.

♥♥♥ much love, and so sorry again it's been forever since you left these reviews!


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Review #7, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

3rd December 2011:
After reading your Cedric/Hugo story I knew I had to read something else of yours. So, here I am! I must say you really write Hugo so well. I love how you characterize him and Neville because every good story should have Neville (well, maybe not every story). Plus, I like that your story doesn't seem to be focused on romance but it's all going to be about adventure (that's my guess anyway, I'm normally wrong though). I can't wait to read the rest and the story is complete! Score one for me! :D

Author's Response: Haha well it seems that if the ced/hugo was the right thing for you, you'll end up liking this story a lot, as those characters--hugo, flitwick, and pomfrey anyways--are from this story :)

thank you very much! i agree, neville should be in more stories! writing romance is really very difficult for me because i don't have any real life to draw from, but i have had a couple spectacular friendships in my life.

you've read this story so quickly that information i impart in these responses is probably going to be information you've already come across in the story, but i'll say anyways that it's adventure-heavy :)

thanks so much for the reviews! really appreciate it.

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Review #8, by hdawg 

11th November 2011:
Oh Lily, you wonderful thing, you. I already love Hugo too much than I should (mainly because I'm picturing Ron...) and I just WANT TO COME ON THIS ADVENTURE TOO.
I will make up some kind of cameo for myself in nearly every chapter, just to feel loved.
I should probably comment on writing style, as most people do, so I will say this:
Good job. Well done. Five house points.


hello hannah.

nobody can ever love hugo too much! he needs all the loving he can get especially since kids at hogwarts are just like WAIT DO YOU EVEN GO HERE O YEAH jk.

i'm fine with inserting you in there if only through reviews. there are several characters i can imagine you inhabiting, especially the cat in chapter three. i hope you will find this appropriate as well if you read on.

thank you for my house points, professor. writing style is nothing much anyways.


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Review #9, by TallestTower 

30th October 2011:
Prepare yourself for the true literary insight that is offered in my reviews- snerksnerk. Basically, Neville is what makes the world go round. And I think I fell in love with this story roughly around paragraph one. Deeply, deeply in love. Much enjoyed your descriptions of Hugo's... erm, charming... face. And lol, Neville, the old pyromaniac, casually burning papers while concentrating on other things.

And that, mi amigo, is the kind of 100% gold advice I have to offer.

Author's Response: HEY DERE HELENA!

I have no doubt that your reviews will bring me this much closer to enlightenment. I'm not very close to begin with so any ground covered is monumental in my case :D

I'm happy to say that this story is also quite attracted to you. I give you two my blessing, HAPPY MARRIAGE (party).

Charming is totes the word for Hugo hahah. Definitely going to bring up the pyromaniac touch in later stories, that's a perfect way to describe him.

Gracias mi amigita. I feel like putting a halo on already. (h)

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Review #10, by AC_rules 

17th October 2011:
Now I've been hearing really good things about this story for awhile. Of course, not only has it now won a dobby (congrats!) but I also wrote a blog on friendship stories earlier today and several people told me yours was one of thoes few friendship-based gems so it's a pleasure to get to be able to read it as part of the review battle.

And, oh, what a start! I love Neville in this. I love his little assertions about Hugo and his comparisons between himself and the boy (and what a cute little thing he is!). His love of herbology is, as ever, apparant and I can see how the awkward Neville of the past ended up like this. Bloomed, one might say (oh dear Ac, don't attempt to be witty).

I love how you've got Hugo too. He's just adorable with his unfortunate mix of Hermione and Ron.

And of course, I really want to know more about this plan. And thats saying something considering I don't even like plants. I'll be sure to carry on reading soon!

Congrats again on the dobby :D


Author's Response: Witty it up all you like! Nerdy wit is particularly spectacular.

I'm so pleased you like Neville--he was definitely the scariest one to get into writing but I really sort of became more confident in my characterization as time went on :)

I still honestly can't really believe that this story has gotten such recommendations, not least of which are on your blog--which was adorbs, by the way :D I never really thought about the differences between romance and friendship in such an articulated way before, but it's right--FRIENDSHIP NEVER ENDSSS (you're forgiving yourself for your wit thing right now, right? Because me singing spice girls is never preferable. Ever)! I also am just a little bit incapable of writing believable romance, or any kind of romance actually. There are several failed attempts here on my page--feel free to check them out and have a laugh at me :D

Thank you so much, I'm still reeling with the reality of having been honored so highly--and I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a review, thank you! :)))

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Review #11, by MajiKat 

14th September 2011:
awesome! i have been wanting to read this for ages - sorry it's taken me so long!!

anyway, love the neville!! love him love him love him!! i always wondered what he'd be like as a professor and i think you have him nailed. he is still neville, as we see him at the end of the series - self-assured, confident and at ease with his knowledge.

hugo makes me laugh already. i love that you are making him more like ron and your descriptions, or neville's observations, are brilliant.

will try get more chapters read soon!! this is a wonderful start.
Kate xx

Author's Response: oooh it's no worry :D i'm so pleased you've taken the time to come check it out! i'm surprised by the traffic this story gets; coming from a relatively unknown author as it is.

neville's one of my favorite characters from the series, so i went to a greater trouble to maintain his canon personality than i did for others--i think particularly of flitwick, who comes in as headmaster in a chapter or two.

so grateful for your review, and glad that you've enjoyed it this far. thanks for letting me know what you think! :)

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Review #12, by Singularity 

7th September 2011:
This is a really great beginning to your story. I've been hearing such wonderful things about it, that I just had to swing by and check it out. Plus, I love bromance. I think it's awesome, so I'm looking forward to that aspect of the story :)

Also, I am kind of in love with Neville Longbottom, and I adore the way you've written him in this chapter. He's still a touch awkward and strangely obsessed with plants, but he seems much more confident and sure of himself which is awesome.

I don't read much next-gen, so I don't know how Hugo is usually characterized, but the description of him in this chapter was cracking me up. My favorite line was:

"It was astounding that with the brains of Hermione somewhere deep down in his system he could manage to pull faces like the ones that he regularly wore."

HILARIOUS! I'm pretty excited to see where this story is going :)

Author's Response: hey! thanks so much for the review! i'm glad the story's getting positive recommendations :)

i love neville too! i tried to write him in a way that i thought was consistent with his character in the series, particularly the neville that we can imagine heading up the student rebellion at hogwarts.

most hugos i've read are the worst reincarnation of ron--they have his moody side without his comic relief or daftness, which is of course a possibility because of his mother's genes, but in the epilogue he seems so agreeable and mild, so i wanted to go with a more fun characterization here. glad it has you laughing--reading back over it i chuckle a bit as well :)

thanks so much for reviewing, i hope you have time sometime to come back and finish.

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Review #13, by TenthWeasley 

29th August 2011:
After much wailing and groveling and gnashing of teeth, I am finally popping over to begin my Adventure! (Did you like that pun there? I'm rather proud of it. Let's ponder it for a moment or two before we move on.)

Already I can tell that I am going to like this story immensely. :) It has a very old-fashioned quality that sets it apart as literature is set apart from commercial novels, and that makes your story truly unique. Not everyone, especially in this day and age, can pull off something like that. It's Wodehouse-esque, I daresay, but with less slapstick and a lot more Harry Potter. And, of course, no Jeeves.

Your characterisation of Hugo is hands-down the best I have yet seen here, because a lot of people push him into the Ron-clone trap without a second thought. Hugo is, and always shall be, a background character for most people. And I am seriously applauding your guts in bringing him to life, and moreover, doing it well.

This is fantastic, Lily -- I really mean that! I cannot wait until I can get the chance to click over to chapter 2, because I know that more surprises await, and I welcome them with open arms. :) I love this already.

Author's Response: I'm sorry for the gnashing of teeth--er, that sounds v. unpleasant. Also complete and utter appreciation for puns from this girl.

OLD-FASHIONED PERF. You know Wodehouse obvs, but that's what I was going for here. The sort of easy, rolling language that's mildly humourous in the way that it's so absurd but you can still picture it anyways. I feel like Wodehouse makes sentences that propel off one's tongue. I was going for it. I think my end result is different but it still hints at its inspiration--AND I LOVE THAT YOU SAID THAT (H).

Also thank you! I've grown rather fond of my Hugo :D I thought he could use a bit of spotlight!

Prepare yourself for creatures galore. Also long-winded inner monologues. And near-death experiences. I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE READING IT MISS JANE.

hearts forever~

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Review #14, by honoraryweasley 

23rd August 2011:
Let me tell you a story, shall I? You may choose to run for the hills from me, but this is an important tale. So. Once upon a time, not very long ago - perhaps as recent as five minutes ago - someone very much resembling me sat down at her old laptoppy and decided on a whim to click on this link. And this someone takes her literature seriously; she doesn't click on a whole lot of links. But she says to herself, "Live a little!" And she finds herself here. And she reads. And she is amused, and pleased, and rather delighted. :')

To be honest that long story is just there because a) it's midnight, I am no longer expected to make sense, and b) I need to pad up this review a little more to imply intelligence. You have no idea how difficult it is for me to not just let this turn into a big chunk of capital letters and exclamation points.


I've come to a decision, now. I'm going to leave this story and come back to it some other time. And at that time, I will prove my sanity to you.

It's just that it's midnight and I'm running on caffeine and ramen noodles.

In conclusion: AH! I really, really like this.

(Wow. Sorry. :D)

Author's Response: EEE I will not run from you or your stories! I love stories! And believe me, midnight decisions and I are very well acquainted. In fact, if you decide to come back and read more, many of the chapters you will lay eyes on in fact were written on midnight whims.

Let's face it--when it's midnight, and also two a.m...every idea is the best one you've ever had. You're adventurous and daring. You have the Sword of Gryffindor clasped in your hands.


Sanity is overrated, you honoraryweasley, you, but if it really is that important to you I suppose that I can verify it for you at a later date.

So glad you enjoyed it--this has been my brain child for the past eight months, and what mother doesn't like hearing her babies complimented?


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Review #15, by thelandbeforecookies 

7th July 2011:

So I totally had to ninja my way onto your page and read your stories because, well, I'm me and stalking is what I do.


I am so glad I am such a stalker. Because this story is so wonderfully charming. Just the... awkwardness of it all. I ADORE THE AWKWARDNESS

Especially Hugo. And Neville just adds the cherry to the awkward cream. It's so perfect and realistic (because really, you read these fics with all these charming, sauve 15 year old boys and I can't help but think where those boys were when I was 15?) and reminds me of those adorable old black and white movies (mostly 'cause of the banner. 'tis a pretty one) And it's ADVENTURE and AWKWARDNESS and I just want to bottle it all up and pinch its cheeks.

to the next chapter, I go!

Author's Response: OHMAHGAH you're part of the capslock abuse cult. -hands you robe and teaches you secret handshake-

i would have done that, too. i don't blame you. it was silly of me not to have been wondering if you would but in my defense...a guy came in and dropped off like seven gigantic books and they had handles and i got a little distracted. (-sigh- the most exciting thing that ever happens when you work at a school library.)

awwwh. i am a very awkward person so i feel for hugo. i'm actually kind of jealous of his own flaws because he makes up for them in enviable ways. example: being able to say whatever he wants and most of the time not hurting people's feelings. how does that /happen/ ? only when you're completely adorable.

but i guess i'll respond to your review instead of reviewing my own story ... erm.

'cherry to the awkward cream.' oh, don't mind me, i'm just pocketing this phrase and adding it to my arsenal. nothing interesting going on over here.

oh god, yes, the cult of next-gen perfect man hunk mature man hunk men all age thirteen. they only exist at hogwarts...but hugo spends most of his time in the forbidden forest so it makes sense LOL

bawh thank you for this review, i appreciate it!

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Review #16, by WitnesstoitAll 

7th June 2011:

Here I be. And oh my goodness. please excuse the squeeing found within this review... because it's inevitable. Hugo is delightful. I seriously love him. So much. People write fifteen year olds with all the finesse of adults all the time, but here, here is a young boy who is awkward and, well, fifteen. Best of all, he's endearing. And Neville. He's every bit the wonderful professor I'd imagine him to be. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for him. I really can't wait to read more! So onward I go. Expect more reviews.

take that for inarticulation.
-sorry for making that into a competition-
i wanted to make hugo a bit of a dolt, but i didn't think he was all that realistic. i'm glad that you think that it's at least more believable than creepy adult 15 year olds. and i'm so glad you like NEVILLE because he's one of my favorites :)
thanks so much for your reviews, i'm overwhelmed with the effort you've given my story and my characters :) (heart heart)

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Review #17, by Marzipan 

5th June 2011:
Lillly. OMG. Why have I not read this sooner? It breaks my heart thinking of the long, lonely months I have spent without that sparkling Hugo in my life, and not even KNOWING I was missing him. It's a travesty. It's inhuman. All humans on the planet should be introduced to this gem of a boy, via one Neville Longbottom.

This is why I love Neville. Not only because he is wondergully sexy and brilliant - but also because he has such a fantastic sense of humor. Some people would not respond so favourably to having Hugo drooling in front of them, but Neville does it with flare. I love these two. So much.

After a few moments Neville widened his eyes to signal once again that no, Hugo, he couldn't read minds. Use your words.

It was astounding that with the brains of Hermione somewhere deep down in his system he could manage to pull faces like the ones that he regularly wore.

And these are just a couple of the reasons why I also love you.

-flies off to the next chapter-

Author's Response: GAHHH your review makes me so happy i decided to upload this to the archive. i've said a couple times (i don't remember /where/) but i started writing a long, long time before i actually uploaded it. i abandoned it for a while, then came back, then posted it here.
i'm also glad that you like hugo and neville as much as i do!
thank you SO MUCH for your review, i'd say more now but mother called me to the kitchen :(

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Review #18, by TheGoldenKneazle 

30th May 2011:
Hi there! This is me getting back to you for your overdue request on the forums :)

Hugo's character so far seems really interesting, and very Ron-like! The comparisons Neville makes between Ron and Hugo make it really interesting seeing what Hugo is like, and it would be very interesting to see how the Hermione part of him comes through too.The goofiness he seems to possess makes him almost comical, but the serious question he then asks makes him seem a very versatile character.

Neville is also someone I'd like to know more about. The way he notices little things make it an interesting observation of Hugo, and the funny little anecdotes make it amusing (eg. he liqourice wand bribery) and I like the way he knows he probably shouldn't tell Hugo about the fact that there could be Quidropopots in the Forbidden Forest, but he goes ahead and tells him anyway. The last paragraph, when he was analysing what Hugo's expression had meant, really made me smile, because it seems to hint that Neville will be helping Hugo in his quest, and the language used as he analyses is beautifully descriptive.

The details and descriptions put in make this a really beautiful prologue to the rest of the story; we learn so much about Hugo through his simple waiting-actions, and the greenhouse setting really sets the scene, especially concerning Neville.

Overall, a really enjoyable piece! Will deffo read more :) 10/10!

Author's Response: wow, this is a beautiful review...i'm so happy that you liked it! and thanks so much for being thorough, the things that you wrote actually make me want to go and finish the story now, since i'm so close!
i'm very appreciative of everything you said...thanks so much for leaving a review! :)

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Review #19, by music_is_inside_of_me 

30th April 2011:
So this is you're overdue review that I owe you! Haha
Well this chapter is was interesting. I like Nevilles POV-it made it interesting to read. Your writing style is phenomenal! It flows beautifully. I like how he compared Hugo to Ron.

If I had to say some constructive about this chapter, it sorta took me a while to get into it. But once I did it was amazing!

Good chapter!


Author's Response: aw don't worry about it :) thanks so much for the feedback.i know the language is a little tricky, but i'm glad you were able to get past it!
thanks so much for reviewing, i appreciate it very much!

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Review #20, by _maomao 

15th April 2011:
Wow! Interesting beginning to the story! I happened across it on a review's offered thread on the forums and I checked it out - great!

It's interesting and nearly unbelieving that Hermione (the bossy know-it-all) would produce...raise a child who was a slob - wouldn't she go crazy? But then again it was Ron who probably told her to relax while his mouth was full of food...

Great prologue!

P.S. Doesn't Neville know that burning papers/using fireplaces is bad for the air?

Author's Response: heheh i'm going to go with you as believing it's ron...but i believe that hermione will have mellowed out after having kids. :)
thanks so much! and yeah, i'll have to sit down and have a talk with the professor :P

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Review #21, by jennyangelface 

1st April 2011:
Hello there (:
You've now got me bouncing in my chair wanting to read the rest; I've been looking for a good Hugo story for such a long time.

I really enjoyed reading Neville in this, mostly because your Neville seems so much like the canon Neville but also because he has developed into a different (older) person.

As a prologue, I think it works very nicely, setting up the story and Hugo as a character. And it most definitely makes me want to continue reading. :)

I also really liked how your diction had so many syllables and the sentences were so...full. I think it suited Neville very well, as in the way he would think and talk. Especially since he is a Professor.

Only thing I found slightly awkward was the last two paragraphs. Not the paragraphs itself, because I thought they were written well, but the transitioning from the previous paragraph. I see that there is a line there, meaning it is supposed to be a break (or whatever it's called :P ), but to me, I just felt that the stop was too strong. But it didn't detract much from the story.

Good job :D

Author's Response: hi!!
i'm so happy to hear that this story does the job of a prologue for you! that's what any writer wants to hear, i believe; that their chapters are effective :)
and i'm also very glad that you thought Neville seemed himself as well, i really love his canon character and try to stay true to that.
hmmm i'll think about the last two paragraphs...i think it is called a page break :) i bet i could have been more subtle about it, i'll think about it!
thanks so much for the review, i appreciate it!! :)

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Review #22, by Coley 

27th March 2011:
Hi there! :)
OK, so just off the bat, I really enjoy Hugo stories, so this should be a treat. :)

The first sentence really grabbed me, it made me want to read on, quite a hard thing to do in retrospect, so well done! I like the concept of this piece, with Neville's love of plants and becoming a Herbology professor, it really appeals to me.

I like the addition of Neville's thought, it added a sort of personal touch, and really gave insight into the character that is Neville. I also like how you can tell he's still 'Neville' if you get what I mean, he comes across like he does in the books.

I absolutely loved the characterisation of Hugo, he really does seem like his father's son with just the right amount of Hermione. It's really how I imagined Hugo; more like his father than his mother. I'm excited to see how he develops throughout the piece.

Apart from tiny little spelling errors, I can't fault this piece, it was great.

I found this to be a lovely length for a prologue, it doesn't seemed cramped at all. It also had just the right amount of information, it introduced the characters and a little bit of their character. I really did the job of a prologue - to introduce the concept and inform the reader - and it really made me want to read on.


Author's Response: hi nicole! :)
i'm so glad that you like it so far :) i really love Neville and have come to love Hugo (who of course is completely subjective because i...made him up here!), so i'm glad that their characterization (at least so far) works for you! i also see Hugo as taking after his dad and Rose as more of her mum, but i'm glad that you can see the Hermione (or at least, potential for her characteristics?) in Hugo because it is there! just maybe a little...shy :D
eek, i'll have to go back and check for spelling :) i'm also relieved that it works as a prologue, i have trouble sometimes distinguishing them in my writing! :)
thanks so much for the review, i really appreciate it!! :)

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Review #23, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

21st March 2011:
Hi! I have to say, I was extremely impressed with this chapter. In a few bits it was rough around the edges, it looked like you were growing in to the flow of the story, if that's possible. But the wording was excellent, and you described Hugo so well it felt as though he was leaping out of the page.

Some characters really come alive, and Hugo did here. The drool, the winks, the bad hints all added up to one extraordinarily interesting, amusing little boy. I have this crystal clear image of him in my head that I can't shake, and that doesn't happen often. I was wondering the whole time how he had heard of this rare plant, and what he was getting it. You strung Neville and the reader along nicely. Neville's barely contained irritation was also very well done.

This was also an incredibly enjoyable glimpse into the life of Neville as a Herbology professor. It's an image I can imagine as well as I see Hugo: sweet Neville, reading 800-page books on Antarctic plants, fondly remembering pink earmuffs, receiving spontaneous visits from Luna. Neville's image too was spectacular.

Like I said, there were a few places where your flow stopped up a bit. For instance, your third paragraph had all the makings of a great one, and your idea came out, but the run-on sentence was the tiniest bit off-putting. It's like you know exactly what you want to say, you have excellent word choice, and that shines through... Except for a paragraph or two. It's something that you get better at with time, nothing I or anyone else can really fix. It's also a matter of preference, occasionally.

But on the whole, a really great chapter. I haven't enjoyed a character (or two) in long time!

Author's Response: hi!! thank you so much for this review! i'm so pleased to hear that the characters really come alive - something i'm sure any writer would be overjoyed to hear, and coming from you it's an especially wonderful compliment!
i have also taken into consideration what you've said about the wording--it's something that i especially have trouble with, and i often trip myself up when writing :) i've been trying so hard to write out the whole story that i'll admit i haven't perhaps edited as much as i need to, and i think that when it's done i will definitely go back and try my hand at smoothing out the things that you've mentioned, as well as the recurrence of these things in other chapters (since i know they're there ;) ).
thank you again, this was simultaneously very uplifting and very helpful (the best kind of review in my opinion!) :)

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Review #24, by silverstarletworld89 

17th March 2011:
A neville and Hugo story, oh the rarity. It is a good combination though and I enjoyed the way you have portrayed them both =D. Oo I am intrigued, I wonder why Hugo is after that plant too. I must read on :-)!!!

Author's Response: haha that's what i thought! it is a rare "couple," huh? i'm so glad :) i can't believe you read the whole thing and left me so many reviews! YOU'RE THE BEST :) :)
it should be updated soon! i put the newest chapter into the queue four days ago and the backup is four days.we'll see what happens :)

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Review #25, by orderofthephoenix 

14th March 2011:
Hey! This was a brilliant chapter! I like how you've told this chapter from Neville's POV. Those two make a good combination, I think.

"Neville wasn't as powerless to licorice wands as some might lead one to believe" - I like this line; it sounds like something Neville would do :) And I love the word 'Quidropopot'! It's so imaginative. :D

I feel sorry for Hugo. He seems to be the odd one out in his family. I'm already wondering what his relationship with his family is like.

I like that Hugo follows after his father more than his mother. I also find it interesting that Neville can see a bit of his younger self in Hugo. The descriptions of him throughout were amusing to read.

I want to know what Hugo wants. So I'll definitely be coming back to this story again! :)

This is very well written. The summary caught my interest so I decided to review it :) I'll be back to review the next chapter soon!

-Sophia x

Author's Response: hi!
thank you - i seriusly don't know where some things come from - i'd given a little thought to what plant to create, but as i was writing the quidropopot just...happened :P
i think the family aspects are partly dealt with in the later chapters :)
i'm glad that it was amusing! i labeled it as partly a "humour" fic so it's good to know it's not just a total drag :)
thank you so much for the review!!! i love to know what people are thinking while they're reading this - seems like with hugo people either like him, or they really, really don't :)

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