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Review #1, by insertcreativeusername 

6th January 2018:
Amazing. It's the second chapter, the bloody second chapter and you've managed to make me cry. I don't even know the character that well and I'm crying for her. I'm crying for Fred. I'm crying for George and I'm just freaking bawling. You have a way with words, and this story is almost poetry. I love it so much, this has me captivated and I'll probably be up till the AMs trying to finish it. Spectacular job, mate ;D

Author's Response: Gah! Thank you so much!!! That's incredible to hear! I sincerely hope the rest of the current chapters don't fall short in comparison! You're so lovely for leaving this review; I appreciate it so much. ♥

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Review #2, by victoria_anne 

12th September 2016:
Hey Tanya!

I have no idea why it's only taken me until now to read this story *hides* But I'm here now! :D

So the prologue was a great introduction (clearly - I'm here because I couldn't resist clicking on the next chapter). Starting at the end of this story is heartbreaking, but leaves me wanting to know how Jo ends up like that, and what she thinks she deserves. It's also so sad to see how much Fred is like family to her, when we know she eventually attends his funeral. Wah. I hope we see more flashbacks of them.

I love how already there's a running theme about lying, like in the "conversation" between Jo and Fred (I also love how Jo never talks, but Fred is totes adorbs trying to help her, and carrying on conversations by himself *heart eyes*)

I love this: How could such a big head fit in such a small box? Especially since all the thoughts about Fred being in a box were so sad, and then that made me laugh ♥

Josephine is quite interesting, because she's incredibly quiet and shy, a little bit flaky at times (I mean, the title) but I'm still pulled in by wanting to know more about her life and why she is the way she is. She's quite the outsider.

Awesome story so far, I can't wait to find out what happens to Jo, and how things between her and George develop, as well as life without Fred after the war!

♥ Bianca

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Review #3, by HPFT 

2nd June 2016:
awww, so sad! this is like the best.

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Review #4, by MeIsMoonie 

6th February 2016:
Gahh, this story is so so beautiful!

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Review #5, by Diogenissa 

22nd January 2016:

Firstly I must apologize for the absolutely unacceptable lateness of this--still have no 'net at home and the new years just been insane but settling down a bit. I must also admit the touch of irony given the title of this chapter and the fact that I said that I'd be reviewing it shortly after I did chapter one. Ugh I'm very sorry about that :-( .

The first thing I noticed is how seamlessly you write Fred and his overall character. It's not very hard to tell to see that that Dobby is more than well earned! You nailed his cheeky and funny manner yet seriousness when it comes to the depth of his relationship with George, especially with the twin dynamic: the closeness, loyalty, and love shines through. Something else I found refreshing was Fred's honesty--he cares so much for everyone in his life that means so much to him (including Jo), absolutely lovely!

“So I’ve been thinking…”

I waste no time in deciding that Fred Weasley thinking is never a good sign…
-- THIS--THIS had me laughing SO HARD! The truth of that is so real you have to love it--Jo's a smart girl! *lol*

Another point I enjoyed was Fred's 'blackmail'--going back to his honesty and love for those who matter most. As I was reading it, the prevalent thought in my head was 'It's for your own good.and George's' as I could almost see him perhaps thinking something along those lines.

Your descriptions and word choices were both very strong and colorful, easy to engage and picture throughout! :-)

Jo's introspection is also very strong and I could see quite a bit of personal growth already in her. Her struggles are so very real it's tangible and relatable!

Finally that very last line was a great way to close the chapter, as well as draw back to mind the chapter title.

Overall this was absolutely beautiful piece of work darlin' and you should be proud of yourself. It was both amusing yet serious and I like that I saw character growth. Congratulations and thank you for a great story (and again sorry that it took me so terribly long :-( ).

Karen xoxo

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Review #6, by cherry_pop94 

25th December 2015:
Hi again!

This is another great chapter. It's so emotional. Fred was a great friend to Josephine. She's unlike anyone else I've ever read about. I wonder why she doesn't speak? What happened to her family? She's in intriguing character.

It seems that George has noticed her. She did love him, but I wonder how as they've never spoken. But I understand that kind of admiring from afar love. It's definitely a very curious thing to read about.

Thanks for sharing your talent!


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Review #7, by Felpata Lupin 

9th December 2015:
Oh, Tanya... *sobbing*
So many feels, so heartbreaking, so touching...
I don't even know what to say...

The first part was interesting. It surely showed a lot about Josephine's character, and I liked Fred's monologues opposed to her talking-with-her-eyes (At first I wondered if she was mute...) Fred was a great friend, if a bit perfidius... She needed a push...

The second part really broke my heart... The pain of losing your best friend... And the guilt, the feeling that you haven't lived up to their expectations, that you've disappointed them... And that point of envy you can't avoid to prove when you see the love of a family and you're prived of it. You wrote all this wonderfully. You really touched me so deeply with your beautiful writing.

This is such a great story, Tanya! I can see why everyone love it so much!

I'll try to be back again soon!

All my love,

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Review #8, by CassiePotter 

4th December 2015:
Hi Tanya! I'm back to leave you another hot seat review!
Oh my gosh, this chapter was even better than the last one! We got to know Josephine a little more, which was lovely. She's a brilliant OC. She's really different from all the other characters I've read on this site, and I love her already. I think she's fascinating and I want to know more about her! You've hinted at something happening to her family, so I'm definitely curious about that. Am I right in saying that that's part of the reason she doesn't talk much? I thought making her so quiet was a really nice choice on your part, because while it may cause some people to overlook her, I think it makes other people pay even more attention to her, to try and figure out what she's thinking.
The way she and Fred interacted was so fantastic. He does all the talking, but in no way is it a one-sided conversation. Just because Josephine doesn't say much out loud doesn't mean that she's not responding to Fred and letting him know what's on her mind. They're really sweet together and I think it's great that he wants her to tell George how she feels. He knows that if she takes that chance it could lead to her being really happy, and will give her a little push towards that happiness if need be.
Fred's funeral was so sad. I was not ready for the pictures by his casket! I think it's so wonderful that there were pictures of him with his family there, so they can look at them and remember the good times they had with him.
My heart broke a little when Mrs. Weasley and George were crying together. I can't even imagine what they must be going through, and if I were in Josephine's position I think I'd feel the same way she does. Like I was intruding on a private moment.
Josephine's goodbye to Fred at the end of the chapter was so sad. But I think it's wonderful that she said she'd keep her promise to him. It shows the strength of their friendship, and how important he was to her. She's willing to step out of her comfort zone because it's what Fred wanted.
This was a fantastic second chapter! I can't wait to keep reading!
Cassie :)

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Review #9, by TreacleTart 

17th September 2015:
Hi Tanya,

Back for another chapter!

I was really excited to see that in this chapter we get to see some interaction between Fred and Josephine. I really like the contrast between the two of them. Immediately, it was clear that Josephine is really quiet and that Fred sort of forces her out of her shell a bit. That seems like something he'd do.

I also enjoyed the idea that Jo has this massive infatuation with George. All too often in fics, I see Fred and George written as the same person, so I was thrilled that you've made distinctions between them in their lives. Fred is friends with Jo. George is not. Jo has a crush on George, but not on Fred. It makes them two separate people.

I'm glad that Fred is giving Jo a push to tell George about her feelings. I personally believe that it's really unhealthy to sit and obsess about someone and much better to just clear the air. I think Fred realizes that Jo will never do it on her own and that odds are she'll regret it in the end.

The scene at Fred's funeral was tragic on so many levels. It was heart breaking to see Jo's reaction and her feelings of being alone. I think her flashes of jealousy about how much Mrs.Weasley loves her children really demonstrate just how bleak her life is and really make me sympathize with her all the more. Then there's George and the way that you can tell he's just barely pulled himself back together after falling apart. And Mrs. Weasley and her despair. I mean really it's just sadness all around.

I did like that Jo worked up the courage to talk to Fred. I think it felt very natural for her to be standing at the casket pouring her heart out to him. And I'm glad that she's decided to keep her promise. Now that Fred is gone, I feel like it's important for her to start working on breaking down some of the walls that she's created for herself.

Jo's response to George is unusual. She's so into hima and yet she's also terrified of him. I wonder why that is. If she can talk to Fred, surely she can talk to him as well.

Again, I scoured this for any bit of CC that I could leave you, but came up empty. Your first two chapters have been well written and very polished.

Great job! On to the next chapter right now!


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Review #10, by Cali 

16th August 2015:
Ahhh, this is so sad. Despite that, I really love it. I can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Awww! Yay! Thank you! :-D I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to leave such a lovely review!!! ^.^

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Review #11, by nott theodore 

6th August 2015:
Hmm. Okay, so Tanya, I think we need to have a bit of a chat. Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Good. Okay. Because here's the thing: you've been telling me that this chapter is awful and makes you cringe and in desperate need of editing, and I'm just like - what on earth are you on about?!

Seriously, if this is the worst that your writing gets - even years ago - then you are not allowed to read anything of mine. Nope. Not happening.

Right, now that we've got that over with (and for once you need to actually listen to me, right? :P) I can get on with the actual review!

I actually really love the switches in time in this story so far. I think at times, unless it's done well, it can be a bit confusing, especially at the start of a story, but here it doesn't seem to matter at all. Josephine's grieving, and her thoughts are chaotic and confused, and she's bound to dwell on Fred and cling onto the memories that she has of the two of them together - it's only natural, but it works really well in this narrative because we get to see how the two of them were friends together and that has even more of an impact when we switch back to the time when Fred's gone.

The friendship between them was so sweet and fun to read - you wrote the dialogue and interactions so well (even if a lot of the dialogue was Fred's, rather than Josephine's). I like the way that she manages to fit in so naturally with him and yet there's never going to be anything there - and you can tell how close they are because Fred is prepared to hide Josephine's secret from his twin, which definitely isn't something that he'd do lightly.

At the same time, though, Fred seems like just the sort of friend that Josephine needs. He protects her and cares about her, he makes her laugh, but he's willing to push her to do things that she needs to do for her own good, when she's too scared to do them herself. I'm really curious about whether Josephine would have ever fulfilled her promise to Fred if he hadn't died - if she'd have had more time, would she have been any different?

Actually, there are so many things in this chapter that I'm curious about, little hints that you've included for the reader to pick up on and make us ask more questions. There definitely seems to be something hidden about Josephine's family - something that makes her wish she had that family support around her, which worries me a little; the Weasleys are going to be the sort of family she would love to be a part of. I suspect that's part of the reason she's so shy, too. And I can't help questioning how she's so sure that she's so in love with George - how that happened, when it started - if she can't even talk to him. But I'm sure we'll see a lot more of the two of them together in this story, so I'll get to find out, I hope!

Josephine is so interesting as a protagonist. I touched on this already in the last review but she's just so shy and quiet that it seems to cripple her - even when it's just her and her best friend, she barely speaks - and I feel like she's going to have to do a lot to overcome that. I can also see how it might lead her into lying (as both the first chapter and the title of the story suggest :P), because she's too scared to contradict people's assumptions.

Again, the scene at the graveside was just so raw and full of emotion. You wrote the grief so wonderfully well - particularly, once again, the comments and repetitions that Fred was in the box, and how anachronistic that seems for someone who was always so full of life and fun. Josephine's moment at the graveside, when she looks at the pictures, is really touching.

And then George comes along, grieving himself, broken - and Josephine runs away. I can understand it, in a way - she's already so shy, but there's always a sense when you're grieving, if you're not the 'closest' to that person, that you don't have the right to be as upset as someone else. It doesn't make sense, and it's completely silly, because everyone, of course, has the right to feel, but it's something that comes with grief. You really portrayed the way that she felt like she was intruding on George and Molly's grief - which you also wrote really hauntingly (in the best possible way).

The resolution at the end of the chapter is so intriguing! I want to know more - I want to know how she's going to tell George she loves him before New Year's Eve, and whether everything's going to work out, because in the last chapter it seemed like it hadn't. I'm so curious - reading on now!

Sian :)

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Review #12, by TidalDragon 

4th August 2015:
Speaking of promises...I'm back! Late, but nevertheless.

After the prologue this was such an intriguing characterization to encounter for me. Josephine is not at all what I expected, but in way that's superb. So often the MC (especially where romance is concerned) has superficial or "easy" flaws rather than deeper ones that don't just serve as obstacles, but cripple the character in at least one respect. Josephine's extreme shyness certainly seems to fall into that category. More so though, she's not completely, perfectly aware of how it affects her. She has her ideas about it yes, but seems not to FULLY appreciate it. And the way you build it here just leaves me wondering, wondering - HOW did she get this way? My gut tells me it has something to do with that twinge of jealously about family. She seems like she doesn't have any and maybe there's a trauma behind that. But I can't wait to see her fight it and try to overcome it.

Perhaps my favorite part of the chapter though was the lines you wrote about Fred being kept in a box. It spoke so much to his personality, while simultaneously underscoring just what had been ripped from the world. And the way you dovetailed that with the precious friendship that Josephine had also lost by exploring that whole dynamic first was...sensational. I can't wait to read more!

Now, I realize you may be asking yourself: "When ya coming back, Kev?" I don't know when. But we'll get together then, Tanya. I'll try to leave a good review then.

P.S. May you enjoy your impending release from House Cup related responsibilities for awhile. You've most certainly earned it.

P.P.S. I didn't solve any of your riddles. Only the one that was so obviously about you :p

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Review #13, by Penelope Inkwell 

20th July 2015:
For the House Cup 2015, Slytherin

Oh. My gosh. First off, your writing is incredible. It's really quite lovely, and flows so nicely. I'm dying to read more. I'm really fascinated by Josephine--what happened to her family? Why doesn't she speak? You've set up the questions-to-be-solved very well. And Fred was so Fred, it broke my heart and made me smile. Blackmail, slipping around the rules--Gryffindors really are just the opposite side of the same coin as Slytherins.

That funeral scene was painful and beautiful, and you did it really well. I'm glad to see that Josephine is going to try to keep her promise to Fred. But she's going to pose as his girlfriend? What about Angelina? How is that going to happen. So many questions! I look forward to reading on.

CC: caught a couple little snags, so I thought I'd let you know.

Fred approaches me again, his eye’s wide and innocent
--"eye's" ought to be "eyes"

"his blue irises looking about as alive as his brothers."
--"brothers" should be "brother's"

at my best friends funeral
--"friends" should be "friend's"

Really lovely job!


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Review #14, by SunshineDaisies 

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

Things I was not prepared for: this chapter. I thought the worst was over with the funeral last chapter, but NOPE. That scene was almost unbearably emotional. It took a lot of effort for me not to cry throughout the whole thing. You conveyed how Jo was feeling so perfectly, I felt just about as miserable as she did. There's something haunting about being alone with someone you've lost, it's like a chance to remember the moments that existed only between the two of you. When you're with a group, it's the group memories that are shared, and I don't think Josephine or George would find that nearly as comforting.

And it was such a contrast to the first half of the chapter! I think that made the second scene far more powerful, actually. I was happily relating to Jo never wanting her crush to find out she has a crush on him and then BAM. sads.

I really did love the dynamic between Fred and Jo, it was such a comfortable, balanced friendship. Jo seems to have been good for Fred in a way that George isn't, necessarily. Fred and George feed off of each other, but Jo seems to mellow them out. And I totally understood how Jo felt about telling George, that is probably one of the most terrifying things in the world. Props to her for continuing to keep her promise.

I'm going to find something happier to read because I need a break from heartache.

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Review #15, by Joey Tribbiani 

29th May 2015:
First and foremost, I have to say you have such a brilliant contrast between the first half and the second half of this chapter. The first half is light and funny, while the second half is bleak and depressing. In the first half we see Fred in his prime, doing what he loves, happy, and looking out for people he loves. In the second, all of that is ripped away from him and it is terrible. Such stark contrast could run the risk of things seeming like they would be better in two chapters but these two balance each other out so well, thanks to your writing style.

Josephine is remarkably silent most of the time, so stuck in her own head. (She has the girl version of my name but I am the opposite, no doubt about it.) I could give her some tips on getting George to date her. I look a woman up and down and as "How you doin?" and it works like a charm. It would probably work on guys, if she wants to try it. Even if not, she should just talk to George. If she gets along with his twin so well and the boys are so similar, George must like her as well.

I am very close to my friends and the second half of this was very, very sad and touching. When I thought that all my friends were leaving to buy houses or get married or get new jobs I had a really hard time transitioning, but at least they were still there. Josephine is so shy and closed off that she doesn't have anyone else to lean on in times like this, with so much stress.

I hope she and George work out in the end so she can join his big family. (It's the opposite of mine, basically. I have seven younger sisters... seven!) I think they'd be great together. And, if they want to get married, let them know I have been ordained by the power of the internet. Tell them to keep that in mind.

Joey Tribbiani

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Review #16, by LadyL8 

28th March 2015:
Hi again, Tanya. Now that Quidditch is over (I admire you for coming up with that riddle, by the way), I’m finally back with the rest of your reviews.

Wow. I loved this. I always knew you were a good writer, but I didn’t know you were this good. This was perfection!

I liked that you started in the past (well, further in the past). It was nice to see a glimpse of what kind of friendship Fred and Josephine had, and it is rare to see a very platonic relationship between a male and a female in stories. And I liked that they were joking around, but honestly it would’ve been kind of strange if they didn’t. It is Fred Weasley after all!

And I think they compliment each other well. Fred is – as Josephine says – funny, lively and large-than-life, while she is quieter and perhaps a little bit forgettable – at least in comparison to him. And Fred helps her come a little bit out of her shell, while she “tones him down” a little – If that made sense at all, because it did in my head. So yeah, they really compliment each other.

I love that we learn a little bit more about Josephine and her past in every chapter. Normally I don’t like a slow pace, but here I think it’s great and very needed. The part where she’s kind of arguing with herself - because part of her is envious of Fred having had a mother and a loving family, but the other part hate herself for thinking like that when he is dead – is actually my favourite. It really says a lot about her as a character. She’s obviously had a very tough childhood, and that does affect her life in many ways. But she feels guilty for wanting something she’s never had, because she knows she should not think like that when he’s just died.

One of my best friends in real life is actually a foster child, and she’s explained to me that this is often the case when you’ve never had a family of your one. You just wish you had a family or someone that would have your back no matter what, and this feeling is there even at the most inappropriate of times. So I find it very realistic for her to think like this.

And then there’s George. First I just have to say that I admire you for daring to write him in this moment in his life. I can’t even begin to imagine how much it must hurt to lose a close family member, and even less how it would be to lose a twin. So you’re very brave for doing that.

Secondly I just have to say that I really liked the scene where he sees Josephine. It was beautiful to see him light up from realizing he wasn’t alone in grieving for Fred, from realizing that he wasn’t the only one broken after having lost a best friend. And it was very beautifully written, Tanya.

And I absolutely loved this part: “It doesn’t even seem quite possible that such a huge personality could fit into such a small rectangular block of wood, only to be buried beneath the earth and never seen again. There is no sense in that”. I could really feel her pain here.

So Tanya, I just have to ask: how in the world can you be so good at writing? You’re amazing, and I absolutely loved this chapter! (You can probably tell by the length of this review, and the fact that I’m rambling a lot)

- Lotte

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Review #17, by PolyJuice_ 

18th March 2015:

I seriously can't describe the feeling of happiness I get from Fred and Jo's relationship. There's nothing better than a close platonic relationship and I'm just wanting to sit here and curl up and read them forever BECAUSE THEY'RE SO CUTE AND AMAZING. It's interesting because we know George is similar to Fred, but in this story he seems a lot more aloof. He's put on a sort of pedestal and I like reading it that way, because I'm sure that later on as he comes off that pedestal we'll (the readers and Jo) will start seeing more Fred in him AND IT WILL KILL US. VERY MUCH.

BUT I'm also very curious on Jo's backstory. Why is she so upset about her mum? Why is her mum not crying over Jo? I need to know everything. All of it. Every bit of backstory on these losers. And every tiny interaction. Jo excuses herself to go to the bathroom? I WANT TO READ IT. Fred passing Jo just outside the store and nods to her before continuing on his way? I NEED IT.

Also I was wrong. Family dinner isn't till later tonight. :P Safe for awhile. Enough time that I can come here and write you a review detailing how much I love these characters and you, because they're amazing, beautiful, wonderful, incredible, fantastic, great, tremendous, perfect, magnifique, special, awesome, lovely, superior, marvelous, delightful, sublime, splendid, fabulous, exquisite, and rrravishing. ;)


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Review #18, by alicia and anne 

5th March 2015:
Yay! We get to see Josephine and Fred together and how they used to be.

:O She's obsessed with George? Oo this is interesting! So very very interesting! My excitement is building!

I absolutely love how you've written Fred and I'm loving the friendship between him and Josephine. They're so funny and compliment each other so well. The way that they bounce off of each other is brilliant!

Haha I love that Fred has a way around his promise. I can't wait to see if she tells George, or if Fred writes him a letter about it :D

*cries* I want her to tell George and I'm so sad that Fred won't be around to witness this all! :(

"It doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t even seem quite possible that such a huge personality could fit into such a small rectangular block of wood, only to be buried beneath the earth and never seen again. There is no sense in that." --- I absolutely love this! So much! There is no other way to describe Fred and it makes you wonder how it's even possible that he does fit in something so small.

Why must you make me cry? I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. :( I am this blubbering, sobbing mess

Why must you be so talented and make me feel such emotions! :D Gah! So much sadness! You wrote it all so amazingly!

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Review #19, by Freda_and_Georgina 

22nd January 2015:
No! Oh no matter how many times you write the family's reactions to Fred's death I still am let secretly sobbing. Let them recover. Let Josephine have courage. It is all so sad. And brilliant. I will give you that, the sadness is brilliant.


Author's Response: Gah, it's the worst, isn't it?? I am right there with you. WHY FRED? WHY?

Thank you so much, Georgina, for this lovely review! I'm so glad it really hit you emotionally and that you enjoyed this chapter! Yay! ♥

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Review #20, by teh tarik 

15th December 2014:

Hufflepuff Hot Seat yay! I've been pretty busy the last day or so, but I must sneak in a quick review before your day on the grand throne of the hot seat ends. So here I am at last! I've heard SO MUCH about this story and about your excellent portrayal of the Weasley twins, and I've actually read the first chapter before (er...apologies for not reviewing that, but it seemed rather short, so I thought it would be better to come straight here!).

Oh my gosh, Tanya. Fred Funeral Fics? T_T Do not do this to me. I have not got over Fred's death, okay? You're awfully cruel. :( First, you had to include that lovely, lovely flashback showing Jo and Fred's adorable friendship, and how much Fred means to someone so introverted and reserved as Jo. THEN YOU HAD TO WRITE HIM DEAD. That's not fair. Poor Jo. I feel for her so much; I understand introversion really really well being a terrible introvert myself, and I can tell that her one friendship with Fred is something that means the world to her. And to lose that one connection to the world, that is honestly awful and I want to cry STOP THIS ALREADY.

BUT of course there's still George! ♥ Poor George. I find it so funny and interesting that Fred would keep a secret from his own twin just to preserve Jo's feelings; it speaks volumes about how well he understands her. And gah, how untimely his death is. Still, at least it seems to propel Jo toward a decision. I do hope she'll reach out to George a bit more. I love that part where she says she's content to love George from afar. That feeling!! ♥ But of course, now I want her to love George from nearby. Like really really nearby. :P

The last part of the chapter...:( :( :( Jo being alone with poor dead Fred again (after running away and hiding from George and waiting for him to walk off). I can't get over this SORRY NO. T_T T_T

I loved these two chapters, Tanya! This is a fab story and I must catch up with the rest of this. I love the Weasley twins, and I really love your OC Jo. She's so flawed but so realistic and all of the feels for her. ♥


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Review #21, by likeness_of_a_seabird 

15th December 2014:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review!

Well, this was certainly an interesting beginning! I liked how you altered between past and present (or future and present, as was the case with the prologue). It gives a nice dynamic for the story and makes all the more curious about what lead to Josephine thinking she deserved whatever it is that has happened (well, based on the summary, I can make a guess, but still. I want to know every little detail!). I loved the interaction between Fred and Josephine at the beginning of chapter two. It seemed so natural and believable, particularly since Jo doesn't talk much.

Speaking of Josephine, I really like her. She seems so nice and a little vulnerable and yet I think there is inner strength to her - though it doesn't seem like she's fully aware of it! Like I already said, I love how she interacts with Fred and how at ease they are around each other. The way she was willing to try and speak for Fred was so beautifully written I got a little teary. I also liked that moment where she resolves to keep the promise she made; it shows that strength I was talking about.

Also, I'm really curious about why Jo doesn't talk much. It's such an interesting trait to give to a character and it works really well in the story, particularly since this is from her POV.

This was a great start and I'm looking forward to reading more!

- Emmi

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Review #22, by maraudertimes 

14th December 2014:
I know, I know - NO REVIEWS, but again, I needed to say something!

Oh be still my breaking heart, because you write so eloquently and amazing and brb, gotta go cry for a second. Be back soon to continue reading, I just need to take a moment because you make me feel all the feels.

Lo :)

Author's Response: MORE BLASPHEMY! :-p

Gah! You're obviously far too kind, you know that, right? ♥ I'm so glad these first chapters are hitting you in the feels! That's what I like to hear. ;) But really, thank you so much for taking a moment to leave this. I sincerely appreciate it. *hugs*

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Review #23, by casual_chaos 

2nd October 2014:
Hello again!

This is wonderful, honestly. I mean it's heartbreaking, especially the part when Mrs. Weasley approaches the tomb, which made me cry a little, but it's also wonderful. I admire your ability to make Josephine such a live charachter and have her relationships with others portrayed so vividly, when she doesn't even speak to them! The conversation with Fred at the beginning was so perfect that at first I didn't even notice how Josephine barely said a word. Her facial expressions and inner thoughts were enough to keep the conversation (and character development) going, so, well done! :D

About Josephine, I love how her character is slowly coming to life throughout this chapter. It's very gradual and only through details so we (the readers) don't even notice it but she's becoming more real with every sentence and that's just beautiful! And you've got to love her, really. She's like a doe (no pun intended!), so frail and perpetually startled and cautious. Even the part where she skips back to her tree reminded me of a doe. :)

I loved the glimpse of her relationship with George. Again, you are so perfect with details and god, I love this so much. I think this will be my most useful review on this story because the others will be just me saying how much I love this. Sorry! :D

I do hope we'll see more of these flashbacks of Fred because the dynamic of his relationship with Josephine is another perfect thing about this story. This is actually my first fic about Fred and/or George, I avoided them in fear their characters might be badly written. But you did such a good job with Fred and it's such a joy to read any scene with him. :)

Oh, and I LOVE this quote: ''How surreal that in this moment, at my best friends funeral and the darkest week of my life, I suddenly feel light as air.''

The best thing about it is that you opposed darkness to light but you used light with the meaning of weight, not the optical phenomenon. I don't know if that was the intention (probably wasn't) but I thought it was marvelous. :)

Ramble, ramble. I'll go now, you just keep on writing this, please! :)

Author's Response: Hello again!!! :-D

Gah! You're so sweet, I hardly know how to respond! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it so much! I know it's terrible of me, but I love that it brought you to tears (seeing Mrs. Weasley in pain over Fred always breaks me too)! And I'm so glad you like Jo and the way she's written! She's sort of weird character to play a leading role, as she's so quiet, but I love that you can still feel like she's conversational through her thoughts and Fred's dialogue! Yay! That's just fantastic!

hahaha You get her so well! Your doe analogy is SPOT ON. That's EXACTLY how I think of her. Like... approach with caution - frightens easily! hehehe And I'm just beyond pleased that you like her so much! I really love Jo, I'm so attached to her, and when readers love her as well, it's the greatest feeling. I sincerely appreciate all your kind words about her! *squee*

Ugh, you're seriously far too kind. *hugshugshugs* I'm glad you enjoyed the small bits of George! They get a lot more air-time together in the next few chapters, but I do love seeing them back in here, in their first glimpses!

LOTS of Fred and Jo scenes ahead, I promise! I'm honestly having a blast telling their story. When I first started this fic, I thought I'd be most addicted to the Jo/George aspect of things, cause I'm super excited about where they're headed as well, but every chapter I have such a blast exploring Fred and Jo's friendship! They're such and oddball pair, but I love them together! And AH! I'm beyond thrilled that you think I write Fred well! I'm so glad my writing didn't make you run the other direction! hehehe Yay!

Daww, thank you! I'm glad that quote stood out to you! *blushes* You're seriously way too sweet. *hugs*

Nonsense, with your 'ramble, ramble'! This review is just beautiful. Really, it was so kind of you to take the time to write out such a thoughtful comment; I sincerely appreciate it! :-D

Tanya ^.^

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Review #24, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

7th April 2014:
I already love the relationship dynamic between Fred and Josephine that you've set up. I really like where this story is going. Can't wait to see more of George. :)

Author's Response: Hi again Rumbleroar goes roar! Woot! I love hearing that! When I first started writing this story, I was nervous of how people would perceive Jo and Fred's relationship because they're such an odd pair, so it's always wonderful to hear that readers like them and get them! :-D And there's some George coming up soon, though I'm finding post-war George a little challenging, so I hope I pull it off alright for you! Either way, I'm so happy that you're enjoying the story so far and want to thank you again for leaving another wonderful and kind review! I sincerely appreciate it! ^.^

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Review #25, by CambAngst 

30th March 2014:
Hi, Tanya!

The first section sounds so much like Fred. He's always one to want to spread the joy, but do it in his own, distinctive way. I love the way that he uses his sense of humor to keep Josephine off her guard. She probably should have seen it coming, but it's hard when he's being so disarming. He lures her in with all of his faux flirting and endless kidding around. Then, he switches gears and gets serious on her for a moment. He lets some genuine concern show through, which pushes her even farther out of her carefully constructed comfort zone of denial. Then he goes for the kill...

We got to see a little more of Josephine in this chapter, and I found myself feeling optimistic for her and horribly sorry for her at different points in the chapter. What on earth happened to his poor girl? She's alluded a couple of times to having nobody aside from Fred. I'm guessing that means she's an orphan, or at least estranged from her family. With the war raging, it isn't hard to imagine how either situation would come to pass. Whatever happened, she seems to lack any sort of self-confidence. Fred is able to pry her out of her shell, but only by relentlessly being himself.

It's a shame, because she's obviously a clever person. I love her inner monologue. You did a fantastic job with that. I think she speaks a grand total of three words to Fred, but the section still felt really engaging because her thoughts were so amusing.

Fred Weasley is lying in a box. -- I can see why you kept coming back to this. It's such a powerful statement, with its devastating simplicity.

The pictures were just heart-breaking. Great choices.

Quicker than before I approach the casket, alone with Fred again. With one hand on the tomb I fix my eyes on the portrait of Fred.

“I will keep my promise.”
-- I really wish that she will. Although based on the story summary and all that I've read so far, I have the feeling that something is going to go terribly wrong in the trying.

Great chapter! I'll be back soon...

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