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Review #1, by merlins beard 

27th April 2015:
Oh my god. You're an evil creature from hell.

(I had planned to say: Since I'm already more than halfway through, I'll just keep going, but after reading the last three (or so) paragraphs, insulting you seemed like the more appropriate option. (for anyone who might feel insulted or mad for that - I'm not serious)

I know I usually start at the beginning of the chapter, but I'm gonna break my habit now and start at the bottom.

Here I was, minding my own business, thinking this chapter is going to be as sweet and fluffy as the others, and then

BAM (I know, I said it before) - you completely kill my joy. I'm still trying to catch my breath.

Other than that, I wanna say a couple of other things to the chapter:

I LOVE Ron's new job, it's awesome! Since the Deluminator helped find the place, maybe he will find Hermione's parents there soon.

I always love when Harry goes back to Privet Drive. It's always very emotional for him, and here, it's also emotional for Ginny. She is torn between shock and pity and admiration for Harry, who turned out pretty well for the childhood he had.
I really think it's good that Harry finally got to say good-bye to Hedwig. She's much more important to his life than we usually give her credit for.

Then there's Luna. My dear, dear Luna! She's so much like me in so many ways. I always feel a little torn between absolutely adoring her and being irritated by her because she shows off all the things I don't really like about myself.

What she tells Fred is exactly what he needed to hear - and the little fluffy animal even more so. Luna always does what's best for people instinctively.
You have nailed her characterization. I'm going to nominate you for some kind of price for that, I think it was really, really good.

I have one more thing to add here: I'm SO SO relieved that you have more chapters up so I don't have to wait for what happens next. I've only been typing this review and the suspense is already killing me.

I hope you understand what I mean when I say: I love you - but I kind of hate you a little at the moment as well.

P.S.: None of this is meant as an insult, in case anyone is wondering. I totally adore this story, this is just my way of coping with terrible things that happen in stories I read. I'm so afraid of the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hehehe. Um...thank you, I think?

I didn't mean to kill your joy. It's just...this story is about Healing. The good and the bad. And they all have a lot of bad to get over. Plus, the bad guys aren't all gone yet.

Now, to respond to your thoughts - Ron's new job. He's probably thinking about the same as what you wrote about me, at the start of this review - but I couldn't resist. It's too much fun.

Hedwig - I hate that she died. And I needed the closure as much as Harry did.

Aw, Luna. She's so much fun! And she's so unpredictable. I didn't know she was bringing fox until the girl showed up with him! She's like that.

If you are like Luna, then you are perfectly lovely.

I'm not insulted, not in the least. It's a great review!

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Review #2, by pennyardelle 

6th August 2011:
Wow! It has taken me forever to read and review this, but happily, the story is as amazing as it ever was.

The tone of this chapter was incredible. There were a lot of ups and downs--the parts about Hedwig were so sad, then there was some levity at the beginning and in the parts with Ginny and Bill and Luna and Fred ("Now I've never been blind but I closed my eyes for an hour yesterday to try and see what it was like and I thought it was certainly awkward, even knowing I could open them again when I was done"--haha!), and the end was such a cliffhanger!

You wrote Luna really well, and she's tough to get right. The things she said and did were very Luna-like, with that bluntness mixed with compassion.

Everything about this story just seems so right. I honestly feel like I'm reading book 8, written by JKR herself! Wonderful job, and I hope you keep going with the story sometime.

Author's Response: Wow, it has taken me forever to reply to this wonderful review!!! I'm SO sorry! And before I respond to any more of this, I need to do something I completely spaced doing earlier this fall - thank you for the Dobby nommination! I'm so, so, so humbled and honored to that you would nominate my story. Thank you, a million times over!

I'm not sure anyone has ever commented on the tone of my writing before. What a nice compliment! Thank you! It can be so hard to mix the pain and mourning in with funny, everyday life. I try really hard to do it, but I'm not sure it always works. I'm so glad you liked it!

Yeah, about that cliffhanger.SORRY! But, if you are still interested, the next chapter is finally up so you can see how it was resolved. :)

Writing Luna was hard, but fun. She's not as crazy as we sometimes write her, but she's not "normal" either. Thanks for the nod of support.

I'm totally blushing from the praise! Thanks again for reading. It really means a lot.

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Review #3, by holy moly 

9th May 2011:
holy moly this is absolutely amazing and so so so realistic.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I've tried to make it realistic (if a story set in a magical world can be, hehehehe) and always appreciate hearing that others think it is.

I will certainly be continuing. Just been really, really busy lately. But hopefully things are starting to slow down now.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by ShePotter 

31st March 2011:
OMGoodness, what is this?? Great writing, please cotinue and soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will be continuing, I promise. Just got a little swamped by real life for awhile, but I'm working on coming back soon. Thanks so much for reading.

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Review #5, by Michelle 

28th March 2011:
Its me michelle again. the one who wrote the review below this. i just wanted to add something. i think i know how harry is going to end up secretly paying for freds hospital bills. He is going to somehow buy the Weasley's paddock land that they are selling. I don't know how, but he will under a false name or with a friend he trusts to give it back to the Weasleys buy the land or have someone buy it with his money. Somehow, Harry will figure out how much the bill will be (in total) and put an offer for exactly that much for the land ; )

now, i just have to wait and see if i am correct : )

Author's Response: Hehehehe, my lips are sealed. But I appreciate the guesses!

Thanks for reading and we'll have to see how close or far off you are. :)

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Review #6, by Michelle 

28th March 2011:
I can not for the life of me figure out who the death eater is. as far as i can tell no living deatheater has brothers or a father that died in the battle of hogwarts. please update asap. : ) also, I wonder who it is thats gonna save freddie

Author's Response: I will update as soon as I can. I have half of the next chapter written, but as I said before, real life has been insane lately. Thanks for your patience and words of encouragement!

As for the mystery, just have to wait and see. :)

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Review #7, by A fan 

19th March 2011:
amazing story and a great plot I can't wait for the next chapter and I wonder when it will be released?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Hope to have more up soon.

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Review #8, by CandyK 

14th March 2011:
It's been months since you have updated! you are killing me! Pleaaaseee update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry! I know it's been ages since I updated. Life has been insane, but I'm working on it. Hopefully more soon. :) Thanks for reading! Hope you'll come back when I have more.

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Review #9, by cinnamon_quill 

12th March 2011:
(This is the first time I'm reviewing a story, so I apologise if it's not of much help!)

Wow. You're a truly amazing writer. I love how you managed to capture the journeys of all the characters (well, the trio and the Weasley family). I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to fit the different narratives together. And all the characterisation, emotions and dialogue just seem so natural and genuine! Your portrayal of Luna was spot on as well (:

Hope to read a new chapter soon? Sorry but I can't take the cliffhanger!

Author's Response: Why should you appologize? It's a wonderful and most helpful review and I love it! Besides, I should be the one appologizing for taking so long to reply to you!

As for capturing all the different people, that's mostly because I love too many of them. I can't pick a character and just stick to them, because I'm left wondering what everyone else is thinking or doing. I always end up writing for all of them, which does often create a bit of a mess. I'm glad you are enjoying my mess, however!

I hope to have a new chapter soon as well! Real life has just been a monster lately, but I'm trying really hard to get organized so I can have time for the things I love again - like writing.

Thanks for reading and for taking the time to review! I'm honored to have been your first!

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Review #10, by bmhallows 

24th February 2011:
Hi, I have just found this story and love, love, love it! The only thing that is missing is little Teddy

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you like it and it's always a pleasure to get new readers. I hope you'll come back when I get the next chapter up.

As for Teddy, I don't imagine I will forget him entirely.

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Review #11, by unexpected error 

11th January 2011:
NO, nooo, don't kill him !

Author's Response: *hides* I make no promises. LOL.

Thanks for reading!

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Review #12, by Cat 

17th December 2010:
This is, hands down, the most addictive and intriguing fanfic i've ever read! Congratulations, the story is so well written and all the characters have been captured perfectly. Im very much looking forward to reading the rest, please post the next chapter soon! I can't stand a cliff hanger!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for this amazing review! I'm so flattered by the praise you just heaped on me!

And I'm so incredibly sorry it has taken me this long to respond! Real life has practically swallowed me hole for the last year and I just haven't had time to do anything - write, review, respond - it's been awful!

I'm not sure if you are still following this or not, but I thought I should let you know that next chapter has finally posted and I'd love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading! This was a wonderful review!

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Review #13, by blueirony 

17th December 2010:

Now, I know you. And I know of your love for the twins. People who love characters do NOT kill them off. So I am putting faith in you to make CERTAIN that Fred does not die. Okay? OKAY?!


But you know what? In a weird sort of way, I think it really works. It's sort of a reminder that even though Voldymort has been defeated, things aren't perfectly rosy. There is still danger lingering and a lot of people on both sides of the war are still hurting, not just those on the side of light.

You make me think a lot, you know that?

The first part of this with Ron was hilarious. Ron Weasley as a purple cow. Lol. I loved that. It's so... Ron. So Ron. And it brought some much needed comedic relief to this. But it was still so sweet, though. He didn't want Hermione to worry about money so he does it. And it was so sweet. And loving. But still it was awkwardly sweet and loving. And that's just how Ron is. A little bit awkward, but very sincere. I love Ron. AWWW.

The scene at Privet Drive was sad. Especially when Harry makes it look like he was never there. :( There is obviously some bitterness in him that will probably never be resolved, and that is horrible. :(

I've never read a tribute to Hedwig. How crazy is that? You would have thought that more people would have written about Hedwig and how Harry says bye to her. But she largely seems to be missing from "Book Eights". You included her. And it was sad. But really sweet. Poor Hedwig. Poor Harry. :(

I loved Luna in this! You have her character down pretty well! Too many people make her sound insane, but she isn't. To Luna, all the things she believes in are 100% real. She talks about nargles the way we talk about the weather, it should not sound out of the ordinary for her. And so many writers fall into the trap of making her sound a little mad. But she isn't. She's awesome. And you kept her awesome. I loved the fox idea. That was so sweet!

Something about that last scene really spoke to me. I don't know what it was. It's just that Fred is so defenceless, and he has just been given a small fox to look after and it almost made him seem really... young? And vulnerable? I don't know how to explain it but it's just... argh. How can anyone attack a defenceless person? That's so heartless!

You do know that leaving a cliffhanger is going to drive me insane, right? A good insane. But insane, anyway. :P

Joop :)

Author's Response: You know, I've tried yelling at George Weasley, too, and it just never really seams to work all that well! LOL

Okay, so firstly, I'm once again appologizing for my tardiness in responding to your AMAZING reviews! I can't explain how insane and crazy real life has been this last year, but since you've seen first hand that I haven't posted anything, or responded to reviews that are almost a year old now, you've probably figured that out on your own. At least I hope you guessed that and didn't just think I was horribly rude and such...

Next, I've promised myself that I'm going to let folks know how much I LOVED their reviews before I get back to posting a ton of new fic, so I'm working through some of my waiting reviews each night. You are lucky enough to get tonight, and since we just finished our third night of the musical I make NO promises on how coherent these thoughts will be. Just thought I should warn you, hehehehe.

Now, finally, on to the real response.

So, are you absolutly, positively certain I would never harm one of my twins? Really? Totally sure? LOL - okay, so you know me pretty well. Still, you'll have to read the next chapter (which is now posted, btw) to see how this works out.

And I'm so glad you thought it worked! I really don't want to spend this whole story lost in danger and drama like the war was, but I also don't want to just sweep it under the rug like it just "Poof" went away. This was sort of my way of fulfilling that. And of course, of showing exactly how different life is now for Fred.

I make you think? COOL! That's one of the best compliments I've ever gotten! Thanks so much! (I hope they are good thoughts...)

I really was mean to Ron with that purple cow suit, wasn't I. It was just so fun to write I couldn't resist it. Don't worry, it will let him be noble and such in the end, so good will come of it. And I agree - I love Ron too. :)

Hedwig and the Privet Drive were something I've wanted to do for a long time. Now, before I say this, you must remember that I LOVE the Harry Potter books, but the one thing (other than the obvious of Fred dying) that has always eerked me about them is the lack of ending. Jumping 19 years in the future just didn't do it for me. I wanted a chapter or two about putting their lives back together. Harry saying goodbye to Hedwig and Privet Drive are part of that for me. So, I'm really glad you liked it!

And can I just say that writing Luna is HARD! She might come off as a little loony, but she's really very smart and she actually does have to make sense. That was a hard bit to write.

Anyway, sorry about the cliffhanger! I don't do that often in this fic, so you really should count yourself lucky! And, like I said before, the new chapter is finally up if you want to see how it gets fixed.

Thanks so much for reading! I LOVE your reviews and look forward to them whenever they come.

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Review #14, by daliha 

16th December 2010:
Ahh! Okay I'm shocked at the ending of this chapter though it was to be expected! Poor Fred. I love the way you write each of the Weasleys. I can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Sorry to shock you, but your reaction does give me a smile because that was what I was going for! Thanks! And thanks for the praise on the Weasleys. They are my favorites, so I do love writing them. I know I've very long between updates, but I will get a another one up there soon. Hopefully you'll come back when I get it done.

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Review #15, by Jet LaBarge 

11th December 2010:
You know Iím a fan of your writing. Iíve finally figured out how to write a review. Open two windows, word in one, explorer in another, and write the review in word. Then paste it into the review box, after it is spell checked.
Love Ron in the Purple Cow! True love. Something very realistic about Hermione not having an easy time finding her parents, and Ron and Hermione not having much money. Funny and tragic at the same time. I figure one of the constant issues that Ron is going to have is making enough money. Eventually he will, and with both Ron and Hermione working they will have 2 good incomes, but how each author works that out will be interesting. I can see them both being somewhat of workaholics, at least until the children come, Ron an Auror and working at WWW, Hermione at the Ministry and writing or editing text books, with 2 and 2 half incomes.
Love the scene at Privet drive. Harry has to pick up his stuff, I guess, and put some closure on that part of his life. Who knew that Harry spent 10 years in a closet? Obviously not Ginny. And the scene between Harry and Bill is just precious. Fred is not the only one who has to heal. And Ginny not only has to heal, but help Harry heal.
I think you did a good Luna.
I am always interested in process. How you write. Mrs_Granger and I have exchanged long messages on how she is writing her The Winters after the War. Do you have an overall outline? Do you know how far you are going to take the story? At the rate you are writing this story itís going to take you 50 years to get to the birth of James.
I have finally started to read theelderwandís stories. Iíve read them all, and am rereading and reviewing. Very different type of stories, but also good writing, and I am enjoying it.

Author's Response: You may have figured out how to write a review, but apparently I have yet to figure out how to respond to them in a timely and coherent fashion. I must appologize profusely for the tardiness of this responce. My only excuse is that this has been one heck of a year and I have had to let so many things I enjoy slide for a while, including fanfiction and all that comes with it. Sorry!

Now, to respond to your wonderful review. Where shall I start?

I'm SO glad you loved Ron and the purple cow. That was a huge risk, one I was worried would totally backfire on me, but apparently, I made the right choice as people seem to love it, and get what I was doing. And yeah, I've never been one to make things too easy on the characters I'm writing for. Just seems to fake that way.

I honestly haven't thought a whole lot about Ron and Hermione's money situation farther down the road, but you are probably right. Eventually, they'll be fine, but it will take a while to get there. Not sure I can totally see Ron as a workaholic, though. A hard worker, sure, especially for his Hermione, but if he had to choose between extra hours at the office and a Chuddley Cannons game? I think the game would win.

Privet drive was a scene I knew I needed to have. I rather hate that we never find out what happened to the Dursleys, or all that Harry left behind in the Muggle world. Just wanted to do that for my own piece of mind. And I always wondered if Harry had ever told anyone the real details of his childhood. Seemed to me that probably no one, not even Ron and Hermione, knew about the cupboard.

Luna was fun to write. A breath of fresh air in a story that can get too serious sometimes. Glad you liked her.

Now, to the questions about how I write. (Obviously, by now you've figured out the number one answer to that is VERY SLOWLY!) I do have an outline, although it is fluid and can change as I write and think of better ways to do something, or decide I don't really need to write a certain scene after all. And that outline is less detailed as you get to the end of the story, because things that happen there will depend on how I do things in these earlier chapters. And yes, you've hit my weakness on the head, I write too much and take too much time to get to places. I just can't help it - I like these characters too much and want to know everything about them, even if I have to write it myself. I'm not sure I'll ever get to the birth of James II, or if I'll ever include it. I've always kind of been irked by the fact that JKR spelled out Harry and companies futures to the extent she did. I LIKED imagining what his and Ginny's future family would look like on my own. Don't get me wrong, I know they are her creations and she had every right to do it, I just don't always LIKE it, hehehehe. I do have several stories planned that follow Healing, and some of the way I plan to make up for my slow passage of time is to just skip years here and there between stories. Does that answer your questions?

And last but not least, yes, theelderwand's stories are very, very good. I'm glad you enjoy them as well.

Thanks so much for reading and for your patience with me, such a slow author and responder!

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Review #16, by lauraf68 

5th December 2010:
Hey Farmgirl,
Thrilled to see another chapter, 9/10. Wow and this one packed a punch. (I also think Harry has something up his sleeve from the end of the last chapter---but you didn't make that clear yet so I'll just have to wait.)

What did I like with this chapter?
Glad to see a bit on Ron and Hermione at the beginning.
Very glad to see Harry 'sweeping up the cobwebbs' of his past, I'm so hoping he can move on now.
Absolutely loved the exchange between Bill and Ginny.
And the encounter with Luna was priceless.

But now-NO, NO, NOT FRED!! {{Dramatic pause}}
Happy Writing!! Looking forward to the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Hey Lauraf68! Nice to see you back! And very glad you liked the chapter. :)

Harry having something up his sleeve? No idea what you're talking about, LOL. Just...stay tuned.

No worries about forgetting Ron and Hermione, I promise. I might not hit them every chapter but I won't forget them.

And yeah, Harry needs to get all those nasty cobwebs gone so he can live in the present.

Glad you liked the sibling moment! It was fun to write. And Luna was just fun. I love Luna. Wasn't sure I could write her, but I do love her.

Um. *second Dramatic pause*

Thanks! Keep your fingers crossed for more sooner than last time.

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Review #17, by theelderwand 

4th December 2010:
The Mighty Farmgirl returns to the stage with a stunning triumph!

Magnificent chapter - and folks, she exagerates as to my help here - its all her!

Ron in the purple cow suit...That is just EVIL! I still laugh when I read that. Still, its a really good display of how much he loves Hermione. Hat's off to you for that.

Now, the Privet Drive scene. Poignant, powerful, painful...can't think of anymore words that start with "p". It was amazing. You've captured Harry's feelings here very artfully. His bitterness is nearly palpable, right down to the irrational thought of him blaming himself. Spot on Harry, that is.

And the Hedwig scene...That just left me speechless.

Fred and George in the hospital with Luna was excellent. Luna is SO hard to write and you handled her brilliantly. That cliffy ending...Folks, I DID NOT have anything to do with that. Nonetheless, I was truly impressed.

Now, I've been reading thru these reviews. they are glowing and very well deserved. You truly do rock, Farmgirl!


P.S. I've finally submitted "Lumos Kedavra" to "A very Gryffie Holiday" Collab, so your Christmas present should post shortly.

Author's Response: Eldy, I have tried and tried and tried to respond to this, but everytime I type it up and hit preview it tells me it contains links. I can't for the life of me figure out why, and even re-typing or re-wording doesn't fix it. So I'm leaving this here to tell you and everyone else that I didn't just skip this review, and I'm PMing you the real review. Honestly, there are no links in it! It's just a normal response! *is frustrated*

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Review #18, by Kristina 

2nd December 2010:
This far I am really pleased with the way you are writing the characters and the storyline. For me it all comes down to whether the characters are believable. I have to admit I am quite picky, so be proud! I was a bit dubious at first of your choice of keeping Fred alive, but I think youve managed to make it work.

Just a few points, then. Although very much a reocurring theme in JKRs books, I think the whole "We-want-to-help-I-am-too-proud-to-acccept-it-but-let-me-help-you-no-we-went-let-you"-theme is brought up a bit too often. Of course it should be there, but it can get tiresome sometimes.

In this last chapter, Harry reasoned that it (apparently) had been unnecessary for Moody and Hedwig to die since PrŪvet Drive hadnt been destroyed by the Deatheaters. Thus, Voldemort wouldnt have attacked the house even if they had not escaped? Doesnt make sense, really.

Sorry to pick on these minor details when all in all, I think you are one of the best Ive read. I guess that is why I care :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying it. It's always nice to have others enjoy following you down your own particular road of ideas on how these characters should act and live. And to hear you are picky and still love it... WOW! Thanks!

The reocurring theme you speak of, thanks for being honest enough to give your true opinion. I shall keep an eye on it as I write further.

As for the part at Privet Drive, I realize it doesn't make sense. Voldie would have come, in force, if Harry hadn't been there. I was just trying to show the guilt Harry felt, which doesn't always manifest in rational thought. I'm sorry if I confused you with that part.

No need to be sorry about picking out details. That's what reviews are for. Thanks for reading and thanks so much for the compliments. I hope you'll come back when the next chapter goes up.

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Review #19, by Pacific Wizard 

2nd December 2010:
1917 Farmgirl: And I thought you were my friend. This cliff hanger is so evilly delicious, I thought the dark mark was going to appear over my laptop. Great tension at the end of this chapter. You got it just right.

Loved the visit to Privet Drive. I liked the subtle way you moved Bill and Charlie into Harry's intimate moments with the place he would rather forget. Then back at the Burrow, I really liked the exchange between Ginny and Bill. It was sweet and poignant.

What Ron will do for the love of his life. The purple cow thing was priceless and why do I think that this little episode will get back to his brothers? You can't pass up an opportunity like that for them. It's too rich.

So, what to do with the DE in the room? I think the fox will be a factor in some way. I agree with all the other readers, please, please don't kill Fred!!! That's what you wanted, isn't it? For us to beg for his life. Well, there it is. Don't kill him. Please...

This story was well worth the wait and I so look forward to your next amazing chapter. Please tell TEW to stop putting those evil thoughts in your head that tortures the souls of your readers. It's like you put the Cruciatis Curse on us.

Very, very Well Done. PW 100/10

P.S. Your characterization of Luna was perfection. You captured her so well and the dialogue was simply amazing.

Author's Response: *Lower lip trembles* We're not friends anymore? *sniffles* But, but, but...

Okay, for real, glad you thought the cliffy was evil! I haven't had a cliffhanger since the very first chapter. I felt it was high time to include one. And the comment about the dark mark appearing over your computer? BRILLIANT! I love that!

Glad you liked the visit to Privet Drive. Readers have been having mixed reactions to that, which is fine, but glad you liked it. And as for Ginny and Bill, I just felt it was time the youngest Weasley got a little attention paid to her.

Yes, poor Ron. I was really, really awful to him here, wasn't I? As for it getting back to his brothers, *shrugs.* The muse ain't telling yet.

I absolutly love the ideas everyone is throwing out about how the next scene will play out. You are not the first to think the fox will have something to do with it! And yes, that's exactly what I wanted, for you all to beg for Fred's life... LOL.

Killing Fred. Hm. Perhaps I should flip a coin. Heads he's fine, tails...

I am so very glad you are still with me after that long wait, and still enjoying the story. I can't tell you how much that means to me! As for Eldy putting evil thoughts in my brain, yep, you're right. It's all him. I blame all evilness on Eldy. :)

And you even loved Luna! THANKS!

I love your reviews, they never fail to make me smile. Hopefully there will be more soon.

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Review #20, by ravenclawgrl 

1st December 2010:
OH MY GOD!! !! !!
this is brill
update soon (please) xx :D xx

Author's Response: LOL! Thanks! I shall try to update sooner than the last one, although the queue closing might cut me off before I get the next one up there.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading!

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Review #21, by sda94 

1st December 2010:
Oh my God, Fred! :O
1917farmgirl, please don't let him be killed!

But back to the start: You can't imagine how happy i became when I discovered the new chapter :D But I have to say; a 5 months wait have been worth it.
Haha, poor Ron. I hope his brothers never finds out. It is amazing what you are able to push yourself to doing in bad times.
Another thing I liked whas Harry going back to Privet Drive. I have read several fanfictions around that theme, but your version is absolutely the best. And it was nice for Harry to finally get a chance to think about Hedwig. I miss her to :P

And I just have to tell; if that creepy unnamed person killes Fred, I don't know what I will do. How can anyone with relatives who were fighting in the battle do such a thing? What a cliffhanger!

So another fantastic chapter from you! It was totally worth the wait, and I look very much forward to the next chapters :D

Author's Response:

I can't answer that plea yet, as I haven't posted the next chapter. But I can say I'm thrilled I garnered such a reaction from you!

Aww.shucks. And I'm terribly sorry you have to wait so long for updates. I wish I could update sooner, but my muse is slow and to top that off my real life is rather hectic. But I can say I'm so honored you still want to read after all this time.

Yes, poor Ron. The lenghts he will go to for his Hermione. And you have to admit, he is a rather MANLY purple cow...

And now i'm blushing at your comments about the Privet Drive thing. I actually haven't read any stories that have Harry go back there, but I'm honored you think this the best. And I agree, I miss Hedwig as well.

As for the man getting ready to kill Fred, I must not have made it as clear as I should have - his relatives were fighting on Voldie's side, so against Harry and the Weasleys, not with them. And now he's blaming them for his family having died and them having lost the battle. Does that make any sense?

Thank you! Hopefully you'll come back to see the Fate of Fred.

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Review #22, by LidaRose 

30th November 2010:
Oh no! I do hope George makes it back in time!

Fantastic chapter. Thanks so much for the update!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it! And that you're still reading considering how slow I am to update!

As for George getting there.wait and see. *evil laugh*

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Review #23, by angie123 

29th November 2010:
Please don't kill Fred. Please.

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime *hands over a teddy bear* ... Maybe that will help you?

Thanks for reading!

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Review #24, by FriendofMolly 

29th November 2010:
I must say I was throughly enjoying most of this. The visit to Privet Drive, not so much. But things were coming along so nicely. Then you had to bring danger back into it with a threat to Fred. Now I can think of several things that might happen. First, this is a twisted prank, no I think not. Second, Someone is going to come and save Fred. Third, Luna's gift will protect him. Of course it's a magical fox. But I need to ask, just how a DE's family was able to enter the hospital? I would think there'd be protection still. All DE's aren't accounted for. So I'll beg you, please don't leave us hanging, post as soon as you can. I'll worry.
PS I thought Harry's goodbye to Hedwig was sweet and perfect. It caught my breath. Thanks.

Author's Response: I'm sorry the visit to Privet Drive wasn't your cup of tea, but I am please you enjoyed most of the chapter! And yes, I brought back an element of danger, sorry. I just needed to keep readers on their toes, LOL.

I love all the theories people have been throwing out about how this will be resolved! No comments on who is close and who isn't, but I really do love seeing them all! It's a huge compliment to have made you all start thinking on it. :)

As for how the DE got into the hospital - well, he isn't dressed as a DE, and he wasn't at the Battle himself so he's not on a list of known DE's (all of which will be explained later, when Arthur asks, rather hotly, the exact same questions to the hospital staff.) I'm thinking he just kinda walked in, unobtrusively.

And please don't worry! I'll try my best not to leave you hanging for too long!

Glad you liked the Hedwig bit. I was rather broken up by her death, and as there was no possible and believable way to bring her back, I figured I could at least give her a proper goodbye.

Now, I must say reading your reviews was such a treat! It made my evening very, very nice, dispite the cold I've got. Thank you so very much and I hope you'll come back when more goes up.

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Review #25, by Aurorofthelight 

29th November 2010:
Great to see another chapter from you on this wonderful story, Farmgirl! You've made me happier than Ron Weasley at an all-you-can eat buffet! This is a masterpiece in the making(which only figures since Eldy is your beta) and I hope you are able to update more often! ( Tell Eldy I am keeping an eye out for his next masterpiece, and that my lady friend is now living with me so she is watching too!). Loved this chapter! That deathknibbler at the end is about as worthless as a room full of kneazles! Eldy has nothing on you when it comes to a cliffhanger - he must be giving you lessons - this looks like the kind of evil sweat producer of a cliffy you usually see in his stories! Love it tho! Don't keep me panting too long for the next chapter! Hope you and Eldy have a happy holiday season! Incidently, I have in fact seen a purple cow before! However, it involved a rather nasty overindulgence of firewhiskey! But that is a story for another time! Cheers!

Author's Response: What to say to a review like this! Honestly, sometimes your reviews are more works of art than the chapter you are reviewing! And they never fail to make me smile, or blush, as the case may be.

I'm so glad you are still reading this silly story, especially with the long breaks between updates.

A masterpiece? I'm not sure about that (although I'm blushing at the thought) but I agree wholeheartedly about the help Eldy gives. I couldn't write this story without him, and he is a masterful beta to be sure. I have passed on your message to Eldy. He's very busy at work right now, but assures us the muse is not dead, just dormant for a bit.

I beat out Eldy for cliffhanger evilness? WOW! I think I might faint! Don't tell him that! He'll be upset, LOL. I shall try to update sooner with the next chapter, but much of that depends on real life.

I wish you a very happy holiday season. Lay easy on that firewhiskey, as I wouldn't want you to be visited by too many of those purple cows this season!

Thanks for a great review!

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