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Review #1, by PRAGEETHIYA 

19th June 2016:
What? 2010? Bloody Hell. (forgive my language?) Are you going to continue or not?

I really liked this story. Don't leave us hanging out there.

Author's Response: For years I was, as well as lazy unable to get into my account, although I doubt I have any followers now, will try to finish this fic; you readers certainly deserve it!

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Review #2, by LoonyMooney 

29th July 2014:
Hi, this story is great. I know it hasn't been updated in years, but it is really sad that author stopped writing. :( I really enjoyed reading it. It's extremely unlikely, but if you are reading this please continue. That would be great. One of my favourite stories.

Author's Response: I lost password and means to get back here and, to be honest, maybe other things caught my interest but I will finish this one. I invested a lot in this story and I would be wrong to my readers and to myself if I didn't. Still, after all this time I need to be fair to my story and read it back carefully and try my best to do it justice lol

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Review #3, by parashar_harry 

6th October 2011:
the moment i found this story i. i can't stop myself to read it
really awesome story.
any idea when u post next chapter

Author's Response: Oh, hello,

Very excited to fun and new eager reader since I haven't updated in ages. Well good news is that I'm going to try and use NaNo to get it moving so hopefully I should be posting again soon.

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Review #4, by Bella_Portia 

1st May 2011:
Well, welcome back. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your story. (Like I'm anyone to talk -- I think I had an 18 month gap between installments.)

Count on Draco to behave as a child of entitlement, whatever the circumstances. What would he have done if the only place open had been a McDonald's?

I am so glad you brought back Father Sean. I always thought he was an excellent character, almost a stand-in for the reasonable, moral Muggle forced to confront facts that shattered his world-view.

Now, perhaps I forgot the thread of the story, but I'm guessing that Molly wasn't Molly but was another Order member (given the darkness at the end, I'm guessing Fred or George) under the influence of polyjuice potion.

I know how difficult it is (believe me, I do), but I really hope you'll find the time to write more. I like this story so much.

Author's Response: Oh, I have been meaning to reply to this for ages; in fact I thought I had done (going senile here lol). I was actually watching all the movies this weekend and I think I might have got a little of the inspiration back. It has been such a long time that I am going to re-read my own story so that I can make a note of loose ends that still need tying up.

Draco yes, although this character is going through a considerable transformation I thought I ought to let him retain some of his aloofness.

Father Sean will play some role in the end, not 100% certain re the exact details yet though. I really like this character too. When you get into pottermore check the backstory for McGonagall... I thought Jo's original thoughts somehow have elements that I have also used (telephathy? lol).

You are totally right, Molly wasn't Molly and your guess is actually very close...

I know. I definitely must make an effort to continue writing this. Thanks so much for your encouragement, it really is helping me get the motivation back.

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Review #5, by ThePaladin_ 

21st October 2010:
Beautiful chapter :D Can't wait to read the next one. Truth is that Umbridge's choice to allow Percy to keep and examine the cloak confused me abit. What could he have done with it anyway? He specializes in bureaucracy, if you get what i mean. It would be much more efficient of her to hand it to a trustworthy unmentionable or something, or, if she is lacking one, that i doubt, at least keep it in her office and examine it along with Percy. What I want to point out is that he is not expert enough for her to trust him blindly with such a key item. Obviously it helps the plot move on smoothly but lacks realism a tiny little bit. Am I right?

Other than that, I want to congratulate you on your work till here. Can't muster the concentration needed to leave separate reviews on every chapter so I just have to say it all here. You really deserved more than just the one Dobby award you got for the story. The best I've read in ages. I mean I haven't seen such character depth and such unique yet realistic behaviours since EdwardOllivander's and LogicalRaven's time :)

Keep up the good work, hopefully long enough for us to see a sequel.


Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much for your wonderful and very helpful review. I'm sooo glad that you are enjoying this story. I feel terribly flattered by your comments I must say.

I have to agree that yes, Percy is not an expert on objects in any way. It is true though that Umbridge trusts him. I'm still wracking my brains to find a suitable explanation as to why this happen to include in my next chapter to make it more realistic but I cannot really think of anything specific. Thanks so much for pointing it out though. It gives me some food for thought.

Again, I can't express enough how happy I'm that you like my characterisation so much. I'll try to post again soon.

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Review #6, by sinwillys822 

12th October 2010:
i am glad that she was at least able to get the cloak back, can't wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much for your review. Getting them after I haven't updated for so long just makes me so happy! Well, the question is was it really Molly? This of course puts Percy in a bad situation. First Umbridge and her loose Draco and now this! Someone is not going to be too happy with Percy, that's for you.

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