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Review #1, by Sorry, Ron ate my username 

23rd November 2013:
Oh my god. That duck thing almost killed me. I love this. I love you. KEEP WRITING !

Author's Response: Haha, I love your username! (or what you've replaced it with after Ron ate it). Despite my best attempts at procrastination, I will endeavour to keep writing ;) ♥

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Review #2, by spreaddapoo 

26th October 2012:
Haha; a note to dearest Celeste: If ever a fanfic were to arise from this potential ScorpLettuce ship, I would LOVE to read it. Aloud. To everyone I know and dearly love.

Best chapter so far! Haha, wow, that's beautiful - the philosophical musings on ducks is such an artist thing to do! I loved it - your ability derive the most phenomenal pieces from ordinary occurrences baffles me! :)

Author's Response: whenever I next see Celeste in this online microcosm I shall pass on the message, although sadly university seems to have eaten her alive :C

thank you so much! ♥

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Review #3, by yerawizard27 

10th September 2012:
"He flapped his arms at me again, looking highly irritated, and the whole fandango continued for another few minutes until Mr Holstone barked "Lucy! Scorpius! Stop dancing!""

I just freakin' peed my pants. Hilarious! :D

Author's Response: haha, thank you so much! ♥

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Review #4, by marissa lily potter 

29th July 2012:
Haha Lucy doesn't seem to really fit in with her family which just makes the whole art school thing a lot better :) Loved this chapter as usual! :)


Author's Response: lucy's a bit of an odd one out...but I always suspected percy had some hitherto unseen crazy in him that burst out at random moments (the cauldron bottom fetish was simply a ruuuse) so: genetics. thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #5, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

22nd December 2011:
Someone has shipped scorp and lettuce? Well, that would be an interesting read. Sorry if this is a jumbled mess I'm on my phone. I am now contemplating if I am a duck or frog. I think I would be a frog perhaps, a small one, the ones you hear when you visit puerto Rico at night. I have no deep connection to frogs or anything like that, it's just a thought. Wow, this has to be the weirdest review I have ever left.

Author's Response: puhlease, lettuce/scorp is my OTP~
Hee. because of the weirdness, it's an awesome awesome review. I actually think I'd be a duck, you know. Must be pretty chill to be a duck, just, like, drifting around in a pond, nibbling away on bread. That's the life for me. Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #6, by ILOVEASP 

3rd December 2011:
I ship Scorpy... Or Lucius! Haha.

Author's Response: It's definitely a ship with a weird name, haha! I call it Lucius. Because that's somehow slightly disturbing ;D thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #7, by classicblack 

28th October 2011:
I can't tell how many I had to control my laughter in this chapter. Brilliant job!
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: Making people laugh aloud is my mission, especially when they get funny looks~ thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #8, by Toujours Padfoot 

18th October 2011:

That chapter image is gorgeous, by the way. That's an odd phrase, by the way.
"Where's my spogooter?"
"It's over there."
"By the way."


I am now imagining the expression on Draco Malfoy's face if he could have seen his son hiding from Hermione Granger's daughter like a complete wimp. It is a lovely vision. I shall mentally frame it.


'Think of him as an object,' Scorpius whispered. 'Not as a person, that's too awkward.'

'Scorpius,' Gwendolyn/Raven hissed across me. 'Stop encouraging Lucy to objectify people. It's rude.'

'Lucy! Scorpius! Stop dancing!'

These made me laugh out loud. I adore their shenanigans, and the duck/frog drama. I also adore the Britishness of this. My urban dictionary informs me that 'naff' means 'uncool' and can also be used as a replacement for a very non-12+ word. LOOK AT ME, LEARNING THINGS.

This story is delightful. Tis like a breath of fresh air, with lots of irrelevant things popping up here and there just to remind us that they're all just a little bit ridiculous. It reminds me of the show 30 Rock - the storyline will be fairly normal, until someone barges into the room and informs them all, with a very straight face, that their dear friend in the hospital whose ailment was never quite figured out, has indeed turned into a robot.



You were looking for your spogooter? I was under the impression you'd lost your terp. I ALSO DIGRESS, BUT IF WE DIDN'T DIGRESS THEN THIS WORLD WOULD BE A SAD SAD PLACE INDEED.

Poor Draco. First his own childhood was wrecked, then his son turns out to be a namby-pamby artistic sort who can't even say goose to a boo. Or maybe that should be the other way round.

Well, there was a rumour going round the art department once upon a time that our very own art teacher was the life model...such claims were unfounded, thank heavens.

BUT THAT'S ACTUALLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. If you think of them as an object, it's cool. Just like drawing a pear or something. If they start talking to you, it's not cool, because you notice they're naked and it's awks. HA LIFE DRAWING IS SO WEIRD WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT.

Naff does mean uncool. I wonder what the non 12+ word is - o i c. Soroh, I am prood of yoo. Oll loornong ond stoff.

Heee, thank you! I like my irrelevant injokes. Also, dang and blast it, you ruined my plot for the sequel - yeah, Lettuce was a robot all along. Sorry.

Thank you for another lovely review! LOFF ON OBONDONCE. LOFF, LOFF, LOFFF. ♥

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Review #9, by hdawg 

17th October 2011:
Gwendolyn/Raven continued her favourite hobby of bothering Scorpius, Scorpius continued his favourite hobby of pretending that Gwendolyn/Raven wasn’t bothering him HEY! SINCE WHEN DID I - I mean Raven - BOTHER YOU - I mean Scorpius?! :( me sad.

Unwilling to take part in Gwendolyn/Raven’s seemingly weekly exercise regime of hedge-hopping HEY, that sounds fun :( I now realise I have said "hey" twice (not including the last one) and can only think of HEY HEY WILL YOU HOLD THIS FIRE FOR ME? HEY.

LOLOLOLOL 'Scorpius, that's a man.' THAT IS SO FUNNY. And woah, you can splinch a fringe! Woah there, dude.

Ha, if ever there was a lie about my life/your life/Lucy's life, this is the sentence: 'Definitely,' I said, nodding violently. 'Five a day. Every day. Six on Sundays.' Does Lettuce count as part of your five a day? Just wondering...

Julia, your Scottishness is coming through with the 'wee' thing. Although it's cute and something I can actually imagine Lucy saying after her Glaswegian accent a few chapters ago which still makes me smile.

a very hacked-off Rose and a very murdered Scorpius Is she going to hack his head off? OH, SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! BOM, I am too good.


you know me too well. I am almost ashamed to realise that this is a common occurrence when I am concerned: "stealing the best seat on the sofa" I'M SORRY.

'Er...they eat a lot of bread?' AND 'I don't have a name,' he said. 'I am...nothing.' OHMYGOSH I AM IN LOVE WITH BARRY. CAN HIS LAST NAME BE MACBITH, PLEASE?

I am swiftly swooping onto the next chapter and shall leave you here contemplating your destiny as a duck and whom, if anyone, shall throw you the bread... And I bid you adieu, dear one. LOVEME.

Author's Response: OMG YOU ALWAYS BOTHER ME YOU ARE SUCH A BOTHERER. All that snuggling in the common room.

-but let's not go hedge-hopping. Bit too illegal for us, methinks. Plus I'm too short. Unless you give me piggybacks.

You can splinch anything, my dear.

Lettuce is always part of your five a day. A Lettuce a day keeps the doctor away, and this is precisely why you should ship Lucy/Lettuce and why Celeste ships Scorpius/Lettuce.

The glaswegian references are piece of clever foreshadowing on my part. YOU WILL KNOW WHY IN TIME.

I DO KNOW YOU WELL. /TOO/ WELL. (even after all this time? always.)


I've always been contemplating my destiny as a duck. Quuuack. ADIEU~

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Review #10, by Singularity 

18th September 2011:
Oh my goodness, I have not laughed that hard in a really long time. Look at that, Lucy! You don't stink at drawing, you are, in fact, brilliant at social commentary! And I so want to be a duck! I like bread!

Also, Lettuce is the best character ever. Primarily because his name is Lettuce, but for other reasons as well.

Author's Response: obviously she should have taken a degree in social commentary ;D and, okay - you're a duck! woo~

I do have a bit of a soft spot for Lettuce. He's back for the sequel, by the way, not that I haven't given away enough plot hints already or anything. Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #11, by Ellie 

11th September 2011:
I had to review this chapter, because I don't think I have ever laughed quite as hard as I did during the 'I am a duck' scene. It. Was. Genius. Amazing chapter, as per usual - aside from the ducks, I did snort quite loudly at Percy's doily obsession. So very fitting. He just seems like a doily sort of man. Due to the excessive amount of snorting that this chapter provoked, my parents now think I have a deep appreciation of trigonometric equations (My go-to excuse: 'revising maths' when I want to read fantiction). Just wanted to say that this story is amazing, and way more creative than most out there. And of course to register my devout thankfulness that I still have 15 chapters to read (as well as beg you for an update, which seems mandatory in reviews)

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! Oh, the crazy days of being a duck/doily fancier. Well, as much as I like to think Percy went all hardcore and cool after the war, I can't help but think of him as he was in GoF - the man was obsessed with cauldron bottoms! /cauldron bottoms/! I bet he picked the doily thing up from Mr Crouch, Crouch seems like a doily guy. Okay, I'm rambling again.
Oh, no worries. My excuse is 'writing a history essay', so they must think that I find the topic of the Cuban Missile Crisis pretty intensive and engaging that I could keep a 100,000 word word doc on it. But, you know, there's humour in trigonometric equations somewhere, I'm sure. Maths jokes are...adequate.
Thank you very much! The final, final chapter just went into the queue, and I've got a sequel and a prequel planned (I /really/ love the cuban missile crisis obv). Glad you enjoyed it & thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #12, by HarrietHopkirk 

8th August 2011:
AAH HEE HA THE DOILY. I love the idea of Scorpius and Lucy going on the little photography excursions across London, and the idea of Lucy hidden away in massive fluffy jumpers... I'm pretteh sure you own a few fluffeh jumpers, don't you, Julia? And the comparison deepens... (if that's the right word).

'Tarquin's seemingly amazing ability to hold his drink only encouraged me further, plus there was the added satisfaction of getting to hear Scorpius veer off on drunken rants about life, the universe, and everything, but mostly Lettuce.'

This makes me happy. Also this:

(I almost laughed aloud at the memory of Mr Holstone's weekly homework task of 'basically, have an awesome weekend, but please don't get too drunk and forget to turn up on Monday like Frances does, because, let's face it, guys, you're here to study.' and the resulting 'pah!' from the general direction of Tarquin.)

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. THEY'RE DOING A LIFE DRAWING CLASS. I did one of them once... it was hilarrrious.

I love Barry con todo mi corazon (dodgy). 'I don't have a name,' he said. 'I am... nothing.'

Also the whole metaphorical duck scenario. Completely awe-inspiring and beautiful and everything.


Author's Response: AAH HEE HA INDEED. And duh, ofc I own fluffy jumpers, I'm of the McHipster clan. I get them from the vintage shop then take tons of arty photos of myself wearing them with lens flare and filters and whatnot.

I DID LIFE DRAWING CLASSES TOO OMG. never had a more awkward drawing sesh in my life.

Barry?...me gusta.

I know, it's of such devastating and insightful depth and beauty that after writing it I had to go and have a cheeky wee cry into a nearby kitten to restore my faith in the futile emptiness of life generally. I wish i was a duck.

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Review #13, by nightingale14 

11th July 2011:
Do you know how much I laughed during this chapter? A lot, that's how much! I quite literally want to live the life Lucy is living. Ducks? Frogs? Really? This is really one of the best fanfic stories I've read! 11/10 because it's simply marvelous.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! Ducks and frogs for the win. ♥

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Review #14, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme 

10th July 2011:
It amazes me how these chapters don't feel as long as they are. Part of me putting this off was 'hm...it's X chapters and they're quite long. Rainy day' but it doesn't feel like they're 3K+ at all which is a huge testament to how entertaining you make each chapter. Oh, and how you keep this 15+ too. You're ridiculous.

I AM SO GLAD THAT SOMEONE ELSE SEES SCORP/GWEN(RAVEN) IN THIS. I thought this ~chapter 2 but didn't want to get hopes up like I am doing with Anj/Al in Capers. Grrr at plot. Grrr.

Oh life-drawing class. Ducks and frogs and some seriously deep conversation going on there; it's absolutely fantastic. I must say it amuses me that some of these anecdotes come from your RL. It certainly grounds them in reality :P

As for Percy and Audrey: THEY'RE SO...TWEE. Doily obsession is a bit weird, admittedly, but it made me laugh out loud when Percy yelled it at Lucy. I love this family

- What I really love about this art school is the total banter. - Did Obscure Henry go on a gap yah, perchance?
- a lace doily on a nearby table did a half-hearted sort of wiggle in midair and then collapsed back into lifelessness. - Oh Lucy ♥
- 'Ooh, nice duck-'
'Did Lucy draw a duck?'
'That duck has a nice mohican'
because it's wonderful and I love it with all my heart.
- You're a duck. You tried to paddle. If you were a frog, you would have made that funny noise that frogs make

It's really hard to say much more. I'm going to stop now and come back either later or tomorrow but I'm loving this, Julia. I am kicking myself for waiting so long to read it.


Author's Response: Heh, I know. When I started writing, I was all 'hmm, no more than 3000 words a chapter, I think. And I'll make it mature later for the swears and such.' And now it's like...7000 WORD CHAPTERS? 15+? IF YOU PLEASE.

You guise and ur shipper goggles. Tsk tsk.

Amusing? I consider it worrying that a lot of these anecdotes come from RL ;D

Obscure Henry, like, totally went on a gap yah in burmah? And he totally just chundered everywhaa? You weren't there man you weren't there.

Thank you so so much for another review of lovely loveliness ♥

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Review #15, by gingersnape 

3rd July 2011:
Hehe, Lucy's parents are so out there it isn't even funny... okay, that is a lie! It's hilarious, but they still drive me up a wall. And I love Lucy's analogies! And the duck conversation... oh man you have got to love art school when it's like this! And having characters like these helps. I also really like how different from normal Next Gens this is. Rose is awesome and Scorpius... I can't even begin to describe it! Love it!

Author's Response: Audrey and Percy have to be a bit...well, neat, for Lucy to turn out such a rebel, I suppose. Doilies and the like. Just by having dyed hair, she's like the most hardcore person ever.
Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #16, by Ravenclaw333 

24th May 2011:
I feel bad for going six chapters without leaving a review, but this one was just amazing. The ducks! The philosophy! The scary thing is, I've had many a conversation like that. I love this story. It's my new favourite, and your characters are brilliant. 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I know - honestly, this fic must be about 80% drawn from real life. Yeah, even the duck-related existentialism. Only cool people can discuss that seriously ;D thanks very much for the review!

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Review #17, by TallestTower 

8th May 2011:
I've run out of things to say. How many times can I say you're a genius? What was that? Forever?! You weren't supposed to answer the question!


"Scorpius, that's a man."

Scorp is so endearingly pathetic and tragic. He makes me laugh.

"After a few minutes’ gentle coaxing and persuasion, Scorpius finally decided to stop being a wuss, confidently stepped out onto the street, and was promptly run over by a small child on a bicycle."

Small child on a bicycle!! :D

"‘Doily!’ he bellowed"

Image of Percy leaping across the room shouting this. Truly inspired.

"‘Stop encouraging Lucy to objectify people. It’s rude.’" :D

The whole duck/frog thing was hillarious.

Laughing (elegantly as always... -shifty eyes-) all the way through, brilliant chapter hulio ♥


now i shall respond to your review using your own words.


maybe not.

NOBODY EVER EXPECTS THE SMALL CHILDREN ON BICYCLES. they're the new spanish inquisition, cause everyone expected them and they kind of lost the element of surprise.

ducks are an important motif. *twirls moustache*

good day to you too sire. ♥

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Review #18, by silver sprinkles 

12th January 2011:
helloo, i reviewed this story back in the day, and then i started college, which ate me. but in a good way. and now i am back!

so anyway, this was gold. hilarious, i loved how the whole episode was a flashback while she was sitting in her parents house. i've deff had experiences like that, and then my parents ask, what are you laughing about? and then i have to make something up because everything i laugh about is inappropriate.

smock is a fantastic word. i loved that whole exchange regarding his smock. and the DUCKS. oh man, there is nothing better than pretentious young people thinking they are philosophical for finding deeper meaningof ordinary things. nothing.

barry and obscure henry are great, i want to quote everything they say to you but that would be redundant.

wonderful chapter.

Author's Response: Ooh, yes, I remember you! I'm glad you're back, and I hope college is going swimmingly (:

Me too! I always giggle and snort away to myself at the dinner table, and my explanation is 'oh, I'm just remembering something my friend said to me...it is of no importance and it was a 'be there' moment, hence I shall not repeat it.' and my parents just ignore me.

I love the word smock. It has such a great sound to it.

>oh man, there is nothing better than pretentious young people thinking they are philosophical for finding deeper meaningof ordinary things.
My life, literally. Me and my friends went to an art gallery, assumed posh names and walked around giving art crits on everything we could see. I was Tarquina, hanging out with Persephone and Henrietta, and it got to the point where we were visiting the gallery loos and critiquing them. Happy days.

Thank you very much for the review! ;D

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Review #19, by whacked 

18th October 2010:
‘Scorpius, that’s a man.’

- CLASSIC Lucy and Scorpius

Oh god, that life class sounded ridiculous! 'Am I a duck or a frog?' - I'm inclined towards Scorpius being a duck. Ducks are yellow/white, Scorpius' hair is the same colour.

And regarding [1], I know exactly what you mean. I did a similar thing where we took photos of seafood at a fish market. It was really embarassing to have people stare at you taking photos of fish fillets and prawns.

Really fun chapter :)

Author's Response: Scorpius is a duck, let's face it. He spends his time floating around looking miserable and eating soggy bread, wishing he was a frog instead.

Ahha, I love random art visits (: So far we've been around the canals, to a chocolate factory, we're booked to go to a butcher's...the list goes on. Definitely enjoyed the chocolate factory the most, though, the canals were pretty rough and we were terrified of finding a dead body in the undergrowth or something, but, nah, only dodgy graffiti and doubly dodgy dodgy stuff. In the case of the graffiti, I wasn't even aware that such profanity exsited in this world. *woe*

Thanks very much for the review (:

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Review #20, by PetrificusTotalus 

17th October 2010:
I'm so glad you updated!!! I've been missing the art school gang! Your characterisations are perfect and I absolutely love your writing style :)
Funny chapter as always, update soon!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Ironically, art coursework is kind of eating me right now, so I can't promise a date for another chapter. Hang in there, though (: Thanks very much for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Essie 

15th October 2010:
This made me laugh out loud. Many times. I love this depiction of art school, I can tell you're writing from real experience because there is something resigned and disparaging there, but in an affectionate way... sort of like how you'd regard a wayward child - did that make sense? Anyway Lucy is a wonderful character, lost and not really sure what the heck is going on with her life but trying to make some sense out of everything. The dialogue about the profoundness of ducks was absolutely hilarious. I have also spent many a English class discussing the symbolism of chicken salt and silos!

Author's Response: Real experience? You bet. Maybe not art school in itself, but the utterly overwhelming snobbery of the general art world and the perils of not getting GCSE art coursework done on time. Plus the experience of only really being good at photography, which, according to many people 'isn't really art at all'. Oh, such philistines.

I do sound quite bitter, don't I? Well. Art is art. A wayward child - haha! That's a good description. A wayward child smeared in paint spouting profound sayings and trying to be an intellectual. Quoting Nietzsche. Falling up stairs and looking eternally awkward. Avoided by all of the other kids on the playground.

Yeah that's art ;D

I would say Lucy is quite lost (: I'm not quite sure she knows what she's got herself in to. Ducks and drawing men in the nude and such. It's not just you and Lucy who've done that; I spent most of a lunchtime in the art office with my friends and the art teachers talking about...well, various things, but the main point of discussion was how, if my art teacher was really rich, he'd become a stalker. Yeah, these sorts of people teach me (:

Thank you very much for your review! Resigned and disparaging - oh dear, suddenly I feel there's a serious element I must live up to! Oh well, I'm very glad you liked it (:

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Review #22, by flying_rabbit 

15th October 2010:
Well, I have to admit, after reading your somewhat... desperate(?) blogs on the forums, I wasn't expecting an update yet, so... this is good :)
Oh, Lucy's life is definitely eventful... from the evil landlord to Scorpius seeing Rose everywhere, she doesn't have to get bored... necessarily. It was quite funny that Scorpius thought he saw Rose and it turned out to be a man.
I didn't expect her parents to actually believe that Lucy ate five pieces of fruits and vegetables a day, but I suppose her reasoning makes sense. Scorpius sounds quite funny as a drunk indeed :) I bet Rose didn't know that side of him.
So Lucy talks to Albus a lot, then? Haha, and a wasp in November? :D I wonder how many parents would call their kid Scorpius indeed... And it's too bad that Lucy's parents don't believe Rose would want someone dead. Or, it kind of surprises me that they think she's such a nice girl. Perhaps it's the fact that we're seeing everything from Lucy's perspective, but Rose hasn't really come across as a very nice girl yet. Or maybe that's just me.
Wow. That life-drawing class sounded interesting :P A little bizarre, but pretty much everything that happens at that art school sounds a bit bizarre, but that's good. It's very different :) The duck/frog discussion was funny as well. It's unbelievable how seriously they discussed that issue :P I think I'd rather be a duck.
So, a party in June, then? That'll be exciting. And did Lucy get her flashback? It sounded like she needed one.
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon! :)

Author's Response: I slaved and slaved over this into the wee hours of the morning because I knew I just wasn't going to get another chapter up if I stopped. There I was, at 3am, hunched over the desk with a mug practically upended over my head, clawing at the screen going 'MUST...UPDATE...STARVING...ARTISTS!'

True story.

I wouldn't put it past Scorpius to mistake a yak for Rose. Not that I'm suggesting that Rose's appearance is particularly similar to that of a yak, more like he's just a twitchy guy. If Lucy put on a red wig then Scorpius would run halfway to Peru before he realised his mistake.

(Heh. Now I'm imagining Scorpius dressed as a peruvian folk musician.)

Albus is Lucy's favourite cousin, and he happily returns in chapter seven. I like writing Al, he's so tall that he kind of just fills up chapters easily by himself.

Life-drawing class is bizarre. Trust me, I've been. There's nothing more embarrassing than you and a friend turning up late, flinging open the door to the art room and seeing everyone seated at their easels and this naked lady just sat in the middle of it all staring you down. It's even more embarrassing to open your art folder in the middle of a lesson and have all these drawings of people in the nud floating out all over the floor. At least it was an art lesson, but still, I get the feeling people think me and my mates are just big perverts now.

I think I'd rather be a duck too. Ducks aren't as warty.

The party in June is IMPORTANT. Very much so. Not to give too much away or anything (:

Thank you very much for your review! I can't promise a date for the next chapter, but this side of Christmas is a fair estimate ;D


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Review #23, by justonemorefic 

15th October 2010:
I will never get tired of Scorp's fail. Man!Rose, his new fear of mobile small children, smock. I WOULD LIKE A THOROUGH DESCRIPTION OF SAID SMOCK. I'd imagine it'd be floral and red and yellow, with little frilly bits at the pocket. ...maybe I'm thinking about an apron.

Couldn't stop snickering throughout the ducks. I've been bs-ing the meaning through my interactive media arts class, THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE. Incidentally, this is also why I switched to a science major yesterday.

OH I GET A MENTION! :3 Ehehe. My shipper goggles are extraordinary, really. Can a newt and a duck ever be? Ah well, I'd end up deep frying Scorp in the end anyway. How appropriate.

I am waiting for that flashback. Would Draco in this be the same Draco from The State of Things, I wonder?

Author's Response: Here is the description that you so crave:

The smock is made of only the finest mongolian silk, spun by the wise silkworms of the upper Allafafala mountains. As they spin, they quote the works of Shakespeare in their native falafalel tongue. The smock is finely patterned with a glorious array of colours, from fire-engine red to deep sludge brown, with a beautiful print of a duck across the front and embroidered pansies down each seam. It is a modest garment; floor-length, with sleeves down to the wrist and a high neckline with a lacy ruff. As Scorpius walks it sweeps the floor, making a soft sussurrus against the floor, like the whispers of the mongolian silkworms from whence it came. Swish swish swish...

Too much? I agree.

OH MY DAYS, ME TOO. I BS my way through LIFE. Mostly art. Always. It's a bit more difficult to BS in science, so you made a good choice there (:

Shipper goggles? Where can I procure a pair? I must have a pair to wear with my smock!

Why would you deep fry Scorp? Why? Why? He's harmless, honest! *cowers, protecting a bewildered and non-existent Scorp with a deep-fat-fryer resistant smock*

Oh my days. TSoT Draco in this story would just be one huge melting pile of angst, dissolving in his own ocean of misery and sorrow and political woes. To have all that terrible angst and then arty Scorp as a son...even I'm not that cruel.

Okay I am, but, beside, this isn't TSoT Draco. This is the good old racist, holier-than-thou ferrety Draco we all know (:


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