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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

24th February 2015:
I was fairly certain I wouldn’t be prepared for anything she sent my way.


She better not give him a big supply of éclair’s. I wonder who got Meta. I wonder if anyone will get anything for Meta.

I wonder if James will send Albus off to kiss Paloma as his gift or something pertaining to Albus because I feel like that’s something he would do. A set-up because they really should be together!

I think Meta is at her breaking point. I'm telling you she's going to ditch the team and what the heck is going on with Abigail? Is SHE pregnant? Or are they just on the verge of splitsville?

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Review #2, by deceptive_serenade 

9th February 2013:
Great chapter! Pretty funny :)

I have a feeling Al and Paloma are both scared to make the first move (typical :P) and as for the gift, I have no clue whatsoever.

Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and the re-post of the original review as you changed pennames! It means a lot to me!

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Review #3, by SomeTypeOfOldMagicLove 

22nd September 2012:
hey i love this story sooo much but chapter 28 is not showing up so like i dont what happens. so ya i cant read it. anyways i love the story and i can see james feelings for avery progressing ;) i love your writing so keep doing it. xoxo, Isa

Author's Response: Hi! Three chapters were un-validated and are currently in edits. If you'd like, just wait a couple of days and they should be back in action! Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Manga_girl 

13th May 2012:
Great chapter! 10/10 I can't wait to see what gifts they all get!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #5, by siriuslyhockey 

21st January 2012:
Oooo good ending. I remember when we came up with that idea!!! I miss those times. Poor Al! He better get out of the friend zone fast if he want s to have a chance. He needs to blow her away. Like awesome date SUPER FANCY no exceptions. Needs to make it clear that he likes her.

James and Avery are awesome together. I love the little things they do like lay on each others laps and talk. Poor Freddie is gonna have to break up with Abigail soon she is too demanding!

Author's Response: I loved all the ideas we came up with, haha :) Such good times. Al is a little...well, he's stupid. Poor thing. I feel for him, I really do.

Abigail is a twit. I can't handle her.


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Review #6, by Rita Skeeter 

7th August 2011:
I have no idea what avery will get james haha

Is it bad that i hope Meta is pregnant, just to throw a spanner in the works?? HAhahaha I cant wait for chapter 28, so im gonna go read it now. Awkward because im in the shower (with my phone in a airtight plastic bag) haha and i nearly broke my phone in my haste to read this chapter.

Can i just say that Falcon Cat is the cutest name, and i want to get a pet cat just so i can name it that.

Hope your nail gets better!!


Author's Response: Oh my GOSH. I can't even imagine Meta being preggo. That baby would just walk around with its nose in the air.

You are the most dedicated person ever. Seriously. I love you. Phone in the shower. Never heard that before.

Thank you so much and if you name a cat Falcon Cat you'd better let me know! I'd also settle for Falcon Fish.


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Review #7, by roxyroxtheworld 

6th July 2011:
lol love it!!! and i'm for sure going as victoria =) lol and wow what another very wonderful chapter!!! whats als deal? keeping the lovely paloma dove waiting. not a smart thing. but wow love this idea about each person giving a gift to another team mate. so wonder who meta got lol and bink also wonder who got avery!!! hope she gets something good cuz she deserves it. anyway love it!!!

Author's Response: DO IT! And then send pictures!!
And you're right, Albus is not being intelligent at all. Paloma will find out sooner or later, haha.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #8, by ohsayitaintsox3 

1st July 2011:
I really liked James's thoughts on Meta and Bink in the beginning. It really show how good of a Captain and friend he is. And I feel sorry for Al. I was rooting for Albus/Paloma! But I have a feeling that something just HAS to happen between them. I think James'll concoct something :D

And the whole Avery/James interaction at the end and her plan just screams sexy. I don't know why haha.

Good job on this chapter! (:

Author's Response: james is such a bleeding onion, haha. i think james will make sure things happen. Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by J 

31st March 2011:
Hey, Im super duper obssessed with your fanfiction, but something weird had been going on the last few chapters. The word "eyebrow" seems to be added to strange places, and the word "pipe" is replacing wand, and "soup" for sex, it's really weird, and I dont know what's happening?
Well, I love the piece either way, and Al+Paloma better happen or Ill pass out!
Good job and keep doing what you do

Author's Response: It's an April Fool's prank for the site :) Don't worry. When you go back and read (if you do) it won't be like that, haha. Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #10, by GryffinClawTherin_Vicky 

20th December 2010:
(Sorry about your pinkie nail, but I'm sure that's fixed, :P)
It was nice to know more about Meta. Even though she's...well, even though she's Meta. It's strange the way she is. Always wanting to be the best just to be the best. I guess I can relate a little. *shrugs*
Bink's history was something I had guessed before but it's nice to see that I DO know Bink. He's got good characterization, you know.
That man-to-man chat with Albus really cracked me up. "Sure. They're cute and furry." "Don't say cute." Honestly, I have to say (again) that you have great humor. And, it seems effortless on your part.
Paloma and Al need to keep moving or else they'll be friends forever. Not that that's bad, but I know they both want something more. ;D
I wonder what'll happen at the Puffs vs Lions game when Avery's dad shows up. DUN DUN DUNN. You've really got me thinking on that.
The meeting, or soiree (:P), seemed pretty good. Discussing Puffer tactics, Bink and Meta hating each other, Bink and Freddie apologizing. All good. And that gift exchange...I wonder who everyone else got. I wonder what Avery will get James. O: That will be a huge surprise, I believe.

Hm, now I'm off to read the next chapter.(:


Author's Response: Yes, my pinky nail is all fixed, but thank you all the same :)

Yeah, I can relate to Meta as well, though she is sort of an extreme. Which I do love.

I'm glad you enjoy Bink :) He's a great character to write!

Most of the humor is completely unplanned. It just sort of comes out of the keyboard. James really writes himself and I couldn't be happier about it because it makes my life so much easier haha.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #11, by Sophiee 

10th November 2010:
I really enjoyed this chapter and am hoping that you update soon? Queue at two days.:)

Author's Response: You read my mind. New chapter in the queue! Thanks :)

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Review #12, by the0giant0squid 

9th November 2010:
"I tried to think of happy thoughts. Like beating up Emerson or kicking whoever was snogging my sister. Or being in a dragon cave killing beasts and shit. Or training them. Anyway."

^ Favorite quote x)

And I love James so much. Him and his contradicting thoughts ("I had more important things to worry about. Not that anything was more important than Quidditch. Because it wasn't. But still.")

Author's Response: I love that! I wrote that quote just after I rewatched How to Train your Dragon, haha. Love. It. I love James's contradicting thoughts too. He's a whole bowl of insanity. I know you're going to love the next few chappies :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Fireball Nymph 

8th November 2010:
I love Avery :D. Lulz I can't wait to see what she does~
Awesome :3

Author's Response: This is going to get interesting. Right? haha., Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #14, by wand wiggler 

5th November 2010:
teheheheheh bring back falcon cat
james is such a cutie SQUISH !!!
update soon yall

Author's Response: hahaha SQUISH! Love it. Falcon Cat...you definitely haven't seen the last of her! Thanks so much, I promise to update as soon as possible!

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Review #15, by JustSoAmazing1010 

3rd November 2010:
I hope that James and Avey GET OVER IT and realize that they are meant to be together soonish. but I'd be happy with an update. Ya know?

Author's Response: hahaha They should just wake up and roll over and be all, "I'm so over this." And then just snog bc they're meant to be, right? I'll definitely be updating as soon as possible! Right now my lappy is broken, but should be fixed soon :) thank you!

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Review #16, by Metamorph 

2nd November 2010:
Coulda swore I reviewed when I read this the first time.

Meta has a reason, maybe. But justified or not, she's still a b*.
Avery's dad had better have a good reason...
Paloma, eh? She looks like a captain...
Yeah. Avery and James are totally going to break the code. And make babies. Simultaneously.

Fun Fact: There's a website called "iwl.me" and it came up as J.K. Rowling when I put this chapter in.

Author's Response: That's the thing about Meta, you know? There is a reason, but it's not a good one. It's a selfish one. Because she's all about Meta. As for Avery's dad, you're right. He'd better. Or else both Avery AND James are NOT going to be happy.

You think Paloma over Wes then? Could be a toss up.

Simultaneous code-breaking and baby making. Oh la la!

1. I'm awed you considered putting my chap in there.
2. The results make me giddy.
3. Thanks :)

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Review #17, by hazelimperfection 

31st October 2010:
I simply LOVE your fanfic! i read it all in one day :)
its really addictive :)
anyways back to some reviewing:
awesome fanfic, I really love Avery, she's awesome... but i can't stand Meta, but i have a suspision that she's got a good reaason for being like that
lol im loving James and Victoria please continue soon, thanks loads

Author's Response: All in one day? Your eyes must hurt!! :) Thank you so much! I know what you mean about Meta. She's a jerkbutt for sure. James really knows what he's talking about in terms of her always wanting to be the best in everything and hating people that are better at something than her. Maybe she'll finally be the best at something...or she'll just be mean.

I'm working hard on the next chapter, and it's one of my favorites :) Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #18, by caitlin boyd 

25th October 2010:
brilliant. absolutely brilliant. i very much like what you have done with aves and james. cant wait for the next chapter and the rest of the story

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're liking it!! I love James and Aves. They crack me up like it's going out of style. Thank you so much for the review :) Can't wait to see what you think of the next few chapters!

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Review #19, by Skygh 

24th October 2010:
I check...every day...sometimes every hour...to hope you updated...SHAME!!! D,:
Why must we wait? Why?

Author's Response: Aww, I'm sorry! I always update my Twitter when I post new chapters and the updates on each one. You can find that information on my blog. Thank you SO much for the review!

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Review #20, by Caley 

22nd October 2010:

PLEASE? I love you and I love Javery and I need update.

Author's Response: So...did you want me to update or no?

Thanks so much. I'm working hard on the next chapter :)

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Review #21, by Hpfanlizy45 

22nd October 2010:
Ok, I have been so absent for so long in reviews!!! There's been a lot going on with getting married and my husband being deployed, BUT I am back and I want to tell you how amazing you are! I am in love with the James/Avery interaction and I'm waiting for it to blow up in a huge way and then fix itself in the sweetest, best way possible. I also love the interaction James has with his boys. They always crack me up!! And I'm dying to know what is happening with Al and Paloma.

I'm in love with this line:
"Aw, I miss that kitten,” she said. “I wish Victoria would have gotten along with her.”

“Tory is a one-man woman,” I explained. “She’s very protective.”

“She loves me,” Avery said.

“I guess she thinks you have no shot.”

Author's Response: Everything has been totally insane, you're right! My thoughts are with your husband :) And yay for James/Avery! You definitely know how things are going to go, but in a few different ways, that's for sure. As for Al and Paloma...hopefully SOMETHING happens, right? haha.

Thank you so much for the review! I'm so glad you're back and I can't wait to see what you think of future chapters :)

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Review #22, by Sydney 

20th October 2010:
I LOVE this entire story! And you said it was going until chapter 45 at least right? I also LOVE Javery I really like that you put a twist in the story, and I know you're probably busy (and sorry about your finger) but get the next chapter up as soon as you can! I also think Meta should fall of a broomstick, Fred loves all Ravenclaws, Bink probably has some nice hair, Pamola should date Albus already, Lily should get to pick who she likes and Javery should last forever!!

Author's Response: Oh yeah, this puppy will be at LEAST 45 chapters. But the way it's going it's going to be more. Now I'm saying at least 50-55 depending on whether I will go to the end of the school year, not, or into the summer. I don't know where it's ending yet. Too much plot!

I am working super hard on the next chapter. It's coming together well, but still needs some edits. It's one of my faves thus far though.

I'm with you on Meta. Seriously, girlie, fall off a broomstick. Fred and his Ravenclaws. It just never ends, does it?

Thank you so much for the amazing review!

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Review #23, by Bertle 

20th October 2010:
Alright, so.

I'M SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY! I know, I know, it is absolutely unforgivable how long it took me to review. And I missed the last chapter! I'm so sorry :(. Though I did love Falcon Cat! So jealous. I love cats. But my Dad's allergic. Stupid Dad. But anyways.

So. I'm super super sorry! My only excuse is that I have recently had a mental breakdown and had to put my life on hold. Things are starting to improve now though, so I should be picking up on my reviews. So again. I'M SO SORRY! Now my very long awaited review!

I loved the insight into Meta and Bink. It sort of makes their relationship make more sense, since they're such opposites. It's understandable then why they'd find each other interesting. I feel for Meta's romance novel phase. I totally went through one too lmao. Hellooo Twilight. Awfully written, but I can't deny that I did enjoy the mushiness. Hey now, everyone needs a bit of fluff in their life! But anyways. I keep getting off topic!

Oh, poor Fred and Al. I would hate to be a boy and be so confused all the time. Al just needs to man up and make it clear he is NOT going to be in the friend's zone (I hate that zone, been in it WAY too many times). Fred just needs to man up and be like, okay Abigail, stop being so controlling, I want to share the pants with you. In a non-sexual way. Lmfao oh wow, now I'm making myself laugh. Moving swiftly on. Somehow, I feel like both those wimpy boys won't man up any time soon though lol.

I loved all the Javery time of course :). That was great last chapter too. I love how they're all romantic and snog-ey but at the same time they're still BFFs. I feel so bad for Avery with her Dad situation. I wonder if he'll actually show up, and if he does, what will he say to her? What will she say back? Will she freak out? Will James? Gah, can't wait for that!

I hope Harry comes to see James play soon :(. This makes me sad.

Lmfao I loved Bink and Fred being guilted into apologizing to Avery. That was hilarious. She was so confused. Cute :).

Loved the gift exchange idea! Poor James though, getting Paloma. He's right. What do you buy that girl? Maybe he should just set her up with Al, and that will be her present lmao. Everyone wins. And Avery getting James! Somehow, I feel like James is right and he won't be ready for whatever she gets him lmao. I'm so excited to see what she does! It should be super creative :).

Haha aww, it's so nice of you to get this up even with your injury. If it makes you feel better, I'm writing this review on a new laptop and I'm totally not used to the keyboard so I keep making typos and having to backspace and then I lose my train of thought. Maybe that's why I keep rambling lmao. Oops. I'm doing it again, aren't I?

Favorite quotes!
Cute: "Avery and I kept meeting each other’s eyes. It was partly because of Fred being such an idiot about Abigail, but partly because I wanted to spend time with her. Alone. Without everyone else there.
She nodded toward the portrait hole.
I threw my books in the air and ran out.
A few minutes later Avery met me in the hallway, laughing like an idiot. “I had to tell them I was going to check on you because you’d gone mental.”
“I may have made that a little obvious,” I said, chuckling. I laced my fingers with hers. Her hands were so soft I wanted to touch them forever." AWWW! He is SO adorable with her. So cute. And funny. And I want one! No fair :(.
Funny: "I tried to think of happy thoughts. Like beating up Emerson or kicking whoever was snogging my sister. Or being in a dragon cave killing beasts and shit. Or training them. Anyway." Lmfao. That's such a guy thing to say. Okay, so the next one is long but I laughed so much that I must include it all. Brace yourself.
"Albus groaned. “I am, aren’t I? She’s going to start dating other people, you know. She’s going to date them and live happily bloody ever after and I’m going to be an old cat bloke.”
“You like cats?” I asked.
“Sure. They’re cute and furry.”
“Don’t say cute.”
Al rolled his eyes. “I saw you with that kitten the other day.”
“That’s Falcon Cat.” I shook my head. “No! We’re getting off topic. You’d better make a move—and fast! She’s going to start dating Wesley or something.”
“I don’t think Wesley’s interested.”
“They all want to break the Code and ruin my life, of course he’s interested.”
“What Code?”
I threw my hands in the air. “God damn it, Al! Quit trying to ruin my team!"" Oh. My. God. Hilarious. Loved it all. And I love Falcon Cat. That whole last chapter was SO hilarious because the running joke of him stepping on the kitten has always been my favorite. Seriously, I read over that scene like 8 times. Which is why I'm super excited for more Falcon Cat next chapter! And the gift exchange. And ooohhh, what does Lily know now? She always seems to know everything that girl.

So update as soon as you can because you've gotten me all excited with that "up next"! Hopefully this review won't disappear lmao. As always, favorite fanfic ever!!

Author's Response: Ah, you make me happy. I'm having a crummy day at work and you go and leave me a wonderful review and make me feel all warm and fuzzy and wipe away the crumbs. See what I did there?

It's OKAYY that you couldn't review. Like I said before, I had to take a couple months off from writing last year just because I had so much on my plate. It's forgivable haha. I guess ;)

I too went through a romance novel phase, but I don't deem Twilight a romance novel. I'm talking like Julie Garwood actual romance. Meta had that phase. Meta would probably burn Twilight, no offense, she's just that girl haha.

Al is a cross between whimpy and nervous. He still feels like he isn't good enough for Paloma, which is way not true, but he's an idiot boy. Fred, on the other hand, needs to share the pants. By the way, laughed like an idiot. At work. All by myself. Sebastian the beta fish probably thinks I'm nuts.

I love the tension of the father situation. It could get interesting. Especially if he shows up.

I like the way you think. Just saying.

As for Avery, James definitely won't be prepared. The readers might not be either.

What kind of new lappy did you get? You'd better not say Mac. If you do you're in trouble. Big trouble. haha. I hope you like it though! I'm on a desktop because I'm at work at the hotel and the keyboard is SO weird. So.Weird. I'm used to my little Vaio that I adore.

Falcon cat...you will see more falcon cat.

As for Lily, she knows lots of stuff. Too much. The little snogger.

Thanks for the amazingly long review of awesomeness! I'm saving all my reviews when I get home.

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Review #24, by sameep 

20th October 2010:
i love falcon cat! i'm really interested in this story and i love all the characters.

Author's Response: I have no idea why, but I just laughed really hard when I read "I'm really intereted in this story." Maybe I've been at work too long...anyway, thank you so much! I totally love Falcon Cat. She's the best. Well, not in Tory's eyes. Thank you SO much!

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Review #25, by heir of gryffindor casey 

17th October 2010:
WAIT HURRY!!! just read this entire story in 2 days, and let me tell ya:

1) i actually only found this because i am OBSESSED with james potter, senoir.
2) PLEASE allow me to explain that now, because of your INCREDIBLE STORY/ TALENT, i now have an equal obsession of James Sirius and James *??


cannot wait for chapter 28, and i sincirely hope its soon! you can bet ill be checking in daily :)

Author's Response: I'm so so so excited that you have gained a newfounded obsession with James Sirius. I was never really into Marauders era, but if I was, I would have been into James sr, haha. I am so excited! I am working hard on chapter 28, I promise :) thank you SO much for your amazing review!

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