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Review #1, by Sushmita 

29th November 2016:
Siobhan is definitely one of my fav OCs. Great to read in detail about dragon handling! Would love to read a novel or short stories on just her adventures as well, if it has to do more with what the Death eaters were upto with dragons in that era?

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Review #2, by patronus_charm 

11th July 2014:
Hi again!

I thought you wrote the madness of Siobhan’s life really well and I could just imagine her jumping from one country to the next purely dependent on what she thought would be a good place to visit. Ha, I loved the way she just butted into those guys’ conversation and impressed them with her knowledge about dragons and how she actually was a witch. It was just like oh yeah! Ooh, she got a job from them I wonder what this is going to lead to now.

I really liked seeing her with the dragons and it was actually really fun learning about how she managed them and what they had to do to keep them under control, because just finding out all these tiny bits of the magical world is what I love about FF. Ooh, the tiny historical thing about them going in as the Red Army was really cool too!

I definitely wasn’t bored while reading this and really loved in fact!

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #3, by alicia rose potter 

17th May 2012:
I love Siobhan; she might be one of my favorite OCs of yours. I'm glad you get verbose with her. I'd be delighted if she showed up again...but your stories about Rose are delightful too, if in an utterly different way. :)

Author's Response: I do love Rose ;) But I have for quite a while now had a story for Siobhan mapped out, I just never seem to get around to writing it. I should get moving on that. I'm glad people like her and still want to hear more about her. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by TheWorldISee 

4th April 2011:
So glad to get a look at what Siobhan was up to on her long search for herself. I didn't think this story was too long at all and I certainly wasn't bored! But then again, I love Siobhan. I do hope she turns out alright in the end, although I think I'm getting to the end of the Unsinkable series so this might be all I get of Siobhan. Great job as always!

Author's Response: "Long search for herself" is an excellent way to put it. She definitely hasn't found what she needs here just yet, but she's on the path. I actually have much more in mind for her, so I might need to start working on her story after this one-shot. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by RonsGirlFriday 

9th March 2011:
I love Siobhan to pieces. She's fascinating and so damaged. She seeks all these thrills that would normally make you think, Man, she's really living life, but when you acknowledge the fact that she does it just to get away from her problems and get lost in different kinds of excitement, it's ironic because she's really not living life after all. Her experiences don't really build her up, they just keep her kind of distracted and numb - that's how I read it anyway. I love reading her. And I loved the end of this chapter - it was actually very sad, but in a beautiful way.


Author's Response: Damaged is really the perfect word for Siobhan. She's no less damaged here than she was at Hogwarts, and you're exactly right, she's still running away and not really living. Her adventures cover up her feelings and let her distract herself from really thinking or feeling anything. And you see she hasn't actually changed since Hogwarts - there she has no adventures, only boys, and here once the adventure falls into a lull, she immediately turns to a man. Poor thing, she's really messed up. I *do* have in mind a future - several years past this - where she can begin to heal, and hopefully one of these days I'll finish writing it.

Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by GinnyCullen 

4th October 2010:
haha no I was not bored. I love her and her strange ways. Its nice to know even Siobhan can find a bit of love. Its sad to see how fast these years are going for your OC's. I loved this chapter though it seemed well not what you usually present. It was refreshing! Well once again great job.

Author's Response: Siobhan definitely has some strange ways. She is, as Georgia always puts it, damaged goods. I don't think it's love so much as distraction, because Siobhan has a very hard time feeling love. But she is still using men as a substitute for actual feeling, the way she did at school. She's just got someone who does rather the same thing now, so they use each other. She's still pretty messed up. There's a few more years yet before she really starts a healing and growing up process.

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #7, by Georgia Weasley 

20th September 2010:
Gah, I love Siobhan. She is such damaged goods, but at least she knows it and deals with it in her own way. I like to think of her finding a place to fit in and go on with life, such that it is. Loved this one!~GW

Author's Response: She really is damaged goods, I'm tellin' ya. Poor kid. She is still working out issues here, hasn't moved past them. This is definitely a girl who needs therapy, I think. She does find the world of dragon keepers a place to belong, in some ways, but she won't be staying in the Carpathians forever. ;)

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Jen 

16th September 2010:
Siobhan and dragons are a great fit. I feel for her.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think it fits her. She'll take a long time before she really settles down. Around 1984, actually ;)

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Review #9, by LindaSnape 

13th September 2010:
Oh, I loved this chapter!

Despite the fact it was so long, I have to admit that I was disappointed when it ended. I wanted to know what happened next in her life.

Siobhan is a rather interesting character, and I've always liked her. This ending did seem fitting for someone of her caliber, though.

I'm glad that she ditched the unsavory business transactions for dragon handling. It really seemed to strike a chord with whom she really was.

I loved your characterizations, as always, because they are so deep without being smothering. Which, of course, adds that dimension of realism to the piece (and all the others, for that matter).

If I had any quibbles, though, it would be that she didn't seem to dwell on Cecilia much. I mean, she has her bag, but that's about all. I know that everyone grieves differently, but I don't think anyone could ever get over the loss of their best friend. But maybe she was just putting on that stoic face so that she didn't have to remember.

I'm not entirely sure.

However, your descriptions were lovely, and I didn't mind in the least that you were verbose.

Wonderful job!


Author's Response: Ah, but she is still dwelling - the bit at the end of wishing for dragonfire to wash her mind clean. Whenever the excitement of the reserve slows for a moment, she flashes back to finding Cecilia's body, and she does something else to replace the feeling. Essentially she is still doing what she's always done, which is seeking out slightly self-destructive ways to not think or feel what hurts her. The dragons give her something all-consuming to focus on: when one is in constant danger of being killed by flame, one cannot think about one's dead best friend. She's even found someone who is far too similar to her to misbehave with during the lulls between dragons. He is, of course, not the one to help her heal, nor is the Carpathian reserve, actually. I do have more planned for Siobhan for the future, and she will eventually be able to deal with her father's desertion and Cecilia's death, and all the other bad things that have happened to her in her life, in a more healthy way, but that won't be for years past this point. In the 70s, though, Siobhan is a thrill-seeker who looks for ways to prevent herself thinking or feeling, whether that's by chasing dragons or by hooking up with inappropriate men, or wandering the world before that.

I actually really enjoyed sitting down and fleshing out how I think the dragon reserves (because I do believe there's more than the one in Romania - which during this time period is known only as the Carpathians, since it sits in the crook of those mountains where Romania, Hungary, and Ukraine meet) all work and interact. One of these days I may have to write more about the dragons. I had a few extra characters who didn't get used here, even. Too much to write, not enough time to write it all.

I'm very glad you liked this chapter. I'm pretty fond of Siobhan and all her psychological messes, she's always interesting to write about. Thank you so much for the review! I love your reviews :)

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Review #10, by nitenel 

11th September 2010:
Awww! Siobhan's happy! This one was great! I'm glad to see that she kinda got over cecelia's death!

Author's Response: Well, she is and she isn't, really. She's merely found a new way to avoid her real feelings. But I'm so glad you liked the chapter! Thanks for reviewing!

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