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Review #1, by CatyGoldenWitch 

28th May 2012:
I love this story! Mirabella and Sirius are a great and cute couple!! what she's going to do after her encounter with Andromeda?and Sirius?will Andromeda tell him about Mira's visit? please, continue this story!

Author's Response: Funny, I read this review right after I added the new chapter =P

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Review #2, by Ellie716 

20th May 2012:
AHH THEY KNOW WHERE SHE WENT!!! Run mira! please make her run to sirius now! i hate rabastan and the purebloods, well rose isn't so bad and neither is markus's family but milo freaks me out and the mom and dad are wierd... SEND HER TO SIRIUS! please update this soon! you have no idea how much i want to read the rest of this! its summer now so you should spend all day updating this and coming back a swan so thata i wont spontaniosly combust. PLEASE
i love this story soo much i started it yesturday and im done now and i need more. I can't go without another chapter soon. you don't understand. PUT UP CHAPTER 15 and make it long! il send you a cookie, no better il send you a brownie with choclate crumblies on top! pretty pretty pretty please? update soon!

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Review #3, by grace 

10th May 2012:

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Review #4, by ruby_slippers 

17th April 2012:
Ok i started reading this today and finished it today and i am addicted! PLEASE update soon!! I need her to hurry up and realise he loves her and to bail on her family (as hard as that is going to be -- she's so close its driving me crazy!)!!!

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Review #5, by Anamika 

22nd February 2012:
Ohmygosh! UPDATE! NOW! This is such an amazing story. I read it all in one night (Monday night, no less).
Please do it soon.

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Review #6, by Molly 

6th February 2012:
I absolutely ADORE this story! Please update soon! I can't wait to see if mirabelle chooses the right path with sirius!

P.S Your writing is amazing! Great style!

Update soon(:

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Review #7, by . 

6th February 2012:
omg update PLEASE
wow owwoowowowo
so good
so so so good

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Review #8, by alice 

14th January 2012:
please write more soon! i love this story so much:)
I just want mirabelle and sirius to get together already!

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Review #9, by HannahAbbot64 

8th January 2012:
I love this story! It is beautiffally written and I think the plot is very good. It's very interesting to show the pure-blood world from the inside. It's a lovely insight, showing that they are real character, not just 'evil' death eaters. Brilliant. Love it. Please post next chapter soon!

P.S. I also love your story 'Things Unforseen' it's so original! Please post chapter four soon!

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Review #10, by Hattie 

31st December 2011:
please please please post the next xhapter - I love this story so much :)

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Review #11, by ANNA 

24th December 2011:
please please update! i love this story so much & i wanna read more:)

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Review #12, by The Wizard of Potterland 

18th December 2011:
This is such a fantastic story. I've been reading it all afternoon, watching Mira be happy and sad and confused and torn and every possible emotion. It's the perfect treat for a rainy afternoon. Please, for my sanity's sake, update soon!

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Review #13, by Fiona 

6th December 2011:
please tell me you're going to finish this story !???!
it's amazing I love it x

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Review #14, by Asking-Cat 

29th November 2011:
Are you going to finish this??!

My god it's amazing!!

I really wish you would finish this story!!!


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Review #15, by xjamesandlilyx 

2nd November 2011:
I want to know what happens! I've been reading this story nonstop since I began, kept telling myself I'd stop if it started getting too painful for Mira but I couldn't. I love it! Pleaaase update soon!

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Review #16, by amber 

2nd November 2011:
you are a really great writer. this story is extremely interesting and i hope you finish it. otherwise im going to have to use my imagination to finish it in my head and i would much rather just use yours haha dont give up!

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Review #17, by K 

30th October 2011:
I will be the upteenth and one reader to beg you to update. i havent stopped reading for like 10 hours and now am sure i will be suffering severe withdrawl syndromes so PLEASE update!!

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Review #18, by Kimmie 

1st October 2011:
Yes, I shall be the upteenth reviewer that will beg, literally BEG you to keep writing. Come on, you can't leave so many of us on tenterhooks... It's been over a year, please please do remember to come back & update! I HATE IT when good stories aren't completed or constantly updated. Isn't the fact that this story won a Dobby motivation enough to keep writing?! UPDATE~!!! But no pressure ;P

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, has it really been over a year? That is depressing. You will be happy to know, however, that I am VERY close to posting a big new chapter for this story in particular. Hang in there with me for just a bit longer!

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Review #19, by Hope's Mom 

16th September 2011:
I love your story. Mira is such a believable, real character just trying to survive and not make waves. She is stuck between being who she wants to be and who her parents want her to be and soon must decide on which side she will stand. I see you haven't updated it quite some time but I hope you haven't abandoned this story. Thank you for writing!

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Review #20, by PearlsDream 

7th September 2011:
I just fell head over heels in love with your writing, this story, your Sirius, your andromeda and Mira. Honestly this is so good. So I'm so disappionted to notice that you haven't updated in over a year.

I get it, totaly. Life catches up, school/work get's so damn busy, and before you know it, it has been months since you've updated a story.

But I am begging you (yes, I am going to beg here) Please, Please, Please finish this story. I just want, nay need to know how this ends. I want to know if she makes the right choice, aka if she chooses Sirius. And how the story continues.

It is for these kinds of stories that I keep reading fanfiction. So I hope that you will read this review, and try to get another chapter up.


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Review #21, by Palak 

18th August 2011:
Your story is so awesome! I was on anquest of sorts to read every decent Sirius/oc fanfic out there and I thought that I was done a long time back, bet yours is one of the best out there, majorly because have a real plot which revolves around more then just Sirius's playboyish lifestyle. Please please update, i would love to read more!

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Review #22, by SB 

22nd July 2011:
GAH! I love this story a lot. Haha really want to know what happens next. I wonder if her family found out she visited Andromeda... PLEASE I BEG YOU keep working on this story!!! It's the best ones I've read so far

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Review #23, by recklessly_sweet 

18th June 2011:

sorry about the capslock i didnt realise

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Review #24, by EponaBlack 

4th June 2011:
Understandable. Inspiration is always important and congratulations on graduating! Looking forward to more of this story!

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Review #25, by EponaBlack 

13th April 2011:
Please do update! It seems like you've just about given up on this story and I hope it's just a case of needing some inspiration. This is one of the most original takes on the Sirius/OC storylines I've seen so far on this site. I would (and probably a million other fans) hate to see this not getting anywhere further!

Author's Response: Don't worry, I have absolutely no intention on abandoning any of the stories (I'm too stubborn). It is kind of a mix between lack of inspiration and lack of time. I graduate on May 20th though so hopefully that will change. Ha ha! I'm going to try and update soon so keep an eye out!

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