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Review #1, by alicia and anne 

14th August 2011:
Ha! that was immense! Who would have thought that Ginny would have that in her! I for sure didn't.
I love the interaction between the two, Ginny's firey personality and Draco's uncaring persona were written expertly and it was like it should have been a scene from the books. I can just see Ginny having cornered Draco and him trying to manipulate himself out of it by trying to be cool and not show his fear.
I really loved this!!

alicia and anne

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Review #2, by theelderwand 

22nd August 2010:
That was AWESEOME!

Ginny was completely in character, as was Draco. I really thought at the end she was going to do it, kill ferret-boy. Kind of displeased she didn't.

Your dialogue was excellent. Most of the fic in the collab is heavy on the internal monologue and lacking on the dialogue. This was a welcome change.

I liked this alot!


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Review #3, by melian 

22nd August 2010:
Yes, war does change people,doesn't it? I liked this - Ginny not wanting to know what she has become due to this war, and Draco not really believing that she could have done what she did. It captures the reality of war and what it does to people really well and that reality is quite frightening. You almost wonder how these people ended up with almost normal lives after it all ended, because war was all they had known for so long. Great job!

cheers, Mel

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Review #4, by Capella Black 

22nd August 2010:
Dark, though not too dark. I'm really glad that she couldn't mean it - war changes people, but thankfully it didn't make her a murderer. I like the irony of the penultimate line - because Ginny has become just like Draco, in that no matter how much they might think otherwise, neither of them are killers.

Still this Ginny is really dark - smiling as she plays with him, willing to try AK. I like it, and I believe it, but perhaps some more explanation from her mind frame as to when said change happened would strengthen the image, and thus make the reader more nervous about the outcome.

Overall though, a well written and interesting concept. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Review #5, by 1917farmgirl 

15th August 2010:
*jaw hits the floor*

Okay, this review must have two parts after something like that.

1. I HATE this story because...well...you did that to Ginny! I know you are absolutly right, war changes people, but I suffer from a disease known as wanting to see the world through rose colored glasses. I don't like my good guys crossing the line, even though it probably happens. So, yeah, I didn't like reading that one bit.

2. I simply have to applaud your guts to write that. Again me with the rose-colored glasses would never do something like this, but that just makes me the weaker writer for it. It took nerve to do this to Ginny, to have her cross that line, and I have to bow to your talent as an author because of it.

Way to submit an original!

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Review #6, by propertyoftheHBP 

15th August 2010:
Wow, I really, really, really love this. It's such an original, creepy, haunting idea but I think that it's entirely in character for Ginny, and Draco as well. It really shows how far she's come as a fighter. Even though, obviously, the curse didn't go all the way I think that the fact that she was able to nearly kill him and just say the incantation with some sort of meaning shows that she's capable of murder. She might not have fully wanted to kill Draco, but I think that if she could go that far with him then she'd actually be able to kill someone more deserving of death.

Needless to say, again, I love this. If it wasn't a part of the already-favorited collab, I would favorite it on its own. :) Fantastic work.

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Review #7, by baletgir 

14th August 2010:
A really good point you made with this. And I love how you used the fact that one really needs to mean it to use and Unforgivable curse. We never saw anything quite like this in the books, we never saw Avada Kedavra not work because someone didn't mean it, but I think it is a great possibility. I enjoyed reading this especially because your writing of Ginny and Draco seemed just right!

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Review #8, by maskedmuggle 

14th August 2010:
Wow. This was such a great story that really highlighted how war changes people.

I thought it was really well written. There was a lot of dialogue in this, but you wrote it so well that it flowed. Also, the personalities of Ginny and Draco were very canon, so well done! I can't believe Ginny changed so much though, but this is definitely plausible. And Draco - he probably could have kept himself alive if he hadn't retorted to all of Ginny's comments... but that's how Draco is...

Great job! Loved this! Your idea - that the War Changes People is so true, but something I've never really thought about in terms of the Wizarding War! and something I've never seen anyone write about on HPFF!

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Review #9, by Northumbrian 

14th August 2010:
Interesting idea, but I'm a little lost at what actually happened at the end. It seems that Ginny says the words, but nothing happens, no green flash, nothing. And how, exactly can she see the shock in Draco's face and yet not know that he's not dead?

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