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Review #1, by CornishPixie 

22nd August 2010:
A very chilling piece. I think that these kinds are my favourite, though. The type of stories that give us a different take on something that did happen in the books. Seeing things from the perspective of another character is just so eye-opening. And there are so many possible different versions! If I had written about Cho, I think she would have been more hyper and nervous to get to actually doing something. I think that my Cho would have been upset that she hadn't gone to the Ravenclaw common room with Harry.

But your Cho was very interesting! She lied about the galleon thing so that Harry would feel more supported, which was sweet of her, but more than that she seemed like she wanted to be anti-social. It was as if she was afraid to actually talk to people because she had to concentrate on the fact that she'd come here to fight. This would make sense to me, because I don't really think of Cho as much of a fighter.

One great idea of yours that I haven't read in any others was the mention of Potterwatch. How original, that she would have heard an announcement from there! I'm not sure how realistic that would be, but I do think that as long as the hosts of the show had the means to, they would have announced it over the radio. Who knows, maybe it was one of those things that did happen that JK just didn't have room to write about.

My heart went out to Cho when she saw Cedric in the mirror of Erised at the end. After all this time, he is still the one thing that her heart truly desires. I'm not sure if it was irony that you were going for when the Death Eater came in and killed her right after. Because she went to meet up with him then, once she died. Kind of. But the image of Cedric disappearing in the mirror because her heart was no longer working in order to desire him was the most chilling. Great work there. I think you did a great job of taking something that happened in DH and making it your own. Good writing!

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Review #2, by propertyoftheHBP 

15th August 2010:
I really like how you didn't make Cho still infatuated with Harry and her offer to take him to Ravenclaw Tower more of a spur-of-the-moment, I-really-should-do-something sort of thing. I think, as you've shown here, that she'd be more lamenting over her relationship with Cedric rather than Harry. I love the idea of her finding the Mirror of Erised, and I do think that she'd see Cedric in it. The thought of her falling, dead, against the mirror with its image fading away is extremely haunting and you painted the picture very well. You've written Cho's character perfectly here along with the scenario and description of the surroundings. I really liked this, it was an original take on the situation, you did a great job! :-D

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