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Review #1, by justonemorefic 

27th December 2010:
Ooooh, you know, every time you pick up a minor character, I see a part of the HP world I never consider. Like Firenze and his bow. Just the focus on how centaurs never run out of arrows, details like that really make the entire story. I love this view of the students through a professor's eyes -- getting younger every year, heh-- and I also love the storytelling frame! :D Another good read!

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Review #2, by CornishPixie 

21st August 2010:
Fantastically written. The way you structured this story worked wonderfully. To have the story of the battle be relived by Firenze because of his curious students was a very...endearing way to set it up. Maybe that's not the right word, but either way, I liked it. Actually, because I only READ about the final battle and wasn't really there myself(and because I never got to see anything abotu Firenze in the battle), I even felt like one of his curious students who wanted to know what the scar was from. It made me feel like my DH book was a History of Magic textbook for a moment. Kudos for that!

The way the 'flashback' was written was almost as if that's exactly what he was telling the kids, and I liked it a lot. I had forgotten about Firenze, and was glad to see that he did have something to do with the final battle. Yay!

There was one mistake, but it was probably just a typo. "From the position of the starts, he could see it was about ten minutes past the start of class." You meant 'stars', right? That was the only typo I found. Other than that, this was well thought out and written wonderfully. The importance given to the stars was subtle enough but perfect considering he's a Centaur. And I liked that his source of comfort came from the reassurance that Mars was still dim. Excellent!

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Review #3, by AndrinaBlack 

14th August 2010:
I really enjoyed this story. It is very well written and it held me captive the whole way through. You captured the kind of mysterious feel there always seems to be around the centaurs, but at the same time you managed to have some humour in the story and some of the excitement of the battle. Of the humour I really liked the bit where Miss Fawcett saw death and destruction at the ministry.

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