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Review #1, by melian 

22nd August 2010:
You weren't kidding when you said that was AU, were you? Harry coming back for Cho? It hardly bears thinking about,b ut you did it really well. It would have been horrible to lose Cedric to Voldemort but then to lose Harry as well could well be the last straw as far as that is concerned. I'd never really thought about it but it's a really good point. Excellent job!

cheers, Mel

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Review #2, by CornishPixie 

21st August 2010:
Yes, it is AU, but I don't think it's as AU as it seems. This would have been if Harry had seen Cho instead of Neville. Or maybe just stole a moment from the battle to talk to Cho for some AU reason. Hahaha! But most of it was that Cho still had feelings for Harry, right? So no, I don't think it was as AU as you might be fearing.

I liked it. I liked how he was blunt about things, because he DIDN'T come back for her, and he wasn't going to say anythign now to make anything better than it was going to be. And you know what? It was good for him to say that he didn't come back for her. He easily could have, if he wanted to make her happy, because he knew he was off to die. So he could have lied for her sake, but he didn't. Good for Harry!

And poor Cho, to be the girl with liked two guys a lot that had both died! That comparative hole in the chest thing made me feel even worse for her. But I'm glad that it made her determined in the end. Being in the midst of a war is not the time for grief. That's what I hear, anyways.

There were a couple small spelling mistakes that a readthrough can easily fix. They may even be typos, but i'm not sure. But it was great to read. Thank you for this great addition to the collaboration!

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle 

14th August 2010:
From your note, I was expecting serious AU, like, umm, Dumbledore's still alive, or all the Death Eaters suddenly turned into crumple-horned snorkacks. The realisation that Cho still loved Harry wasn't that AU, it is believable. I love the story though. It was enjoyable to read, and even though there was quite a lot of dialogue, the whole story flowed really well. The ending is great. "For Harry's sake." I really liked that, and I liked the idea that, if she had been paying attention she would've noticed. And I liked how "it was better this way." It's so true. A really well written story that was interesting to read!

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