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Review #1, by melian 

21st August 2010:
Very nicely done. I imagine it would not have been an easy choice for the centaurs to finally join in the battle, but gee it helped when they did! :) I think this was an excellent version of events, though I must say it did remind me of Entmoot in LOTR. Not a criticism, just an observation, and there's nothing wrong with it because it shows a group of creatures deciding to go against what they have always done and pitch in to help. I liked the reluctance of Cairns - it wouldn't seem right if they all agreed straight away - and now I find myself wondering what happened to him, whether he survived the night. Great bit of writing. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #2, by CornishPixie 

21st August 2010:
Great work! I think that your version of something that must have happened but wasn't in the books was definitely a plausible version. The meeting was filled with debate and hesitancy. The centaurs you wrote were just as those JK introduced to us in the very first book--some were more human-friendly than others. All were still very wise, some were just more stubborn, I think.

Their constant dependency upon the stars was a very subtle, nice touch, I thought. It almost seems silly to me, but that's only because I don't look to the stars to tell me things the way the Centaurs do. It makes me wonder how free these creatures can be, actually, if they look to the stars so often. It seems that what they do or don't do depends on what the heavens tells them, but what if someone could manipulate what they see? Dun dunn dunnn! Anyway, just a thought!

That last line that Magorian says was perfect. Bravo for coming up with something like that. Something so true, that probably felt like a kick to the shins to Cairns. Brilliant work!

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Review #3, by AndrinaBlack 

14th August 2010:
I liked this! I have always had a bit of a soft spot for the centaurs and especially for Ronan, so I'm happy you made him one to help with the decision. This was also very well written and I think you captured the feel of the centaurs very well here. I think you chose suitable names for the centaurs that weren't in the books (Cairns and Nardin), unless I'm just forgetting them and they were actually in the books. Very centaurish names anyway. :)

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