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Review #1, by Snapdragons 

13th August 2011:
This made me smile! :) It's so very, very Fred to be joking and laughing, even in death. He would want to make George smile - I can't see Fred as being one that would want doom and gloom to follow his death. He'd much prefer to be remembered with laughter and pranks. "It's okay to miss me, but please don't be sad." Loved that!

Him remembering Percy laughing and telling a joke was perfect - I'm so glad that Percy came back and was there in Fred's last moments.

I liked how you mentioned that Fred and George still had that "thread" between them. Not even death could ever really separate them.

"Honestly, you'd think you'd lost half your brain or something. It's still there. I just checked." This was bittersweet for me - it was funny, but it made you think about how lost George must be feeling. It'll be strange for him, having to be by himself for the first time in his life.

A wonderful look in the mind of Fred. I really enjoyed it! :) Great job.
-Snapdragons (Ravenclaw)

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Review #2, by melian 

21st August 2010:
How delightfully irreverent! This really did feel like Fred talking to me, oozing frankness and that perspective only a Weasley twin can come up with. Beautifully done, and so wonderfully honest, with that whole "Red and puffy doesn't suit you" and "Found that ugly mole behind your ear". This really is how I can see Fred approaching the matter at hand and chastising George for mourning him when the battle has been won. Really, really well written. Excellent fic. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #3, by Capella Black 

21st August 2010:
Aww, poor Fred! I know, I know, the piece is supposed to show the opposite of that, but somehow it makes it all the sadder. Fred at his most undefeatable, his most determined, and thus his most lovable.

I love the way you've chosen to write this - as a first person, present tense conversation. It adds a sense of uncertainty and temporary-ness (yeah, that's not a word) to the piece, which given the narrator, is very apt. The use of questions too, and the way he seems to be answering George's unspoken questions, really adds to the sorrow of it all.

Really nice story - lots of people may pick Fred, but not many would attempt to write him at this point in the story!

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Review #4, by alicia and anne 

14th August 2010:
I love Fred in this being still around, I wonder what he is if he isn't a ghost? I like how he is still joking around and how he wants George to cheer up. And I really liked how he wanted to give Percy an honourable mention haha. Trust Fred to be like this. Loved it!

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Review #5, by maskedmuggle 

14th August 2010:
Haha great story! It's kind of sad, because it's Fred, but the way you wrote it meant it had a touch of humour in it too.

I love how Fred still has a link with the world, and how he's still linked with George. The personality is so Fred, and it's great! I love how he's happy, staying true to his personality. I really enjoyed this one. It's a different perspective on Fred's death. Most people write about George, and how devastated he is. So this was a great change, and I found it really interesting!

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Review #6, by propertyoftheHBP 

12th August 2010:
Oh, this is so sweet. :) Fred would clearly have wanted to comfort George from the afterlife and I think this is a really good representation of what he would have been sending to him. I loved the little point about Fred tugging him, that was really cute. I've never read a fic about these moments from Fred's POV, and I like it. Good job! :)

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