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Review #1, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

31st March 2011:
What if Remus had lived? What if Tonks never arrived at the battle? so many questions but no answers Great chapter now i'm off to the next one

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Review #2, by Capella Black 

20th August 2010:
I promised myself I wasn't going to cry! This is sooo Remus, in every way. The way his self image has been destroyed and rebuilt, and the way he is torn between his lifelong beliefs of 'fight and die if you must', and the endless 'what ifs' that surround parenthood, is utterly believable and completely with canon.

The final line is painfully moving, because it echoes what I'm told is every parent's fear, and also gives an abrupt halt, reminding us that he never gets the answers, because the worst really does happen. Darn it! I'm teary again just thinking about it!

Beautifully written, and all-round a haunting piece.

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Review #3, by melian 

19th August 2010:
Poor Remus. It would have been so hard for him to leave Tonks and Teddy to go and fight, but he knew it was the right thing to do and Remus always did do what was right, didn't he? Even if it was reluctantly, like going back to a pregnant Tonks instead of helping Harry on the Horcrux hunt. I loved his concern on seeing the flash of pink and hoping it wasn't his wife, though of course that would have distracted him somewhat I imagine. But that desire to be there for Tonks and for Teddy is what any new parent, indeed any parent, would feel, and he would have had that extra sense of responsibility to survive. Brilliantly put.

cheers, Mel

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Review #4, by Jenna822 

14th August 2010:
Uhuh! This was so sad! I am litterally on the verge of tears at that. Remus is my all time favorite character and I think you wrote him so well. When he started thinking about Teddy, I choked up. Then his 'flash of pink' was just heartbreaking! This was really well done. --Jenna

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Review #5, by propertyoftheHBP 

14th August 2010:
I think that you nailed Remus's character perfectly here. His inner monologues are heartwrenching, and I think that he'd feel so confused with the new feelings of having a family and such. I really liked the paragraphs in the beginning about him being a fighter by profession; it had never crossed my mind before, but really, it's true. I loved the line about it being his job partially because he couldn't hold down another one as well. The end was so sad--I assume it's right when he's killed? :(

I loved this. I've read few stories where Remus has a real fatherly instinct like he does here, and I love it. Good job! :)

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Review #6, by ericajen 

14th August 2010:
I liked the way Remus was questioning himself. All the questions brought up so many possible - and mostly horrible - answers, it was easy to feel the same emotions as him throughout the story. I liked that about it. I always feel like I can connect to a story when the emotions are portrayed so well like they were in this. The way you characterized Remus was essentially flawless, I couldn't really find anything wrong with it.

Well done.

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