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Review #1, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

31st March 2011:
Horray for narcissa the only death eater to lie to voldermort and live to tell the tale now off to the next chapter

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Review #2, by Capella Black 

19th August 2010:
Narcissa's story in the final battle has always been one that intrigued me, and I really enjoyed your version of it. I like how aware you've made her - realising that she has quite probably ensured her side's defeat, and also realising that the one she did it for isn't the perfect boy she might hope. Yet, at the same time, you've still captured that single-mindedness of motherhood, which compels her to put him first regardless, to need to be with him more than she needs to be right, or to win.

I also like that you've highlighted her achievement in lying to Voldemort - this isn't something most wizards can survive doing. It would have been interesting to see even more of this - perhaps some musings on how she had always been a skilled occumens, or such like.

Overall though, this is a great read, and an intriguing viewpoint to choose.

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Review #3, by momotwins 

18th August 2010:
Wow you wrote a lot of chapters! That's awesome. Ravenclaw represent :D

You know, I think you're right about why Narcissa was sent - partly I do think it's because he simply pointed at the nearest person, but really she is expendable. Not really a fighter or a strong believer like her sister, she's just kind of there. I think you're spot-on about Narcissa plotting the entire way to the castle about her next move - very Slytherin of her. And yes, Draco is a coward. And spoiled. It's funny to see her acknowledging her and Lucius' parenting faults, but she still loves her son so much. This was a good chapter!

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Review #4, by Jenna822 

14th August 2010:
I adored this! I got right off the first sentence that it was Narcissa and you wrote it so well. That inner soliloquy about questioning the Drak Lord's walking pace was a gem. She felt very real and deep. I found it slightly amusing when she thought the bit about Draco hiding somewhere to save himself. As a mother, I can atest to your writing that perfectly. Despite a childs faults there is NO lengths taht a mother wouldn't go to to protect them. :D Brilliant work. --Jenna

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