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Review #1, by FrostyFannie 

14th December 2010:
Dun dun dun.
What could possibly be the reason for Zoey falling?
To the review proper:

You are getting better and better at spelling! Well, I don't know really, because I hardly notice anymore, I'm so engrossed in the story.

That was a really good bit about Zoey watching Titanic a hundred times! May I repeat, I love Titanic. MWAH!

P.S. Just in case you're a boy I'm sorry. The MWAH was just a random word to show how much I appreciate and love this story. MWAH!

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Review #2, by Ash!ey 

19th October 2010:
I'm still confused on why she fainted?

Author's Response: Because Blaise took over her mind remember? =]

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Review #3, by Sidthe 

29th September 2010:
OMFG WHAT'S WRONG WITH ZOEY!!! Amazing story probably the best I've read on here recently! I love Zoey she's such a relateable character.

Author's Response: What a compliment! Thank you! =] the next chapter is going through validation so you will find out. I'm glad you find her relateable, because as weird as it sounds she means a lot to me. Thank you!


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Review #4, by Erica 

26th September 2010:
I LOVE IT! SO MUCH! But serously... Write another chapter soon. Im going crazy!!!

Author's Response: I'm so sorry! I'm almost done with the next chapter, I just can't make up my mind with it. I keep changing it, and it always leaves me unsettled. But I'm gonna suck it up, and finish it tonight!

Thank you for the encouragement!


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Review #5, by Ash!ey 

20th September 2010:
Maggie write the next chapter! Your killing me with suspense. I've been waiting for about a month already. Sorry to sound so impatient, but I really want to know!!!

Author's Response: I've written it, and it's gonna go through validation startin tomorrow! Girl Scouts honor!

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Review #6, by lexxiibabii 

24th August 2010:
love this story, update soon (:

Author's Response: School just started up for me, so I will as soon as I can. I promise! :)


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Review #7, by Ashley 

17th August 2010:
I think my little sister started to post on Gracie. I wait a whole month to read this, Maggie. And Zoey faints. AH.

Author's Response: Awesome! A whole month? How dedicated! haha. Thank you!

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Review #8, by erica 

14th August 2010:
I think this chapter was really good. I liked how u had them stare at eachother during the wedding and "make up". It was really cute!!! Its just a thought but i think it would put a big twist on the story if Zoey somehow lost her memory for a day. Its just an idea! I cant wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: It's actually funny that you say that, because the next chapter kind of has that sort of idea going on, but I don't want to give it away so you'll read and find out! :) Thank you for liking the story and for the review! I really do appreciate it!


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Review #9, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 

13th August 2010:
WHAT? ? ? ? ? ? ? UPDATE PLEASE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


clea smith

Author's Response: It will be updated ASAP! Thank you for the rating Clea, it means a lot!


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Review #10, by livelaughloveparty 

12th August 2010:
My favourite chapter so far!
Can't wait for the next one. I mean- cliffhanger much?!

Author's Response: Sorry about the cliffhanger! It's how I roll haha. I'm glad this is your favorite chapter so far...it's mine too! The next one will be up soon, hopefully.

Maggie :)

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