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Review #1, by Ginny45 

31st March 2011:
I love this because it moves away from the action to show us love. The reason Harry beat Voldemort twice. It fits perfectly. Both characters are spot on as well, which it reall good seeing as you picked two of the three character that are focused on the most.

Ginny45/RandomRed xxx
Operation: Green With Envy

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Review #2, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

29th March 2011:
it's about time those two realize they were meant for each other! anyway great chapter and i'm off to read the next one.. So many reviews so little time :)

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Review #3, by theelderwand 

20th August 2010:
This was great! I'm a huge Hermione/Ron shipper and I really like reading about this missing moment. You had everyone perfectly in character, right down to Ron's ears turning red. I liked how Ron was both hesitant and sure of himself all at once. And Hermione was spot on. Good work!


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Review #4, by Capella Black 

19th August 2010:
Nice entry. I love reading about those parts of the battle that canon brushes over, and this is an excellent example of such.

I particularly like how you've tried to capture the essence of Ron in this, with things like calling the horcrux "Hufflepuff's teacup" and how he chooses to focus on opening the chamber rather than offering comfort.

I also like how you've captured their blossoming relationship in this piece - at this point they were really close to getting together, but it still wasn't going to be their top priority. Thus, the way you've hinted at awkwardness and interest, but without having him dwell on his feelings, fits perfectly.

Overall, a really nice missing moment!

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Review #5, by melian 

18th August 2010:
I love this missing moment. It's been covered a few times in this collab (I even did it myself) but this is the first one I've read from Ron's POV first person, and you know what? It does make a difference. I think you got both of them very much in character and the sense of urgency at getting the cup destroyed was really palpable. Now we know what really happened in the Chamber of Secrets that day. Good job!

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Review #6, by ericajen 

14th August 2010:
Eek! How adorable! Ron and Hermione are just so lovely together. I like this missing moment you've created here. It was, of course, cute as a button but also really well written. The creeping blushes and the awkward nervousness. It was all very fun to read. You did really well with this, good job.

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