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Review #1, by Ginny45 

29th March 2011:
A Sorting Hat story, interesting. I think it is genius though, why wouldn't he have his own views he did pretty much predict the war after all.

I really like how he remember sorting them and it reminded me of how Olivander remember Tom's wand. It fitted well with that I think.

Ginny45/RandomRed xxx
Operation: Green With Envy

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Review #2, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

29th March 2011:
YAY for the Sorting Hat and Horray for Celtic issuing the challenge to review this collab if not i never would have read any of these awesome stories


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Review #3, by strawberrydarhling 

24th March 2011:
Wow, this was certainly different!

Never before have I read a fic in the POV of the Sorting Hat but I certainly enjoyed it :)



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Review #4, by LadyMalfoy23 

7th March 2011:
What can you not write? Through the sorting hats point of view and STILL being believable! Amazing, truly truly amazing. No other words could be described for that!!! :) The plot line was very precise and to the point, it was all so very clear as to what was going on. Another story well done by you miss! :) I love his thoughts on CLEARLY remembering the sorting of Albus, Tom and Harry. It was just something to think about.


Operation: Green With Envy.

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Review #5, by TenthWeasley 

5th March 2011:
Wow! This is one of the most unique fics I've ever read, and I mean that in the best way possible. To take something like the Sorting Hat - something everyone always seems to take for granted - and write a whole fic centered around him is very admirable, and I am duly impressed.

We never really get to hear the Hat's own thoughts in the books, really, but if we did, I think they'd read very much like this. Possibly the thing that stood out most to me was the simplicity of having him ponder the song, even while the school was falling around him. Genius. But I've come to expect that in the short while I've been reading your fics!

OPERATION: Green With Envy

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Review #6, by Jazzeh Turnip 

22nd August 2010:
A story from the Sorting Hat's point of view? Wow. Original. I like it.

I like how you wrote the Sorting Hat's thoughts, but interupted them by the sounds of the battle raging on in the castle. I especially like how you had him pondering about his 3 most memorable sortings, and how they were relevant to the current battle.

The ending was good too. He may've just been a hat, but he matters enough for someone to notice, pick him up, and then put him in pride of place on the Head Masters desk.


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Review #7, by theelderwand 

20th August 2010:
This was really cool! I liked the memories the hat relayed. The sorting of Harry and Tom and the comparison between the two. I also liked how the hat considered how most sortings were simple and few were difficult. The ending was a good AU take on things, especially after recounting how Harry's year on the run had proven the hat right.


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Review #8, by melian 

18th August 2010:
You know, when I saw this was the Sorting Hat's tale I expected it to cover the section of the battle when the Hat was summoned and ended up on Neville's head and he drew the Sword from it. Actually, though, I think I like this one better. I liked how he could hear the battle going on far below him and was powerless to do anything but reflect on those who were taking part and how they had seemed to him when they first arrived at the school. I was also taken with the bit where it was trying to work out a new song - IF there was to be a new term at all. Always helps to be prepared, doesn't it? The ending, too, was great and very fitting. Good job!

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Review #9, by Capella Black 

18th August 2010:
OK, so I really do like this piece. You've caught the thought processes of the sorting hat perfectly, and brought up an interesting aspect to the final battle... however, I'm confused. Wasn't the sorting hat IN the final battle, as in the scene where it gets put on Neville's head and provides the sword of Gryffindor. Because I was waiting for that aspect I got somewhat confused about the eventual action.

Still, nice take on the battle and the hat, and I really enjoyed reading such an unusual POV.

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Review #10, by maskedmuggle 

14th August 2010:
Such a lovely story. The perspective of non-human beings is always fascinating to read about, and you brought the hat to life here. I like the hat's personality, its great! I like how he reminisces about the sortings, and how the three that stood out to him were Dumbledore, Voldemort and Harry's. A nice touch! The ending is sweet as well.

I just think this is really well written, a very lovely story!

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Review #11, by ericajen 

14th August 2010:
That was short, simple, and sweet. I like the perspective that you gave the Sorting Hat. It's a very interesting object so it's only fitting that it gets a very interesting story to go along with it. So I think you did a really good job. I liked that you singled out the sortings of Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Harry. It makes sense that they would stand out to the Sorting Hat as very important.

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