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Review #1, by Celtic_Dreamer7 

8th August 2011:
Great job representing Cho's point of view. It was a great little story that I enjoyed reading. It took me a minute to realize who it was, lol. I'm glad you wrote this. I always like to read things from other characters point of view. I wish it had more details of her feelings but overall a great chapter. Good job.


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Review #2, by Ginny45 

29th March 2011:
Oh Cho, you shouldn't get involved in these things. It is very unique but I don't like Cho so it is hard for me not to shout at the computer for her to stop. She shouldn't be jealous, she should move on. That is a bit harsh of me.

Anyway, you write it very well and her jealousy is completely believeble and not stiff at all.

Ginny45/RandomRed xxx
Operation:Green With Envy

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Review #3, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

29th March 2011:
typical Cho being Jealous and over something SHE messed up in the first place. such a shame. Off to the next chapter

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Review #4, by strawberrydarhling 

24th March 2011:
I haven't read the HP books since 2009 so I honestley have no idea whose POV this is in. Sorry :)

I do really like it though, :)


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Review #5, by In The Shadows I Dwell 

22nd August 2010:
I love the way you've touched upon Cho's jealous nature. Because as we know from the books this really presented to be a problem in their relationship. I love the way she felt that it was simply unfair that Luna would be the one to take him, and I like how you didn't make it seem†as though she was worried that in such a short amount of time Harry would suddenly fall for Luna, her simply feeling as she had been wronged was enough to convey this.

Your writing style I must say is excellent! I noticed no grammar or spelling errors so that's always a bonus and the story flowed very nicely! Keep up the lovely work!

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Review #6, by theelderwand 

20th August 2010:
I'm a huge Harry/Ginny shipper, but I must say your take on Cho here had me feeling awfully sorry for her. I never really thought that maybe she just wanted a chance to set things right with him, to apologize for that debacle of a date they had. This was a very good characterization of Cho, believable and well written.


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Review #7, by Capella Black 

18th August 2010:
Nice one. This is a really human moment, reminding us readers that just because there's a war going on, people are still people. It also fits well with canon, because Ginnydid act jealously at this point, so it's fair to assume that Cho was feeling it too.

I simply adore the line "...and I'm a better seeker" - that's classic, and exactly the kind of ridiculous argument our mind tends to come up with in these circumstances, when we know in our hearts that we've already lost.

The last line seems oddly apt too - because in a way, she's only just finally stopped fighting. I can't believe the writers of this collaboration are still managing to come up with new and unique takes on what is only a few chapters of canon, and yet you've certainly managed it. Great stuff.

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Review #8, by melian 

16th August 2010:
You know, when I started reading this I thought it was Dean Thomas, but then I realised it was jealousy of Ginny rather than of Harry so my thoughts moved to Cho. Very well written, though! I loved how she just wanted to clear the air with Harry and apologise for the escapade in Madam Puddifoot's, too, because it shows that she's moved on and is willing to try a platonic relationship. Very well done!

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Review #9, by ericajen 

14th August 2010:
Awesome. Cho's perspective is one that I don't see very much but when I do, it can be quite enjoyable. I never thought of her in this light before and I'm really glad that you took the potential of her character and interpreted her into this characterization which was present throughout your story. I think you wrote her very well. It was an enjoyable read.

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Review #10, by maskedmuggle 

14th August 2010:
Great story! The idea of this was good - jealousy in the face of danger, love the title! Taking a look at Cho Chang's mind was a new experience, and a good one too. I like how she has regrets, and wants Harry, but yet, in some way, also accepts that its not going to happen. Well written story, I enjoyed reading it :)

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