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Review #1, by theblacksisters 

7th October 2013:
Bellatrix wasn't killed with the Killing Curse.

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Review #2, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

30th March 2011:
YAY for GINNY woo hoo and horray for a bit of romance (sorry i'm a hopeless romantic)

Great chapter and now i'm off to the next one

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Review #3, by Northumbrian 

22nd August 2010:
This is a well written and entirely believable missing moment from DH. Harry and Ginny parted with an unspoken understanding after the kiss. But this would have been so much better. Ginny is passionate to the point of being frightening in this story and that is good. That is very good.

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Review #4, by theelderwand 

14th August 2010:

Now WHY didn't JKR write your missing moment? It would have been so easy. I was never happy the way Gin got sidelined in DH and your take on things here just made everything work the way it should have without changing the basics. Your version gets my vote over JKRs!

I loved this bit: "Yeah, people say mmm when you cut them off mid-sentence by kissing them"



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Review #5, by AndrinaBlack 

14th August 2010:
I think you had Harry and Ginny really in character. Ginny's fiery temper and love for Harry really got through in this piece. I think it fitted them that they had a kiss or two during the battle, as they had been away from each other for so long and there were obviously sparks still flying between them. Though maybe they were a bit more careless here than I would have expected as they kissed in front of the Death Eaters.

The story only got better as it progressed. I was really pulled into Ginny's emotions when she heard that Harry was dead. You wrote that bit really intensely. It was good to see the end of the battle from this side too, as now that I thought about it, in the book I just about forgot after a while when Harry was under the invisibility cloak that everybody still thought that he was dead and were grieving for him. But here you make it clear that he (of course) is all the time in Ginny's mind.

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