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Review #1, by merlins beard 

27th April 2015:
What number am I at now, eight?

Let me just say: the pen and paper thing was a bad idea... it is making the reviews much longer...

I love the proverb. I think I'll have to go through all the chapters again and wrtie down all the quotes. They are so inspiring, so fitting to every chapter.

I love how TAXES can be a magic word in some context. Kingsley is really an awesome guy.

Fred's cast must look so funny. I love what Harry came up with. He's definitely showing more mischief than ever before. He's his father's son I guess.

Pink hearts are truly cryptonite...

The goblins are a piece of work. I've read several stories about them, and almost every author agrees about that. They all have different ways to have wizards deal with goblins, but I haven't seen the approach you have taken before.

Oh my god, Kingsley is so awesome! I love how manipulative he can be if he has to!

Harry is crazy, though. He shouldn't even offer having to pay for the repairs at Gringotts. It's good that Bill talks some sense into him.

I love that Ginny notices how hurt Harry is. I knew he couldn't hide it from her. It's great that she gets Fred and George involved, too.

Spell Echo is a really interesting thought. This might sound a little weird, but can I use that in one of my stories? (I'll credit you in the authors note if you're ok with that). Please just say no if you don't want me to use it.

I was really interested about what the Twins might have for Harry. It was even better than I imagined in the end.

NO! The Weasleys are NOT selling the Burrow, nor any land that goes with it. Please tell me Harry finds a way to stop them!!

Finally: George is right and Fred is being a git. But I guess Fred realizes soon enough. They'll work it out together, like they always have.

I'm SO GLAD I picked this story.


Author's Response: Hehehe on the pen and paper. But your reviews are amazing, so I won't complain.

I have to admit to having a little help with the Taxes idea. Eldy stepped in and helped me get this chapter rolling when it stalled out, and he helped with a lot of this legal mumbo-jumbo.

Harry's finally getting to be a kid - it's refreshing.

And yes, poor Fred and his manly honor.

Ooh, thank you on the compliment on the Goblins! And yes, Kingsley is cool. Let's just leave it at that.

Ginny is sneaky, in a good way. And I feel like she learned it from (or as a protection from) the twins. They all think alike.

Spell Echo - it's probably eons too late, but feel free to use it if you still want!

And I just had to save that broom.

If I had to save the broom, do you really think I'd let them sell the Burrow?

Thanks again! You are amazing!

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Review #2, by MargaretLane 

13th December 2013:
OK, I'm finally getting around to reading this monster of a chapter. *grins*

*grins at the signatures* A few names that might not be the most popular in my country. Sorry, just had to mention that.

Hmm, I wonder how things like the Ministry are funded in the wizarding world. And Hogwarts.

*laughs* My next gen also mentions the assets of Death Eaters being seized. It's rather a significant point in the first mystery.

Aw, I love the way the Weasleys are looking out for Harry and the contrast with the lack of care he's had from his own family.

Ugh, that bruise does sound rather unpleasant. I can imagine though, that in the immediate aftermath of the Battle, any injury unlikely to be fatal would seem unimportant. He had plenty of time since, though, in which he should have got help.

Once Harry hesitated, I guessed it was the Killing Curse.

*cracks up at the suggestion Fred and George would be in danger of much worse if their family found out they'd kept this from them* That sums up the Weasleys pretty well, I think.

Fred and George's lines are very funny, such as them making no promises when it comes to burning down the hospital. You characterise them well, which is kind of hard to do, particularly in this situation, when things are naturally more serious than ever before and yet, they are still maintaining their usual attitudes while at the same time, we see a more mature and serious side to them. That must be hard to balance.

I wonder is Harry going to to buy the Burrow for the Weasleys. That'd be one way to give them the money.

I also like the way you're showing the aftermath of the war, the fact that some Death Eaters are still on the loose and so on.

And I love the confrontation between Fred and George and the recognition of what is going on behind the jokey exterior.

Author's Response: Well, I'm finally getting around to responding to this AMAZING review! And I would like to humbly apologize for that monster chapter in the process. Sometimes, my muse just runs away with things.

I'm an American. I was pulling signatures out of my memory from history classes, so yeah, I might not have been very politically correct, LOL.

I've been thinking about that funding thing lately. We've never heard mention of there being tuition for Hogwarts, but somehow I think there must be. If there weren't, then how could it be such a financial strain on the Weasleys to have so many kids there at once. Books and robes are expensive, yes, but you only buy them once a year. So, I think there has to be more to it than that.

I love it when Harry is treated as part of the Weasley family. It's one of the reasons this story even exists in the first place.

The bruise is unpleasant, but Harry is also very stubborn. He has that nobility thing - he might even have a tiny bit of him that thinks he deserves it, given he's still harboring that irrational idea that the entire war is his fault.

Weasleys can be a very protective bunch, can't they. LOL.

It is hard to balance writing the twins here. I love them so much and want them to be back to their wise-cracking selfs, but I have to keep reminding myself that is a little unrealistic given the situation. I need to let them be normal people and be angry and sad and grieving as well.

You are a very smart lady and I won't comment more on the Burrow thing.

So glad you are enjoying this version of what happened after the war! Thanks so much for your awesome review!

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Review #3, by iyanarulz792 

19th November 2011:
Love it! Favorite chapter by far!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm always happy to have a new reader! Hope you finish the rest. :)

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Review #4, by schoenemaedchen 

30th January 2011:
Hi there...yet another review for you this evening!

So I was just left with a smile and was scrolling down to where the little box is eager or a review. Along the way, in parentheses it says (Already one of your favorite stories) and I nod and agree with it :) (I hope that just made sense...haha)

Yet again, another lovely chapter. The entire first part is absolutely brilliant. Not sure if it was you or theelderwand, but a huge kudos to you both. It is so lovely to see a family together in its natural habitat.

I think that is what is so positively wonderful about the Weasley family. They really have not had an easy life...well ever, really. But they certainly are blessed in so many other respects and that comes across so well. Huge compliment to you, though, because it is so NATURALLY written. You can really imagine them sitting down and having this discussion.

I'm starting to forget that this is AU...remember when I was skeptical to read AU...you've made me eat my words! :-P

Yet another excellent chapter. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: And another HORRIBLY late response for you! (Again, SO sorry!)

Hehehehehe, yep, it totally made sense! And made me smile.

Thank you for the compliment on the first part. Eldy helped a lot with that as I had a hard time getting Bill's dialogue rolling when it came to the legal matters. I owe him a ton for pushing that part through.

And writing the whole family there was a blast. I haven't done that ever before and it was so much fun!

*blushes again from the compliments* Thank you so much. I do try hard to make them realistic (in a magical way) and it's nice to hear it's paying off.

And YES! You've forgotten it's AU! That's the best compliment ever!!!

Thank you for reading! Maybe someday you'll come back for more!

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Review #5, by kandekisses 

28th December 2010:

That was a MAJOR chapter lol. But it seemed to have went by so quick! Amazing really. I definitely know what its like to lose your muse. Mine is still lost somewhere *shakes head* But I'm so glad that you have it back!

This chapter was mostly Harry based and I really enjoyed that. It's nice seeing all that he is feeling. &Boy is that a lot! You know my eyes watered up when George said 'Thats what brothers are for'. &I miss Hermione&Ron too! Hope they find her parents and come back soon. Gosh it's so great to see everyone be there so strongly for eachother. Even if there are fights every now and again.

Speaking of fights. Fred&George finally went at it. I can see both of their point of views and I can't help but feel for them. I know Fred wants everyone to think that he's going to be okay, but George is right. It's not good to bottle up your emotions no matter what you're feeling and it's okay to be helpless sometimes. Man I hope George comes back soon though!

&Of course it was really sweet of them to have found Harry's broom! I was so eager to figure out what it was that they had for them and when he found it I just about lost it. It's amazing how the littlest things can hold the most value.

I swear this story brings out the most emotions out of me than any other. Also my longest reviews lol But I just can't stop rambling on and on about the brillianceness of this story haha.

Beautiful Job dear.

Author's Response: Yeah, that was a pretty intense chapter I dumped on you guys there, wasn't it. Sorry about that! And again, sorry about how long it's taken me to reply to this wonderful review! I hope the muse is back to stay now that life is settling down a bit.

Harry is not my favorite character. I mean, he's A favoroite, and I like him a lot, but he's not the one I love the most. So it's funny how I keep writing from his POV the most. I guess it's just easier, given that all the books were form his POV. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, he is feeling a lot. I guess he also needs to just get some of it out of his system, lol.

Yeah, Fred and George finally did go at it. I'm not sure many authors have let them do that, actually, but it needed to happen. But don't worry, they're twins. They'll make up.

I've always hated that Harry lost everything. Hedwig, broom, mirror.I just wanted to give him a little something back.

Awww.I'm blushing again. Thank you so much for such kind praise! It seriously makes my day everytime I read this!

Thank you for reading! And I appologize again for my tardiness!

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Review #6, by FriendofMolly 

29th November 2010:
Oh yea! I'm going to sound like a broken record. But Bravo! You are just great at finding the right path for our favorite characters, AtB. Even though we weren't privy to the actual conversation, you gave us enough so we could enjoy the fruits of Kingsleys labor of love. That was brilliant, as was the rest of the chapter. I loved that Harry will be able to help the Weasleys. by buying the land. I have to applaud that the Twins were able to find Harry's broom. As it was the most important present from Sirius, it means a lot. All in all, I must say Well Done. On to the next.

Author's Response: It's okay! You've left me with a huge grin on my face so I don't mind AT ALL! I'm blushing like a Weasley here from all the praise!

Glad you enjoyed the Goblin tale (which I must tip my hat to Eldy for) even if it was just recounted instead of witnessed. And yes, Harry has some sneaky plans up his sleeve for the Weasleys. As for the broom, that was just plain me wanting Harry to not have lost EVERYTHING from Sirius, and who better to save it for him than our favorite twins.


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Review #7, by daliha 

21st November 2010:
This is a brilliant piece of work. I loved every single chapter in fact I'm supposed to be working on an essay but instead I'm reading this wonderful fic lo.

Author's Response: *blushes* Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it, although I hope you didn't get in trouble for reading it and not writing the essay. The teacher in me wants to tell you to go get the essay done, but the writer in me is just squealing that you enjoyed the fic! Hehehehe. Thanks again for reading; I hope you'll check out the next chapter.

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Review #8, by ???!!? 

12th October 2010:
I really like this story,I found it about 3 months ago and so far every day I have checked up on it to see if a new chapter has been put in... no luck. Please please please write some more. PLEASE

Author's Response: I'm so sorry to leave you waiting so long for more. I assure you this story is not dead, but at the moment, the author almost is. I've just been so busy and stressed with work I haven't had time for anything else. I'm trying really hard to get things more organized so I can have time for writing again, as I love doing it, so please don't give up on me. I just ask for a little more patience. In the meantime, I thank you wholeheartedly for your loyalty and wonderful review.

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Review #9, by sda94 

10th October 2010:
Hello again :)

Just stopping by asking how the writing is going. It has been a while since your last chapter.

But don't rush! Take the time you need :)

- Sigrid

( I know you haven't answered many reviews, but I hope you take the time to answer me )

Author's Response: Yes, it has been a long time since I upated, and sadly the writing has gone well lately. Not from lack of ideas or wanting to, I've just been dumped on by real life lately that writing has had to take a back seat. I miss it terribly, however, and promise to get back to it as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience, loyalty, and wonderful reviews that let me know people still want more of this story.

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Review #10, by Pixileanin 

21st August 2010:
I know you put a lot of thought into the Fred/George interaction here. But you got it. It was very realistic and got Fred to start thinking about things.

Wow, there's a lot of things to think about for these guys, isn't there? And someone had to get Harry taken care of, so good on them. Returning Harry's broom was a nice touch. It was very sweet of them to keep it for him. So thoughtful, those two!

Author's Response: Yes, I'm starting at the END of your reviews instead of the beginning, but I'm weird like that. Deal with it. LOL.

Whew! Glad you think the Fred and George stuff worked here. And yes, it was extremely difficult to write, but I eventually found the best way to do it so it worked. Thanks for your help and support with that!

Glad you like the broom bit! I'd had that plannned for a long time and was excited to finally get it in there. Believe it or not, Fred and George can be extremely thoughtful.

Hope you'll come back when I finally get some more chapters up and see what happens! Thanks for reading.

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Review #11, by blueirony 

21st August 2010:
This is going to be another long rambling review. I can guarantee that my thoughts will be all over the place so, while they are still in some order, let me tell you that I absolutely adored this chapter. Though that is hardly surprising, considering how good your writing always is!

This was a break from the intense emotion of the last few chapters and I think it was needed. I was laughing at the antics of everyone in the family and I loved the story about the goblins. Trust me, when massive speeches like those come out in stories, I normally skip over them because I get bored. I didn't get bored while reading it. And that is credit to you. I absolutely loved all the little things that the family said to one another. The signing of the cast. Fred complaining about the hearts. The teasing. It was all just so real and so well-written. You have such a good hold on the characters and the interactions, it's insane. I don't know how you do it.

I like that Harry is starting to accept that he really does have a family that loves him. He is beginning to show the first signs of healing and it's really nice to see that progression. It seems like a very long time ago when a helpless Harry confessed to Molly that he did not feel like he had a home to go to.

I loved that last scene between Fred and George. It's interesting, because I think it's the first time I have ever read the two of them in a fight. And while it's different to the happy twins we're used to, it was still in character. It added angst to the story (and I absolutely adore angst) and some drama that was very welcome. I think it's almost futile to request you to have more Fred/George interaction in future chapters because, knowing you and your love of the twins, there definitely will be!

The fact that Harry got his Firebolt back was really sweet. Again, it reaffirms that his family is willing to go to such lengths to keep him happy. I like how you still had Harry show an element of surprise over it - it showed that he is getting there, but is not quite there yet; he is still struggling with the idea that he has all these people who love him. And that is really good characterisation.

Keep writing! This story really is something special.

Joop :]

Author's Response: Hey Joop!

So, I'm really, really sory I was so slow responding to this. Life has just been insane lately, as I'm sure you can relate with. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate this review, because you need to know that this review ROCKED!

Now, your reviews are never rambling! I love them! And I'll never complain about them being long. *wink* I'm so glad you liked the chapter, and you seriously have me blushing from the praise you're heaping on me! Thank you so much!

Writing that scene (with much help from Eldy I might add) with the whole family there, laughing and talking and hearing Bill's story was SO much fun! It was so nice to be able to forget about the war and everything it had changed for once and just let the characters I love shine through for a bit. It was rather like a huge relief for the moment, so I'm really excited you liked it.

The Goblin story? All credit for thinking that masterpiece through goes to Eldy. I really couldn't have done it without him, which is probably why you never felt the need to skip it. LOL. I will take credit for the silly cast though. Couldn't resist that. And thank you so much for the compliment on characterization. I try very hard with that, so it's always nice to have it be appreciated.

Harry needs this family so badly. That's one of the driving reasons for writing this fic. (That and bringing Fred back, but I digress...LOL.) I'm glad see him starting to accept that he does belong. Thanks.

You, adore angst? I NEVER would have guessed. (Totally kidding.) I'm with you though. I've never read anything where the twins had a fight, which I find very unrealistic. Yes, they are one of those joined at the hip set of twins, but ALL brothers fight sometime, and most twins I've known, because they are around each other even more and know every little thing about the other, including which buttons to push, have SPECTACULAR fights when they happen. I just kinda figured it would be that way with Fred and George.

As for requesting more Fred and George interaction, I think you're probably safe with that request. hehehehe

I've been waiting to give that firebolt to Harry since chapter one, so it was really fun to get to put that surprise out there. Glad you approve.

Thank you, thank you for such wonderful support and praise! I really appreciate that!


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Review #12, by pennyardelle 

18th August 2010:
Yeah, so I just realized I was talking about the Gringotts conversation in the last review when it actually happened here. :P I was so addicted I read both in one go and then got confused about what had happened when! Anyway, I loved the conversation!

The scene between Fred and George was written really well...you have such an amazing handle on their characterizations and their relationship with each other. If there's one thing that really bothers me (okay, there's a lot of things, but this is one) in a story, it's when arguments are written poorly and melodramatically, but the way you wrote this one was so moving and realistic...just perfect. :)

And that's so lovely that F&G got Harry his Firebolt back. One line in this really made me realize something: the one where one of the twins says, "That's what brothers are for. Didn't Ron ever tell you that?" I realized that Ron never really did go out of his way to make Harry feel like he was completely a member of the Weasley family. He never intentionally tried to exclude him; it just goes back to Ron's personality being a bit more on the detached, emotion-avoiding side of things. It was interesting to think about it that way...and it's almost like with Ron not there, Harry is able to bond more with the Weasleys, rather than just being there as Ron's friend.

Anyway, this story is wonderful so far, and I'm definitely favourite-ing it. I never expected that I would love a post-DH, AU story this much, but I really do! Excellent work, and I hope there's a new chapter soon!

Author's Response: That's okay! I knew what you were talking about, so it's all good. And saying you were addicted completely washes any blame away! So thanks!

Now, you are making me blush on the Fred and George bit. You know I love them, they are my favorite characters ever, but that doesn't mean I'm very good at WRITING them. It's always so nice to hear people think I do them justice. And I'm also glad you found the argument realistic! THANKS!

I was so excited to get to a point where I could give that broom back to Harry. The poor kid lost so much, I wanted him to have that back, and it just seemed like something Fred and George would do anyway.

I agree with you. Ron didn't really try to make Harry a "brother" persay, although I think he certainly thinks of Harry as one. But I think that is because Ron just kinda assumed Harry would know - not realizing that Harry, never having experienced that, wouldn't have a clue. But I agree. I didn't purposefully send Ron away to make it easier for Harry to bond with his family, but I did notice as soon as I did that it was a nice plus!

Thank you so so so so so much! I really appreciate these reviews, and that you read all the way through. I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter when you have time!

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Review #13, by melian 

16th August 2010:
A nice long chapter to end up on, for the time being at least. Now, my inner critic feels compelled to point out that you twice called Fred "Fed" in that first scene where Bill is talking about how they unfroze Harry's Gringott's account. And chickens live in a "coop" rather than a "coup". I suspect there may have been more but I wasn't reading to edit so I chose to ignore them. :)

I thought Fred's grief for his own vision was very telling and very real- of course he would want to project the old Fred, when really he'd be terrified and horrified about what the future might hold. I loved George trying to get it out of him, though - if anyone was going to be able to tell how Fred felt, it would of course be George.

Good on them, too, for making Harry get that bruise looked at. I liked how he'd never told anyone about the Kiling Curse - so much like Harry, isn't it? - and your description of the twins' reaction to that was to die for. Pity it makes him smell like a pigsty but as the healer said, what did he expect?

I do hope the Weasleys don't have to sell any of their land. I wonder though if Kreacher will end up a Weasley house elf? He's bound to Harry and he needs something to do ... Of course, if you don't have that planned, just ignore me. I'm thinking out loud again. :)

Oh, and the firebolt? How lovely. So Fred and George to go looking for it, all the while claiming it was because they didn't want some Muggles using it to sweep up. :) Loved it.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Okay, so this is like the third time I've posted this response. I hope it's not lame now that I can't remember what I had written. :(

Thanks for catching the dumb mistakes! I really do edit these things, believe it or not. And so does my beta! At the rate I'm going, however, I'm gonna have to start paying you beta wages...which since I don't pay the one I have, might not mean all that much. :D

Besides, how do you know my chickens really WEREN'T trying to take over the world, hm?

Glad you liked the Fred and George scene. I know that *I* personally really want good ole Fred back, but I felt it was the easy way out to just let it happen right away. So as much as I hate do to it, I threw in the fight. I am glad you don't object to the fight, however. A lot of people seem to find it sacreligous to have the twins fighting, but I figure they probably annoy each other MORE than most siblings when it actually happens, given they know all the right buttons to push.

The bruise was just me having to write myself out of a corner. I threw the bruise in for interesting affect, but then so many readers picked up on it and started asking what happened, if it was going to hurt him, how it would go away, I realized I needed to deal with it. So I was trying to do it without making it a HUGE deal. Did it work?

Now, the questions about selling the land, Kreacher, Harry's future, etc...those you will have to just wait and see. And yes, I promise I have a plan for all of them. It may take me a bit to get it out there, since I write HORIFICALLY slow, but I do have a plan. Whether that plan matches yours or not? Not telling, but that is half the fun. Seeing who can predict me and who I can surprise.

Thanks for reading! I'm so honored to have gotten such great reviews from you! I know Nano has started and you are horribly busy, so I don't expect any reviews from here on out, but I'm grateful you gave me these! You rock!

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Review #14, by sda94 

10th August 2010:
Amazing chapter! :D

The best thing after coming home from a long Holdiday is checking on your favourite stories and discover the many new chapters, including this :) You must remember to thank your beta from me, btw ;-)

It is so many things I love in this chapter: The Weasley family + Harry having a good time in the hospital, (joking and stuff) George confronting Fred with hiding his feelings. (I understand Fred there, it is not easy to tell your family about your inner feelings, especially when you are not that type of person)
Finally someone taking care of Harry's bruise. You really caught me there, as I have a weak spot for Harry. (hihi)
And finally; Oh My Goood, the broom! :D:D I have missed it.

So another Great, great chapter from you, and I hope it won't be long time until the next chapter. And if you don't manage to write, just give yourself time, we reviewers will wait for ever ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! And I'm so glad you aren't holding the long wait against me! My muse is slow, but she does come through in the end.

As for thanking my beta, I most certainly will! Theelderwand is amazing, isn't he? If you haven't already, you should check out his brilliant stuff. You won't be sorry.

I'm so glad you liked the chapter. It was REALLY long and I was afraid that would put people off, but I didn't have the heart to leave anything out. The hospital scene was so much fun. I needed a bit of happiness in here, as it was threatening to tilt toward the depressing, and you're right, it was so fun to see the Weasleys being themselves. George confronting Fred was actually kind of hard to write. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone write a fight between the two, but I knew it had to happen. And yes, I couldn't leave the bruise hanging any longer. Glad you liked the resolution to that.

Yo will wait forever? WOW! I'm not sure I've ever had a stronger compliment! THANKS! Honestly, it's reviews like yours that make my day and keep me writing when I get discouraged. THANKS again!

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Review #15, by C.McBride 

24th July 2010:
Fantastic! This is really, really good! It is so close to the story and really well written. Please I need more! Keep writing. Please!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so pleased you like it! I certainly plan to keep writing so I hope you'll come back when there is more.

Thanks again!

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Review #16, by Pacific Wizard 

22nd July 2010:
1917 Farmgirl: There are no amount of superlatives that I could weave into a coherent review that would come close to describing how wonderful of a story you've created from the beginning chapter to this last awesome chapter. I've wondered often what it would be like to wander around JKR's mind for awhile and I feel the same way about yours.

The depth of your emotions and the clarity of discernment that you have belie a maturity and imagination that can only be created by someone who has experienced so much in life or is very observant and empathic. You certainly have a gift and we are so blessed to have you share it with us. I know I'm overfilling your cup with compliments but you need to be aware that you have an ability to touch people in a way that is rare. Think about your talent. Maybe it's time to see if you could paint your own portrait with the words, phrases and story line from your own magical core.

You were magnanimous to give co-authorship to The Elderwand. I would extend the same superlatives in his direction. While his writing style is different, he is also extremely gifted. I enjoy his stories right up there with yours.

I am anxious obviously, to see where this amazing story will take us. Your story line with the twins is brilliant. You didn't go overboard. I'm sure there will be more H/G and Hr/R stories but I also look forward to the other character stories that you seem to blend effortlessly into the main body of the story.

Here's to you. (Takes a long drink from a glass of sherry). See, now you have two well deserved toasts in your honor. Very, very well done Farmgirl. PW (If I gave you all the points I wanted, I would bankrupt Gringott's).

Author's Response: Pacific Wizard: I've been trying to compose a response to your review for several days and coming up woefully short. I honestly don't know what to say other than that I was stunned and humbled and awestruck by such an amazing review! You have showered me with praise and left me beaming but feeling so very unworthy of it! Thank you from the bottome of my heart.

I'm not sure how much life I've experienced, or how observant and empathic I am, but I know I often LONG to experience life, or look at others and dream of what it would be like to have what they experience. Maybe my writing is a product of that - longing to experience more.

theelderwand deserved the co-authorship and all the praise you can send his way. He is truely a great author and I count my lucky stars everyday he has concented to "take me under his wing" so to speak.

Thank you so much for reading and for giving me one of the best reviews I've ever had in my life. I'm so glad you like the storyline, including all the characters and not just Harry.

Again, just floored by your review and your praise. Thank you so much and best wishes to you as well.

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Review #17, by lauraf68 

22nd July 2010:
Dear Farmgirl,
Found you story through reading theelderwand. He said check you out, so I did. I started reading a few weeks ago and then life got in the way, now I'm getting caught up on my reading and reviewing.
I admit I was a bit surprised with the whole Fred is NOT dead storyline (I tend to be a 'cannon only' prude but have branche out lately). With your version I have not been disappointed. BRAVO!
I like how you brought Harry back to Ginny and the Weasleys, and you have brought Percy back too. I thought it was great that Hermione (and Ron) went straight away to Australia. Although I think in many other stories they are always weigh-laid by the impending funeral for Fred. Since that wasn't necessary it's great they hopped a portkey ASAP. Augusta Longbottom's scene was next to brilliant with the useage of a character we rarely see or hear from.
This chapter was excellent. My favorite part has to be Bill's story and Harry's reactions. Second favorite is Harry finally getting help and rebuked by the healer--he needed that too. I'm having angst over Mr & Mrs Weasley's conversation, and can't wait to see what is going on, and lastly am so glad to see Harry has his Firebolt back---some "Healing" has begun!
I am in awe of your talent. Thank-You for a wonderful "after the battle" story, and I look forward to more. Happy Writing. ~~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Lauraf68,

Welcome! It is always SO exciting to pick up new readers. Isn't Eldy's writing brilliant? I'm humbled he would suggest you read my stuff, but oh so glad he did. Thanks for coming by and reading all that's posted so far!

Yes, I did buck the system with the Fred thing, didn't I. The truth is JKR killing off Fred is something I'm not sure I'll ever forgive her for. If she hadn't done that, I would probably be a canon prude as well, but...well...the twins are my favorites and I just can't handle one of them gone. So, I saved Fred. SO glad you think I've done it okay and didn't run screaming for the hills when you read it!

I also very much love the Weasleys and have always felt they were very much the family Harry never had. I'm a Ginny/Harry shipper all the way, but I feel like you can't really tell the story of Harry's recovery after the War without putting him in the midst of this family that has adopted him, and then to do that, you have to deal with their recovery, too. And Percy? I've always had a soft spot for him. Glad you liked Ron and Hermione taking right off for Australia. As for Mrs. Longbottom? That was pure luck.

Glad you liked the latest chapter! It was fun to write, once I got my muse back in the game.

I'm in awe of your wonderful review! Thanks SO much for reading and I hope you'll come back once I get more up. Look for a new chapter once the queue opens back up.


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Review #18, by Amanda 

20th July 2010:
ok this is great please please keep writing i needa know whats goin on!!! this is the first convincing story i've read. You gotta keep on writing

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter right now, but it might take a while to get it to gell. I HOPE to have it in before the queue closes, but if I don't, it will for sure be ready to go up once it opens again. Thanks so much for reading!

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Review #19, by a 

20th July 2010:
Great! ahh i'm sooo excited!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so excited you liked it!

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Review #20, by lilgnome3 

20th July 2010:
Wow, this story is fantastic. You've really captured the emotions of the characters while keeping the story line going.
I hope Fred regains his sight, that would be amazing!
Can't wait for more :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I've been trying really hard to keep them in character. Always nice to hear readers who think it's working.

Fred? Have to read and see. But just so you know, his eyes are very heavily damaged. No matter what happens in the end, he's going to be like this for a while...

Thanks for reading! More soon I promise.

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Review #21, by Cal585 

20th July 2010:
I've been checking for an update every day or two and now that you've finally provided one, I can sincerely say it was worth the wait. It's such a beautiful chapter, so full of emotion and character development I loved it! I would compliment you on particular areas, but really it's a great chapter in its entirety (though I'm always glad to see Harry+Ginny interaction).
Thanks for updating and I can't wait for your next installment!

Author's Response: I can't believe you kept checking all that time! That makes me feel so honored! Thank you!

This chapter was kind of mammoth, wasn't it. I had to cram a ton in there to make up for such a long wait. Glad you liked it and weren't overloaded.

I like Harry/Ginny interaction very much. I think they are perfect together. There will be more, promise. They're just taking things rather slowly. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Review #22, by Sirius Black Dog 

20th July 2010:
I loved this chapter so much. It was great thanks for such an amazing read. This is definitely one of my favourite stories that iv read on this website. Its a bloody brilliant story and was worth the wait :)


Author's Response: A score of 100? Wow! How did I deserve such praise!

I'm so honored to be one of your favorites! That means a lot. Thank you for continuing to read, even though I was slow getting the update loaded. You're reviews are so appreciated!

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Review #23, by Kenna 

20th July 2010:
Absolutely amazing chappie, as always! I'm thrilled that you updated, it just made my day.

That chapter was stunning. The array of emotions you go through in a single chapter is ridiculously awesome; I'm not sure how you manage to do it.

As always, I love the twin scenes, and that they found Harry's firebolt is fantastic! It's also great that Oliver and Lee are watching over the shop for them :)

Just wonderful. I hope you continue to write, and I'm looking forward to updates :)

Author's Response: I'm thrilled you're still reading after waiting so long for an update! Your review made MY day!

Thank you so much for the compliments. I'm not always sure the amount of emotions I throw out there in the same chapter actually works, so it's always nice to hear readers approve.

I LOVE the twins. (You've probably figured that out by now.) So, somehow I keep getting more twin scenes than was originally planned, hehehehe. The Firebolt was just something I couldn't let go. Harry's lost too much already. And yeah, Lee and Oliver are great, aren't they?

I plan to continue to write and update regularly. But know I will never be one of those authors who spits out a chapter ever week. There will be more, and soon, so don't worry. Just keep checking back.

Thanks again!

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Review #24, by witch_in_training 

19th July 2010:
Every bit of your writing is beautiful, but what's definitely your strongest point is character interaction. Every story you've written, the thing that jumps out to me above all else is how naturally they respond to each other, and the way relationships are portrayed to perfection.

I loved how Fred and George took it into their own hands to make sure Harry got when he needed, even though Fred's still recovering from his own trauma. And then the argument between the twins -- you never really see that in the series. We always see their easy humor and ability to complete each other's thoughts, but obviously they've got to have their fallouts at some point.

The last part was very touching; the twins going in search for Harry's broomstick is another thing I wouldn't have expected, but at the same time it seems to fit.

And even through all the deep moments, you manage to keep a lighter side going at the same time, and it never clashes or contradicts.

I absolutely love this story (and your writing in general) and I was so happy to see an update! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: *Blushes from the praise*

Thank you so much! In my opinion, the best part of any book or story or show is watching characters interact, change, support each other, build friendships or families... I like to write stories that focus not just on one person, but on a bunch of people and how they interact. That said, it can be really hard to do that and make sure you keep everyone in character and don't favor some more than others, etc. I'm thrilled to hear you think I'm doing an okay job!

Fred and George getting Harry help - yeah, I figured it was about time. Ron would usually look after that, but he's a little far away right now. I figured if anyone else could get stubborn Harry fixed up, it would be the twins.

As for the argument between the twins? This is my reasoning. As twins they are closer than most siblings ever get. They spend more time together, do everything together, know each other the best. But I'm sure there have to be times that gets old, and they get on each others' nerves. I figured when they DO fight, they're probably pretty spectacular rows. No worries though, they'll get over it.

Glad you liked the broomstick bit! Been waiting to write that part for a long time.

Thank you so much for reading and for sticking with me through such a long wait! Hopefully the next chapter will be up in a week or so!

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Review #25, by Jet LaBarge 

19th July 2010:
Please keep writing.
I have two rules about fan fiction.
1. True to cannon. You're not.
2. Regularly update. Been a long time. Yet I have kept you on my favorites list.
1. Yes, Ginevera there is a Santa Claus. I have a private cannon that includes a few stories, and this is one of them. When i publish the stories that I am working on I hope I can refer to this story (and of course give you credit.) It is just a gem!
2. "Her lost boy was coming home." Your chapter where Harry comes home, and then Molly goes to talk to Lilly, is another gem.
Two bits that bring tears to your eyes.

Thank you for continuing to write.

Author's Response: Jet LaBarge,

I have recieved many reviews that have left me just glowing and sitting on cloud nine, but I must say that your review here touched me deeply. It's easy to reach out to and curry the favor of those who already LIKE the style or set up of what you write. They're already looking for it and they tend to gush about what they like afterwards. But it means something so much more to find favor with a reader who doesn't normally read the kinds of stuff that you write. All I can say is I'm so humbled and honored to have you among my ranks of readers.

Thanks for sticking with me even though the wait between chapters was long. I love my writing, and if I had my way I'd sit and do it all day long, but alas I must also making a living, which sometimes gets in the way of the fun stuff. I will continue this story until it's finished, but I can't promise an update every week.

As for Ginevra There is a Santa, of course you may refer to it! I'm flattered you would want to!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review. It really made me smile.

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