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Review #1, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

29th March 2011:
Gotta Love Bill and Fleur but i agree it is a shame that Bill didn't get to finish greyback off...

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Review #2, by Northumbrian 

22nd August 2010:
Why didn't I think of putting Bill against Greyback?
Given thier history it's brilliant, and I never even considered it.
Yet another wonderful Weasley story from you, this one showing a solid and very adult relationship between Bill and his wife.
Again canon correctness impells me to tell you that hermione was underneeathe the invisibility cloak when she blasted Greyback from Lavender.

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Review #3, by CornishPixie 

21st August 2010:
Very good! I often forget about Bill, which is too bad, really. Because--and this is a perfect example--he is a very interesting character. I love the opening of this piece, too! The way that Bill kicks the Death Eater to the wall makes it almost seem like he's just barreling through and creating this path of destruction...but in the good way, since he's on the good side of the war. Ha!

And then the whole premise of a face-off between Bill and Fenrir! Good work! I wonder how much more intense it might have been if Fenrir had remembered Bill, but the way you wrote it struck a sort of nerve, too. By that I mean that we can feel for Bill for sure. Fenrir ruined his face and didn't even have the decency to remember it. Argh. I've never even considered what it would be like to see this happen, so I thank you for this very well-written take on it.

It always amazes me how Canon and fiction can go together so well. Part of this story, mainly a couple of actions of other characters and possibly a couple lines, is right from the book, but you changed your focus and really made it your own when you came up with this idea. And I'm glad that you did! Great work!

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Review #4, by theelderwand 

15th July 2010:
This is my favorite of yours so far, without question.

Your action writing here is better than anything else of yours I've read. Stunning.

You've captured Bill and his rage superbly. Really liked Fleur's prowess. Bill's barrage of curses at the werewolf were wonderfully written.

It always seemed to me that Bill would've wanted another shot at Fenrir. Glad to see you think the same. A great duel. And the git didn't even remember Bill? That'd gall me too.

But, beleive it or not, my favorite flourish has to be Hermione saving Lav (it was Lav wasn't it?).

Really do enjoy your work.

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