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Review #1, by MalfoysCarolinaGirl2010 

29th March 2011:
THIS WAS AWESOME! I LOVED IT..LOVED THE HUMOR! leave it to Fred to change the rules :)

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Review #2, by In The Shadows I Dwell 

22nd August 2010:
That was just so, well, it was just so FRED! What else can I say other than that. There is honestly no other what I can put how in character he was, having no wand, therefore decking who I assume must be Saint Peter, however I loved how you've given him a new name with each emotion we experience with him. He proved to be a very interesting character, giving Fred his final day upon the earth however, simply "neglecting" to tell him that it would be more of a See More Fred Show rather than simply him reappearing.

This really was a very interesting take on the whole final battle idea, allowing it to span over some time. And I must say Fred crashing his own funeral in nothing more than a top hat was simply priceless and highly original! I absolutely loved this and although there was a certain sadness I associate with Fred's death this managed to have me in fits of giggles at several points all the way through. This is a wonderfully written, constructed and humorous piece you have here!

Keep up the great work!
- Ashlee

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Review #3, by Pixileanin 

21st August 2010:
"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"... as another favorite character of mine says, "Indeed!"

This was fantastic, you! I love Fred giving "the Man" all his fancy titles. It really highlights his attitude towards the whole situation. St. Annoying is my favorite! And then he gets decked!

Seriously, (can I even USE that word in a review of this piece?) this was wonderfully funny and entertaining. Fred is so determined, he's going to find a way to get what he wants, and you let him do it!

Poor Molly at the funeral... that would be an outtake I'd be willing to read! I laughed out loud at the "See More Fred Show". It had to happen that way... according to the "rules"... and I did promise not to mention spandex... oops.

Now YOU need a Master of Entertainment hat!

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Review #4, by Northumbrian 

20th August 2010:
How to review, what can I say?

That was both Fredful and Heavenly.


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Review #5, by writeyourheartout 

7th August 2010:
Again, farmgirl, you have blown me away, and this time it is your originality that is truly sticking with me. I love the journey that this story takes! From start to finish I was captured by your brilliant use of word choice and phrasing that always seem to be so precisely on! It's truly a bit unfair... I'm totally jelly over her. :-)

First of all, the plot is so unique and incredibly entertaining! It's such a light spin on the death of one of my favorite character's, but there were still parts that tugged at my heartstrings, creating this perfect balance between humor and the seriousness of Fred's situation. The way his realization of said situation grew out of an initial misinterpretation was so perfect (wow, a lot of 'ations' in that sentence, eh?) because he starts off assuming he'll be able to go back and hang with George, but when St. Peter loses his cool, Fred is forced to realize that his original assumption is wrong, and it bloomed beautifully!

The dialogue and characterization - So Good! Hilarious, first of all, and you had Fred's humor down effortlessly. You captured his quick temper combined with his clever wit and made his words shine. And all the philosophical lines had me laughing as well - it was great seeing a man saying something so deep and meaningful with a voice laced in annoyance, hahaha. Perfection.

So here are just a few grammatical errors I saw (though, I'm not gonna lie, it's really late and comma's are super tricky, so I could honestly be wrong on all accounts here):

"Out of habit, his hand reached into his pocket(,) but of course his wand was no longer there." - "Wow... that was... very philosophical of you(,) but it still doesn't tell me what the heck is going on!" - "Being a logical, coolheaded person(,) Fred then..." - Honestly, I don't know if these are even necessary to fix, but I think the comma's where I marked help just the tiniest bit with the flow of these sentences... but it hardly takes away from the brilliance of this story, so whatever. Haha

"And this was a special heaven, apparently, (I wouldn't use the second comma here... it makes this sentence a little awkward... it makes more sense without it, I think) the place where the "Ascended Beings" got to chill." - the second half of this sentence is just a little awkward with the 'apparently' separated from it by a comma, if that makes sense... lol

"St. Peter, the obvious leader of this group, said stepping forward with a snarl." - Phrasing is just a little funky here. It's the 'said' location in contrast with your comma's that makes this read a bit off. There should really be a comma after 'said', but then it's surrounded by comma's, which is a bit too much... Am I even making sense or just talking in circles? Haha I'm sorry, it's super late! I'm rambling...

Again, I may be totally off on all accounts here, but either way, you're still an unbelievable force with words by your side. And I'm still jelly.:-)

I think the only thing I would have liked to see in here that wasn't provided is maybe Fred being given the choice between the afterlife and coming back as a ghost... I don't know how exactly dead people get to choose between the two, but I think Fred would have been really torn between moving on to the 'Ascended Beings' or going back to Earth as a ghost to be with George. Not a big deal, but your decisions are always so interesting that I would have liked to see Fred's struggle from your POV.

Well, even with my small CC, I still adored this story and smiled the whole way through! And the ending! So incredibly perfect... you know just how to make a story unforgettable from start to finish. And again, the originality in this piece, especially the hilarious ending with Fred's return and the soft, almost bittersweet completion of the final words, makes this story truly soar. Congratulations on another stunning piece of work! :-D

Thanks for writing!

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Review #6, by RonsGirlFriday 

26th July 2010:
Farmy McG!

GAH! How can I even express to you how amazing this is?? So much I want to point out, but I'm afraid I'll end up quoting the whole one-shot! The tone I thought was excellent - very wry, as I would expect from Fred. For example, I enjoyed your various names for St. Peter, i.e. St. Grumpy and St. Stuffed-Shirt. That made me giggle.

I think this line must have been one of my favorites:

Ascension, apparently, came with a pretty nifty set of perks, complete power being one of them. And someone had thought this was a good idea for him? He shook his head, marveling at the incompetence of bureaucrats, even at a cosmic level.

Just like Fred to figure out how to exploit the loopholes or other people's mistakes. And very tongue-in-cheek to refer to celestial beings as bureaucrats.

The last section was such an excellent pay-off. The part about Fred gladly accepting his 50/50 chance at heaven or hell is exactly what I would expect of him, and perfectly in line with his overall attitude. The See More Fred Show...ahahaha! So hilarious I might just die.

But the part about the crazy sunsets that resulted from him trying to blow up heaven...absolutely perfect, the icing on the cake, one of those details that really takes the fic to a different level. And the last line was perfect.

Loved it so much! Brilliant job!


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Review #7, by theelderwand 

15th July 2010:

I re read this for about the tenth time and I'm still laughing my head off. How do you come up with this stuff?

Fred is just so perfectly in character. His one liners are awesome as are his reactions. "Being the reasonable bloke he was..." PERFECT!!

And my favorite?

"We will stop you!"

"Try it," said Fred and dropped the first payload.

Then that brilliant transition into the Prophet articles. Hehehehe. Just absolutely positively excellent. Loved it start to finish.

Birthday suit, top hat, champagne. *Eldy shakes head*

Lil sis, I do worry about you. LOL!



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